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Best Kitchen Knives Made In America

Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
• 43 min read

More commonly, consumers bought cheap/economical knives manufactured in Asia which would work fine for a few days, but then rapidly lose their sharpness and be rendered useless only a few weeks later. The most reliable sources for quality knives has long been thought to be either Germany or Japan, but the difference in price has been substantial.

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We searched for knives that are made in the USA and found a large variety to choose from. He eventually found his magic formula while tempering steel blades and not long after that, he made his first kitchen knife.

The Farther’s are now in their third and fourth generation of knife makers, all continuing the family business of producing quality kitchen cutlery using the same techniques and fine craftsmanship developed 110 years ago. Farther makes every kitchen knife from CPM S35VN martensite stainless steel and tempers the knives to a hardness of Rockwell C 58-60 (HRC).

To ensure stability and balance, each “full tang” blade runs completely through the handle. The Farther Cutlery 3 Paring Knife has just received the Seal of Approval from the Cooking Club of America magazine with a 96% member recommendation.

Take note of the slightly raised hump on the back of the blade which is designed to give you more support in addition to preventing the knife from slipping from your hand. This paring knife is great for general peeling or specific tasks like digging the eyes out of potatoes.

Farther Cutlery 7 French Chef Knife The Farther Cutlery 7 French Chef Knife is specially designed with a very thin edge for slicing, chopping and dicing vegetables. The curved blade creates an easy rocking motion and is, of course, handcrafted like all the other Farther knives.

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This is when the four Case brothers began selling handcrafted knives from the back of a wagon in upstate New York. Case Household Cutlery has made military knives for U.S. servicemen and women from the beginning of World War I.

During NASA’s Gemini Mission in 1965, astronauts included special Case knives in their survival packs. All subsequent Gemini and Apollo missions included Case Astronaut Knives, making it the only knife to reach the moon.

Constructed with wooden handles and Tru-Sharp steel, the blades don’t stick to food while slicing. This American made kitchen knife set comes with a beautiful hardwood counter-top storage block.

Cuzco is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in the United States and Canada. Cuzco’s product line includes kitchen knives and utensils, shears, flatware, cookware, and sporting knives.

The Double-D edge provides a clean, smooth cut every time and will stay sharp longer than straight-edge knives. The ergonomic handle has a universal fit for large or small, left or right hands.

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The fatigue-resistant design provides a thumb and forefinger lock for more safety and better control of the knife. Lawson & Good now is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States, having been established in 1837 in Melbourne Falls, Massachusetts.

For nearly two centuries, the name Lawson has been synonymous with some of the finest handcrafted cutlery made in the USA. In 1869, newly elected U.S. president Ulysses S. Grant received a rather “cutting edge” gift from the small manufacturer.

Pieces of this extraordinary gift remain in the nation’s capital on display at the Smithsonian Institution. The company rapidly became known around the country and the world due to its well-founded reputation for crafting White-House-worthy dining implements.

From that day until now, Lawson’s talented artisans have handcrafted each piece in western Massachusetts. Due to a disastrous flood in 2011, the base of operations was moved from Melbourne Falls to Westfield but the legacy is still present in Melbourne Falls where an outlet store and select manufacturing exists in the original location.

Its broad blade dices, slices, and chops fruits, vegetables, and meats while protecting knuckles from hitting the cutting board. Full tang blades with triple riveted handles ensure the ideal balance and weight.

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A curved and recessed bolster provides a seamless transition from handle to blade, as well as comfortable thumb support for better control and safety. Yes, there are a total of 9 knives in this 10-piece set as Lawson counts the 9-Slot Block as an individual piece.

The blades in this incredible set are precision-forged and made from the finest grade 4116 high-carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany. Lawson is using a traditional hot-drop forge process which results in a harder, sharper blade that is highly elastic and corrosion-resistant.

Each knife features full tang blades with triple-riveted handles for the perfect balance and weight. The exceptional balance and safety are due to the curved and recessed bolster which provides a seamless transition from handle to blade while supporting the thumb.

For these full tang precision forged knives, Lawson uses high-carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany. Before they are packed, the Lawson knife makers sharpen, polish and hone each edge by hand one final time.

Radar cutlery is famously easy to spot in high-end kitchens by the unique solid aluminum handles. For over 7 decades, Radar Knives have been 100% made in the USA and carry a Lifetime Guarantee.

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Everything you need to prepare the perfect meal for the people you love is included in this set, which is why we often recommend it to anyone interested in buying only the best. By choosing this set, you’ll be supporting the American economy while also being sure that your purchase will last for decades to come, thanks to the lifetime guarantee.

The Radar Cutlery S38 Knife Set includes a variety of the 7 most used knives in the kitchen. It features a 3 ½-inch blade that makes it ideal for a vast range of cutting tasks.

The Radar Super Parer is a paring knife ideal for when you prefer a larger blade. Its hand-sharpened blade makes cutting foods ranging from fruits to potatoes an absolute breeze.

All handles on the knives in this starter knife set are made from permanently cast silver brushed aluminum with a satin finish. Radar Cutlery Ultimate Collection The incredibly priced Radar Cutlery Ultimate collection 15-piece gift set includes some few kitchenknivesmade in the USA that come with black stainless steel resin handles.

Hollow-ground blades ensure a precision concave surface for maximum edge retention and sharpness. The set is actually dishwasher safe, but we still recommend washing & immediately drying by hand to avoid dinging the blades.

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This ultimate collection contains virtually everything you need to equip your kitchen with the necessary cooking tools and is considered one of the most economical sets of knives made in the USA. Radar knives are famous for their surgical quality, high carbon stainless steel blades which are super sharp and handcrafted in the USA.

Radar’s mission is all about “providing our customers the best value of kitchen knives for their dollar” and this set proves that statement. The stainless steel blades come in a variety of sizes and will cut through fruits, vegetables, and herbs with ease.

It is best suited for small or medium tasks such as peeling apples or preparing garnishes. Radar’s Regular Paring features a 3 ¼-inch blade ideal for everyday tasks, such as trimming skin from a chicken or dicing an onion.

Then there’s the Heavy Duty Paring, which has a slightly larger handle that provides more leverage when cutting. The compact size and 4-inch blade mean that it is your ideal paring knife when you need to cut a large item such as a whole chicken.

The thick and comfortable silver brushed aluminum handles create a truly gorgeous knife. The small paring knife is unbeatable when it comes to cutting tasks that require finesse, such as strawberries and apples.

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The company calls it a Utility/Steak knife because you want it even at the kitchen counter when preparing your favorite meals. It features a long, sturdy blade that effortlessly cuts through substantive foods such as ribs or pineapple.

You need a Heavy Duty Paring Knife that is suitable for a wide range of kitchen tasks. Radar has included a 3 ¼-inch blade in this set that is great for cutting, slicing, and coring vegetables and fruits.

This large knife features serrated edges that make it a breeze to get perfect cuts of any food you can put in its way. The hybrid metal handle (Stainless Steel Resin + Cast Aluminum) assists the 7-inch Surgical Quality T420 High Carbon Stainless Steel blade slice effortlessly through large, tough foods.

Founded in 2014 this small company from Virginia makes Knives, Cutting Boards, and Serving Trays. Virginia Boys Kitchens use only wood from forests growing at least 2.4x faster than the harvest and mortality rate.

As a final reminder applicable to all the knives above, it’s worth covering a couple of critical issues that are especially valuable when dealing with quality cutlery. Hand washing prevents unnecessary microscopic dings on the cutting edge of the blades, prolonging the sharpness of your knives.

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After conducting our research, we found several American cutlery manufacturers that made the cut for each of the categories we examined. Radar Cutlery is making some best knives sets on the market, and for a very affordable price.

I ordered this knife set (pictured here) and the knives come out of the box very sharp and keep their edge well. I also really love the lifetime product guarantee that Radar Cutlery offers its customers with this set.

Lifetime product guarantee Lightweight and sturdy Sharp blades and easy to sharpen after extensive use Magnetic, so they can be hung anywhere The blades are made with a high carbon stainless steel, a strong material that prevents rust and lasts a long time.

Hand wash and dry required (the aluminum handles will oxidize and lose their sheen in the dishwasher) Each knife is crafted for comfort and durability, with a razor sharp edge they get from hand grinding each one.

Lightweight Hand ground edge Unique look Comfortable handle Comes in a larger set (link below) Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife Dexter-Russell is one of the largest manufacturers of cutlery in the U.S. and started making knives in the New England area during the early 1800s.

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Since then, they have grown tremendously, but still stick to their roots of producing high quality and durable cutlery. Their fillet knife is one of the sharpest on the market, complete with a 7-inch blade made of high carbon steel.

Comfortable handle Dishwasher safe Narrow blade, fit for any finesse job Stays sharp LamsonSharp Pro 33100 7 Meat Cleaver Lawson has been making cutlery in the U.S. since 1837, producing knives and other trade tools out of their facilities in Westfield, Massachusetts.

And the handle is crafted from wood sourced from Arizona and mated to a unique Marta bolster. And that superb blade is mated to a walnut handle sourced from Miller’s childhood farm.

If you’re looking for a great knife at a great price, honestly you should go read some other article and consider some other brand, because Bench made knives are not priced in a range most people would call “great.” On the other hand, that’s a rather weak adjective to choose when defining the quality of these blades. Simply put, Bench made knives are almost without compare, and with few if any brands surpassing their products in terms of craftsmanship.

So let’s move on to the handles, which, depending on the knife you choose, will be made from a lightweight but ridiculously strong polymer alloy called neoprene (a specially treated rubber, basically), hand carved and polished wood, Gr ivory plastic (again, a fancy, super strong man made material), or a G10 fiberglass laminate. Steven John/The ManualBenchmade breaks its knives down into six categories: outdoor, rescue, every day, hunting, survival, and tactical.

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There are some crossovers among the categories, but generally speaking these groupings will help you cut through the large size of the catalog and find a few options that suit your needs. If on the off chance you’re having trouble finding a Bench made knife that seems like it will suit, no problem there, you can have one custom-built just for you.

Steven John/The Manuals Bench made knives cost between $150 to $250, but you can find many blades well north of $500 and a handful priced above a grand. But it comes as no surprise though, as the United States is one of the most diversified countries in the world, which makes its cuisine quite the work of art.

Well, rest assured, as we took care of the heavy lifting for you and curated a list of the best American- madekitchenknives for you to choose from. Take a look at the Farther Cutlery french chef knife, and the first thing you’ll notice is that it has a unique appearance.

It’s also a bit shorter than other knives, with a 7-inch length, as an attempt to make it more lightweight and portable. The choice of material is quite impressive, as this chef knife uses CPM-S35VN, the same steel used in some of the best everyday carry blades.

Add that to the nice curve, the hand-grinded edge, and the fact that the blade runs all the way through the handle for sturdy performance, and you’ve got yourself a killer deal. Sure, Farther Cutlery French Chef Knife isn’t the cheapest among American- madekitchenknives, but for the quality, you’re getting, it’s absolutely a bargain worth considering.

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Lightweight Comfortable handle Unique Appearance Hand ground, sharp edge The set is also designed in a way that facilitates access to any knife, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced cooks.

This company has been producing quality knives, and other trade tools form their base at Massachusetts since 1837. The LamsonSharp Pro 33100 7 Meat Cleaver is a high-quality butcher’s knife with a full tang blade that’s made of high-carbon stainless steel and a sturdy walnut handle that’s both durable and stylish.

We also believe in supporting American businesses when possible, and some of the greatest EDC blades we own were purchased from true-blue Made in USA companies. Of course, we want to preface this by saying there are plenty of knife manufacturers and blade smiths outside the States who do incredible work, and we’ll probably write about them, too, at some point.

The 110 Auto Elite, however, is a fully automatic knife, which means it can be opened one-handed with the push of a button. The blade is also made from S30V steel that contains carbon, as well as high amounts of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium.

What that translates to is a beautiful blade with superb edge retention, high ductility and excellent corrosion resistance. The handle is made from standard G10, but features the classic brushed nickel silver bolsters that make this knife so unique.

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Hershey is definitely one of our favorite knife manufacturers, but we’d be remiss not to mention that not all of their knives are made in the USA. However, the company is very transparent about which knives are and aren’t made Stateside, which means you’ll never have to guess where your money is going.

The CPM 154 powdered metallurgy blade offers more uniform distribution of carbides, making the knife incredibly balanced and smooth, and helping it maintain a uniform edge while resisting wear and corrosion. The blade itself is stonewashed, so you’ll be less worried about keeping it looking “pretty” and use the damn thing for what it was designed for.

Of the entire Spider catalog, the Mani 2 Carbon Fiber CPM 154-S90V might be our absolute favorite. From its ergonomics, to its beautifully curved 3.37-inch blade, to its ultra-light 4.1-ounce overall weight and everything in between, this knife is nothing short of a work of art.

Its crowning jewel is its CPM 154-S90V composite steel blade, which is made by Crucible Industries in New York. This beautiful and aggressive knife, designed by Rick Hindered and manufactured by Zero Tolerance, features a harpoon-style version of Hindered’s signature “Panto” blade, made from an incredibly hard and resilient S35VN steel coated with niobium and vanadium carbides, which means it’ll maintain its out-of-the-box razor sharp edge even longer.

The handle is titanium with a G10 overlay for enhanced grip, and the whole knife is a mere 8.25 inches long and just five ounces. The Sprint Run is a perfect example of what happens when beautiful, attentive design meets high quality manufacturing materials.

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If your knife is comfortable to use and razor sharp, you can chop ingredients faster and with more control (and therefore more safely). Even for those who find cooking to be a chore, a quality chef’s knife might make the task feel easier.

Selecting a chef’s knife has a lot to do with personal preference, but we’re confident that the Mac Mighty MTH-80 is one of the most widely appealing knives out there. Its razor-sharp edge, comfortable handle, and agile blade make chopping tasks much easier, which in turn cuts down on meal-prep time.

Thanks to its extremely sharp edge, super-hard steel, quality construction, and affordable price, this model is one of the best values in Japanese- made knives. The Tojo knife is thinner and more brittle than our top pick, so its edge is more vulnerable to microscopic chips when you use it on dense vegetables like butternut squash.

Compared with the other forged German knives we tested, the Classic Iron’s thinner blade cut more smoothly through butternut squash and carrots. We liked how easily it maneuvered around curves when cutting away butternut squash skin and citrus rinds.

But the Classic Iron’s blade is made of softer steel than that of our top pick, the Mac MTH-80, which means it will dull faster. It’s a favorite of several food publications and budget-conscious home cooks, and it has an ergonomically shaped plastic handle that appeals to most people.

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The factory edge isn’t as sharp as that of our other picks, so in our tests it left us with split carrots and unevenly halved butternut squash. However, most testers preferred the Victorinox for its maneuverability and comfortable feel, compared with the other budget knives we tried.

Collapse all Over the course of my two-decade (and counting) culinary career, I’ve cooked in fine-dining restaurants, brewpubs, small cafés, private homes, and test kitchens. I’ve also covered knives for this site for more than two years, racking up over 120 hours of research and testing.

Tens of thousands of pounds of vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish have crossed my cutting board over the years. I’ve either owned or used every major brand of chef’s knife, as well as a good number of artisanal blades.

A Japanese auto (top) has a flatter edge, and the classic German knife (bottom) has a more pronounced curve. Photo: Michael Session This is the most widely recognized style of chef’s knife in the West.

Full bolsters add weight to the knife and require a professional sharpening service to grind away the extra steel at the heel of the blade. German knives generally weigh more and have thicker blades than their Japanese counterparts, making them great for tough jobs like breaking lobsters and splitting bone-in chicken breasts.

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Their blades have an even bevel (meaning both sides are ground to the same angle) and tend to be made of softer steel, so they can lose their edge more quickly. Guts generally have thinner blades with flatter belly curves than German knives, and they taper to a very sharp tip.

You’ll never find a auto with a full bolster that extends to the edge (unlike with German knives). Because guts are thinner and made of hard carbon steel, their edge takes a much more acute bevel angle, and they tend to stay sharper longer than German knives.

For this guide, however, we focused on guts with even bevels, which are easier for home cooks to sharpen and maintain. We’ve ruled out any small-batch blade craters, since forging a knife by hand is time-consuming, costly, and usually a custom-order affair.

You also won’t see Santos knives in this guide; Santos have shorter blades, generally 6 or 7 inches, that limit their ability to slice through large vegetables with one cut. And because a chef’s knife is an essential piece of kitchen equipment, we wanted to keep our picks accessible for most budgets.

A chef’s knife is the main workhorse in your kitchen -cutlery arsenal, tackling 80% to 90% of cutting tasks. So factors such as sharpness, edge retention, durability, versatility, and easy maintenance are key to the performance of any good chef’s knife.

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As New York Times food editor Sam Sift on told us during testing, “ is the balance of utility and the thing that moves your heart.” Your knife should remain sharp through moderate use for six to 12 months, as long as you hone it regularly, wash and dry it by hand after each use, and store it so the edge doesn’t get dinged up.

You don’t have as much control with a dull edge, which increases both your prep time and your chances of cutting yourself. Good edge retention relies on a combination of steel composition and hardness, blade thickness, and bevel angle.

When a blade is thin and made from a hard steel, the edge can take and hold a tight angle. We think an 8-inch knife is the perfect length for most people because it’s long enough to halve large vegetables but still manageable for most home cooks.

Most mass-produced Western-forged knives are drop-forged, meaning the manufacturer heats a blank of steel to an extremely high temperature and then uses a high-pressure hammer to pound it into the shape of a blade. The quality of stamped blades varies widely, from the flimsy knives found at grocery stores to our and runner-up pick.

Knife makers like Mac and Tojo heat-treat their blades to make them just as strong as forged steel. Chad Ward argues in An Edge in the Kitchen that a full tang is unnecessary since knife balance is largely a personal preference.

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We think this design is so common because the full tang has stood as a benchmark of quality among both knife makers and cooks. Knife makers claim the air pockets keep food from sticking to the blade.

Even though our top pick has a Grafton edge, we don’t find dimples to be very effective at keeping food from clinging to a knife. We couldn’t test all the possible contenders that fit our criteria, so we’ve focused on popular, widely available knives.

Since we first published this guide in 2013, we’ve tested 23 knives that all had an 8-inch blade, carried a price tag of $200 or less, lacked a full bolster, and came with recommendations from experts and trusted editorial sources. Senior staff writer Lesley Stockton explains the difference between full and half bolsters.

Senior staff writer Lesley Stockton explains the difference between full and half bolsters. For the 2017 update of this guide, we invited six friends and colleagues of all culinary stripes to our test kitchen to participate in a chopping panel.

We sliced, diced, julienne, peeled, and chiffonier a pile of butternut squash, onions, carrots, apples, oranges, sweet potatoes, and fresh herbs to gauge the knives versatility with foods of varying textures. We then sent the top-performing knives to the kitchen at Le Cocoa in New York City (the James Beard Foundation’s Best New Restaurant of 2017), where the cooks used them for prep and during service.

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I tested two knives in my home kitchen, cutting butternut squash, tomatoes, onions, and carrots. The Mac Mighty MTH-80 is our favorite knife because it’s crazy sharp and will stay that way longer than most other knives.

We found it had the best weight and balance; it felt more agile than the German models and more durable than the thin Japanese guts. The MTH-80’s blade shape strikes the perfect middle ground between German and Japanese chef’s knives, curved just enough for rocking but still straight enough for push-pull choppers.

Out of the box, this Mac model sliced straight through paper, which is something our budget pick, the Victorinox Fibrous Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, couldn’t manage. The Mac Mighty MTH-80 was one of the few knives in our test group to cut straight through the center of a butternut squash.

Photo: Michael Session our tests, the MTH-80 always made clean cuts through fibrous carrots. The heftier drop-forged German knives fell somewhere in between, causing only a moderate amount of bruising and oxidation to the basil.

The daytime kitchen crew at Le Cocoa used the MTH-80 for prep and during lunch service for a week and praised its outstanding performance on vegetables, herbs, and fish. The MTH-80’s blade shape strikes the perfect middle ground between German and Japanese chef’s knives.

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Because the Mac’s stamped blade is made of very hard steel (it has a Rockwell hardness of 59 to 61), it will keep its sharp edge longer than softer blades, such as those of the Victorinox Fibrous Pro and Author Classic Iron, which are hardened to 56 and 58 HRC (PDF), respectively. This means it’s less likely to chip (which the Tojo DP F-808 did after we used it to cut hard butternut squash).

The blade geometry is unique in that the edge curve is more articulated than on a classic auto but not quite as extreme as on a German knife. Even testers with larger hands found that the handle gave plenty of knuckle clearance.

Photo: Michael Session 6.6 ounces, the Mac MTH-80 is lighter than a German drop-forged knife but heavier and sturdier-feeling than many guts. The Mac MTH-80 has dimples on both sides of the blade to reduce the chances of food sticking to the knife.

If the Mac MTH-80 isn’t available, or if you want to add a Japanese auto to your collection, the Tojo DP F-808 is an exceptional knife for the price. This classic auto has a flatter belly curve than our top pick, a design best for people who use a push-pull cutting style.

Testers liked chopping vegetables with the Tojo because of its sharpness, control, and easy handling. The Tojo DP F-808 is shaped like a classic auto, with a straighter edge, no bolster, and a pointed tip.

Like the Mac Mighty MTH-80, the Tojo DP F-808 has more heft than lighter knives, such as the Global G-2 and Topiary Molybdenum. Tojo’s steel core is harder than the surface material; that hardness helps the blade hold a better edge, but it appears to be more brittle than Mac’s homogeneous construction.

We found a tiny, almost microscopic nick in the Tojo knife’s blade after cutting butternut squash. As it turns out, the company’s website recommends the knife not be used for cutting pumpkin (or frozen foods), because the hard vegetable can chip your blade.

But because this Tojo knife’s core has the hardest steel of all our picks, its edge retention is exceptional for the price. Testers with smaller hands found the Tojo DP F-808’s handle comfortable and didn’t have any issues with their knuckles hitting the cutting board.

Senior staff writer Michael Sullivan has been using the Tojo at home since 2017 and said that, as of late 2020, “It continues to hold its razor-sharp edge with minimal sharpening. Compared with other German knives we tested, the Classic Iron has a thinner blade, a more comfortable handle, and a more manageable belly curve for better leverage and control.

In our tests, the Author Classic Iron cut smoothly through butternut squash and onions, although carrots did split slightly. Many testers liked the Classic Iron’s smooth, rounded handle, which fit nicely into the palm.

Heckles Willing Pro and Author Classic Uber, by comparison, had such aggressively curved blades that they made simple cutting tasks feel awkward. One advantage the Classic Iron has over the Mac MTH-80 is that its softer stainless steel blade is more durable.

If you drop a Author into a sink or wait to clean it after cutting acidic foods, it shouldn’t chip, stain, or corrode. On the other hand, that soft stainless steel also means that the edge of this Author model will dull faster and require more regular sharpening.

Former Wire cutter deputy editor Michael Zhao told us that he loves the Classic Iron, but he noticed the difference between its softer steel and the harder Mac MTH-80. We wouldn’t go so far as to call the Victorinox a “beater knife,” but the polished stainless steel blade and ergonomic plastic handle can withstand more abuse than, say, the Tojo DP auto.

The Victorinox’s gentle curved edge is good for any chopping style, and its wide blade lets you easily scoop and transfer food from the cutting board. The Victorinox’s stamped blade is made from the same steel (an alloy called X50CrMoV15, known for its durability, edge retention, and rust resistance) as most German knives, including the drop-forged Author Classic Iron.

Comparatively, the Fibrous Pro has a slightly thinner blade and feels lighter in the hand than the Classic Iron. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still pretty sharp, and it allowed us to dice onions, julienne carrots, and halve a butternut squash with relative ease and accuracy.

But if you’re replacing an old dull knife or buying your first kitchen blade on a budget, the Victorinox won’t disappoint. Most testers agreed that the Fibrous handle offered the most comfortable and secure grip of all the budget knives we evaluated.

It’s not too bulky for folks with small hands, and our larger-handed testers had enough knuckle clearance from the cutting board. Victorinox covers the 8-inch Fibrous Pro knife with a limited lifetime warranty that excludes normal wear and tear, misuse, or abuse.

Hold the handle with the edge facing downward and look along the spine to make sure the blade is perfectly straight. Video: Michael HessionGerman knife blades are curved and designed for a rocking chopping motion.

Don’t use anything abrasive on the blade, such as a Brillo pad or a scouring sponge, which can make little scratches in the metal. If you don’t want a magnetic strip mounted to your wall, buy a blade guard.

Although steel is a classic choice for honing rods, sometimes the material is softer than your knife, rendering it useless. As you watch a chef whipping a knife down the rod toward their hand at lightning speed, it’s easy to see yourself taking a thumb off.

Video: Michael HessionThe key with both styles of honing is to make sure the edge bevel is flush to the rod. Video: Amado Dialogue way most pros do it is to point the tip of the rod up and pull the knife down toward the handle.

For online tutorials, check out these videos from Murray Carter and Karin that show you how to use whetstones. If you’re investing in a quality, expensive knife, like, we still believe that a whetstone used properly will provide the sharpest, smoothest edge.

In our tests we found that well-designed ones worked nicely, causing minimal wear to knives while creating a fine edge. And their convenience encourages people to use them regularly, which makes for safer chopping and a happier kitchen experience.

The composition of most German knives (including our also-great and budget picks) is X50CrMoV15, which roughly translates to 80% iron, 0.5% carbon, and 15% a combination of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. Chromium protects against corrosion and is what makes the knife stainless, while molybdenum and vanadium increase and wear resistance, and refine the grain.

This stainless steel is usually hardened to 56 HRC, softer than Japanese knives but capable of taking a beating well and withstanding up to a certain level of mistreatment. You will see knives made from American steel, and though some of it is fine for knives, a couple of formulas does’t perform as well.

In An Edge in the Kitchen, Chad Ward writes, “I wouldn’t make garbage can lids out of 420J or 440A, but some manufacturers do use them for kitchen knives.” These types of steel are low carbon and highly corrosion-resistant. It would’ve been one of our top picks, but our testers were split down the middle: People either loved the Global for its lightweight and razor-sharp edge, or hated it because of its dimpled steel handle, which could get slippery in wet hands.

Chad Ward praises this Topiary model in An Edge in the Kitchen, but we think the blade is too thin and delicate for hard vegetables. It lacks the weight and the smooth transition from blade to handle, though, and we found that it simply wasn’t as comfortable to use.

The Mercer MX3 M16110 auto performed about as well as our runner-up pick from Tojo, but it was considerably more expensive at the time of our tests. The edge was sharp and the knife itself was comfortable to hold, but the 8½-inch blade length was a little too much for home cooks.

The HB-85 offers a good price-to-quality ratio, but our testing panel overwhelmingly chose the Tojo DP F-808 as the better chef’s knife for the price. After cutting through onions, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots, we concluded that the Made In knife’s deep blade curve and angled bolster (which sets the handle too far back from the blade) made chopping and slicing awkward.

But we saw one big problem with the 8-inch Classic Uber 4583-7/20: Its belly curve was much more articulated than those of other Author chef’s knives. Heckles Willing Pro, we found the Author Classic Uber awkward to use because of the extremely curved belly.

In our tests, the drop-forged blade of the Meridian Elite E/3686-8 was sharp enough, but not as smooth as that of the Mac MTH-80 or the Author Classic Iron. But we found the handle uncomfortable due to the sharp edges on the spine, which kept digging into our forefingers.

We’ll be reviewing knives with micro-serrated blades, incredible stainless steel finishes and quality built handles that will take your steak-eating experience to the next level! Lagoon en Aubrey presents an absolutely exquisite set of knives that really will be something that can be passed through the generations.

The mixed French wood handles are such a stand out feature, which will give your knives an individuality that can be found nowhere else. Each knife handle is made by a single craftsman, with all their hard work and perfection contributing to your steak-eating experience.

And what’s more, you’ll be buying into a great conversation piece in the sense that all these knives are made exclusively in a village near Lagoon in the Aubrey region of France. The blades on these knives are made with precision by Sank and feature high-quality stainless steel that will maintain performance over long periods.

In addition, the six beautifully crafted knives come in a lovely matching wooden presentation box, so you can keep them clean and untouched when not in use. Overall, you’ll be investing in a set of high-functioning steak knives that will stay sharp and sound on many occasions.

And if you don’t intend to use them, they make an excellent collector’s item, or even a gift as well. Next on our list of beautifully made knives is this four-piece set of Author 9716 Classic Iron knives.

The first stand out feature with these knives has to be the high-carbon stainless steel blades made in Germany. The blades are an exceptional quality due to being precisely engineered with laser technology, and rigorous testing.

The four knives in this set are all 4-½ inch blades made with the absolute intention of cutting steaks in the best way possible. Also, specially designed bolsters give you the perfect balance in hand, so that you can really cut with fluid ease.

The contours are designed perfectly to fit comfortably and firmly in the grip of your hand. Finally, it is advised to hand wash these knives to keep them in top condition.

There is also a full lifetime warranty included, and they are actually made in Germany. Moving on, we’re looking at a knife set with a clear difference.

The ENSO HD 6-piece Steak Knife Set comes with knives that have unique patterned designs hammered into their steel. Additionally, ENSO has made these knives with 37 layers of stainless Damascus.

The handles are made from a high-grade black canvas Marta material, which displays a wood-like texture. The benefit of using this material is that you get a longer-lasting handle that’s easier to clean, but with a beautiful wood looking finish.

Handcrafted in the Japanese city of Semi, skilled craftsman hammer in the beautiful and intricate scheme finish that you can see on these blades. Another benefit is that the knives are made with double bevel edges, so left and right-handed cutting can easily be achieved.

So now we’re viewing this Belle main Premium Knife Set, which comes with four high-grade stainless steel steak knives. The key aspect of this knife set is that all the blades are made to a surgical standard in that they stay rust-free.

On top of this, they have incredibly razor-sharp serrated edges, so you can slice with minimal effort through your steak. In fact, these 5-inch precision blades have been designed specifically for the steak connoisseur.

The knives have been treated with a process of ice-tempering so that they keep their edge even longer than your average heat-tempered knife blade. Plus, the handles have been ergonomically designed to rest comfortably in your grip.

Finally, Belle main has been confident enough to say that they’ll buy back this knife set if you are in any way not happy with it after purchase. Heckles International Stain Steel 8-Piece Steak Knife Set, which comes in at a very affordable price for what you get in the package.

This set of 8 knives have a very simple yet stylish stainless steel look, and all of them utilize a full-tang design. With each knife being made from one solid piece of metal, you know you’re getting a strong and durable set of knives that will stand the test of time.

Heckles has added a lifetime warranty, because they have confidence in this product. Our next review item is slightly different in that it's a carving knife set.

So you could certainly use this Tangshan S1 Series for cutting steaks as well as carving many other types of meats. When you are carving any meat, you’ll want a comfortable and firm handle grip.

The Tangshan S1 Series offers an extremely comfortable and functional handle that even chefs would be happy with. If measured on the Rockwell Hardness Scale, this knife would achieve an impressive HRC 58 +/- 2 too.

The weight and balance of the knife is just the right amount to cause a natural downward force as you carve. You will also get a limited lifetime warranty with this carving set and it's been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation.

The intention with the materials chosen and this design was to make these knives usable for a long time. An extra bonus is the knives are easily cleaned and can even be put in the dishwasher without any negative effects.

Moving on now, let’s take a look at this set of non-serrated steak knives from Foxes, which feature a German stainless steel construction. Foxes has done a grand job producing these X50CrMoV15 German stainless steel blades with pure precision.

You receive the knives in a very fitting presentation box, which can be brought out for parties, barbecues, and steak nights with friends or family. With the smooth black classic looking handles on these blades, you’ll have a comfortable and effortless grip as you make your way through a juicy porterhouse, sirloin, tenderloin or whatever takes your fancy.

To maintain the level of quality in the knives, it is advised to hand wash them and avoid the dishwasher. The set is definitely made for anyone who appreciates a classic looking steak knife, and they come with a full refund money-back guarantee if you’re not happy.

Next on the agenda is this set of 6 steak knives with wooden handles, presented in a beech wood case. This particular package is a perfect gift idea or something for yourself and the family on special occasions.

The blades are also made long enough to allow you to get a strong clean cut on your choice of steak, and are designed to camber slightly, making the process even more effortless. Plus, the full-tang construction adds extra strength and longevity to this knife set.

The handles are made from solid Hakka wood which gives off a mahogany vibe, and they are ergonomically sculptured so you can grip and cut with comfort and ease. Plus, you also get a beautiful beech wood storage case to keep your knives safe and out of sight when they’re not in use.

This is the Takashi Kasai knife series which draws on 1000s of years of forging techniques to bring you high-quality blades worthy for any true steak lover. Takashi utilizes traditional techniques with these Kasai 5 knives to give them the full-tang as well.

The high carbon content allows the blades to stay sharper for much longer than your average steak knife. They have made a wide blade which ultimately gives your wrist more stability when cutting and carving.

Additionally, you get high quality handles made from Hakka wood and have a special scorched finish. These knives have a classic edge but deliver on performance exceptionally well.

There’s a lifetime warranty included from Takashi and a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with this set of 4 steak knives. We’ve now looked at a great selection of our best steak knives, which we searched long hard to find for your convenience.

We just loved how well-made this carving set was for such an incredibly good price. Usually, a full-tang should give more strength, durability, and longevity to your knife, but it’s not always the case.

To enhance the longevity of these high-quality serrated edge knives, La Mongoose uses high-carbon steel. Many of you might be looking for a set of steak knives that can stand out and impress guests at parties and gatherings.

Ideally, you’ll want a unique and beautiful set of knives that come in a nice presentation style box. Each knife is individually handcrafted, which makes for a unique gift or showpiece.

Finally, we’d like to tell you our favorite set of knives that offer you great value for money, in terms of looks and performance. This knife set comes with 8-pieces, meaning you can entertain many guests who want to eat steak.

We also hope you found the article useful enough to help you make a better-informed choice on what type of steak knives you wish to buy. We tried to make our selection fairly mixed in regard to price range, style, and performance.

Handle material: Walnut wood with mosaic pin Chef Knives $89.99 New Damascus steel Chef knives Rosewood handle Unique Design Full tang Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Fast and Free Shipping with Priority Mail receive in 2-3 days.

Chef Knives $138.00 Full tang fixed blade custom chef knives Genuine Bull horn with steel bolster Damascus steel Brass spacers Customer satisfaction Guaranteed Pocket knives are a very important part of a survival kit.

The advantage of American made pocket knives is that they are well crafted. The handle is anodized which makes it much more sturdy as compared to some other options.

Check Price Buck is a pretty famous brand when it comes to knives as well as other weapons. In addition to that, the blade is pretty broad which ensures that you are able to use it quite easily.

Moreover, if you are looking into the folded dimensions of the knife, you would realize that it is pretty small. Check Price This is one of the very few knife options which provides you with the technical blade.

The technical blade ensures that you are able to get military grade equipment. Also, it is not just for survival gear options but you can easily use it for hunting purposes as well.

Check Price The main advantage of this knife is that in any kind of weather condition, you would be able to use it. Owing to this very reason, for whatever purpose you are using this knife, you would be able to find it pretty useful.

Check Price If you are looking for the knife which has a very strong grip, this one should definitely be on top of your list. The ensures that even when you are using the knife with full force, it would be remaining in place and it would be pretty sturdy.

Check Price Tops and Buck is a knife manufacturer which has been around for ages. This knife has a pretty thick blade which ensures that you are able to use it with full force.

This ensures that the knife blade would be lasting for a longer period of time. Check Price As the name itself suggests, it is made from paramilitary quality steel.

This would ensure that it is lasting for a pretty long period of time in any kind of circumstances. It also has a locking mechanism which can keep it in its current position under tremendous force as well.

This would ensure that whenever you want to use the knife at a short notice like to attack or to defend yourself, you would be able to easily do so. Owing to this complete package, this is one of the best knives which you can opt for from the list.

It is pretty multipurpose and owing to this very reason, it becomes easier for you to utilize it in the survival gear as well. While not each one of them would be fitting your purpose but these are the ones which you should definitely be looking at whenever you are looking for the American- made pocket knives.

Check Price So, the next time around you are searching for a knife for your survival gear, do make sure that you look at these 10 options which are more suitable for survival gear.

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