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Best Kitchen Knives Made In Usa

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
• 28 min read

More commonly, consumers bought cheap/economical knives manufactured in Asia which would work fine for a few days, but then rapidly lose their sharpness and be rendered useless only a few weeks later. The most reliable sources for quality knives has long been thought to be either Germany or Japan, but the difference in price has been substantial.

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We searched for knives that are made in the USA and found a large variety to choose from. He eventually found his magic formula while tempering steel blades and not long after that, he made his first kitchen knife.

The Farther’s are now in their third and fourth generation of knife makers, all continuing the family business of producing quality kitchen cutlery using the same techniques and fine craftsmanship developed 110 years ago. Farther makes every kitchen knife from CPM S35VN martensite stainless steel and tempers the knives to a hardness of Rockwell C 58-60 (HRC).

To ensure stability and balance, each “full tang” blade runs completely through the handle. The Farther Cutlery 3 Paring Knife has just received the Seal of Approval from the Cooking Club of America magazine with a 96% member recommendation.

Take note of the slightly raised hump on the back of the blade which is designed to give you more support in addition to preventing the knife from slipping from your hand. This paring knife is great for general peeling or specific tasks like digging the eyes out of potatoes.

Farther Cutlery 7 French Chef Knife The Farther Cutlery 7 French Chef Knife is specially designed with a very thin edge for slicing, chopping and dicing vegetables. The curved blade creates an easy rocking motion and is, of course, handcrafted like all the other Farther knives.

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This is when the four Case brothers began selling handcrafted knives from the back of a wagon in upstate New York. Case Household Cutlery has made military knives for U.S. servicemen and women from the beginning of World War I.

During NASA’s Gemini Mission in 1965, astronauts included special Case knives in their survival packs. All subsequent Gemini and Apollo missions included Case Astronaut Knives, making it the only knife to reach the moon.

Constructed with wooden handles and Tru-Sharp steel, the blades don’t stick to food while slicing. This American made kitchen knife set comes with a beautiful hardwood counter-top storage block.

Cuzco is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in the United States and Canada. Cuzco’s product line includes kitchen knives and utensils, shears, flatware, cookware, and sporting knives.

The Double-D edge provides a clean, smooth cut every time and will stay sharp longer than straight-edge knives. The ergonomic handle has a universal fit for large or small, left or right hands.

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The fatigue-resistant design provides a thumb and forefinger lock for more safety and better control of the knife. Lawson & Good now is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States, having been established in 1837 in Melbourne Falls, Massachusetts.

For nearly two centuries, the name Lawson has been synonymous with some of the finest handcrafted cutlery made in the USA. In 1869, newly elected U.S. president Ulysses S. Grant received a rather “cutting edge” gift from the small manufacturer.

Pieces of this extraordinary gift remain in the nation’s capital on display at the Smithsonian Institution. The company rapidly became known around the country and the world due to its well-founded reputation for crafting White-House-worthy dining implements.

From that day until now, Lawson’s talented artisans have handcrafted each piece in western Massachusetts. Due to a disastrous flood in 2011, the base of operations was moved from Melbourne Falls to Westfield but the legacy is still present in Melbourne Falls where an outlet store and select manufacturing exists in the original location.

Its broad blade dices, slices, and chops fruits, vegetables, and meats while protecting knuckles from hitting the cutting board. Full tang blades with triple riveted handles ensure the ideal balance and weight.

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A curved and recessed bolster provides a seamless transition from handle to blade, as well as comfortable thumb support for better control and safety. Yes, there are a total of 9 knives in this 10-piece set as Lawson counts the 9-Slot Block as an individual piece.

The blades in this incredible set are precision-forged and made from the finest grade 4116 high-carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany. Lawson is using a traditional hot-drop forge process which results in a harder, sharper blade that is highly elastic and corrosion-resistant.

Each knife features full tang blades with triple-riveted handles for the perfect balance and weight. The exceptional balance and safety are due to the curved and recessed bolster which provides a seamless transition from handle to blade while supporting the thumb.

For these full tang precision forged knives, Lawson uses high-carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany. Before they are packed, the Lawson knife makers sharpen, polish and hone each edge by hand one final time.

Radar cutlery is famously easy to spot in high-end kitchens by the unique solid aluminum handles. For over 7 decades, Radar Knives have been 100% made in the USA and carry a Lifetime Guarantee.

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Everything you need to prepare the perfect meal for the people you love is included in this set, which is why we often recommend it to anyone interested in buying only the best. By choosing this set, you’ll be supporting the American economy while also being sure that your purchase will last for decades to come, thanks to the lifetime guarantee.

The Radar Cutlery S38 Knife Set includes a variety of the 7 most used knives in the kitchen. It features a 3 ½-inch blade that makes it ideal for a vast range of cutting tasks.

The Radar Super Parer is a paring knife ideal for when you prefer a larger blade. Its hand-sharpened blade makes cutting foods ranging from fruits to potatoes an absolute breeze.

All handles on the knives in this starter knife set are made from permanently cast silver brushed aluminum with a satin finish. Radar Cutlery Ultimate Collection The incredibly priced Radar Cutlery Ultimate collection 15-piece gift set includes some few kitchenknivesmade in the USA that come with black stainless steel resin handles.

Hollow-ground blades ensure a precision concave surface for maximum edge retention and sharpness. The set is actually dishwasher safe, but we still recommend washing & immediately drying by hand to avoid dinging the blades.

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This ultimate collection contains virtually everything you need to equip your kitchen with the necessary cooking tools and is considered one of the most economical sets of knives made in the USA. Radar knives are famous for their surgical quality, high carbon stainless steel blades which are super sharp and handcrafted in the USA.

Radar’s mission is all about “providing our customers the best value of kitchen knives for their dollar” and this set proves that statement. The stainless steel blades come in a variety of sizes and will cut through fruits, vegetables, and herbs with ease.

It is best suited for small or medium tasks such as peeling apples or preparing garnishes. Radar’s Regular Paring features a 3 ¼-inch blade ideal for everyday tasks, such as trimming skin from a chicken or dicing an onion.

Then there’s the Heavy Duty Paring, which has a slightly larger handle that provides more leverage when cutting. The compact size and 4-inch blade mean that it is your ideal paring knife when you need to cut a large item such as a whole chicken.

The thick and comfortable silver brushed aluminum handles create a truly gorgeous knife. The small paring knife is unbeatable when it comes to cutting tasks that require finesse, such as strawberries and apples.

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The company calls it a Utility/Steak knife because you want it even at the kitchen counter when preparing your favorite meals. It features a long, sturdy blade that effortlessly cuts through substantive foods such as ribs or pineapple.

You need a Heavy Duty Paring Knife that is suitable for a wide range of kitchen tasks. Radar has included a 3 ¼-inch blade in this set that is great for cutting, slicing, and coring vegetables and fruits.

This large knife features serrated edges that make it a breeze to get perfect cuts of any food you can put in its way. The hybrid metal handle (Stainless Steel Resin + Cast Aluminum) assists the 7-inch Surgical Quality T420 High Carbon Stainless Steel blade slice effortlessly through large, tough foods.

Founded in 2014 this small company from Virginia makes Knives, Cutting Boards, and Serving Trays. Virginia Boys Kitchens use only wood from forests growing at least 2.4x faster than the harvest and mortality rate.

As a final reminder applicable to all the knives above, it’s worth covering a couple of critical issues that are especially valuable when dealing with quality cutlery. Hand washing prevents unnecessary microscopic dings on the cutting edge of the blades, prolonging the sharpness of your knives.

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After conducting our research, we found several American cutlery manufacturers that made the cut for each of the categories we examined. Radar Cutlery is making some best knives sets on the market, and for a very affordable price.

I ordered this knife set (pictured here) and the knives come out of the box very sharp and keep their edge well. I also really love the lifetime product guarantee that Radar Cutlery offers its customers with this set.

Lifetime product guarantee Lightweight and sturdy Sharp blades and easy to sharpen after extensive use Magnetic, so they can be hung anywhere The blades are made with a high carbon stainless steel, a strong material that prevents rust and lasts a long time.

Hand wash and dry required (the aluminum handles will oxidize and lose their sheen in the dishwasher) Each knife is crafted for comfort and durability, with a razor sharp edge they get from hand grinding each one.

Lightweight Hand ground edge Unique look Comfortable handle Comes in a larger set (link below) Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife Dexter-Russell is one of the largest manufacturers of cutlery in the U.S. and started making knives in the New England area during the early 1800s.

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Since then, they have grown tremendously, but still stick to their roots of producing high quality and durable cutlery. Their fillet knife is one of the sharpest on the market, complete with a 7-inch blade made of high carbon steel.

Comfortable handle Dishwasher safe Narrow blade, fit for any finesse job Stays sharp LamsonSharp Pro 33100 7 Meat Cleaver Lawson has been making cutlery in the U.S. since 1837, producing knives and other trade tools out of their facilities in Westfield, Massachusetts.

And the handle is crafted from wood sourced from Arizona and mated to a unique Marta bolster. And that superb blade is mated to a walnut handle sourced from Miller’s childhood farm.

The blade is 7.5-inches long It’s resistant to both rust and corrosion for a longer life A soft grip bright red handle for comfort Comes with a lifetime warranty High-carbon stainless steel blade Dimensions: 2.2 × 14.2 × 1.1 8 oz Radar has been manufacturing knives and other kitchen implements since 1948 and in that time has become an American household name.

Made in the American heartlands High-carbon stainless steel Lifetime guarantee Multi-purpose knife This Lawson knife is ideal for larger family occasions and more substantial meats, like turkey and hams.

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It’s crafted from German high-carbon steel, and manufactured from one piece of metal, to ensure strength and rigidity. This Foxes knife is inspired by designs from Japan but constructed using German high-carbon stainless steel for maximum durability.

This Virginia Boys Kitchen knife has a high-carbon stainless steel blade, with a full tang. It scores a strong 58 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale, and the ergonomic design of the walnut handle enhances the feel and look of the knife.

For those that feel strongly about buying American, you’ll be pleased to know that the US knife industry is in excellent health with some great companies and brilliant products out there. Clever Technology American knives tend to blend old traditions with new techniques to create something great.

Liquid nitrogen cooled blades, high-carbon steel, and acrylic handles for better grip and comfort: these are all modern methods that improve the buyers using experience. The result is that you can expect lifetime warranties and 100 percent money-back guarantees.

Admittedly, there is one manufacturer, Foxes, who only offers a 1-year money-back guarantee, but at least you’ll have a year to work out if the knife is as good as they claim. It depends on your definition: Japanese steel is harder, and will usually hold a cutting edge for longer.

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It makes an ideal material for knives because of the punishment the handles get during the knife’s lifetime. The American firms we have highlighted have the pedigree, the pride, and the skills needed to produce kitchen knives of the highest quality.

It wins on quality, durability, and design, but its real selling point is its fantastic price. The “Pappy Van Winkle 23yr” of Chef Knives The U.S. knife manufacturers listed below are the cream of the crop.

Murray Carter moved back to the U.S. where he became a Master Smith through the American Blade smith Society. Miller forges her chef knives from steel horseshoe rasps and chose to leave some original guided texture on her blades.

“I use this material because it is very useful and enjoyable in grating cheese, nuts, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, etc” says Miller. “They’ve been thoroughly washed since the horse, of course.” Chelsea Miller’s chef knives begin at $800 and because of demand and that she forges each knife personally, it can take up to a year to receive the end product.

Traveling the country he learned all there was about a sharp knife and with his knowledge, Kramer opened a blade-sharpening business in Seattle. Here is our list of U.S. knife manufacturers that offer beautifully designed and quality made knives at more affordable prices.

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Bonner began his journey making knives first through a career as a professionally trained chef. After 10 years of working in restaurants all over the U.S., Bonner followed his heart and become a blade smith, leaving the kitchen behind to create knives with chefs in mind.

Naffer Forge Ben Folksinger comes from a background of professional kitchens where he developed an interest in learning about and making high performance blades. With the kitchen in mind, Folksinger uses high carbon steel so that he can create a sturdy blade that is easy to sharpen.

With a background in commercial kitchens, Milligan understood the need for a quality and effective knife which led to his desire to create functional yet beautiful kitchen knives. The design and production of New West Lifeworks chef knives are a result of relentless study, real-life experience and mentorship from top blade smiths in the U.S. and Japan.

With this quest for the perfect knife, New West Lifeworks produced one of the most durable line of knives on the market, the G-Fusion. If you are in the market for a new chef knife but need something more immediate that won’t break the bank, check out the inexpensive chef knives made by some bigger U.S. knife manufacturers like: R. Murphy Knives, Farther Cutlery, and Lawson Products.

Many of these manufacturers have been around for generations and while they’ve long outgrown their artisan roots, their quality is still notable. Ashley has spent the last 10 years in various roles within the food industry and is currently a server in Portland, Oregon.

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I've invested hundreds of dollars in chef's knives, but I use them every day to slice, dice, cube, mince or, if I'm feeling fancy, chiffon. A good knife can feel like a dream -- and it can make holiday cooking even more fun than usual -- but a poorly balanced or dull one can be a pain to use, and can even lead to more cut fingers and other accidents.

David Priest/CNET Since you're going to be using it a lot, a chef's knife should be a pleasure to use -- properly weighted, but not heavy enough to make using it tiring. David Priest/CNETGlobal's popular chef's knife is a Japanese-style blade, which means it boasts a scary-sharp edge and a nimble-feeling lightweight body.

David Priest/Nettles Japanese-style chef's knife lies at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price, but it rests at the top of best lists online for a reason: it's a fantastic product. Not only is the Mac super sharp (it slides through tomatoes without any tearing whatsoever), but its blade is thinner than heavier knives like Author's, which makes slicing snappier veggies like carrots feel like cutting a ripe banana with a butter knife.

Mac's most popular chef knife is perfectly balanced, so you never feel at risk of losing control of the blade. I'm fairly fastidious with my knives, but this, along with my growing fondness of the Global chef's knife, have resulted in Mac's slight drop in the ranking.

David Priest/CNETHands-down, the biggest surprise of my testing was the performance of Mercer's $16 Culinary Millennia 8-inch chef's knife. But the handle design is perfect for teaching beginners how to hold and use a chef's knife, guiding your thumb and index finger to the base of the blade.

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The light weight and cheap design mean you don't get the long life or the full versatility you'd get from a workhorse like the Author, but if you're wanting a starter chef's knife to learn for six months while you save for a bigger investment, the Mercer really is a great cook's knife. The Author was my original favorite knife until I got my hands on the Mac and Global Japanese-style knives, and it still stands up as a top-of-the-line option.

That said, the Author classic is perfectly balanced between the handle and blade, and it has a heel to protect your fingers, which makes it feel all the safer to wield. One of the best measures of how comfortable a knife feels in your hand is breaking down a chicken -- as it requires many types of cuts across skin, meat, fat and cartilage.

It's versatile and comfortable, and its high carbon steel forged blade will keep a sharp edge as well as nearly any other knife -- Mac and Global excluded -- in this price range. The Willing Gourmet is a stamped blade, rather than a forged one, which means it likely won't hold its edge as long as the Author.

It's also lighter, which means your hand won't be guided quite as well through a tomato or similarly delicate food. All that said, the Willing's cuts were consistently clean, it felt comfortable in my hand, and for $50, I'd be more than happy to add this knife to my kitchen.

Our procedures blended five tests -- slicing tomatoes, dicing onions, mincing leafy herbs, chopping carrots and breaking down chickens -- each with a 1-to-10 rating, with more general use and observation. I wanted to approach the procedures as the average home cook would, focusing on general use and experience.

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Beyond its measurable performance with various foods, I approached each knife as a package -- experiencing how its weight and balance came together to create an experience that either felt intuitive or awkward. Overall, we tested a dozen of the most popular chef's knives for home cooks, including Mac, Global, Artisan Revere, Victorinox, Kitchen aid, Cuisinart, Home favor, Freeware, Willing, J.A.

Mac, Author and Global were my stand-out favorites for quality and performance, and if you're really serious about adopting a high-quality chef's knife, any of these three will do the trick. While I gave my assessments above, everyone will have their own slight preferences -- Global feels best to me, but if I ate more meat and denser veggies, I would probably lean toward Author as the more robust blade.

And if perfectly minced herbs and delicately sliced fish were more common cuts in my kitchen, Mac might take the crown. It's well-balanced, and feels closest in profile to Global: it's not heavy and thick-spined like the Author, and so had more trouble with the butternut squash and pineapple; and it's not quite as razor-sharp as the Mac.

Artisan Revere offers an excellent product for a price that will be hard to swallow for most customers. I just can't recommend that home cooks buy a chef's knife that costs $300 more than comparable products, except as a luxury item.

David Olkovetsky, founder and CEO of Artisan Revere, told me over email that the reasons for the price tag are manifold: most importantly, the high-quality steel blade is made with more environmentally friendly methods, and the so-called “super steel” will retain its edge better than competitors. The $50, which seems like a natural winner given its reasonable price tag and similar design to the more expensive Author classic, really disappointed me.

knives kitchen american usa knife
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It's another workhorse of a knife, but its butt is heavier than it should be, so heavy prep gets tiring, and mincing feels awkward. Finally,'s knife was the worst of the bunch: It is so poorly balanced, in fact, that I stopped the chicken test midway through for fear of cutting myself.

That makes almost every type of prep, from slicing and dicing to mincing and chicken boning, feel awkward at best and dangerous at worst. The cutlery with the black stainless steel resin handle can go in the dishwasher or it may be hand washed as well.

At Radar Cutlery we offer an array of paring knives for all you're slicing and dicing needs. This knife has a 3 ¼ inch blade that works well for slicing a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The curved blade makes peeling fruits like pears and apples a simple task. Our Made in the USAkitchenknives are manufactured in our one location in the heart of the United States, Waverley, Iowa.

Any list detailing the best American- made EDC knives just isn’t complete without mentioning Bench made’s 940 series. Bench made makes a staggering array of blades, but the 940 series designed by the late Warren Osborne has stood out as a favorite of the EDC community for years.

knives usa chefs american west
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It’s thin, almost straight profile disappears in your pocket but somehow still offers an ergonomic full four-finger grip that seems to melt into your palm. Bench made’s split arrow clip is one of the best in the business, configurable for tip up left or right-handed carry.

If you want the cream of the crop, the 940-1 has an upgraded CPM-S90V blade (which forever holds an edge but somewhat difficult to sharpen) along with contoured carbon fiber scales and bright blue aluminum standoffs. At 2.44oz the 940-1 packs a ton of edge into a light, slim, high-end package for about $270 retail.

The Spider Paramilitary 2 (aka PM2) is a triumph in US production knife making whose popularity has risen to biblical proportions over the years. Trying to find flaws in the Paramilitary 2 is like nitpicking a hot tub full of Victoria’s Secret models.

The PM2’s blade shape is a standard by which others are (or should be) measured: full flat ground with a mild clip point profile gives you some belly for rolling cuts, a fine tip for piercing, and a flat spine to keep the profile slim. Sure the naysayers will point out a flaw or two, like the handle being too big relative to the size of the blade…but the overwhelming majority agree that the PM2 is about as ‘near-perfect’ as it gets.

In addition, there’s a burgeoning aftermarket full of PM2 parts; backspaces to replace the standoffs, a variety of G10, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, and probably dinosaur bone scales, and even custom hardware and deep carry clips. This it toughs, because Zero Tolerance (aka At) makes a metric boatload of great knives, all proudly made in the USA.

dragon knife american yaxell steel japan chef handcrafted kitchen chefs knives fantasy cutlery shipping
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Most will find the standard size is ideal for daily use, but the beefy XL is a great choice if you’re looking for a pocket machete! The leaf-shaped blade is strong and well-proportioned although thick in the pocket, but easy to open thanks to a generously sized thumb hole.

Someone who simply wants the best US made production titanium frame lock money can buy ), the Inks pairs a perfectly sculpted titanium frame lock handle with a practical blade shape made out of one of the highest quality stainless steels available.

The Inks is a study in function over form, making it hard for some to understand its high price tag. At $375 for a small Inks (under 3” blade) it’s practically double the price of a similar sized high-end piece from At (the 0450CF, mentioned later, retails for $180).

Like the 940 listed earlier, the Reptilian utilizes Bench made’s slick Axis lock to great effect. You can get your grip plain edge or half serrated, satin finished or black coated, and in a variety of colors.

When it comes to American made everyday carry knives, the Colorado company has got a little of something for everyone. The Native has a strange backstory; it was originally designed to be marketed to big-box stores like Walmart in clam shell packaging.

cutlery knife block chicago ashland piece sets clearance shipping cutleryandmore
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It gradually evolved upmarket, gaining premium steel and an ergonomic refresh as the Native 3 in 2003. When the 3 was replaced by the 5 in 2011, it brought with it new steel (CPM S35VN as a “base”) and a beautiful new full flat ground leaf shaped blade.

If S35VN doesn’t cut it for you, there are also CPM-S110V variants of both the lightweight and the G10 available, as well as a beautiful fluted titanium handled version with the standard blade. And new for 2017, in case you were hoping to get your hands on a steel KAI once deemed “too difficult to machine” and quit halfway through a 250 piece production run, you’ll be able to get a Native 5 in Mamet.

(The EX-01 is also offered as an automatic, which isn’t covered here due to its limited legal applications.) Hague has the button lock dialed in perfectly, offering a strong detect, solid lockup, and no stick after a short break-in period.

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