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Best Kitchen Knives On Amazon

Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 17 October, 2020
• 11 min read

Global 6 Piece Steak Knife Set Whether you’re outfitting your first kitchen in your first home, or you’re looking to buy a kitchen knife set simply because you’ve never gotten around to it before, you’ve come to the right place.

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Whether you’re a newbie home chef or a seasoned pro, we’ve compiled the six best knife sets for any kitchen. If not, it is never a bad idea to have a quality knife sharpener in your kitchen.

If you’ve been shopping around for a knife set already, you likely have experienced a bit of sticker shock. At less than $50 on Amazon, the Cuisinart 15-Piece, Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set, is a steal.

If you’re the type of home cook that needs to cut something once in a blue moon, and usually that something isn’t too technical (think an avocado or a piece of bread, then go with this 12-piece set from Cuisinart. At less than $20, the Cuisinart Advantage Color Collection features six knives and six knife covers.

The non-stick knives come in bright hues like lime green and orange, for a fun aesthetic that Cuisinart claims are functional as well: the different colors help avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen. The knife block is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any kitchen that’s decorated more on the modern than the traditional side, too, as it shows off your quality knife blades in a clear, acrylic box.

You’ve likely seen it on television before if you watch any cooking competition shows at all. If you dream of taking your precious knives on the go in just this manner, there’s nothing stopping you.

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Purchasing this Author Gourmet Knife Block Set is definitely an investment and commonly seen in professional chef's kitchens. These German knives are known for being extremely sharp, and their high-carbon stainless steel blades might make them the best knife set on this list.

Amazon reviewers claim the high-quality knives are very sharp and lightweight, and durable for several years of use. If you drop a good amount of money on a new knife set, you’ll want to be sure to give your knives proper care to make sure they last as long as possible.

A high-quality set of knives is the perfect complement to any kitchen countertop, no matter what skill level you may be on as a home cook. You never know when you’ll want to cut that perfect tomato slice for a sandwich or peel an apple for a seasonal pie.

This is exactly why we like to find our favorite blades at a discount, and there’s truly no better time to do so than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Scroll down to check out seven of the best knives and sets on sale on Amazon right now, plus why users love them.

Whether you’re looking to replace your well-worn starter set or gift a top-notch slicer to someone you love, these deals are sure to impress! Why users love it: “I actually use this knife more than my Author I paid 3 times as much for (I got this on sale!).

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Why users love it: “With the sourdough baking craze I needed a better bread knife to cut through these loaves... This knife is super sharp and easy to use on tough crusts.

I love mine so much that I bought one for my best friend to us on his bread journey.” My first knife disappeared about a month and a half ago and I could not wait to replace it.

They are in daily use, so have some expected wear, but with minimal sharpening they remain as effective as day one.” Why users love it: “I was looking to get rid of my knife butcher block when I ordered this set, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

High carbon allows the knives to hold their edge longer and stainless steel makes them easy to maintain.” I've invested hundreds of dollars in chef's knives, but I use them every day to slice, dice, cube, mince or, if I'm feeling fancy, chiffon.

A good knife can feel like a dream -- and it can make holiday cooking even more fun than usual -- but a poorly balanced or dull one can be a pain to use, and can even lead to more cut fingers and other accidents. David Priest/CNET Since you're going to be using it a lot, a chef's knife should be a pleasure to use -- properly weighted, but not heavy enough to make using it tiring.

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David Priest/CNETGlobal's popular chef's knife is a Japanese-style blade, which means it boasts a scary-sharp edge and a nimble-feeling lightweight body. David Priest/Nettles Japanese-style chef's knife lies at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price, but it rests at the top of best lists online for a reason: it's a fantastic product.

Not only is the Mac super sharp (it slides through tomatoes without any tearing whatsoever), but its blade is thinner than heavier knives like Author's, which makes slicing snappier veggies like carrots feel like cutting a ripe banana with a butter knife. Mac's most popular chef knife is perfectly balanced, so you never feel at risk of losing control of the blade.

I'm fairly fastidious with my knives, but this, along with my growing fondness of the Global chef's knife, have resulted in Mac's slight drop in the ranking. David Priest/CNETHands-down, the biggest surprise of my testing was the performance of Mercer's $16 Culinary Millennia 8-inch chef's knife.

But the handle design is perfect for teaching beginners how to hold and use a chef's knife, guiding your thumb and index finger to the base of the blade. The light weight and cheap design mean you don't get the long life or the full versatility you'd get from a workhorse like the Author, but if you're wanting a starter chef's knife to learn for six months while you save for a bigger investment, the Mercer really is a great cook's knife.

The Author was my original favorite knife until I got my hands on the Mac and Global Japanese-style knives, and it still stands up as a top-of-the-line option. That said, the Author classic is perfectly balanced between the handle and blade, and it has a heel to protect your fingers, which makes it feel all the safer to wield.

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One of the best measures of how comfortable a knife feels in your hand is breaking down a chicken -- as it requires many types of cuts across skin, meat, fat and cartilage. It's versatile and comfortable, and its high carbon steel forged blade will keep a sharp edge as well as nearly any other knife -- Mac and Global excluded -- in this price range.

The Willing Gourmet is a stamped blade, rather than a forged one, which means it likely won't hold its edge as long as the Author. It's also lighter, which means your hand won't be guided quite as well through a tomato or similarly delicate food.

All that said, the Willing's cuts were consistently clean, it felt comfortable in my hand, and for $50, I'd be more than happy to add this knife to my kitchen. Our procedures blended five tests -- slicing tomatoes, dicing onions, mincing leafy herbs, chopping carrots and breaking down chickens -- each with a 1-to-10 rating, with more general use and observation.

I wanted to approach the procedures as the average home cook would, focusing on general use and experience. Beyond its measurable performance with various foods, I approached each knife as a package -- experiencing how its weight and balance came together to create an experience that either felt intuitive or awkward.

Overall, we tested a dozen of the most popular chef's knives for home cooks, including Mac, Global, Artisan Revere, Victorinox, Kitchen aid, Cuisinart, Home favor, Freeware, Willing, J.A. Mac, Author and Global were my stand-out favorites for quality and performance, and if you're really serious about adopting a high-quality chef's knife, any of these three will do the trick.

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While I gave my assessments above, everyone will have their own slight preferences -- Global feels best to me, but if I ate more meat and denser veggies, I would probably lean toward Author as the more robust blade. And if perfectly minced herbs and delicately sliced fish were more common cuts in my kitchen, Mac might take the crown.

It's well-balanced, and feels closest in profile to Global: it's not heavy and thick-spined like the Author, and so had more trouble with the butternut squash and pineapple; and it's not quite as razor-sharp as the Mac. Artisan Revere offers an excellent product for a price that will be hard to swallow for most customers.

I just can't recommend that home cooks buy a chef's knife that costs $300 more than comparable products, except as a luxury item. David Olkovetsky, founder and CEO of Artisan Revere, told me over email that the reasons for the price tag are manifold: most importantly, the high-quality steel blade is made with more environmentally friendly methods, and the so-called “super steel” will retain its edge better than competitors.

The $50, which seems like a natural winner given its reasonable price tag and similar design to the more expensive Author classic, really disappointed me. It's another workhorse of a knife, but its butt is heavier than it should be, so heavy prep gets tiring, and mincing feels awkward.

Finally,'s knife was the worst of the bunch: It is so poorly balanced, in fact, that I stopped the chicken test midway through for fear of cutting myself. That makes almost every type of prep, from slicing and dicing to mincing and chicken boning, feel awkward at best and dangerous at worst.

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The two-day sale takes place on October 13 and 14 of this year and is loaded with deals on more than one million products across all categories. In addition to massive sales on toys, tech, parenting gear, and random stuff you didn’t know you needed, there are some pretty sweet deals on kitchen gear.

America's favorite cookware brand is 43% off for Prime Day and we're here for this. This Cast Iron cookware from Le Crest is engineered to prevent spills, cracks, stains and dulling.

Save big on these 24 Piece Plastic lid containers, formerly priced at $40. With this set, which is normally $62, you get a Lodge deep cast iron skillet, a fryer, and a Dutch oven in one, plus a lid that doubles as a shallow skillet or griddle.

These steak knives feature carbon stainless steel blades that seamlessly slice through meat and chicken. On Amazon Prime Day, save on this lemon juicer, which yields 20 percent more juice than conventional handheld citrus juicers.

This sweet cast-iron Dutch oven from Lodge (which is just about as good as Le Crest, if you were wondering) is $65 off today. This cast iron griddle from La Crest promises an even retention and redistribution of heat.

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It is coated on the outside with chip-resistant enamel and features two strong hand grips. This mess-free option lets you handle the process from start to finish without being too far from your microwave.

Normally $160, this knife set has high-carbon stainless steel blades for precise cutting and accuracy. Ergonomic handles mean you grip them with control, while a 30-day money-back guarantee means you can send them back if they're not, um, cutting it.

But you can thank us later for finding you this professional knife set for a sweet price. Home cooks know that Shun kitchen knives blend traditional Japanese techniques with cutting-edge knife technology, giving you tools that stand the test of time.

You get a stainless steel blade for precision cutting, an ergonomically designed handle, and knives that fit all you're dicing and slicing needs. Who says you have to wait until Amazon Prime Day to score major deals.

Steam, Slow Cook, Sauté, Bake, Roast, Broil, Dehydrate, Pressure Cook, Air Fry- This 9 in 1 pressure cooker from Ninja does all the above. Now's a good time: This 6-quart model from Crackpot was priced formerly at $85, This model has a six-quart capacity, can be set to 20 hours, and automatically shifts to warm when the cooking cycle is over.

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It also has an automatic stirrer that attaches to the bottom of the lid to make the entire process truly hands free. The Aroma Professional 12-Cup rice cooker is a versatile appliance.

This multi cooker features a ceramic inner pot which is a healthy and natural alternative to non-stick coating. The electric grill utilizes infrared technology: it heats up to 446 degrees F but, thanks to a drip tray that stays cool, there no burn off to agitate your security measures.

The Clips Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker cooks up to 70 times faster. Discover why this air fryer is Gordon Ramsey approved.

The Turbo Star Air fryer by Phillips features a fat removal technology that allows it to remove and capture excess fat. Save $40 off this air fryer by Ninja Food, It doubles as a portable grill too.

It has a nice range of temperatures, meaning it's perfect for anything from French fries to tender veggies, and its four-quart nonstick ceramic pan is sizable enough for two pounds of fries. Don't insult this brilliant oven by calling it a mere air fryer.

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It has nine functions, and lets your toast a bagel, roast a duck, bake a cake, air fry chicken thighs, and dehydrate meats to make your own dried fruit and beef jerky. And it's going to be a major deal on Amazon Prime Day.

At 200 dollars less than the original price of $799, this robot vacuum is a major steal. It is Wi-Fi accessible, works with Alexa and, the best part, it automatically empties itself.

Formerly priced at $229.99, this robot vacuum runs for 11o minutes, which is longer than many others in the category, can be voice-controlled via Alexa and Google Assistant, and has two side brushes and a main brush for superior cleaning. It traps 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum and has an extra-large capacity, so you don't have to empty it as often.

The EUF robot vacuum works for 100 minutes after it's charged. It has seven speeds, three pre-programmed settings, 1200 watts of power, and an extra-wide 3.5-inch blade system that makes for precision chopping and grinding.

It has five program settings, for smoothies, hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning. And get this: the blender's motor base is able to read the container size you’ve chosen and automatically adjust program settings and blending times accordingly.

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This electric hand mixer comes with four stainless steel attachments, typically sells for $39.99. With five speeds and four attachments that include beaters, dough hooks, and a pro whisk, this hand mixer is the kitchen helpmate you’ve been dreaming of.

Save big on store-bought herbs by growing your own at a deep discount. The set includes a six-pod gourmet herb seed kit so you can plant: Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint and 3 oz.

In addition to providing delicious garnishes for your dishes, it’s a fun project for kids. Every product on Fatherly is independently selected by our editors, writers, and experts.

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