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Best Kitchen Knives For Professional Chefs

Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
• 45 min read

Two years ago, celebrity chef Sean Brock shared a photo of a truly stunning chef’s knife on his Instagram “entirely handcrafted from reclaimed materials found in the mountains of East Tennessee.” Its stainless steel blade was forged from a “100+ year old 1095 high carbon sawmill blade” while the dark wood handle was carved from “some old growth cocoon.” The knife was custom-made by John Phillips, who sells the knives one by one to his newsletter subscribers. It’s damn near impossible to cop one of these beauties, but if you manage to, it’ll become an instant family heirloom.

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Michelin-starred chefs Elise Knack and Anna Hieronymus recently told us Shun is “one of our favorite knife brands.” And with a lifetime guarantee and a blade that stays sharp longer than it has any right to, it’ll be one of yours, too. Risen was one of the earliest entrants into the fast-growing contingent of direct-to-consumer cookware brands, starting out as a Kickstarter launched in 2014.

In 2018, writer Parthia Rosin penned a convincing ode to the Honcho Kobe, or Long Chef’s Knife, a Japanese-made chef’s knife handcrafted in the seaside town of Banjo and available at L.A.-based Japanese home goods store The Good Liver. Rosin writes that she was immediately taken with the wood handle, which is “meticulously worked through a char coaling process that ensures its water resistant and antibacterial” as well as the blade made with two types of steel for added structural integrity.

“It’s so you learn the technique of holding the knife.” It also comes with a finger guard, which is perfect for amateur chefs in first, second, or third grade. Lightweight Japanese-style knives may be the blades du jour, but if you want a knife with some serious heft, one that can take a beating, go for the 11.1 ounce Author.

“I prefer the weight and thickness of the blade of this heavier knife,” says James Beard–nominated pastry chef Shannon Swindle. “It will slice through watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes by the pounds without a hiccup,” says one reviewer.

As New Orleans–based chef Justin Devilries points out, this is also the knife you want to take on the road, saying, “For a home cook who’s very recreational and weekend warrior–is, you don’t want to pull out some crazy-heavy thing that shatters if you drop it.” We waded through all the nonsense and set out to find the best chef’s knives for home cooks at the best prices.

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Read on to discover the best chef’s knife of 2020 in each category, including the best all-around, runner-up, and an impressive budget pick. It’s strong enough to get through tough vegetables with ease and delicate enough to chop tender herbs without smashing them.

The agile blade is relatively straight and tapers at the end, giving it a curve reminiscent of a Western knife, but the same sharp edge of a Japanese model. We also found this knife to be lively and responsive in our hands, comfortable to hold and not too bulky.

We also know from using them in the Epicurus Test Kitchen that they stay sharp for a long time and are easy to sharpen. With its simple design and finish, wooden handle, and dimples along the blade that keep food from sticking to the sides, this knife is a kitchen workhorse that will last a long time.

The hollow handles of Global knives are filled with a precise amount of sand to ensure perfect balance. Sure, the finish quality on this Victorinox knife isn’t nearly as high as the Mac or the Global, but at less than $40, it’s a total steal.

It glided through tough sweet potatoes with precision and delicacy and made quick work of slicing an onion. It isn’t full tang, meaning the metal of the stainless-steel blade doesn’t extend all the way to the base of the handle, which is generally said to indicate a lower-quality, less-sturdy knife.

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As Test Kitchen Director Chris Morocco told us, “It’s probably the best chef’s knife out there for the money. Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Prop Styling by Beatrice Chaste The first step in evaluating a knife is getting a feel for the tool.

We some spent time with each of the 14 chef’s knives we tested just holding them in our hands, observing the quality of the metal and sharpened edge, the feel of the handle, and the overall weight of the knife. We then used each knife to chop raw sweet potatoes and onions and mince a pile of herbs.

From the start we were looking for a thin, sharp blade, which makes slicing easier and smoother and also weighs less overall. Naturally, we wanted a knife with a comfortable handle, which we interpreted as lightweight and smooth rather than heavy and long.

When you chop something, you’ll feel like you have greater control over the cutting motion and more of a connection with the knife. In addition to handling the heft and toughness of something like a potato, we wanted a knife that could slice through herbs without crushing them.

We ultimately liked a smoother transition without the cuff, as it resulted in a lighter knife that made for an easy and comfortable slicing motion. Ultimately, we found it was a bit too heavy and not as nicely finished as we wanted, but it handled the job of cutting through hefty vegetables just fine.

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Even for those who find cooking to be a chore, a quality chef’s knife might make the task feel easier. Selecting a chef’s knife has a lot to do with personal preference, but we’re confident that the Mac Mighty MTH-80 is one of the most widely appealing knives out there.

Its razor-sharp edge, comfortable handle, and agile blade make chopping tasks much easier, which in turn cuts down on meal-prep time. And its excellent edge retention means that, with proper care, the Mac will stay sharp for a long time.

The Tojo knife is thinner and more brittle than our top pick, so its edge is more vulnerable to microscopic chips when you use it on dense vegetables like butternut squash. Compared with the other forged German knives we tested, the Classic Iron’s thinner blade cut more smoothly through butternut squash and carrots.

We liked how easily it maneuvered around curves when cutting away butternut squash skin and citrus rinds. But the Classic Iron’s blade is made of softer steel than that of our top pick, the Mac MTH-80, which means it will dull faster.

It’s a favorite of several food publications and budget-conscious home cooks, and it has an ergonomically shaped plastic handle that appeals to most people. The factory edge isn’t as sharp as that of our other picks, so in our tests it left us with split carrots and unevenly halved butternut squash.

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Collapse all Over the course of my two-decade (and counting) culinary career, I’ve cooked in fine-dining restaurants, brewpubs, small cafés, private homes, and test kitchens. Tens of thousands of pounds of vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish have crossed my cutting board over the years.

I’ve either owned or used every major brand of chef’s knife, as well as a good number of artisanal blades. The panel included Wire cutter staff members as well as Sam Sift on, food editor at The New York Times.

Brendan McDermott, chef instructor of knife skills at Kendall College in Chicago Murray Carter, Master Smith and 17th-generation Hashimoto Blade smith Howard Yourself, owner of Bowery Kitchen Supplies (now closed) in New York City Wendy Yang, showroom manager at Karin, a Japanese knife shop in New York City Executive chef Daniel Rose and his staff at Le Cocoa in New York City A Japanese auto (top) has a flatter edge, and the classic German knife (bottom) has a more pronounced curve.

Photo: Michael Session This is the most widely recognized style of chef’s knife in the West. Full bolsters add weight to the knife and require a professional sharpening service to grind away the extra steel at the heel of the blade.

German knives generally weigh more and have thicker blades than their Japanese counterparts, making them great for tough jobs like breaking lobsters and splitting bone-in chicken breasts. Their blades have an even bevel (meaning both sides are ground to the same angle) and tend to be made of softer steel, so they can lose their edge more quickly.

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Guts generally have thinner blades with flatter belly curves than German knives, and they taper to a very sharp tip. You’ll never find a auto with a full bolster that extends to the edge (unlike with German knives).

Because guts are thinner and made of hard carbon steel, their edge takes a much more acute bevel angle, and they tend to stay sharper longer than German knives. For this guide, however, we focused on guts with even bevels, which are easier for home cooks to sharpen and maintain.

Photo: Michael HessionSince 2013, we’ve racked up over 150 hours researching and comparing more than 100 knives. In 2020, we tested the 8-inch chef’s knife from Food52’s Five Two Essential Knives collection, and we retested our new budget pick, the .

We’ve ruled out any small-batch blade craters, since forging a knife by hand is time-consuming, costly, and usually a custom-order affair. You also won’t see Santos knives in this guide; Santos have shorter blades, generally 6 or 7 inches, that limit their ability to slice through large vegetables with one cut.

And because a chef’s knife is an essential piece of kitchen equipment, we wanted to keep our picks accessible for most budgets. A chef’s knife is the main workhorse in your kitchen -cutlery arsenal, tackling 80% to 90% of cutting tasks.

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Your knife should remain sharp through moderate use for six to 12 months, as long as you hone it regularly, wash and dry it by hand after each use, and store it so the edge doesn’t get dinged up. You don’t have as much control with a dull edge, which increases both your prep time and your chances of cutting yourself.

Good edge retention relies on a combination of steel composition and hardness, blade thickness, and bevel angle. When a blade is thin and made from a hard steel, the edge can take and hold a tight angle.

We think an 8-inch knife is the perfect length for most people because it’s long enough to halve large vegetables but still manageable for most home cooks. Most mass-produced Western-forged knives are drop-forged, meaning the manufacturer heats a blank of steel to an extremely high temperature and then uses a high-pressure hammer to pound it into the shape of a blade.

The quality of stamped blades varies widely, from the flimsy knives found at grocery stores to our and runner-up pick. Knife makers like Mac and Tojo heat-treat their blades to make them just as strong as forged steel.

Chad Ward argues in An Edge in the Kitchen that a full tang is unnecessary since knife balance is largely a personal preference. We think this design is so common because the full tang has stood as a benchmark of quality among both knife makers and cooks.

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This Grafton edge, as it’s called, has long been a common feature on slicing and Santos knives. Knife makers claim the air pockets keep food from sticking to the blade.

Even though our top pick has a Grafton edge, we don’t find dimples to be very effective at keeping food from clinging to a knife. We couldn’t test all the possible contenders that fit our criteria, so we’ve focused on popular, widely available knives.

Since we first published this guide in 2013, we’ve tested 23 knives that all had an 8-inch blade, carried a price tag of $200 or less, lacked a full bolster, and came with recommendations from experts and trusted editorial sources. Senior staff writer Lesley Stockton explains the difference between full and half bolsters.

Senior staff writer Lesley Stockton explains the difference between full and half bolsters. For the 2017 update of this guide, we invited six friends and colleagues of all culinary stripes to our test kitchen to participate in a chopping panel.

We sliced, diced, julienne, peeled, and chiffonier a pile of butternut squash, onions, carrots, apples, oranges, sweet potatoes, and fresh herbs to gauge the knives versatility with foods of varying textures. We then sent the top-performing knives to the kitchen at Le Cocoa in New York City (the James Beard Foundation’s Best New Restaurant of 2017), where the cooks used them for prep and during service.

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I tested two knives in my home kitchen, cutting butternut squash, tomatoes, onions, and carrots. The Mac Mighty MTH-80 is our favorite knife because it’s crazy sharp and will stay that way longer than most other knives.

We found it had the best weight and balance; it felt more agile than the German models and more durable than the thin Japanese guts. The MTH-80’s blade shape strikes the perfect middle ground between German and Japanese chef’s knives, curved just enough for rocking but still straight enough for push-pull choppers.

Out of the box, this Mac model sliced straight through paper, which is something our budget pick, the Victorinox Fibrous Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, couldn’t manage. It also made straight cuts through the thick center of butternut squash, which, again, the Victorinox couldn’t do.

The Mac Mighty MTH-80 was one of the few knives in our test group to cut straight through the center of a butternut squash. The heftier drop-forged German knives fell somewhere in between, causing only a moderate amount of bruising and oxidation to the basil.

The daytime kitchen crew at Le Cocoa used the MTH-80 for prep and during lunch service for a week and praised its outstanding performance on vegetables, herbs, and fish. Scott Horowitz, sous chef at Le Cocoa, said, “ was the favorite of all the cooks.

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The MTH-80’s blade shape strikes the perfect middle ground between German and Japanese chef’s knives. Because the Mac’s stamped blade is made of very hard steel (it has a Rockwell hardness of 59 to 61), it will keep its sharp edge longer than softer blades, such as those of the Victorinox Fibrous Pro and Author Classic Iron, which are hardened to 56 and 58 HRC (PDF), respectively.

This means it’s less likely to chip (which the Tojo DP F-808 did after we used it to cut hard butternut squash). The blade geometry is unique in that the edge curve is more articulated than on a classic auto but not quite as extreme as on a German knife.

Even testers with larger hands found that the handle gave plenty of knuckle clearance. Photo: Michael Session 6.6 ounces, the Mac MTH-80 is lighter than a German drop-forged knife but heavier and sturdier-feeling than many guts.

The Mac MTH-80 has dimples on both sides of the blade to reduce the chances of food sticking to the knife. In our tests, the dimples were merely mildly effective, and we noticed the difference only when cutting butternut squash.

Though Amazon links out to this warranty in its product information section, the knife is available only through these specific Amazon vendors: Cooking Depot, Cutlery and More, The House of Rice Store, Trading, Urban Living, Whittle Workhorse, Yokohama Gifts, and Yokohama USA. If the Mac MTH-80 isn’t available, or if you want to add a Japanese auto to your collection, the Tojo DP F-808 is an exceptional knife for the price.

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This classic auto has a flatter belly curve than our top pick, a design best for people who use a push-pull cutting style. Testers liked chopping vegetables with the Tojo because of its sharpness, control, and easy handling.

The Tojo DP F-808 is shaped like a classic auto, with a straighter edge, no bolster, and a pointed tip. Like the Mac Mighty MTH-80, the Tojo DP F-808 has more heft than lighter knives, such as the Global G-2 and Topiary Molybdenum.

Tojo’s steel core is harder than the surface material; that hardness helps the blade hold a better edge, but it appears to be more brittle than Mac’s homogeneous construction. We found a tiny, almost microscopic nick in the Tojo knife’s blade after cutting butternut squash.

As it turns out, the company’s website recommends the knife not be used for cutting pumpkin (or frozen foods), because the hard vegetable can chip your blade. But because this Tojo knife’s core has the hardest steel of all our picks, its edge retention is exceptional for the price.

Testers with smaller hands found the Tojo DP F-808’s handle comfortable and didn’t have any issues with their knuckles hitting the cutting board. Senior staff writer Michael Sullivan has been using the Tojo at home since 2017 and said that, as of late 2020, “It continues to hold its razor-sharp edge with minimal sharpening.

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Compared with other German knives we tested, the Classic Iron has a thinner blade, a more comfortable handle, and a more manageable belly curve for better leverage and control. In our tests, the Author Classic Iron cut smoothly through butternut squash and onions, although carrots did split slightly.

Like the other drop-forged German knives we tested, it caused moderate bruising to cut basil. Many testers liked the Classic Iron’s smooth, rounded handle, which fit nicely into the palm.

Heckles Willing Pro and Author Classic Uber, by comparison, had such aggressively curved blades that they made simple cutting tasks feel awkward. If you drop a Author into a sink or wait to clean it after cutting acidic foods, it shouldn’t chip, stain, or corrode.

On the other hand, that soft stainless steel also means that the edge of this Author model will dull faster and require more regular sharpening. Former Wire cutter deputy editor Michael Zhao told us that he loves the Classic Iron, but he noticed the difference between its softer steel and the harder Mac MTH-80.

We wouldn’t go so far as to call the Victorinox a “beater knife,” but the polished stainless steel blade and ergonomic plastic handle can withstand more abuse than, say, the Tojo DP auto. The Victorinox’s gentle curved edge is good for any chopping style, and its wide blade lets you easily scoop and transfer food from the cutting board.

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The Victorinox’s stamped blade is made from the same steel (an alloy called X50CrMoV15, known for its durability, edge retention, and rust resistance) as most German knives, including the drop-forged Author Classic Iron. Comparatively, the Fibrous Pro has a slightly thinner blade and feels lighter in the hand than the Classic Iron.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s still pretty sharp, and it allowed us to dice onions, julienne carrots, and halve a butternut squash with relative ease and accuracy. But if you’re replacing an old dull knife or buying your first kitchen blade on a budget, the Victorinox won’t disappoint.

Most testers agreed that the Fibrous handle offered the most comfortable and secure grip of all the budget knives we evaluated. It’s not too bulky for folks with small hands, and our larger-handed testers had enough knuckle clearance from the cutting board.

Victorinox covers the 8-inch Fibrous Pro knife with a limited lifetime warranty that excludes normal wear and tear, misuse, or abuse. Hold the handle with the edge facing downward and look along the spine to make sure the blade is perfectly straight.

Video: Michael HessionGerman knife blades are curved and designed for a rocking chopping motion. In this motion (shown above), the tip of the knife mostly keeps contact with the cutting board, and you raise and lower the heel while your guiding hand pushes food underneath the blade.

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As you watch a chef whipping a knife down the rod toward their hand at lightning speed, it’s easy to see yourself taking a thumb off. Video: Michael HessionThe key with both styles of honing is to make sure the edge bevel is flush to the rod.

Video: Amado Dialogue way most pros do it is to point the tip of the rod up and pull the knife down toward the handle. For online tutorials, check out these videos from Murray Carter and Karin that show you how to use whetstones.

If you’re investing in a quality, expensive knife, like, we still believe that a whetstone used properly will provide the sharpest, smoothest edge. In our tests we found that well-designed ones worked nicely, causing minimal wear to knives while creating a fine edge.

And their convenience encourages people to use them regularly, which makes for safer chopping and a happier kitchen experience. However, make sure to avoid the cheapest knife sharpeners, which will quickly eat away too much of the blade’s metal.

The composition of most German knives (including our also-great and budget picks) is X50CrMoV15, which roughly translates to 80% iron, 0.5% carbon, and 15% a combination of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. Chromium protects against corrosion and is what makes the knife stainless, while molybdenum and vanadium increase and wear resistance, and refine the grain.

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This stainless steel is usually hardened to 56 HRC, softer than Japanese knives but capable of taking a beating well and withstanding up to a certain level of mistreatment. In An Edge in the Kitchen, Chad Ward writes, “I wouldn’t make garbage can lids out of 420J or 440A, but some manufacturers do use them for kitchen knives.” These types of steel are low carbon and highly corrosion-resistant.

In short, annealing relieves the steel of inner stress and prepares it for shaping and grain refinement. It would’ve been one of our top picks, but our testers were split down the middle: People either loved the Global for its lightweight and razor-sharp edge, or hated it because of its dimpled steel handle, which could get slippery in wet hands.

Chad Ward praises this Topiary model in An Edge in the Kitchen, but we think the blade is too thin and delicate for hard vegetables. It lacks the weight and the smooth transition from blade to handle, though, and we found that it simply wasn’t as comfortable to use.

The Mercer MX3 M16110 auto performed about as well as our runner-up pick from Tojo, but it was considerably more expensive at the time of our tests. The edge was sharp and the knife itself was comfortable to hold, but the 8½-inch blade length was a little too much for home cooks.

The HB-85 offers a good price-to-quality ratio, but our testing panel overwhelmingly chose the Tojo DP F-808 as the better chef’s knife for the price. After cutting through onions, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots, we concluded that the Made In knife’s deep blade curve and angled bolster (which sets the handle too far back from the blade) made chopping and slicing awkward.

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But we saw one big problem with the 8-inch Classic Uber 4583-7/20: Its belly curve was much more articulated than those of other Author chef’s knives. Heckles Willing Pro, we found the Author Classic Uber awkward to use because of the extremely curved belly.

In our tests, the drop-forged blade of the Meridian Elite E/3686-8 was sharp enough, but not as smooth as that of the Mac MTH-80 or the Author Classic Iron. But we found the handle uncomfortable due to the sharp edges on the spine, which kept digging into our forefingers.

I've invested hundreds of dollars in chef's knives, but I use them every day to slice, dice, cube, mince or, if I'm feeling fancy, chiffon. A good knife can feel like a dream -- and it can make holiday cooking even more fun than usual -- but a poorly balanced or dull one can be a pain to use, and can even lead to more cut fingers and other accidents.

David Priest/CNET Since you're going to be using it a lot, a chef's knife should be a pleasure to use -- properly weighted, but not heavy enough to make using it tiring. David Priest/CNETGlobal's popular chef's knife is a Japanese-style blade, which means it boasts a scary-sharp edge and a nimble-feeling lightweight body.

David Priest/Nettles Japanese-style chef's knife lies at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price, but it rests at the top of best lists online for a reason: it's a fantastic product. Not only is the Mac super sharp (it slides through tomatoes without any tearing whatsoever), but its blade is thinner than heavier knives like Author's, which makes slicing snappier veggies like carrots feel like cutting a ripe banana with a butter knife.

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Mac's most popular chef knife is perfectly balanced, so you never feel at risk of losing control of the blade. I'm fairly fastidious with my knives, but this, along with my growing fondness of the Global chef's knife, have resulted in Mac's slight drop in the ranking.

David Priest/CNETHands-down, the biggest surprise of my testing was the performance of Mercer's $16 Culinary Millennia 8-inch chef's knife. But the handle design is perfect for teaching beginners how to hold and use a chef's knife, guiding your thumb and index finger to the base of the blade.

The light weight and cheap design mean you don't get the long life or the full versatility you'd get from a workhorse like the Author, but if you're wanting a starter chef's knife to learn for six months while you save for a bigger investment, the Mercer really is a great cook's knife. The Author was my original favorite knife until I got my hands on the Mac and Global Japanese-style knives, and it still stands up as a top-of-the-line option.

That said, the Author classic is perfectly balanced between the handle and blade, and it has a heel to protect your fingers, which makes it feel all the safer to wield. One of the best measures of how comfortable a knife feels in your hand is breaking down a chicken -- as it requires many types of cuts across skin, meat, fat and cartilage.

It's versatile and comfortable, and its high carbon steel forged blade will keep a sharp edge as well as nearly any other knife -- Mac and Global excluded -- in this price range. The Willing Gourmet is a stamped blade, rather than a forged one, which means it likely won't hold its edge as long as the Author.

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It's also lighter, which means your hand won't be guided quite as well through a tomato or similarly delicate food. All that said, the Willing's cuts were consistently clean, it felt comfortable in my hand, and for $50, I'd be more than happy to add this knife to my kitchen.

Our procedures blended five tests -- slicing tomatoes, dicing onions, mincing leafy herbs, chopping carrots and breaking down chickens -- each with a 1-to-10 rating, with more general use and observation. I wanted to approach the procedures as the average home cook would, focusing on general use and experience.

Beyond its measurable performance with various foods, I approached each knife as a package -- experiencing how its weight and balance came together to create an experience that either felt intuitive or awkward. Overall, we tested a dozen of the most popular chef's knives for home cooks, including Mac, Global, Artisan Revere, Victorinox, Kitchen aid, Cuisinart, Home favor, Freeware, Willing, J.A.

Mac, Author and Global were my stand-out favorites for quality and performance, and if you're really serious about adopting a high-quality chef's knife, any of these three will do the trick. While I gave my assessments above, everyone will have their own slight preferences -- Global feels best to me, but if I ate more meat and denser veggies, I would probably lean toward Author as the more robust blade.

And if perfectly minced herbs and delicately sliced fish were more common cuts in my kitchen, Mac might take the crown. It's well-balanced, and feels closest in profile to Global: it's not heavy and thick-spined like the Author, and so had more trouble with the butternut squash and pineapple; and it's not quite as razor-sharp as the Mac.

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Artisan Revere offers an excellent product for a price that will be hard to swallow for most customers. I just can't recommend that home cooks buy a chef's knife that costs $300 more than comparable products, except as a luxury item.

David Olkovetsky, founder and CEO of Artisan Revere, told me over email that the reasons for the price tag are manifold: most importantly, the high-quality steel blade is made with more environmentally friendly methods, and the so-called “super steel” will retain its edge better than competitors. The $50, which seems like a natural winner given its reasonable price tag and similar design to the more expensive Author classic, really disappointed me.

It's another workhorse of a knife, but its butt is heavier than it should be, so heavy prep gets tiring, and mincing feels awkward. Finally,'s knife was the worst of the bunch: It is so poorly balanced, in fact, that I stopped the chicken test midway through for fear of cutting myself.

That makes almost every type of prep, from slicing and dicing to mincing and chicken boning, feel awkward at best and dangerous at worst. It doesn't matter if you rarely cook or you chop and dice daily, a quality chef's knife is essential in any kitchen.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, a sharper knife is safer because it requires less pressure and will slice rather than tear and slide. Either way, look for a durable laminate handle as wood can hold bacteria and plastic may crack.

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You can feel confident purchasing any of our highlighted chef's knives. You can use a chef’s knife for mincing, dicing, chopping, and slicing.

A utility knife isn’t mandatory, but it is a useful addition to your collection if you are an avid cook. There are two basic methods of knife construction: forging and stamping.

Forged knives are made from a solid piece of metal that has been heated to an extreme temperature and pounded into shape. They are usually a little heavier and thicker than stamped knives, and they tend to hold their edge very well.

However, we urge potential buyers to not automatically discount this type of blade. Stainless steel is the most common metal you’ll find in the average kitchen.

Pros: Excellent performance without a tendency to rust or stain, holds a sharp edge very well You’re more likely to use excessive pressure or sawing motions when your knife needs sharpening.

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Sharpen or hone your chef’s knife as needed to maintain its good condition. A quality chef’s knife feels good in your hand and has a well-balanced, comfortable handle.

Many chef’s knives have ergonomic handles that are specifically designed for ease of use. There are three common handle materials used for kitchen knives : wood, laminate, and plastic.

Wood is a classic knife handle material that feels good in the hand. Laminate knife handles look like wood but are far easier to care for and more durable, too.

However, a plastic knife handle can crack after exposure to high temperatures or UV rays. If you look at a good chef’s knife, you’ll generally see a strip of metal running through the middle of the handle; that’s the tang.

A full tang, which is the most desirable, is thick enough to show on both the top and the bottom of the handle. Blade: This term refers to the entire knife, save the handle.

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This adds balance to the knife and also serves as a handy edge for chopping harder items like nuts or carrots. For this kind of price tag, you should expect a product with quality construction, good balance, and a comfortable handle.

Is it best to buy a complete knife set or purchase my knives separately? While buying a complete knife set is undeniably easy, you could end up with knives you don’t need and will never use.

That makes them easy for some people to wield, but it also means they are more likely to break during heavy use. Western chef’s knives, by contrast, tend to be heavier, thicker, and sturdier.

Kramerknives.com Kramer, a master blade smith, forges this knife using carbon steel, which is known in knife making for its durability. Carbon steel requires that you clean and wipe down the knife after use, lest you risk rust damaging the blade.

Take care of it lovingly and with attention and the dividends will return to you, a bond will form, and you’ll depend on nothing else. This chef's knife boasts a precision, fine-edge blade that is honed for long-lasting sharpness.

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Sou full Professional 8 inch chef knife can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks of cutting, chopping, mincing, and slicing for fruits, vegetables, and meat. Amazon.this chef's knife with premium Japanese steel and a triple riveted, rounded handle is particularly excellent for defining and cutting up poultry.

The stainless steel and Lakewood are designed to stay stain free and hold up to rough use. Its handle is ergonomically shaped for a perfect fit that won't slip out of your hand.

All 8 Inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef's Knife with Ergonomic Handle, Ultra Sharp, Anti-rust and Durable, Best Choice for Home Kitchen and Restaurant The ultra sharp stainless steel can maintain the edge of the knife for a long time with incredible robustness and quality.

The thin blade and bolster allows you to easily cut and slice almost any food. This knife stays incredibly sharp and is super precise when cutting just about anything.

Avoid the jagged cuts with this long Japanese-style blade, which draws through white and oily fish fillets alike with a precision that is almost mystifying. Kitchen knives are perfect for cutting vegetables, meat, fruits, bread, and many more when necessary.

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History says knives are the first invention of Iron Age and still this thing regimes quite confidently all over the world. Basically, chefs and housewives need this piece of metal for their daily purposes.

Numerous steel manufacturers produce superb knives every day. Home hero manufacturer company produces the best quality metal equipment so far and proudly operating their reign in the whole world.

Pretty classy look and easy handling made this set an awesome one. Sturdy and durable rubber handles keep comfortable round the clock.

Special Features Set included1x chef knifeMaterialPure stainless steel, high-qualityAccessoriesSharpener included grinding easilySafetySafety finger guard to protect fingers from injuriesDesignClassic ergonomic design, simple, smart Quality Top-class stainless steel is used in this knife set. Ergonomic design and proper safety are the two major criteria of this knife set.

Colossal reviews from customers made this knife set perfect for kitchen and user value. Fruits like citrus, apple, melons that have plenty of juice cannot affect knife material anyhow.

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Pros Easy to clean Super sharp Best quality material 5-pieces set Perfect for gift Worth of money No rust, non-sticky Pure German stainless steel with a carbon alloy metal structure.

Special Features High-carbon stainless steel blade Multi-functional knife Ergonomic handle Ultra-sharp edge No corrosion, anti-tarnish 0.6~0.75 carbon, 16~18% chrome Great combination of quality materials and German strategy led this knife to the acme.

The completely wooden construction of handles and the stand made this knife set amazing and adorable. Moreover, if faulty or malfunctioned, manufacturers are loyal to replace the stuff or full money back.

Quality Pure German steel with Lakewood handles enables easy maintenance and soothing effects for kitchen maniacs. The stand to hold all knives is also made of pure rosewood, glossy, ergonomic, easy to place anywhere.

Special Features Easy to storage Tarnish-resistive No rust Accurate stainless steel 100% German technology Easy care and maintenance Precise cutting Exclusive taper Ergonomic and eco-friendly Wooden block to keep knives Quality So far you know the German stainless steel is the best material for accessories like knives, craftsmanship, metal bolts, nuts & screws, washers, electrical & electronics equipment, etc.

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No corrosion and no rust features made this set lifetime equipment for chefs. Edges of knives are sharp by default but after 2-3 years of usage, you can sharpen them for necessity.

This 6 pieces Invasion kitchen knife set has an ergonomic design with quality material. Top-class chefs, housewives, contestants of cook reality shows, restaurants, food palaces keep this set for their daily works.

Special Features High-quality Titanium steel, matte black Keeps food safety and hygiene Not so easy to break or bend Scratch-free No rust, anti-corrosion design Extreme sharpness 6 PCs set Quick cuts on fruits and vegetables as well as fast foods like hamburgers, pizza, mutton steaks, bacon can be sliced quite comfortably with the utility saw-shape knife.

Pros Lifetime warranty No corrosion and preventive Eco-friendly, ergonomic, hygiene Easy to clean, portable anywhere Good choice for anniversary or birthday gift to adorable ones Lightweight Worth of price This 6-inch chef knife is mostly used stuff for kitchens in restaurants, homes, or parties.

Special Features High-performance stainless steel Completely made by digital technology Material tests are taken before available in marketplaces Anti-corrosion, no rust Acids except for nitric acid (non-diluted) can’t melt it or scratch even Exclusive rubber handle, soft to grab or hold Good for vegetables and fruits However, digital-controlled machines are used to figure out the accurate measurement, material percentages, and user value.

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Cheap and random availability of this knife made an esteemed user value with exquisite reviews. Chefs from top restaurants recommended purchasing this one for daily usage.

Top-quality restaurants of California and Chicago use this tool for their daily food making. Not only famous in America but also this product got huge fame around the world within a short time.

For its simple design and lightweight, pro chefs find flexibility and comfort ability accordingly. Carbon fiber stainless steel design is a new technology in this stuff.

Moreover, high user values promoted this product to the topmost kitchen knives in the year 2020. Performance Cutting any fruit or juicy vegetable causes random scratches, splashing, messy surfaces, and rust on blades.

Pros Well balanced Extremely sharp Great value Lightweight Nice package box included Pure stainless steel design with an ergonomic handle gives this knife an extra outlook.

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Pretty sharp edges can cut fruits and vegetables smoothly. Edges of knives are sharp by default but after 2-3 years of usage, you can sharpen them if necessary.

Great combination of quality materials and German strategy led this knife to the acme. Performance Slicing frozen food like solid meat, fish, butter, canned material is totally prohibited to cut with this knife.

External pressure or hammering causes broken handle and disfigured edges. With proper safety, you can use this knife for cutting large fruits, fishes, flesh, and vegetables.

However, kitchen knives are an essential part of our daily life and specifically, chefs cannot imagine a single day without it. But before purchasing a good one, you have to aware of some common tips and tricks to pick the best knives for kitchen.

Kitchen knives are solid, no hollow cores inside, sturdy, and durable enough for a lifetime. Basically, there are lots of materials that make a kitchen knife according to the suitability of people.

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Eminent chefs prefer longer life knives and regular cookers also like it. Wooden knives are mostly used for home decor or simple cutting like butter, juicy soft skin fruits, cheese, cakes, etc.

To choose the best knife, you should prefer trendy high-carbon stainless steel knives. Round edge knives are smooth, sharp, no corrosion, and preferable.

These knives can cut from both sides and rarely needed for kitchens. For a classic look, you can choose some designed knives for home decor and work.

Recent technology knives are 1-piece construction, both handle and blade are combined. Though 1-piece construction, some manufacturers provide flexible options like replaceable handles.

If the handles are rusty or hazy, you can change it; likewise, the blade is also changeable. In this case, you can put the knife into a jar of wheat or rice (uncoiled).

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Though maximum knives are anti-rust and galvanized, the wooden handles aren’t sustainable for a long time. Knife sets are a bit costly according to their material and structure, but those are better for kitchen stuff.

Knife sets have lots of different knives and you obviously don’t aware of all. Moreover, carbon steel knives are lightweight, cozy, hard to bend, or break.

For an affordable cost knife, you can choose Zen Spirit or Wailuku knives. Experts occasionally use a grinder or electrical sanders to remove the odd areas of blades however this method isn’t sufficient for sharpening.

For a stainless steel blade, you should use a solution of pure sodium chloride (NaCl) with distilled water. This diluted solution can remove rust and shine the blade.

Some basic common steps to follow caring for a kitchen knife. No onion sips, mayonnaise, butter, juice on blades for long.

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Avoid magnetic knives because of electrical affinity and physical health problems. So far we reviewed lots of products online as well as enormous studies on kitchen knives ; we recommend high-carbon stainless steel knives for the starter.

Titanium steel knives are rigid, glossy, elite, and cuts so sharp even in a blink. Titanium is an elegant material, rare to find everywhere, costly near platinum.

On the other hand, high-carbon stainless steel knives are cost-effective, plenty of user value, and ergonomic. The abrasive edges and tips of ceramic knives are sharp, easy to cut hard vegetables like potatoes, carrots, turnips, etc.

Other key criteria of ceramic knives are stiffness, no-rust, longevity, and outlook. Without a sharp knife, you cannot afford to do fast cooking or serving.

In any kitchen either house or top restaurants, knives are essential and must-need tools for daily usage. In this article, we tried to pick the best sharp knives for kitchen, and honestly, some practical daily experience was added to organize the sequence.

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Make the right choice and you’ll find that it’s easier to prepare all types of meals, whether you’re cutting meat or dicing up an array of vegetables. Each of the chef’s knives in this roundup was subject to the same tests to see how it coped with preparing different types of food.

Balance and usability, as mentioned, is a more subjective process, but we’ve tried to approach this from the point of view of a typical user. From slicing meat and fish to finely dicing vegetables, you can even use a rocking motion to chop herbs.

Its wedge-shaped bolstered blade can be used in its entirety to cut, meaning that the knife adapts to any user, and it has the weight required to get through more difficult tasks. It’s forged from a single piece of ice-hardened steel (full tang), known as Fríður, which gives greater hardness and edge retention as well as resistance against corrosion.

Slicing, dicing, chopping and finer prep work proved a breeze for this knife. Its only challenge came from tackling the large butternut squash, where its compact size was a significant limitation.

A slim bolster has also been welded in place, while its handle features an understated faux grain pattern. Perfectly weight-balanced, this knife made an excellent prep tool, slicing easily through the fish, poultry, tomatoes and meat.

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The only task that was tricky was trimming hard fat from the meat; the job was made more difficult due to the knife’s rounded tip. This knife has an extra-long blade for increased leverage for larger items, and a patented handle with a wedge-shaped indentation that’s intended to be more comfortable to hold over extended periods.

For anyone used to a smaller blade, the Fur Chef’s Knife will feel distinctly unwieldy and heavy. Most of the weight is in the thick blade, making the knife less balanced; its handle is surprisingly light.

This makes maneuverability tricky at first, and the knife’s size feels more suited to halving a chicken than all-round chopping. It struggled to get through thicker parts of the butternut squash without extra effort, the blade sticking to the flesh and impeding its progress, but chopped well.

Not only is the handle of the 20 cm Classic Cook’s Knife robustly riveted in place, the blade is ‘resharpened’ with a defined cutting angle. Complete with a full bolster (there’s also a half-bolster model that’s even easier to sharpen) and ergonomic handle, the knife had enough weight to slice through the dense butternut squash in one motion with minimal effort, as well as glide through every other task.

Designed in consultation with professional chefs, there’s good reason that this 16 cm Cook’s knife from the multi-award winning Signature range is Robert Welch’s most popular size. Compact enough not to feel unwieldy, yet with a Japanese-style blade edge that’s hand-applied at a 15-degree angle, the knife offers a perfect blend of strength and balance.

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An angled bolster provides good control alongside full use of the blade edge, while the DuPont handle has been ergonomically shaped to minimize fatigue and features an Raw insignia as a permanent steel detail. The knife’s blade features a smooth curve for a two-step chop and rock action, meaning that it sailed through all the tests.

Roughly speaking, it’s the feeling that neither the handle nor the blade is uncomfortably weighted, dragging you back or forward when in use. A knife that feels unstable will demand more effort when preparing food, so it’s important to find the right balance.

Rather than having a pointed end, it’s curved, making it adept at the slicing and chopping that features heavily in Asian cuisine. Where Santos knives may fall short is with bigger jobs, such as halving a chicken, since they lack the broad heel of a traditional chef’s knife.

Basically, This knifes are hand-forged and exclusively prepared to let you feel like a professional chef in your kitchen. Their stunning appearance and sharp blade completely justify your investment.

You will find great convenience and joy while cutting vegetables, meat, fruits, and other food items. Similar to other kitchen utensils, you need to take into account some Key Features to consider Serbian chef knives.

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By: Vicky enterprises Item Weight: 1.24 pounds Product Dimensions: 13.2 × 4.8 × 2 inches The solid built and comfortable handles are the two Key Features to consider Serbian chef knives for this product.

The manufacturer has employed a leather mad sheath of superior quality cow skin. The included steel material provides an outstanding edge and sharp cutting benefits.

It is found that the blade’s hardness is 56-58 HRC and it perfectly holds the cutting edge. Generally, this knife is found highly suitable for cutting vegetables and fruits.

By: Dennis Item Weight: 13.8 ounces Product Dimensions: 12.7 × 4.2 × 1.3 inches The exceptional blade sharpness makes this handmade knife one of the best Serbian chef knives.

The manufacturing of this chef knife is done form the pure hand forging and there is the implementation of the quenching process. This handle is dedicated to saving your manual efforts while cutting any food items.

This meat cleaver boasts beautiful design and superb performance. The presence of the 5Cr15Mov stainless steel makes sure this chef knife conveys superb strength and durability.

By: Knoll Item Weight: 1.35 pounds Product Dimensions: 14.3 × 5.2 × 1.4 inches Well, the presence of an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade makes it a famous kitchen product in the market.

This decent quality stainless steel maintains its functionality for a long period. In order to increase the strength, the steel material comprises 0.6-0.75 carbon.

Furthermore, it reduces fatigue, finger aches or numbness after holding it constantly for a long time. The excellent sharpness of the blade and beautiful craftsmanship are the two Key Features to consider Serbian chef knives for this product.

The material used in the making is handmade forged type full tang, high-carbon clad steel. In this handle, there is a full tang integrated steel shank, wood and rivet fixing.

The high hardness and excellent blade sharpness make this forging knife one of the best Serbian chef knives. The solid wood handle comes with reinforced rivet which is not easy to deform.

The key benefits of this forging chef knife include high hardness, sharpness, longevity, and ease of use. You can use it for boning legs of lamb, trimming brisket, skinning a whole chicken, or removing out ribs from the pork loin.

Generally, you will find this boning knife widely used for household purpose and outdoor camping use. This suggests that the blade is durable and offers outstanding edge retention.

By: Finite Item Weight: 7.7 ounces Product Dimensions: 13.9 × 5.5 × 1.9 inches Right from blade sharpness to ease of handling, there are many features that signify the popularity of the best Serbian chef knives.

This sharpness finds convenient for fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and any other food items. Now your food preparation process simplifies and made efficient with the proper use of this 7-inch cleaver knife.

Out of several Key Features to consider Serbian chef knives, one prominent one is the ease of handling. This Profit kitchen knife designs uniquely to feel comfortable in your hands.

The unique Physics design offers great comfort in your hand. Due to the use of stainless steel material, high toughness and durability offer.

This kind of structure makes sure it is quite easy to hold this kitchen knife in your hands. It gives you great comfort for cutting different types of food items.

Right from the sharp blade to the comfortable handle, all the features make it the best knife in this list. You can use this To knife for dicing, slicing, chopping, and cutting a wide range of food items.

The included handle designs ergonomically for presenting superb durability and comfort. Therefore, it doesn’t need regular re-sharpening and also requires lesser maintenance in comparison to units in a similar class.

Thanks to its heavy nature, it will chop things better and also requires minimal effort. It comprises robust high carbon clad steel and is less prone to cracking, warping, chipping, denting, to tarnishing.

The reason for this is the high quality and tough carbon clad steel bladed. A good knife comes with a super sharp edge for easy cutting, slicing, and chopping.

A good choice comes with a full tang that minimizes the odds of the blade snapping from the handle. However, without proper guidance or information, it’s easy to fall for a substandard or non-genuine unit.

These are the best Serbian chef knives to effectively cut different food items for household and professional uses. They are easy to handle in your hands and capable to cut a wide range of food items.

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