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Best Kitchen Knives Consumer Reports

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 04 October, 2020
• 23 min read

No kitchen is complete without a chef's knife, a slicer, a utility knife, and a parer, and a great cutlery set is the perfect addition to your kitchen countertop. Get our expert, independent ratings and reviews, trusted reporting, plus tools to help keep you informed, safe and connected.

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Unlimited digital access to our unbiased and independent ratings and reviews for products and services. We test, evaluate, and compare the latest kitchen knives to give you the cutting edge in your kitchen.

Everyone likes a beautiful granite countertop when entering the kitchen. A beautiful knife set block will increase the grace of it for sure.

Here are the top products we picked out through Amazon you would be interested in depending on your budget… We have another one of the incredible options that contains 20 different versatile knives for various functions indication.

Super sharp carbon stainless steel material Incredible grip Also, the handle is super ergonomic, And The Blade is precise and sharp.

The knife blade is made from Stainless Steel material, and it provides the ultimate amazing trip to the user with the plastic handle. The elegant design and amazing style is something that everybody loves about these knives.

knife wusthof ikon classic kitchen brands block amazon piece cutlery sets hunting consumer reports walnut brand down check exclusive cutleryandmore
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This 11 piece is a knife set is definitely the perfect option for all those professional Chefs who made a versatile range of knives while working in the kitchen. Also, with this 11-piece Knife Set, there is a wooden block for the knives storage.

You can store around 22 nice in this wooden block because of the various slots available. The best part about this knife set is that you can easily handle these knives because of the ergonomic handle, and also, these knives are moisture free for excellent comfort and usability.

This knife set is made of high-quality stainless steel. For a comfortable grip, a knife handle is made of cushy polymer.

Author Classic Iron knives are fully made of high carbon stainless steel blade with l bolster for balance and weight gain Precision Edge technology increases the sharpness of the blades by 20%. Stable during cutting hard and mulish food items.

Red Dot award-winning knife with made of German alloy steel. This is the perfect 23 pieces of set for the fully loaded kitchen.

knife chicago cutlery piece kitchen consumer block sharpener hero brands sets picks report check reports
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These are stained resistant easy to wash. Each knife has its own spec to cut different things. Steel sharp edges to cut the food fastest as much as can.

This is what actual people look for amazing and smart design of each knife. I personally recommend these knives for you to make your kitchen more efficient.

These knives are made of high carbon stainless steel It has a strong stamped blade for a lighter weight better than ordinary blades. Heckles TWIN Signature knife set will fulfill your kitchen requirement for cutting foods.

With serrated edges, you don’t need to sharpen it every time. Handel's design is exquisite, easy to grab while cutting foods, even heavy meat.

An elegant design perfectly shaped handle made of imported black Hakka wood. You will get 8 pieces of knives in a wooden box stand.

knife kitchen brands consumer picks report
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Strong and flexible fast cutting knives, you will love it. If you are going to buy one of these knives, then you should read all of these points.

If your grip is not good on your knife, you will definitely not cut food properly and fast. It might be you will cut your hand too, so consider this factor in your mind before buying a knife.

If poor-quality iron is used for blades, then rust on it, and the knife will be useless after some time. We suggest you always buy stainless steel or any other good quality material.

If your knife is not sharp as much it needs, you will not cut food easily. It is essential that edges need to be sharped and stay long-lasting.

Pick a knife that you don’t need to sharpen its edges always. Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set Author Classic Iron 14-piece Knife Block Set Tangshan N1 Series German Steel Forged Knife Block Set Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set Willing J.A.

knife cutlery calphalon kitchen katana amazon piece brands series hunting pc consumer reports knives sets check block down steak recommended
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Yes, it does; when you buy a cheaper one, it does not remain sharpen longer. On the Other hand, if you buy expensive, its quality will better than the cheaper and stay sharpen long lasting.

A slicer is generally longer and thinner and is used mainly to cut cooked meat. Forged knives, which tend to be higher priced, are created when a single piece of molten steel is cut and beaten into the desired shape.

The blade is sturdy, with a heavy bolster and heel to protect the hand during cutting. Because forged blades are generally less flexible than stamped, they are less apt to bend over time.

If you're shopping at a specialty or department store, ask a salesperson if you can hold a sample knife to see if you like the fit. You got it right; it is none other than a knife set comprising specialized paring, boning, bread, and chef’s knives.

This detailed review will provide you insights about the top 5 best kitchen knife sets America’s Test Kitchen for 2021. For both home cooks and professional chefs, knives serve a multi-functional role of chopping, dicing, cutting, trimming, and peeling.

knife cangshan block kitchen sets series german piece steel brands cutlery n1 forged knives amazon pocket consumer hunting reports sales
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It’s a one-for-all and all-for-one kitchen set, including a chef, bread, boning, utility, and a paring knife. The tang blade is made with high-carbon German steel to make it resistant to rust, stain, or corrosion.

The Mercer Genesis knives are top-notch sharp, requiring lesser honing than the rest of the competitive knife blades. The two removable screws on the upper size join the side panels of the tempered glass block.

This knife set comes with a full lifetime warranty by Clifton, ensuring you a safe investment. However, you may accidentally touch the blade side at the bolster end, especially in the case of large-sized knives.

Pros Bar-riveted labeled handles Fully forged and ranged blade No-stain high-carbon German steel Best kitchen knife sharpener Germany based Author is one of the best kitchen knife brands renowned for its durable and diverse culinary products.

The Author Precision Edge Technology (Peter) is a prominent feature of this knife set, guaranteeing a 20 percent sharper blade. Not only that, the company takes pride in the doubled blade edge retention of the knives.

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Cons Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Serif you like to cook Japanese cuisine every other day, then the Shun Classic 6-piece Slim Knife Block Set is an apt choice for you. Additionally, the knife blade comes with a stainless Damascus cladding for enhanced protection against rust or stain.

Cons Cuisinart C77SS-15PK 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Serif you are looking for a good pocket-friendly knife set containing 15-pieces, then you should immediately go for the Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set. The knife set allows you to cut, slice, dice, or chop all types of vegetables, fruit, and meat with its stainless-steel knives.

The regular knives include paring serrated, Santos, slicing, and chef’s knife. Unlike the rest of the best knife sets discussed above, the Cuisinart knives handle is made with stainless steel.

Pros Lightweight Affordable Stainless steel blade Best kitchen knife sharpener Cons As we have discussed, most of the knife sets include the basic paring, utility, and chef’s knives.

Easy Slice Electric KnifeProctor Silexwalmart.combine the Cuisinart CEK-40, this knife also operates with an easy-to-use trigger. Amazon reviewers claim this knife works great on cutting foam for crafts.

kershaw kitchen shun classic knife knives breeze cooking consumer tools holiday reports consumerreports
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Like many of the other electric knives on the market, it features two blades that come together for cutting: They move back and forth in the opposite direction when the knife is in motion and make cleaning easier. It also features an offset blade design that some people claim offers more control over cutting.

Reviewers like that the electric knife is lightweight but can still power through large roasts. Some people find that cords get in the way when cutting large roasts, but this one uses a lithium-ion battery, which charges quickly and lasts long.

Filleting a fish might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of electric knives, but it's possible and great for professionals. This professional grade electric knife from American Angler i s powerful and includes an assortment of blades for various sized fish.

The larger blades can be used for tuna or swordfish, while the smaller are good for trout and whitefish. The featured set comes with a protective glove and storage case, while a single blade version is also available for purchase.

While some electric knives can handle cutting through bone, it’s better to play it safe than sorry. Safety first: Always make sure to cut away from you in case the knife accidentally slips, and use a carving fork instead of your fingers to hold the meat in place.

knives kitchen consumer reports knife rated hero
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Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Testing Editor & Producer Nicole is a recipe developer trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition who specializes in testing and developing kitchen appliances; she currently runs the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

We know what makes a great electric knife in the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab: We test hundreds of kitchen products and gadgets each year to see which ones are actually worth it. A good electric knife should fit comfortably in the hand, be easy to use and operate, and should be able to cut through delicate skin without tearing to make razor-thin slices.

Our favorite knives leave minimal markings on meat and can be used for anything from vegetables, to bread, to cheese. Our top picks for best electric knives include ones we’ve tested and used in our own kitchens.

They also include trusted recommendations and electric knives with unique features that set them apart from others on the market. Moreover, if you’re just starting out in the culinary world, you may find it hard to justify spending a few hundred bucks on a knife set.

Topping our list is Ginsu’s 5-time Consumer Report Best Buy”, which is a pretty solid option for any household. Sure, it’s not the company’s cheapest set, but it’s still very cost-efficient, and the balance between the price and the quality that it offers makes it a real bargain that you shouldn’t miss.

ginsu chikara knife kitchen knives consumerreports miscellaneous discussion thread cr cost
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For the extras, the set contains a Honing Rod along with Shears, all in a chic Toffee Finish Block that would surely add a nice touch to your kitchen counter. As for the material, Ginsu uses 420J Japanese Stainless steel, which, although softer than you’d want in a high-end set, can last for a lifetime if you take care of your blades properly.

It’s worth noting that the Chiara knife block comes with fine edge knives, which means that they require frequent sharpening using the included honing rod. While that may seem inconvenient, should you take care of your blades and sharpen them properly, they’re bound to hold an edge for long.

As for the handles, they are made of POM and are ergonomically designed to give you a firm and comfortable grip no matter how long you’re using it for. The Ginsu Gourmet Chiara Series Knife set includes terrific knives and comes at an impressively affordable price.

These knives will hold their edge and stay sharp with a just a little of maintenance, making them a great addition to your cutlery collection and an excellent way to enter the culinary world on the right foot. Not only are they super sharp out of the box and can hold their edge for long, but they are also well-balanced thanks to the full tang design for an effortless cutting every time.

They are, as mentioned above, forged, not stamped, which means that they are made of a thick, folded metal and can last for as long as you’re taking care of them properly. The handles on these knives are well-balanced and comfortable thanks to the ergonomic round design, which makes using the blades quite a pleasure rather than a laborious task.

knives knife kitchen chef cutlery chefs cooking rated steel history designs cool sutori
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To give your knives the longevity they deserve, make sure to hand wash and dry them after every use. All the knives work perfectly, and the included shears are just the cherry on top as they are exceptionally sharp, which we didn’t expect.

Most of the stamped, satin-finished stainless steel blades in this set are serrated, making them so darn tricky to sharpen, even if you have enough patience, time, and tools. The Santos blade included in the set cuts pretty well for a knife in this price range, even though it’s made out of reasonably cheap stainless steel.

Along with the full tang blades, these knives boast ergonomically-designed handles that can give you a firm and comfortable grip for hours on end. For a beginner in the culinary world, the costs of different cutlery items may seem terrifying, so it’s nice to see a manufacturer putting in the effort to produce decent quality knives at affordable prices.

Although that’s a bit of an exaggeration, steak knives are still a fundamental part of any cutlery arsenal, especially for those who like to have parties and gatherings. What’s remarkable about the Ginsu Essential Series 6-Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knives Set is the fact that all the 4.5 knives come sharp out of the box, and they don’t require much attention as they are serrated following a dual Scalloped Serration pattern that makes cutting through steak a breeze.

The handles are triple-riveted, making them quite comfortable for a firm and comfy grip when you’re cutting your meat and prepping for your gatherings. Of course, you shouldn’t compare these knives to high-end items from other brands, but if you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with Ginsu’s steak knife set as it checks all the boxes when it comes to meat cutting.

knife sharp clipart kitchen blade knives equipment clip cutting cutlery vector consumer reports rada usa pixabay starter clker graphic recap
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For a knife set in this price range, that does indeed come as a surprise, a pleasing one to be exact, and it attests to the exceptional craftsmanship and care put by Ginsu even in the cheapest of their products. Surprisingly, the collection does live up to the Ginsu name, and offers unrivaled quality in this price range, with razor-sharp blades that are easy to maintain, triple-riveted handles that allow for a comfortable and firm grip, and a nice-looking block that keeps the set organized all the time.

You shouldn’t expect the world, of course, but for the price, boy, this is a real bargain for any novice or pro chef looking for a side knife set on a budget. Although Ginsu is known for producing low-cost cutlery items, it’s essential to note that not every cheap knife set is worth it.

All the above knife sets offer high-quality knives that have sharp blades and comfortable handles, making each one of them a bargain for specific needs and purposes. In other words, even if you don’t have any cutlery item altogether, you can get any of the recommended sets, and you’ll be good to go with your culinary journey.

Ginsu uses Stainless steel and full tang design on all their knives, making them quite durable. It’s hard and strong, which means that high-carbon knives can hold their edge for quite longer than Japanese Stainless-Steel blades.

While some people may feel comfortable paying hundreds of dollars for their knife sets, others would rather avoid shelling out such amount of money on cutlery. They are sharp, comfortable to grip, and durable, making them a necessity in any novice chef’s arsenal.

cooking kitchen tools knife knives breeze cutting holiday consumer cr consumerreports reports nonstick chef
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Not only will they allow you to sharpen your culinary skills without making a hole in your wallet, but they can also turn your experience into an enjoyable and effortless one. They come exceptionally sharp out of the box, and they don’t require further honing nor maintenance as the boast a serrated design that ensures an ever-sharp edge.

In a nutshell, the Best Ginsu Knives can make your culinary experience easier, safer, and more pleasurable, things that any chef, be it an experienced or a novice one, would dig. Even if you’re not much of a chef, your kitchen isn’t complete without a variety of capable cutting tools.

A set of sharp, high-quality knives makes every culinary task that much easier, from chopping up fruit to preparing a Thanksgiving feast. There are options for experienced chefs and newbies alike, and some also make great housewarming gifts.

Home Hero’s all-in-one set is one of Amazon’s Choice picks for kitchen knives and includes a handful of bonuses, like six steak knives, a knife sharpener and a vegetable peeler. The set also looks great in any kitchen thanks to a simple wooden block and classic black handles.

Both the block and the housed knives are resistant to scratches and corrosion, meaning they’re durable and will look great for years to come. The knife blades have also undergone a special process which makes them more flexible than average knives.

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You’ll also find a sharpening rod, multi-purpose kitchen scissors and a set of high-quality steak knives mounted in a wooden storage block. Each knife in the set sports a beautiful, satin-finished handle that has been ergonomically designed for comfort during use.

Plus, the knives come in a translucent, acrylic stand that adds a modern touch to your kitchen. Happy customers say the knives are easy to clean, super sharp and look great in the clear stand.

The high-carbon stainless steel blades are said to be more precise, more accurate and sharper than other models on the market. The sleek design and ergonomic handles make this set easy to use.

They’re made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure precision when cutting and that the blade itself will hold up over time. It’s equipped with every basic knife you might need, from steak knives to slicers to scissors.

We know you’ve seen this style on both pocketknives and vehicle blacktop oil spills alike, but did you know you could get rainbow bladed knives for your kitchen set? They’re made from quality stainless steel and titanium coating for the color so the set is built to last a lifetime.

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Topped off with a sleek black block and handle, the rainbow surprise when you slip these out will have friends and family in awe. However, unlike a normal kitchen knife set, the Stone Boomer opts for standard sharpening steel.

Furthermore, as each of the knives is forged from a single piece of high carbon, German stainless steel, these cutting tools offer nearly unmatched sharpness. The To Cutlery Knife Set may be a premium kitchen accessory (with a price to match), but it’s hard to deny its unique design and elegant style aren’t worthy of inclusion here.

On top of that, the blades are constructed from German stainless steel, and the attractive handles are made from a composite, high-density Lakewood. This beautifully arranged kit makes a great gift idea for budding chefs and experienced professionals alike.

Heckles, and if you can afford it, we highly recommend shelling out the extra dough. Not only are the knives sharper and more well-balanced than less expensive options, but they’ll also last longer, too (justifying the higher price tag).

But if you like to host dinner parties, we suggest the full 19-piece set with high-quality steak knives to impress your guests. Heckles has been in the knife game since 1731, and this 15-piece set hits all the right marks with its assortment of knives and accessories.

(Source: www.cookingforprofit.com)

Though you’re only getting five knives for almost 300 Makarios, these beauties have a gorgeously menacing design that will add a darker aesthetic to your kitchen. The shadowy look is due to the black nitrate coated steel, and they’re built to last even longer than your lifetime.

For anyone who regularly cooks whole turkeys, chickens, or roasts, a good kitchen knife is a necessity. You may want a traditional blade that easily cuts through the meat, and allows you to slice it as thin or as thick as you like it.

You have to know the right features to look for in the blade, handle, and motor, to ensure you purchase a knife that gets the job done. We also conduct field and expert research, to provide you with all the info you need to make the right shopping decision for your kitchen.

If you’re ready to buy an electric knife, take a look at the product list above for our top recommendations. For general tips on choosing an electric knife, continue reading our shopping guide.

When you turn on the knife, a motor in the handle causes the blades to move in a continuous, lengthwise sawing motion that cuts through meat and other foods quickly and efficiently. An electric knife is often safer than traditional knives, because you don’t have to put as much force into cutting.

kitchen knives consumer reports consumerreports care knife
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If you often cut turkey, chicken, roasts, or loaves of bread in your kitchen, you’ll likely benefit from an electric knife. However, even if you only cut meat and bread occasionally, you may benefit from an electric knife if you have arthritis or other hand issues, because you don’t need to apply as much pressure or force when you use one.

“An electric knife can be particularly helpful if you have arthritis or other joint issues because you don’t have to use any force to quickly and easily cut up meat.” Corded models must be plugged into an outlet for operation, which may limit the locations where you can use the knife.

Longer knives offer increased flexibility around bones and other tough sections of meat. To ensure the knife’s durability, choose a model with stainless steel blades, which don’t tarnish or warp over time.

Because the motor is housed in an electric knife’s handle, it can vibrate quite a bit during operation. For the most comfortable knife, look for a model with an ergonomically designed handle that fits your hand’s contour.

Many electric knives come with a carving fork, which allows you to secure the meat that you’re cutting for easier slicing. It may be a case or a block-style container that makes storage safer for both questing fingers and the knife itself.

(Source: www.consumerreports.org)

For a home with small children, look for an electric knife with a locking trigger or other safety feature to prevent accidents. Electric knives vary in price based on the type, blade heads, and accessories, but you can typically expect to pay between $15 and $170.

For an electric knife that comes with at least two blade heads, a storage case, and carving fork, expect to pay between $45 and $70. For an electric knife that comes with three or more blade heads, a storage case, carving fork, and other accessories, prices run between $85 an $175.

To get the best cuts, slice with an electric knife in a downward motion, then pull it out to avoid sawing the meat or bread. Electric knives usually have a serrated edge, and tend to stay sharp longer than traditional blades.

Manufacturers typically don’t recommend washing the blades in the dishwasher, but consult your care instructions to see if it’s possible. These self-sharpening options will cut down on the time you need to spend on upkeep, and they're available in many styles and priced for a variety of budgets.

When users buy our independently chosen editorial recommendations, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. It's also far and away the most colorful entry on the list, making it a great choice for users who aren't crazy about the more common metal-and-wood aesthetic.

If you do purchase one of the options that includes a sheath rather than a knife block, you may want to pair it with a or to let you quickly stow and retrieve your blades while cooking. Just as stylish as it is functional, the features an all-steel construction with satin-finished handles and mirror polished end caps.

The handles are heavy enough to tackle tough jobs, and the ergonomic grips make them comfortable to hold, even for long durations. Each one has a plastic sheath with a built-in sharpener that makes honing simple and protects the blade from damage, and they lock into place for safe storage.

Of course, this new breakthrough brought with it new challenges: namely, the fact that knives are sharp and people in the 16th century were often drunk. Knives are such ubiquitous tools that it may seem like they've been around forever, but the fact is that they've only been around about 2.5 million years (give or take).

When humans hit the scene about 315,000 years ago, they began to refine both the edges and handles, using flint because it was easy to re-work the blade as it became worn. Of course, this new breakthrough brought with it new challenges: namely, the fact that knives are sharp and people in the 16th century were often drunk.

One thing remains constant, however: getting super drunk and trying to feed yourself with a razor-sharp blade is a bad idea. Self-sharpening models, on the other hand, have sharpeners built-in to the block or holder, so that every time you pull out a knife, you drag it along the honing surface, keeping everything in tip-top shape without requiring any special maintenance.

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