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Best Kitchen Knives Per Chefs

Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
• 51 min read

For the purposes of this story, I limited the testing to eight-inch, Western-style, or hybrid Japanese-Western chef’s knives with a list price under $200, though most cost significantly less than that. Loosely, two attributes characterize a Western or hybrid style chef’s knife.

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Harder steel holds a sharper edge for a longer period of time but can be more difficult to sharpen once it does get dull. And a very hard, very sharp edge can also be more delicate and brittle than a softer one, making cutting up a heavy squash, say, a little risky to the blade.

(However, a knife maker can mitigate that brittleness by adding another element to the mix: Molybdenum, for instance, is often used to give a very hard steel more flexibility.) A softer steel alloy, like those used in the German tradition, may be less sharp to begin with and get dull a little faster.

But it can be easier to re-sharpen, and better for heavier-duty jobs, like splitting bone-in chicken breasts, without worry that you’re going to damage the blade. “For everyone else, I have no way of knowing if you prefer heavy or light, a deeper throat, a special blade, something bigger.

I used them in the normal course of my daily cooking, just to get to know them, and I also tested them in six important tasks: dicing an onion, slicing basil into chiffon, slicing tomatoes, cubing butternut squash, spreeing an orange and cutting up a whole chicken. Those tasks tell you almost everything you need to know about whether a knife is nimble and sharp, sturdy and powerful, and above all, comfortable and secure-feeling.

The knives ranged from $38 to about $200, and I found that price isn’t necessarily commensurate with quality and performance, though the very best knives are not cheap. A note on keeping your knives sharp: You can buy the best knife there is, but eventually you will need to sharpen it or it will be useless.

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Home cooks can bring the knife to a professional or can buy a simple, plastic wheel grinder, which makes sharpening cheap, fast, and foolproof. Hayward says that he likes to relax at night with a glass of wine and a whetstone and painstakingly sharpen his hundreds of knives.

Made in Japan, it has a hard, super-sharp blade and a simple wooden handle that’s extremely comfortable and feels secure in the hand. The blade is beveled to a very thin, very acute angle, which makes it extraordinarily sharp.

It effortlessly bites through tomato skin and cuts a neat onion dice with ease. Both are made of a slightly softer steel than the best Japanese knives, and therefore they feel a little less sharp.

When you chiffon basil with this knife, it feels like the leaves are springing off the blade in perfect ribbons all by themselves. It feels almost alive in your hand, super light, and extremely agile.

It bites through tomatoes with ease and supreme an orange into perfectly clean, neat segments in a few seconds. However, unlike the MAC, which has just enough sturdiness to deal with a chicken and butternut squash, this knife just doesn’t have the oomph for hefty jobs.

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It has a scalpel-like delicacy and when I used it to tackle big, tough ingredients, it felt wrong, even a little dangerous, and I worried I would damage the blade. Hayward calls it “a living hell” to keep it sharpened correctly.

It was the second-lightest knife I tested, only slightly heavier than the Mason, but it doesn’t require special knowledge to sharpen. It’s made of just one piece of metal, including the handle, which is hollow and filled with sand, which provides a subtle, shifting balance that you don’t really notice while you’re using it.

The metal handle has dimples to provide the grip, and while some cooks think it gets slippery when used to cut chicken, meat, or anything juicy, I haven’t found that to be the case. It excels at tasks like slicing tomatoes, chiffonading basil, and dicing onion: It’s quite sharp and bites right through.

Although it’s less well-suited to cutting up chicken or butternut squash, lacking the heft of the German models, with some extra care it can certainly get those jobs done. It’s in the hefty, powerful German style, made by a family-owned company in the United States.

Comparable to the Mason, I didn’t find the handle comfortable or secure. It’s a long, thin grip that’s completely smooth, without any contour at all, and though it looks beautiful, it felt slippery and small in my hand.

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It’s a very nice knife, a classic, sturdy German blade with a deep belly that makes a rocking chop very comfortable. This is a wonderful knife, a Japanese-German hybrid, with a flat-sided wooden handle and a very sharp, very hard blade with a relatively wide, curved belly.

I loved the drippy, comfortable handle, and the feeling of power that came from this heavy, wide blade. But oddly, it didn’t seem as sharp as the others, as it was a bit of a struggle to make a clean tomato slice.

I wanted to like it because, of all the heavy knives, it was the most comfortable and balanced to hold, but it didn’t perform as well as I hoped. This knife tops many lists as a great value, but I found it to be the worst of the two worlds: light but not very sharp, cumbersome and large.

Reviewers are particularly taken with the handle, which they describe as “comfortable” and “ergonomic,” as well as the incredibly sharp, 12-inch blade. Two years ago, celebrity chef Sean Brock shared a photo of a truly stunning chef’s knife on his Instagram “entirely handcrafted from reclaimed materials found in the mountains of East Tennessee.” Its stainless steel blade was forged from a “100+ year old 1095 high carbon sawmill blade” while the dark wood handle was carved from “some old growth cocoon.” The knife was custom-made by John Phillips, who sells the knives one by one to his newsletter subscribers.

It’s damn near impossible to cop one of these beauties, but if you manage to, it’ll become an instant family heirloom. Michelin-starred chefs Elise Knack and Anna Hieronymus recently told us Shun is “one of our favorite knife brands.” And with a lifetime guarantee and a blade that stays sharp longer than it has any right to, it’ll be one of yours, too.

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Risen was one of the earliest entrants into the fast-growing contingent of direct-to-consumer cookware brands, starting out as a Kickstarter launched in 2014. In 2018, writer Parthia Rosin penned a convincing ode to the Honcho Kobe, or Long Chef’s Knife, a Japanese-made chef’s knife handcrafted in the seaside town of Banjo and available at L.A.-based Japanese home goods store The Good Liver.

Rosin writes that she was immediately taken with the wood handle, which is “meticulously worked through a char coaling process that ensures its water resistant and antibacterial” as well as the blade made with two types of steel for added structural integrity. “It’s so you learn the technique of holding the knife.” It also comes with a finger guard, which is perfect for amateur chefs in first, second, or third grade.

Lightweight Japanese-style knives may be the blades du jour, but if you want a knife with some serious heft, one that can take a beating, go for the 11.1 ounce Author. “I prefer the weight and thickness of the blade of this heavier knife,” says James Beard–nominated pastry chef Shannon Swindle.

The knife has a full tang, which means the blade continues running through the length of the handle, helping with balance. Most knives with this feature carry a heftier price tag, so this one is a great find.

Amazon's best -selling chef's knife has an ergonomic plastic handle for a comfortable grip. The biggest differentiator: It's technically dishwasher safe (though hand washing is still the best way to extend the lifespan of any knife).

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Luckily this affordable knife comes with a special sheath that automatically hones the blade before and after each use. Heckles team knows a thing or two about kitchen knives : The company was founded in Germany in 1731, making it one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world.

The classic chef's knife has an eight-inch blade made of German steel and an ergonomic handle, plus it's dishwasher safe. Amazon.Comte pretty white handle on this lightweight Mercer chef's knife has a textured section to help you grip it properly.

Madeincookware.this knife, made of high-quality steel with a nitrogen finish, makes a great gift: You can have the blade engraved for an extra $20. It's a favorite among professional chefs, including Free's fellow Food Network star Michael Simon.

You can buy the chef's knife on its own for $50 or invest in the whole collection if you really love the sleek look. This model has pronounced “dimples” to make it easy to slice through sticky foods like potatoes.

This knife from the Japanese brand Global is highly rated on Amazon, with nearly 1,000 reviews and an average of 4.7 stars. If you're a serious cook looking to splurge, you can't go wrong with this classic chef's knife from Author.

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It's super sturdy with an eight-inch blade and a five-inch triple riveted handle that will feel comfortable in most hands. Sure, other knives in your kitchen might be better suited for special tasks like cutting bread or paring vegetables, but the best chef's knives are designed to help you do pretty much everything else: chop herbs, mince garlic, dice vegetables, slice meat, and more.

We waded through all the nonsense and set out to find the best chef’s knives for home cooks at the best prices. Read on to discover the best chef’s knife of 2020 in each category, including the best all-around, runner-up, and an impressive budget pick.

It’s strong enough to get through tough vegetables with ease and delicate enough to chop tender herbs without smashing them. The agile blade is relatively straight and tapers at the end, giving it a curve reminiscent of a Western knife, but the same sharp edge of a Japanese model.

We also found this knife to be lively and responsive in our hands, comfortable to hold and not too bulky. We also know from using them in the Epicurus Test Kitchen that they stay sharp for a long time and are easy to sharpen.

With its simple design and finish, wooden handle, and dimples along the blade that keep food from sticking to the sides, this knife is a kitchen workhorse that will last a long time. The hollow handles of Global knives are filled with a precise amount of sand to ensure perfect balance.

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Sure, the finish quality on this Victorinox knife isn’t nearly as high as the Mac or the Global, but at less than $40, it’s a total steal. It glided through tough sweet potatoes with precision and delicacy and made quick work of slicing an onion.

It isn’t full tang, meaning the metal of the stainless-steel blade doesn’t extend all the way to the base of the handle, which is generally said to indicate a lower-quality, less-sturdy knife. As Test Kitchen Director Chris Morocco told us, “It’s probably the best chef’s knife out there for the money.

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Prop Styling by Beatrice Chaste The first step in evaluating a knife is getting a feel for the tool. We some spent time with each of the 14 chef’s knives we tested just holding them in our hands, observing the quality of the metal and sharpened edge, the feel of the handle, and the overall weight of the knife.

We then used each knife to chop raw sweet potatoes and onions and mince a pile of herbs. From the start we were looking for a thin, sharp blade, which makes slicing easier and smoother and also weighs less overall.

Naturally, we wanted a knife with a comfortable handle, which we interpreted as lightweight and smooth rather than heavy and long. When you chop something, you’ll feel like you have greater control over the cutting motion and more of a connection with the knife.

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In addition to handling the heft and toughness of something like a potato, we wanted a knife that could slice through herbs without crushing them. We ultimately liked a smoother transition without the cuff, as it resulted in a lighter knife that made for an easy and comfortable slicing motion.

Ultimately, we found it was a bit too heavy and not as nicely finished as we wanted, but it handled the job of cutting through hefty vegetables just fine. And if you want to be able to perfectly slice and dice a wide range of ingredients, you need some top chefs knives.

However, there are lots of different types of knives to choose from, which can make the selection process rather tricky. The best chef knives come in a wide range of different shapes, styles, and sizes.

If you are not careful, you could chip or dent the edge of your knife with incorrect sharpening. Fortunately, this will not be an issue when you choose the Willing Professional “S” Chef’s Knife 8-Inch.

This model is made of a high carbon formula that boasts 57 Rockwell hardness. The special Fríður blade has been ice hardened to help make it especially durable.

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No matter how hard or tough your ingredients are, you can be sure that this knife will slice through them with ease. The blade is paired with a smart black handle that has been ergonomically shaped.

It is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and provide you with a good grip. The Willing Professional “S” Chef’s Knife 8-Inch is fully dishwasher safe to make the cleaning process effortless.

The excellent edge retention helps to make this one of the best knives for chef. If you have small hands, you are likely to find that a regular knife is a bit too heavy and thick.

This can make it rather difficult to get the grip you need when slicing and dicing. With its thinner and lighter design, this may well be the best chefs knife for people who have small hands.

This means that even if your hands are wet, you won’t have to worry about the handle slipping through your fingers. One of the great things about this model is the fact that it is supplied with a lifetime guarantee.

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The knife was created using a special heating and cooling process to help make it especially strong and sharp. The edge of the blade has been angled so that it is suitable for all types of kitchen tasks.

This includes slicing, dicing, trimming, chopping, mincing, and peeling. When you do need to sharpen the blade, the process will be especially simple, thanks to the partial bolster.

However, it should be noted that because this knife is made of softer steel, it may need regular sharpening. With its bold and beautiful olive wood handle, this model really stands out from the crowd.

The Messermeister Olive Elite Chef’s Knife (9-inch) is sure to look fantastic in any home or professional kitchen. This makes it ideal for completing kitchen tasks such as peeling, where dexterity is key.

The handle has been gently curved for enhanced comfort at all times. The handle design combined with the thin and light blade helps make this knife especially easy to wield.

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Even if you are a novice in the kitchen, you are sure to feel like a master chef in next to no time. The blade of the knife has been created in one piece of hot forced steel and carbon.

The blade is attached to the handle with a stainless steel cuff and is sure to stay firmly in place. The Global G48 G-48-7 inch, 18 cm Santos Hollow Ground Knife is made of a single piece of metal to make it especially strong.

The dimpled design helps you to get a good grip even when your hands are slick with oil. As a result, the Global G48 G-48-7 inch, 18 cm Santos Hollow Ground Knife, will serve as your constant kitchen companion.

This blade has been designed to offer excellent edge retention so that it rarely needs to be sharpened. This is ideal for chopping up herbs or tackling delicate tasks such as boning fish.

The Grafton edge prevents the knife from sticking so that you are treated to better traction. This knife weighs just 7.1 ounces in total, which makes it especially easy to handle.

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This makes the knife feel especially good in your hand so that it will be comfortable enough for extended use. This could potentially be an issue due to the razor sharp edge.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to purchase a sheath to keep your fingers safe when it’s not in use. With its beautiful wave design on the Damascus blade, this chef knife is a real work of art.

The Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife is sure to satisfy style lovers. The beautiful blade is accompanied by a gorgeous Hakka wood handle that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

This helps to make slicing and peeling vegetables a real pleasure. This knife is set with a half bolster that helps to make it especially light and flexible.

In fact, it weighs in at just 7.3 ounces, making it one of the lightest chef knives in its class. The blade is 1.8 inches wide and delivers an impressive heft and balance.

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This is designed to fit comfortably into your hand much more satisfyingly than traditional handles. In order to get a real feel for how good the handle is, you will need to work on obtaining a professional grip.

If the produce is especially hard, there is always the risk that your knife blade will simply get stuck. Fortunately, this will not be a problem when you choose the Author 4582-7/20 Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife.

The blade on this mighty knife features a special Grafton edge. This is a real bonus if you have a lot of produce to slice and dice.

Unlike many other knives of this type, no special skills or knowledge is required to get the best results. The Author 4582-7/20 Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife is designed to make kitchen tasks a breeze.

The durable engineered thermoplastic handle is also especially tough while also allowing a good grip. However, these days most chef’s knives are created with a focus on being lightweight and flexible.

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The KRAMER by Willing Caroline Essential Collection 8 Chef’s Knife is set with an especially wide blade. This makes it ideal for slicing larger produce such as thick slabs of meat.

The blade maintains its razor sharp edge of a long time, which means that you will rarely need to sharpen it. There are special grooves in the handle that are designed to keep your fingers safe at all times.

It should be noted that the wooden handle that this model is set with may shrink slightly over time. Henkel INTERNATIONAL 31161-201 CLASSIC Chef’s Knife, 8 Inches, is supplied with a full lifetime warranty.

If the blade becomes chipped or split at any time, you can send it away to have it fixed or replaced. This model boasts a stainless steel blade that has been honed to an extremely sharp edge.

This helps to make a wide range of kitchen tasks especially quick and easy. The full tang polymer handle is triple riveted to help make it especially sturdy.

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The handle is 4.72 inches long and is designed to fit very comfortably in the hand. The length of the handle has been precisely calculated to make the overall design of the knife beautifully balanced.

Although this model is not dishwasher safe, keeping it clean is not really much of a hassle. Simply give the knife a quick wipe with a damp cloth, and you will be good to go.

If you regularly tackle delicate tasks such as boning fish, you are sure to find that this blade is ideal. However, the textured handle can make this knife a little difficult to clean.

If you are not careful, food residue and other types of dirt can get trapped in the dimples in the handle. However, you can solve this problem by soaking the knife in a specially formulated cleaning solution.

Generally speaking, the best chef knives are either German or Japanese. German knives tend to be heavier and thicker, which also makes them slightly more durable.

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Stainless steel blades are known for being especially durable, although they need to be sharpened regularly. The fact that carbon steel blades retain their edge well makes them a popular choice among professional chefs.

The handle can be made of a wide range of different types of materials, such as resin, wood, and plastic. The handle should fit comfortably in your hand and allow you to get a good grip while you are slicing and dicing.

This is generally dictated by the way the knife blade is forged and the materials it is made from. For the best results, it is a good idea to choose a blade that retains its edge well.

The handle comes with a full tang that helps to keep your fingers safe while you are slicing and dicing. It has been specially forged to make it exceptionally well-balanced and easy to handle.

In this article, we will explore how to find quality kitchen knives that suit your physique, cooking needs, and level of commitment to knife care. For people with huge, strong hands, longer and heavier knives will feel more adequate.

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A paring knife, meanwhile, typically has a blade much smaller and lighter than its handle to tackle intricate tasks. The majority of chef’s knives in stores today are of the German style, with edges featuring a continuous and relatively consistent curvature.

A forged knife is made from a single bar of metal and is heat-treated, annealed, and case-hardened to a high level. A stamped knife comes from a prefabricated metal sheet that is cut with a die in the desired shape and then sharpened.

Japanese blades tend to fall toward the lower end of this spectrum, allowing them to make precision cuts with less effort. A lower HRC value means the metal is softer, so the cutting edge will dull faster than that of a higher hardness value.

These high-carbon stainless options are becoming more and more common among professional brands, so the selection is growing fast. The exact process and formula for making this steel has been lost to time, despite multiple replication attempts.

Most if not all blades that bear the name today are simply high-carbon steels with similar wavy patterns in the metal. A quality Damascus knife will serve you well, but know that a significant part of that high price tag is for aesthetics.

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Until we can fabricate the perfect cutlery cermet material, ceramic blades will probably remain a niche item intended for precision work. Make sure it’s not too slippery even when it gets wet, and that both its width and length are a good match for the size of your hand.

The knife is forged from one single piece of steel, sporting a thick, solid blade. Its tang runs all the way through the handle and is fastened with three rivets, giving it excellent balance and stability.

The plastic grips, while not gorgeous, fit in with the tang and bolster seamlessly, leaving no gaps for dirt or food particles. Those with tiny hands or delicate wrists may find it heavy (in which case, check out the Cuckoo Santos right below).

On the other hand, a lower HRC means the knife is more ductile and less likely to chip or break under concentrated pressure than its harder counterparts. With an extra narrow edge and reasonable size, weight, and hardness, the Author Classic will excel at pretty much every cutting task in the kitchen.

The Santos features a full tang that is securely fastened into the rosewood handle with three brass rivets. The knife feels solid, balanced, and weighted for its size of 7 inches, but still agile enough for smaller hands.

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We loved that the bolster becomes thinner as it runs from the handle to the blade, making a smooth transition instead of an abrupt indentation. It’s a great design for sanitation, too: The absence of corners means there’s no space for grease or food particles to accumulate.

The dimples effectively prevent thin slices of meat or vegetables from sticking to the blade. If you like to cut in a rocking motion, though, this knife is not a good choice due to its flat belly.

The Cuckoo Santos is a pragmatic choice: It excels in both performance and aesthetics, and is offered at a reasonable price. Coming in a pretty magnetic box, the knife would make a nice housewarming gift.

Shun’s 8-inch VG-MAX Classic is a fantastic Japanese take on the common German style chef’s knife. Like our first pick, the basics of this knife match the “classic” Western design, and so will be familiar to most cooks.

Sharp edge (16 degrees) Full tang Genuine hardwood handle Beautiful (34 steel layers each side) Included in the metal’s formula, though, is a bit of added tungsten, carbon, and cobalt.

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The increased hardness of the blade makes it slightly easier to chip than simpler steels. It’s gorgeous and pairs well with the ornately stylized blade to make this one of the most elegant functional knives on the market.

When fat, heavy Western knives won’t cut it (*snicker*), turn to Strong’s Shogun Santoku-style knife. With a blade forged from high-carbon Japanese stainless steel and ground to a 12-degree edge, you’ll have no problem making those precision cuts.

Sharp (8-12 degree edge) Strong material (62+ HRC) Full tang, triple riveted Beautiful patterns Strong has hardened their Shogun knife to 62 HRC on the Rockwell scale, meaning it should keep that sharp edge well.

Though stamped rather than forged, the Victorinox is great for the chef who wants to start exploring the Asian side of cutlery. Though it looks a bit less refined than wood or other polymers, the give of the neoprene may be what you need if you find yourself with tender pressure points after cutting.

Mercer Culinary makes some of the best chef’s knives on the market, and they back them up with an excellent warranty. Mercer has a wide line of kitchen products aimed largely at commercial operations, so you can be sure you’re using the same quality equipment as professionals.

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Sharp edge Full tang Beautiful blade and handle Lightweight, suitable for small hands The smaller lever arm created by this blade’s cutting action makes the narrow bolster less of an issue.

Some chefs find that a shorter blade offers a certain versatility they don’t get out of the more standard long ones. Though smaller and cheaper than its cousins, the 5” Genesis is still fully forged from German high-carbon stainless steel.

Though we didn’t discuss utility knives above, it shouldn’t surprise you that they are versatile, but serve a different function than the larger chef’s knife. You’ll notice the blade is no wider than the handle, making them far less convenient when chopping on a cutting board.

This utility knife is perfect for slicing your sandwiches, fruits, cheeses, and many other small items. Whereas meat often benefits from a stiff, forged blade, there’s no need to break the bank for a bread knife.

Sharp serrated edge Thin blade, cuts neatly through breads/fruits Dishwasher safe The knife’s sharp serrated edge is more than a match for tomatoes, pineapples, or, of course, bread loafs.

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Shun (pronounced “shewn”) is a Japanese company that draws inspiration from the storied history of Samurai sword-making techniques. They hail from Semi City, a place viewed as the heart of Japanese blade making for centuries.

Their fusion of high-tech materials with both modern and classical production techniques results in fantastic blades that are famous all over the world. They source high-quality steel from various places like Germany, Japan, and elsewhere, and then manufacture it all in Ranging, the home of China’s own blade making tradition.

Author uses modern forging technologies and the latest inspection techniques to maintain their renowned level of German engineering. Their products are made from imported Japanese VG-10 “Super Steel” and crafted over the course of 60 days using German standard operating procedures.

Unlike many, Elite only sells online, meaning you won’t be able to go to the store and try the knife on for size. Victorinox is probably most famous for their Swiss Army Knives, beloved by scouts and handymen the world over.

Based out of New York City, Mercer Culinary is famous for their barware and wide line of restaurant-oriented kitchenware. Their immense cutlery line covers all uses and features inexpensive stamped and high-end forged blades.

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They also focus on specialty kitchen items using modern materials such as their high-temperature nylon “Hell’s Tools” line. Heckles maintains several knife brands and produces multiple product lines, tapping both the high-end and budget cutlery markets.

Picking the bestkitchenknives can be a little tricky, and we recommend sticking with well established brands for guaranteed quality. And while there’s nothing we can do to help you figure out your personal preference (other than encourage you to get out there and try some stuff out), there are a few things you can look for that will ensure you’re not wasting your time with a sub-par kitchen blade.

This does not necessarily mean the knife itself isn’t of good quality, but it does speak to the merits of the brand that makes it. While Victorinox is certainly best known for their Swiss Army Knives and wristwatches, they also have a much larger catalog of offerings that includes some excellent kitchen cutlery.

It’s also worth noting that, while we’ve selected the 8 option, this series ranges from as small as 5 to as long as 10. Ceramic is an unusual material for a knife blade, as it has a tendency to be a bit on the brittle side of the spectrum and is, therefore, prone to breaking with too much pressure.

In fact, the makers are so confident in their product that they’ve included a limited lifetime warranty on every blade. And he brought that expertise along with him when he partnered with Willing on the Euro line collection of kitchen cutting tools.

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And, as if getting your hands on what amounts to the equivalent of a kitchen Katina isn’t enticing enough, it also benefits from a blade crafted from a specially-selected laminated steel, called ZDP-189, which is renowned for its ability to hold an edge. Falling under the same umbrella as the everyday carry mavens at Hershey and Zero Tolerance, Shun certainly has the resources and expertise to make some of the world’s best kitchen blades.

Not only is it an absolutely gorgeous piece of hardware but its beauty is backed up by a blade construction of 32-layer Damascus, made up of a combination of nickel and stainless steel, and a black and deep red Lakewood handle. It also comes with a hammered scheme finish that adds to its beauty but also serves to help keep food sticking to the blade.

Handcrafted in Semi, Japan, this chef knife is the perfect blend of style and substance. Rather, the two seemingly opposing viewpoints are blended together into a minimalist piece of kitchen cutlery that could very well be hung up on your wall, but will definitely serve you better in your hand, prepping for every meal.

The small operation is in such high demand, in fact, that they are accepting orders for fulfillment at the end of 2019. This brilliant blend of east and west makes for an exceptionally unique blade that, while not cheap, is a bargain compared to the value a clever chef can derive for it over his or her lifetime.

Many knife makers, be they in the EDC community or specializing in kitchen cutlery, can trace their story in a very personal way. You see, what makes this knife special (aside from its obvious beauty and brilliant craftsmanship) is that the blade was actually made from repurposed Vermont Farrier’s horseshoe rasp high-carbon steel and walnut found on Chelsea Miller’s childhood farm.

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If you expect to get a lifetime of use from your new kitchen essential, you’ll want to learn how to sharpen a knife like a professional. With a long straight blade and a thin super-sharp edge, a chef knife helps you to cut and slice all kinds of food with ease.

Everybody loves chef knives for various reasons, but mainly because they make the cooking experience faster and easier. For this reason, chef knives are assessed as one of the most popular kitchen tools.

With a high-grade chef knife, you will always be prepared for making all kinds of food from simple dishes to more complicated ones in your kitchen. If you want to please your all family members with diverse and flavorsome food, all you need to do is to get a high-quality chef knife right away.

The reason is that with a high-quality chef knife, they can perform many cooking techniques for different purposes on a daily basis. Hopefully, this list will give you sufficient knowledge to choose the best chef knife for your countertop or restaurants.

When it comes to the best chef knife under $100 for not only commercial but also home uses, the first brand that pops up in our mind is Strong. With sophisticated technology and intensive knowledge of the cooking-tools domain, these chef knives with the staggering design will satisfy every consumer, even the pickiest one.

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It is not exaggerating to say that many existing companies have no match for Strong brand in terms of the quality of chef knives. Budget is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when purchasing a chef knife for your lovely kitchen.

First, this knife owes its great characteristics to outstanding cutting-edge technology. Being made of imported high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel, this Strong Gladiator Series knife provides you with an aggressive, sharp, and high-quality blade.

This best chef knife under $100 with a wide and ultra-sharp blade enables you to peel, dice, or slice food with ease. The handle, which is made of black Lakewood imported from Spain, is suitable for both left- and right-handed people.

The handle is designed a little longer, which aids in tackling difficult cooking tasks, easy slicing, and effortless cutting. The perfect balance and durability are ensured due to its triple rivet and end cap.

Strong Gladiator Series’ knives are designed for easy holding and gripping. Perfectest Strong Sheath The design has won many awards and the blade is hand-polished with a stain finish.

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People with small hands may find it hard to hold the large handle. Author is one of the most well-known and top-notch brands for producing high-quality knives, which are used by professional chefs and ordinary home cooks.

Sharpness is the leading factor that professional chefs highly demand because they have to slice and cut many vegetables and meat on a daily basis. This best chef knife under $100 is made of one single sheet of high-carbon stainless steel.

The sharpness and performance of this knife are ensured by the tempered 58 0 strong Rockwell Hardness. The sharpness of the blade is also gained by 20% due to the Author high-grade Precision Edge Technology.

The blade is forged so meticulously that every professional chef cherishes this knife. This best chef knife under $100 is a great combination of both lightweight and perfect balance, which means that you can tackle all kitchen tasks with ease.

The handle, which enhances the balance and comfort of this knife, is ergonomic with a finger guard for your safety. The triple rivet and full bolster ensure a more stable and safe cutting process.

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Besides, this best chef knife under $100 would be excellent good for your friends and relatives’ house-warming party. The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel with the tempered 580 strong Rockwell Hardness.

Lightweight and good balance are the most outstanding features of this best chef knife under $100. The blade is made of high-grade high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, which helps to keep your knife in the best state for a longer period of time without any sharpening.

Because the edge is super sharp and will not blunt easily even when you use it on a daily basis, you must be cautious every time you use this best chef knife under $100. The edge is sharpened at 15 degrees to create a knife that helps you cut and chop without much effort.

The fact that there is no wooden or plastic handle, this best chef knife under $100 is really lightweight. This feature enables any professional chefs and home cooks to use it with ease.

Small dimples are inserted on the handle to avoid slippery grip. There is also a rounded finger notch to make the knife easier to control.

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The blade is ultra-sharp and the edge is super thin The handle is made of stainless steel. Imported high-grade Japanese AUS10 premium Steel is used as the material to make this best chef knife under $100.

3-step Honbazuke 12 degree method is applied to sharpen the knife per side. The pattern is tsunami rose (Damascus), which gives the knife a brighter, fancier, and more attractive look.

This knife is made of Japanese AUS10 Super Steel The handle is a top military-grade G10 Triple rivet is coupled with full-tang Japanese tsunami rose pattern is carved on the surface of the blade. This 8-inch chef knife from Aroma House comes with an extra free sharpener.

If you have ever been worried about how to sharpen your blunt knives, this best chef knife under $100 will help you with this. Slicing vegetables, cutting fish, and chopping chicken are now very easy with this best chef knife under $100.

At the end of the handle, there is a stainless steel end cap, which enhances the beauty of this knife. Instead of a bolster between the handle and blade, the manufacturer uses smooth polished steel.

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This best chef knife under $100 fits both left- and right-handed users because the blade is sharpened on both sides. High performance and durability are ensured due to its full tang construction.

There is a sharpener and a gift box included The design is attractive and the balance is perfect The edge is double for both right- and left-handed users It comes with full tang construction Lakewood handle is ergonomic with an end cap In the cutlery industry, Mark is one of the most famous and familiar brands.

The blade of this knife is made of high-carbon stainless steel with German top-level engineering. Super-thin edge and lightweight feature make this knife easily tackle different types of kitchen tasks.

You can dice and slice vegetables, cut meat, and chop fish. The Lakewood handle of this Mark Pro 8-inch knife is a little longer for your comfort.

Not only is this knife an indispensable kitchen tool, but it is also a great gift for your friends and relatives on various occasions. When being asked about the most well-known cutlery manufacturers, many people would think of Heckles Internation.

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Not only is this manufacturer established, but it also has many bases in different countries all around the world such as Japan, France, Spain, China, Denmark, Switzerland, and Italy. The transition from the blade to the handle is seamless due to the full forged system.

The traditional triple-rivet handle offers users a nice balance and comfort of this knife. You can use this knife to chop, mince, slice, or dice many kinds of foods.

This best chef knife under $100 will have the advantages of both lightweight feature and the ability to tackle heavy-duty tasks. Secondly, a nice balance and safety are ensured due to the full tang bolster knife.

Moreover, if the edge is blunt after a long time of use, you just need a sharpening stone to make your knife razor-sharp again. This company has a lot of business in various countries and it is one of the most popular brands in cutlery manufacturers.

There are a lot of lines of kitchen cutlery made by this Heckles knife company. The lightweight feature makes this knife easy for chopping and slicing.

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You can use a dishwasher to wash this knife Perfect balance is ensured by a full bolster. Victorinox is one of the most famous brands in terms of cutlery manufacturing.

Founded in 1884 in Switzerland, Victorinox has spent many years producing high-quality knives. Besides, their top-quality butcher knives help you to easily tackle any kind of meat due to their length and sharpness.

You can use this best chef knife under $100 to cut, chop, and slice a lot of kinds of food from meat to vegetables. Tapered stainless steel is used to make this knife, which boosts the sharpness.

The versatility of this knife helps you handle many kinds of kitchen tasks. This knife will perfectly fit you whether you are a professional chef or a home cook.

All in all, you should invest in one and this knife will make your cooking experience easier and more relaxed. Thermoplastic elastomer is used to make the handle Swiss quality is credible The blade is made of stainless steel.

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For instance, the design is beautiful, the price is affordable, and the balance is perfect. There is no exaggeration to say that this best chef knife under $100 is perfect in its design, function, and price.

This knife is versatile and can be used to cut, chop, slice, dice, or mince food. This knife is made of German stainless steel with 58 Rockwell hardness.

This best chef knife under $100 is crafted with a perfectly finished and polished layer. The proper balance between the handle and the blade are ensured thanks to its ergonomic shape.

Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, this knife will be a perfect option for you. The price is so affordable that you will save a lot of money if you want to purchase one top-graded knife.

This knife will also be a perfect gift for your friends due to its beautiful outlook and good function. The box is very nice Waved pattern enhances the beauty of this best chef knife under $100 The handle is ergonomic The 2 mm edge is ultra-thin This knife is made of German stainless steel.

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This Kama 8-inch is a multipurpose and versatile chef knife that helps you to cut, chop, or slice many kinds of foods. The versatility of this best chef knife under $100 helps you to tackle various kitchen tasks.

The part between the handle and the blade are finished and polished with a special metal, which enhances the comfort and proper balance of this knife. Besides the two aforementioned knives, you could also look at the Soulful 8-inch Japanese stainless steel You knife.

You can process many kinds of foods from vegetables to frozen meat with ease. Besides, the size of the chef knife is also a key factor, particularly for cooking newbies.

In today’s world, getting a chef knife to make your cooking process easier and faster has become very important. However, if you have a small budget, it may be a bit difficult to buy one high-grade chef knife.

After spending many hours searching in the cutlery market, we have successfully compiled a list of the 10 best chef knife under $100 reviews, which offers you a vast amount of helpful information so that you can buy one best chef knife for your kitchen counter. Not only do these knives have perfect performance, but the price range is also reasonable that you will not go broke after buying one.

Although these chef knives price is affordable and not expensive, their perfect performance and long-lasting durability are indisputable. If you want to purchase one knife for your kitchen counter, it is worthy to note some important features such as the size, the material, and the handle’s outlook.

To choose the best size, you must rely on your feeling when holding a knife in your hand. More commonly, consumers bought cheap/economical knives manufactured in Asia which would work fine for a few days, but then rapidly lose their sharpness and be rendered useless only a few weeks later.

The reason is that before the modern days of international trade, American blacksmiths forged quality steel into durable knives made to last longer than their owners. We searched for knives that are made in the USA and found a large variety to choose from.

He eventually found his magic formula while tempering steel blades and not long after that, he made his first kitchen knife. The Farther’s are now in their third and fourth generation of knife makers, all continuing the family business of producing quality kitchen cutlery using the same techniques and fine craftsmanship developed 110 years ago.

Farther makes every kitchen knife from CPM S35VN martensite stainless steel and tempers the knives to a hardness of Rockwell C 58-60 (HRC). To ensure stability and balance, each “full tang” blade runs completely through the handle.

The Farther Cutlery 3 Paring Knife has just received the Seal of Approval from the Cooking Club of America magazine with a 96% member recommendation. Take note of the slightly raised hump on the back of the blade which is designed to give you more support in addition to preventing the knife from slipping from your hand.

This paring knife is great for general peeling or specific tasks like digging the eyes out of potatoes. Farther Cutlery 7 French Chef Knife The Farther Cutlery 7 French Chef Knife is specially designed with a very thin edge for slicing, chopping and dicing vegetables.

The curved blade creates an easy rocking motion and is, of course, handcrafted like all the other Farther knives. This is when the four Case brothers began selling handcrafted knives from the back of a wagon in upstate New York.

Case Household Cutlery has made military knives for U.S. servicemen and women from the beginning of World War I. During NASA’s Gemini Mission in 1965, astronauts included special Case knives in their survival packs.

All subsequent Gemini and Apollo missions included Case Astronaut Knives, making it the only knife to reach the moon. Constructed with wooden handles and Tru-Sharp steel, the blades don’t stick to food while slicing.

This American made kitchen knife set comes with a beautiful hardwood counter-top storage block. Cuzco’s product line includes kitchen knives and utensils, shears, flatware, cookware, and sporting knives.

The Double-D edge provides a clean, smooth cut every time and will stay sharp longer than straight-edge knives. The ergonomic handle has a universal fit for large or small, left or right hands.

The fatigue-resistant design provides a thumb and forefinger lock for more safety and better control of the knife. Lawson & Good now is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States, having been established in 1837 in Melbourne Falls, Massachusetts.

For nearly two centuries, the name Lawson has been synonymous with some of the finest handcrafted cutlery made in the USA. In 1869, newly elected U.S. president Ulysses S. Grant received a rather “cutting edge” gift from the small manufacturer.

Pieces of this extraordinary gift remain in the nation’s capital on display at the Smithsonian Institution. The company rapidly became known around the country and the world due to its well-founded reputation for crafting White-House-worthy dining implements.

From that day until now, Lawson’s talented artisans have handcrafted each piece in western Massachusetts. Due to a disastrous flood in 2011, the base of operations was moved from Melbourne Falls to Westfield but the legacy is still present in Melbourne Falls where an outlet store and select manufacturing exists in the original location.

Its broad blade dices, slices, and chops fruits, vegetables, and meats while protecting knuckles from hitting the cutting board. The blade is forged from the finest high-carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany (Grade 4116).

Full tang blades with triple riveted handles ensure the ideal balance and weight. A curved and recessed bolster provides a seamless transition from handle to blade, as well as comfortable thumb support for better control and safety.

Yes, there are a total of 9 knives in this 10-piece set as Lawson counts the 9-Slot Block as an individual piece. The blades in this incredible set are precision-forged and made from the finest grade 4116 high-carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany.

Lawson is using a traditional hot-drop forge process which results in a harder, sharper blade that is highly elastic and corrosion-resistant. Each knife features full tang blades with triple-riveted handles for the perfect balance and weight.

The exceptional balance and safety are due to the curved and recessed bolster which provides a seamless transition from handle to blade while supporting the thumb. For these full tang precision forged knives, Lawson uses high-carbon stainless steel from Solingen, Germany.

Before they are packed, the Lawson knife makers sharpen, polish and hone each edge by hand one final time. Radar cutlery is famously easy to spot in high-end kitchens by the unique solid aluminum handles.

For over 7 decades, Radar Knives have been 100% made in the USA and carry a Lifetime Guarantee. Each knife features the famous Silver Brushed Aluminum Handles that make Radar products so instantly recognizable.

As usual for all quality knives, hand washing & immediate drying is highly encouraged as dishwashers can lead to microscopic dings on the cutting edges. The set contains: Everything you need to prepare the perfect meal for the people you love is included in this set, which is why we often recommend it to anyone interested in buying only the best.

By choosing this set, you’ll be supporting the American economy while also being sure that your purchase will last for decades to come, thanks to the lifetime guarantee. The Radar Cutlery S38 Knife Set includes a variety of the 7 most used knives in the kitchen.

The Radar Super Parer is a paring knife ideal for when you prefer a larger blade. Its hand-sharpened blade makes cutting foods ranging from fruits to potatoes an absolute breeze.

All handles on the knives in this starter knife set are made from permanently cast silver brushed aluminum with a satin finish. Radar Cutlery Ultimate Collection The incredibly priced Radar Cutlery Ultimate collection 15-piece gift set includes some few kitchen knives made in the USA that come with black stainless steel resin handles.

Hollow-ground blades ensure a precision concave surface for maximum edge retention and sharpness. The set is actually dishwasher safe, but we still recommend washing & immediately drying by hand to avoid dinging the blades.

This ultimate collection contains virtually everything you need to equip your kitchen with the necessary cooking tools and is considered one of the most economical sets of knives made in the USA. Radar knives are famous for their surgical quality, high carbon stainless steel blades which are super sharp and handcrafted in the USA.

Radar’s mission is all about “providing our customers the best value of kitchen knives for their dollar” and this set proves that statement. The stainless steel blades come in a variety of sizes and will cut through fruits, vegetables, and herbs with ease.

This kitchen knife set makes the perfect gift for graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and so much more! It features a small, reverse-curve blade that makes it ideal for tasks that require finesse.

It is best suited for small or medium tasks such as peeling apples or preparing garnishes. Radar’s Regular Paring features a 3 ¼-inch blade ideal for everyday tasks, such as trimming skin from a chicken or dicing an onion.

Then there’s the Heavy Duty Paring, which has a slightly larger handle that provides more leverage when cutting. The compact size and 4-inch blade mean that it is your ideal paring knife when you need to cut a large item such as a whole chicken.

The thick and comfortable silver brushed aluminum handles create a truly gorgeous knife. The small paring knife is unbeatable when it comes to cutting tasks that require finesse, such as strawberries and apples.

The company calls it a Utility/Steak knife because you want it even at the kitchen counter when preparing your favorite meals. It features a long, sturdy blade that effortlessly cuts through substantive foods such as ribs or pineapple.

You need a Heavy Duty Paring Knife that is suitable for a wide range of kitchen tasks. Radar has included a 3 ¼-inch blade in this set that is great for cutting, slicing, and coring vegetables and fruits.

This large knife features serrated edges that make it a breeze to get perfect cuts of any food you can put in its way. The hybrid metal handle (Stainless Steel Resin + Cast Aluminum) assists the 7-inch Surgical Quality T420 High Carbon Stainless Steel blade slice effortlessly through large, tough foods.

Founded in 2014 this small company from Virginia makes Knives, Cutting Boards, and Serving Trays. Virginia Boys Kitchens use only wood from forests growing at least 2.4x faster than the harvest and mortality rate.

As a final reminder applicable to all the knives above, it’s worth covering a couple of critical issues that are especially valuable when dealing with quality cutlery. If you spend a lot of money on new knives, you want to keep them in good conditional as long as possible.

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