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Best Kitchen Knives Ranked

Danielle Fletcher
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 58 min read

With more than 11,000 reviews and a five-star rating, the Mercer Millennia is the undisputed champion of chef’s knives available on Amazon. Reviewers are particularly taken with the handle, which they describe as “comfortable” and “ergonomic,” as well as the incredibly sharp, 12-inch blade.

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Two years ago, celebrity chef Sean Brock shared a photo of a truly stunning chef’s knife on his Instagram “entirely handcrafted from reclaimed materials found in the mountains of East Tennessee.” Its stainless steel blade was forged from a “100+ year old 1095 high carbon sawmill blade” while the dark wood handle was carved from “some old growth cocoon.” The knife was custom-made by John Phillips, who sells the knives one by one to his newsletter subscribers. It’s damn near impossible to cop one of these beauties, but if you manage to, it’ll become an instant family heirloom.

Michelin-starred chefs Elise Knack and Anna Hieronymus recently told us Shun is “one of our favorite knife brands.” And with a lifetime guarantee and a blade that stays sharp longer than it has any right to, it’ll be one of yours, too. Risen was one of the earliest entrants into the fast-growing contingent of direct-to-consumer cookware brands, starting out as a Kickstarter launched in 2014.

In 2018, writer Parthia Rosin penned a convincing ode to the Honcho Kobe, or Long Chef’s Knife, a Japanese-made chef’s knife handcrafted in the seaside town of Banjo and available at L.A.-based Japanese home goods store The Good Liver. Rosin writes that she was immediately taken with the wood handle, which is “meticulously worked through a char coaling process that ensures its water resistant and antibacterial” as well as the blade made with two types of steel for added structural integrity.

“It’s so you learn the technique of holding the knife.” It also comes with a finger guard, which is perfect for amateur chefs in first, second, or third grade. Lightweight Japanese-style knives may be the blades du jour, but if you want a knife with some serious heft, one that can take a beating, go for the 11.1 ounce Author.

“I prefer the weight and thickness of the blade of this heavier knife,” says James Beard–nominated pastry chef Shannon Swindle. “It will slice through watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes by the pounds without a hiccup,” says one reviewer.

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As New Orleans–based chef Justin Devilries points out, this is also the knife you want to take on the road, saying, “For a home cook who’s very recreational and weekend warrior–is, you don’t want to pull out some crazy-heavy thing that shatters if you drop it.” We publish buyer’s guides to essential pieces of kitchen gear based on real-world testing.

A softer steel alloy, like those used in the German tradition, may be less sharp to begin with and get dull a little faster. But it can be easier to re-sharpen, and better for heavier-duty jobs, like splitting bone-in chicken breasts, without worry that you’re going to damage the blade.

“For everyone else, I have no way of knowing if you prefer heavy or light, a deeper throat, a special blade, something bigger. I used them in the normal course of my daily cooking, just to get to know them, and I also tested them in six important tasks: dicing an onion, slicing basil into chiffon, slicing tomatoes, cubing butternut squash, spreeing an orange and cutting up a whole chicken.

Those tasks tell you almost everything you need to know about whether a knife is nimble and sharp, sturdy and powerful, and above all, comfortable and secure-feeling. The knives ranged from $38 to about $200, and I found that price isn’t necessarily commensurate with quality and performance, though the very best knives are not cheap.

A note on keeping your knives sharp: You can buy the best knife there is, but eventually you will need to sharpen it or it will be useless. Home cooks can bring the knife to a professional or can buy a simple, plastic wheel grinder, which makes sharpening cheap, fast, and foolproof.

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Hayward says that he likes to relax at night with a glass of wine and a whetstone and painstakingly sharpen his hundreds of knives. Made in Japan, it has a hard, super-sharp blade and a simple wooden handle that’s extremely comfortable and feels secure in the hand.

The blade is beveled to a very thin, very acute angle, which makes it extraordinarily sharp. It effortlessly bites through tomato skin and cuts a neat onion dice with ease.

But these two models have so many similarities in style, design and performance, and such a difference in price, that it’s hard to recommend the Author over the Heckles. When you chiffon basil with this knife, it feels like the leaves are springing off the blade in perfect ribbons all by themselves.

It feels almost alive in your hand, super light, and extremely agile. It bites through tomatoes with ease and supreme an orange into perfectly clean, neat segments in a few seconds.

However, unlike the MAC, which has just enough sturdiness to deal with a chicken and butternut squash, this knife just doesn’t have the oomph for hefty jobs. It has a scalpel-like delicacy and when I used it to tackle big, tough ingredients, it felt wrong, even a little dangerous, and I worried I would damage the blade.

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Hayward calls it “a living hell” to keep it sharpened correctly. If you run it through an at-home wheel sharpener, it will hone the blade to an even “v,” which is standard, and you will lose the knife’s distinct quality.

(As with all the knives, I tested with a brand-new version to keep all the variables consistent.) It was the second-lightest knife I tested, only slightly heavier than the Mason, but it doesn’t require special knowledge to sharpen.

It’s made of just one piece of metal, including the handle, which is hollow and filled with sand, which provides a subtle, shifting balance that you don’t really notice while you’re using it. The metal handle has dimples to provide the grip, and while some cooks think it gets slippery when used to cut chicken, meat, or anything juicy, I haven’t found that to be the case.

It excels at tasks like slicing tomatoes, chiffonading basil, and dicing onion: It’s quite sharp and bites right through. Although it’s less well-suited to cutting up chicken or butternut squash, lacking the heft of the German models, with some extra care it can certainly get those jobs done.

It’s in the hefty, powerful German style, made by a family-owned company in the United States. It ably handles just about anything you throw its way, though it’s a bit clunky in the hand and less-than-razor-sharp on delicate ingredients like basil, on which it leaves subtle bruises.

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It’s a long, thin grip that’s completely smooth, without any contour at all, and though it looks beautiful, it felt slippery and small in my hand. It’s a very nice knife, a classic, sturdy German blade with a deep belly that makes a rocking chop very comfortable.

This is a wonderful knife, a Japanese-German hybrid, with a flat-sided wooden handle and a very sharp, very hard blade with a relatively wide, curved belly. It simply didn’t surpass other comparable knives in testing, particularly in quickly and easily dicing an onion and slicing tomatoes.

But oddly, it didn’t seem as sharp as the others, as it was a bit of a struggle to make a clean tomato slice. I wanted to like it because, of all the heavy knives, it was the most comfortable and balanced to hold, but it didn’t perform as well as I hoped.

This knife tops many lists as a great value, but I found it to be the worst of the two worlds: light but not very sharp, cumbersome and large. It was reasonably sharp coming out of the box (though still on the dull side compared to most others on this list) but after a couple of weeks of use, it was a struggle to slice a tomato or an onion.

It was one of the few knives in our test that could cleanly slice tomatoes, chop onions, cut up carrots, bone a chicken, and create thin ribbons of basil. The German classic is fully forged and has a full tang, which helps it feel perfectly balanced and ergonomic in your hand.

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It's dishwasher safe (a rarity for cutlery), but we recommend hand-washing to extend its lifespan. It's a quintessential, all-purpose tool that does an ace job of blitzing parsley into dust, dicing onions, or defining a chicken.

It practically guides you to hold the knife exactly how you should (by pinching the bottom of the blade.) The handle sits in the center of your palm, making this knife a true extension of your hand.

This fully forged, high-carbon German steel knife cut through almost every task very easily. It also comes with a protective plastic covering, making it extra safe to store.

One of the sharpest knives we've tested, Global's Santos is all stainless steel, so there aren't crevices along the handle that trap food. This Japanese knife excelled at all tasks but wowed us with its ability to power through chicken bones.

Super sharp to power through any task Entirely stainless steel Notched blade prevents food from sticking Shun's beautiful chef's knife literally glides through ripe tomatoes with its sharp edge.

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The rounded black Lakewood handle is comfortable even for small hands to get around, and if an 8-inch size (the most common length of a chef's knife) feels excessive and heavy, we think the 6-inch blade on this one will be a perfect fit. Heckles Chef's Knife is one of the top-selling knives on Amazon.

In our testing, it made quick work of chopping parsley, slicing tomatoes, dicing onions, and even boning a chicken. The knife's gorgeous rosewood curved handle gives you a comfy, ergonomic grip.

This 8-inch chef's knife is lightweight and super sharp, which made it very easy to cut through all off the veggies in our test without tiring our hand or wrist. Its Lakewood handle is smooth, strong, and easy to grasp with a full tang that helps it feel balanced in your hand.

Durable but not overly heavy Super sharp for effortless cutting The Made In 8-inch Chef's Knife did not disappoint: In addition to being very pretty to look at, it performed every cutting task well.

At the end of the day, finding your go-to chef's knife is largely based upon personal preference. The type of material affects the weight of the knife, the feel of it, as well as the price.

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Our best words of advice: Look for a knife that feels like an extension of your hand and keep it sharp. Betty Gold, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Editor & Product Analyst, Kitchen Appliances & Technology Lab Betty Gold earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Studies and Nutrition from New York University, and prior to joining Good Housekeeping, she worked with the James Beard Foundation and other leading food media brands like Bon Appétit, Food Network Magazine, and The Martha Stewart Show.

Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Testing Editor & Producer Nicole is a recipe developer trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition who specializes in testing and developing kitchen appliances; she currently runs the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

The bestkitchenknives aren't necessarily the most expensive, but it is true that high-quality knives are one of the most important purchases you'll make as a chef -- regardless of your experience or expertise. Sure, you'd be wise to have some pieces of quality cookware lying around, and a few well-placed kitchen gadgets help too, but it all starts with good, sharp knives.

Think about it: There are very few recipes that don't require you to employ the use of at least a chef's knife, so why not have a set of really sharp knives that feel good in your hand? As much as anything else I used to prepare meals, having a trusty knife, or set of knives, that I know will be comfortable to hold and do the job I expect it to -- and do it well -- is critical.

Keeping all that in mind, there are seemingly countless kitchen knife brands to choose from, and picking the best set of knives for your needs all while staying within a budget can be daunting. You can find knives anywhere and everywhere, of course, but there is a hearty crop of direct-to-consumer kitchen knife companies providing quality cutlery at better prices than your typical third-party retailer.

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In short, without resorting to cheap budget knives or totally breaking the bank, you can outfit your kitchen with quality cutlery to love and use for years to come. Products pass through the hands of resellers, distributors and retailers, all of whom add a markup to the base price in order to make money.

The consumer kitchen knife market skips the aforementioned distribution chain, bypassing the middlemen and going straight to the customer. This often means you have to buy their products online (unless they have an outlet or flagship store), but the upside is you're getting the same high-quality goods without added costs.

As you might imagine, you can buy almost any type of knife directly from these brands, including full sets of kitchen knives. That said, there are the most important knives that you'll absolutely want in your arsenal, and a good chef's knife sits firmly at the top of this list.

Chef's knives also generally have a bit of heft but some brands make smaller and lighter versions, as we'll explore in the details below. While they are usually about the same length, or just a little shorter, Santos knives are generally lighter and have a thinner blade with a dull back spine and no sharp tip.

The thinner blade aids in more refined slicing and dicing, so if you work with lots of fish or certain types of vegetables, a Santos is nice to have, but you can absolutely get away with just a good chef's knife. Many Santos knives also have a Grafton edge -- those small divots or scallops on the blade -- to prevent food from sticking.

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Utility knives are great for getting into tighter spaces and working sharp angles, or for cutting smaller fruits or vegetables with greater precision. You'll want a utility knife if you're looking to make a specific type of incision for aesthetic purposes, too, as with avocado or tomato for a pretty summer salad.

They are also great for intricate cuts, as in making garnishes for food or cocktails or taking the seeds out of fruits. A long serrated knife is ideal for cutting into soft things like crusty bread or large, ripe tomatoes.

You don't need to spend a ton of money on a serrated knife as long as it's functional and feels good in your hand. The blade is generally a bit more flexible than other knives so it can adhere to the curvature of whatever you're working with and get under skin and around bones.

I love how dexterous they are so you can get right into a stir-fry and cut up any big pieces you missed or trim chicken and other meats safely and in seconds. There are a lot of fancies, flowery adjectives and descriptors floating around when it comes to knife construction, materials and design.

Some knives are made from slightly stronger carbon steel but beware: They will rust and stain and if you're not diligent about upkeep they may not be worth it. Ceramic knives are also an option, but they are much more likely to chip or break and prove more difficult to both care for and sharpen -- and a sharp knife blade is just essential.

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Metal handles -- often made from aluminum -- are sturdy but not terribly comfortable and can cause your hand to tire and ache faster. I personally like composite handles, which are a mix of synthetic plastics and are the most popular material used by modern knife producers.

Most of these direct-to-consumer knife companies are aware of that and so offer risk-free home trials, which we wholly encourage you to take advantage of. Grab your cutting board and ready the knife block, here are the best direct to consumer kitchen knives for 2020.

The eight-inch chef's knife ($89) is on the heavier side (which I happen to like) and feels solid in your hand while still affording plenty of dexterity for whatever job you've got in front of you. Though it's a full eight inches long, Material Kitchen's chef's knife is a bit slimmer and lighter than Made In's and some others in the category.

MisenMisen has a small collection of impressive knives made from a material called Rich AUS-10 steel, which has a higher carbon content. The Santos runs for $75 and has good heft (eight ounces) with a full tang through the black composite handle.

Aura knives feel both incredibly strong and sturdy but with a lightness that allows you to operate with extreme precision. This unique combination of light and strong comes by way of implanted gemstone counterweights that ensure excellent balance.

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You can, however, choose from a number of beautiful handle color schemes, including ones made from redwood, onyx, turquoise and California buckeye burl wood. A nonlinear blade profile, for example, is supposed to “promote less friction” and easy release, which I found to be true in comparison with the other knives.

They are the only knives on our list that are stamped out of sheet metal and not forged, which means they'll almost certainly be a little less sharp and sturdy over the years. A good knife is a requirement for many cooking tasks, and a decent set can make any kitchen easier to work in.

When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. Similarly, the wide selection of options offers plenty of useful additions to not only home but also restaurant and catering kitchens.

With those you'll want to make sure you have a decent because they tend to get dull relatively quickly, but that also means they're more durable than harder, Japanese knives. If you've got a little cooking experience or you really want to take the learning process seriously, the set is a good place to start.

Its knives are lightweight and easy to maneuver and made of relatively soft steel that makes them another good tool for learning with. Alternately, our top pick the Author Classic Iron is right in the middle between the high-end and entry-level and should satisfy a wide range of users.

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I often use a paring knife to cut small slices of apple for myself before applying some peanut butter to them and eating them. While the chef's knife can easily crack through the crust of a good loaf of bread, it's gummy interior sticks to the blade and is pushed down onto the cutting board, resulting in crushed, sad-looking slices.

The serrations on a bread knife, and its scallops if it's a good one, will grip the bread's gooey center at the knife's edge, and release that same doughy center at the sides of the blade, allowing for a nice clean cut. Picking the perfect knife set isn't the kind of thing over which you should necessarily lose a lot of sleep.

If you're making simple meals for which you really only need to your ingredients, you can get away with a smaller set until you expand your skills. If your belief system clashes with the , the idea that there were human ancestors using crude stone tools 2.6 million years ago won't hold a lot of sway.

The first knives were much smaller versions of these blades, and were commonly carried by individuals, as much as eating tools as anything else. Globally, the Iron Age was marked by the development of extraordinarily sharp implements, including the swords of medieval Europe, Persia, and the far east, and the knives we use even today.

The first knives were much smaller versions of these blades, and were commonly carried by individuals, as much as eating tools as anything else. Nowadays, they're common enough that we can afford to leave them behind in our kitchens, and rarely do we need to kill or skin anything on our commute to the office.

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His work experiences led him to open a catering company, eventually becoming a sous' chef in several fine LA restaurants. He enjoys all sorts of barely necessary gadgets, specialty computing, cutting-edge video games, and modern social policy.

After two decades of product and market research, Chris has a keen sense of what people want to know and how to explain it clearly. He delights in parsing complex subjects for anyone who will listen -- because teaching is the best way to ensure that you understand things yourself.

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The Victorinox 8-inch Fibrous Pro is an excellent value choice, with a sharp edge and great control for rocking, chopping, and slicing. I tend to use a chef's knife for most of my cutting tasks, as they last a lifetime if you take good care of them.

They're also the perfect tool for cutting a large steak or prepping vegetables due to their straight, rigid blades. If you're working with a flexible budget and don't mind the maintenance, a chef's knife really is an essential part of the kitchen.

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When your knife isn’t sharp, it’s more likely to bounce off food than cut through it, which could result in serious injury. Advertisement tested each knife on three major criteria: sharpness, strength, and control.

We tested strength by throwing heavy-duty ingredients at each blade, seeing if it could get through butternut squash’s hard exterior without sticking and slice a large block of cheddar cheese without crumbling or tilting. We paid attention to comfort additions like beveled bolsters and curved handles and measured how the knife tackled chopping versus rocking motions.

The high water pressure and detergent will absolutely ruin your knife by dulling the edge and messing up the handle. The market is flooded with an overwhelming number of good knife makers, both new and established ones.

Bench made makes knives that are ideal for outdoor activities from camping to backpacking as well as every day carry. Bench made has developed pretty high-quality knives that stand out for completing daily tasks.

In fact, a good portion of their knives is now made overseas in locations such as Taiwan, Japan, and even Italy. However, this should not be regarded as a drop in their standards as production quality remains extremely high at their state-of-the-art facilities in these countries.

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Spider also has a series of customized pocket knives where you can choose your steel, the scales, and even what is etched on the blade. This personalization of their famous knife designs is an excellent addition to an already great product.

Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Spider Para Military 2 Signature 8.24” Folding Knife... Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Spider Tenacious Value Folding Knife with 3.39” Black...

Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Hershey, founded in 1974, is the best known for their small and mid-size tactical folders. Best Buck Knives The company gives customers a difficult-to-beat sequence of quality, efficiency, and iconic design; it remains one of the most well-regarded names in the knife’s market for a pretty good reason.

They are popular for generalizing the folding knife by executing the use of their traditional back lock system on the Model 110. Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife with Leather...

Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife with... Check Lowest Price @ Amazon So was founded in 1986 by Spencer and Gloria Fraser and right now based in Lynnwood, Washington.

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Spencer Fraser was encouraged by the So Bowie knife carried by members of the MACV-SOG special ops unit to recreate their highly efficient knife and carry out a tribute to the men of this highly classified special operations unit. Many So knives are field proven by the likes of law enforcement, US Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and military.

Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Columbia River Knife & Tool CRT Hiatus EDC Folding... Check Lowest Price @ Amazon CRT Provoke Karambit 2.4 in Black Blade Aluminum...

The At brand first made its appearance in 2006 to meet the needs of professionals in the military and law enforcement, as well as other first responders, such as firefighters and emergency medical personnel. All Zero Tolerance knives arrive sharpened and oiled, and instructions on the care of a customer’s knife are included.

Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Cold Steel was founded in 1980 as the self-proclaimed maker of the strongest and sharpest knives in the world. Cold Steel makes folding as well as fixed blade survival knives with a wide selection so you are sure to find the one you need.

Cold Steel has established itself as a company that makes affordable and very functional knives and tools. Besides, the knife maker also makes cases, machetes, pepper spray, baseball bats, swords, clubs, hatchets, and all manner of edged weapons.

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Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Cold Steel 4 Max Folding Knife Check Lowest Price @ Amazon The original Swiss Army Knife, created by Karl Essene in 1897, embodies the essence of Victorinox.

Today the international knife maker brand spans five product categories: Swiss Army Knives, Cutlery, Watches, Travel Gear, and Fragrances. High-quality products, great fit, and finish, affordable price point, low carbon footprint, giving back to their community, lifetime warranty, and excellent performance.

Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter Pro Alex with Para cord, ... Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, Polished...

Their knives are robust, reliable, and perfect fit for hard use, and have withstood the test of time. Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Hershey Akbar 3050 A bar, Mule Folder, Black, ...

Check Lowest Price @ Amazon Akbar Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, ... Even if you’ve amassed an arsenal of sharp pointy objects over the years, you’ll need a solid blade that can do it all.

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This section is for those of you who want to learn more about fixed blade knives before reading reviews. If you’d prefer to jump straight to the knife reviews, use the quick navigation menu above or simply keep scrolling.

You wouldn’t go out and buy a new truck without knowing its off-road, towing, and performance capabilities and you should have the same mentality for knives. Fixed blade knives can come in many shapes and sizes but I can assure you, they are not created equally.

Before we jump into each shape, it’s important to have a hard conversation with yourself about how you’ll be using your fixed blades. Each knife shape has distinct characteristics that will determine what they perform well doing as well as there durability, versatility, and even price.

The drop-point performs well in combat scenarios, under pressure in survival situations, it’s an excellent camping buddy, and it’s one of the easiest knife shapes to maintain. You can identify a drop-point by its convexly curved spine starting from the handle and ending at the point.

The Tango blade was purposely engineered to have incredible stabbing and penetration ability. The point is extremely thin and sharp, allowing for that initial penetration and then the thicker section of the blade easily slides into whatever you’re stabbing, creating massive damage and an incredibly difficult wound to heal from.

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Of course, we’re not condoning violence and I don’t suggest you use this knife on a human being, but they do make highly effective combat and self-defense options if the need arises. One of the Marine Approved favorites in terms of Tango’s is the Bench made Nitrous which we review in this guide.

These are pretty good for cutting in straight down motions as the tip won’t interfere or cause excess drag on none-cutting surfaces, however, there are many blades that perform this action and other actions as well and that’s why I don’t usually love this shape for fixed blade knives. Clip-Point: These are pretty similar to a drop-point but it seems as though they’ve gone on a diet and lost a few grams in the upper spine section.

The spine, from the handle, juts out in a flat straight fashion but as we get closer to the point, a big chunk of the blade is taken out almost as if it was cut out by a fingernails nipper. Of course, you do lose a little rigidity over the drop-point and I wouldn’t exactly choose a clip-point for a knife I plan to heavily abuse, but if carving is your thing, clip-points are your friend.

Spear-Point: The spear-point is pretty self-explanatory in that it’s a knife blade designed to mimic the attributes you’d expect to find on a spear. These are excellent knives to use when cutting away from you as the curvature of the blade allows for a very smooth movement forward.

These blades lack versatility but do exceptionally well when cutting things towards yourself, like opening boxes, popping zip ties, or dragging your dying enemies closer to you to hear their last breath. These were originally used by Asian militaries way back in the olden days but farmers and explorers quickly adopted their shape to cut through dense foliage.

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We won’t be reviewing any of these styles on this page as they aren’t really versatile or usable every day for the average person, but we will likely create a guide and a review roundup for some awesome Kurt knives in the near future as they are very much so helpful and handy to have. Thus, choosing a steel with a higher edge retention capability means that you can go longer between sharpening.

Corrosion Resistance: This determines whether your blade will rust under certain conditions or when it comes into contact with certain substances. For instance, if stainless steel is exposed to hydrochloric acid, it will immediately rust and as anyone that lives near the coast can tell you, saltwater is murderous when it comes to blades.

Luckily for us, there are new technologies in blade manufacturing and materials that will enable your knife to survive weathering and rusting. Choosing a knife based on its durability, toughness, and edge retention are all important factors to consider, but corrosion resistance is also a major factor that you shouldn’t neglect considering before you pull the trigger on a new blade.

If you use a knife regularly, you definitely will want to pay attention to the wear resistance rating of the steel used. Many of the toughest and most durable knives ever made have issues like being especially difficult to sharpen or may not be able to host a razor sharp edge at all due to their thickness and difficulty in manipulating.

It doesn’t do you much good to have a knife that refuses to break or wear down when the edge can’t be finely resharpened. On the flip side of that, some knives notorious for being easy to sharpen and/or have insanely thin and sharp blades wear extremely quickly and often end up with short overall lifespans.

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Full tang knives are obviously stronger than any other type and can be used in situations where very heavy use is required. The only downside to this is that the full tang can add a bit more weight to the knife, which means that you run the risk of tiring out faster with each swing.

These knives, while capable when used sporadically for their intended purposes, tend to come with a risk of breakage at the handle when used in very heavy circumstances. It gets its name because the tang is inserted by pushing it into a hollow portion in the blade, which is then secured with epoxy.

An additional note: Recent trends have shown that many people have begun to gravitate towards fixed-blade knives of shorter length. As violent crime continues to occur across the world, it’s only natural that restrictions on weapons of any kind (including blades) will be debated and eventually passed, even on knives.

My Review: Gerber makes a number of fixed blade knives that you’ll see being carried by members of the US military. The blade you’re getting here is a highly versatile drop-point consisting of ceramically coated 420HC steel (with or without partial serration).

The fact that it lacks lashing holes to make a spear in survival situations and an insulated handle isn’t a big deal to me, but again, it really all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your fixed blade knife. Along with getting an extremely well-designed full tang knife with a razor sharp 1095 carbon steel drop point blades, you also get the See 100 percent lifetime transferable warranty.

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That means if you somehow manage to break it, See will repair or replace it with no questions asked, even without a receipt. Its design is beautiful yet simple and it feels great in your hand, with a perfect balance between a sturdy, thick blade and a lightweight handle.

It comes with a molded sheath for tactical deployment options as well as a clip plate for easy access. The handle itself is made from Marta canvas, and the knife itself is meant to stand up to the toughest jobs and abuse that you can throw at it.

My Review: You know those silly games you used to play where someone would ask you what item you would like to have if you were stranded on an unknown island? In my opinion, this is the best fixed blade knife for survival applications you can find at around the $200 price point.

The full tang S30V blade can take a good bit of abuse and is perfect for bush craft, camping, survival applications. If you’ve read any of our other knife articles on Marine Approved, you already know we’re big fans of Bench made.

This is one of my favorite Bench made knives of all time, and even at around $200, I consider this knife a great value. This is especially advantageous for military or law enforcement personnel who may need to penetrate thick clothing or low-level body armor.

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If you’re buying the Nitrous to use for camping or survival purposes, you’d probably be better off going with the drop point version linked above. With a drop point and straight edge, this knife is still great for combat applications and will provide more utility in a survival setting.

The knife has a lightweight aluminum handle that feels great while still offering strength, versatility, and portability. Overall, this is a full-tang blade that you can truly trust with your life and of course, it’s also backed by Bench made’s Life Sharp Service and warranty.

My Review: Fallkniven is one of Sweden’s most reputable blade manufacturers and is responsible for some of our favorite knives that come out of Europe. The Fallkniven A1 Pro is constructed of laminated Cos steel which has garnered a lot of attention as of recent for its incredible longevity and resistance to corrosion.

Cos steel is relatively new and consists of a very high amount of cobalt that increases the blades edge retention over VG-10 but hosts similar incredible levels of corrosion resistance and durability. The Fallkniven A1 Pro is a utility belt of versatility all packed up nicely in one very smooth modernistic package.

That beautiful Swedish styling with laminated Cos cobalt steel really sets this knife apart and yeah, they’re among the priciest knives on the list, but they sure are worth it if you need an all-around all-star edge holding masterpiece of a blade. My Review: This particular fixed blade is one you’ll see being carried by troops overseas, and has been trusted by military leadership at the highest level.

In fact, I’ve heard this knife is standard issue to Navy SEALs during training. You would be hard-pressed to find a version of this knife that couldn’t suit your fixed blade needs and at the end of the day, these are some of the roughest and toughest knives per dollar you can get your hands on, and hey, they look good too which is a huge plus because we all know looking cool is the most important thing.

Other than taking far more time and patience to resharpen, CPM-3V is incredible and one of the strongest knife steels to date. SK-5 is still a fantastic steel for a lot of people and is used across many reputable brands and knife manufacturers.

Finally, Cold Steel has their own little twist they like to use to spice things up with and that’s San Mai. San Mai is really just a cool name for steel that they made to be slightly harder than traditional VG-10 without sacrificing VG-10s excellent corrosion resistance.

It’s got a very neutral styling that is obviously crafted for function over form, it’s well-balanced and extremely versatile, and it has no real downfalls. You can hack, slash, stab, thrust, and do just about anything from chop up firewood to utilize these knives in combat.

First and foremost, these are supposed to be tiny fixed blades that are meant to be heavily abused and replaced after a while. At just seventy bucks, though, you can certainly get your money’s worth and more, though, because what See lacks in premium steel options they make up for in design and engineering.

The grip feels a lot more natural and the blade offers a bit more versatility. Remember, 1095 High Carbon steel will rust rather quickly, especially in humid environments, if not properly cared for and maintained.

At first, I kind of felt like this knife was more of a fashion statement than anything else but it does actually pack quite a punch in a very small and lightweight form factor that I’ve grown to really enjoy. At something like sixty bucks, these are awesome knives to have around as a backup or just to spice things up a bit.

If you need something for hard utility purposes and you really like Gerber, check out our reviews in this guide for the Strong arm as I believe it is a bit more versatile, albeit heavier and larger, than the Ghost strike. Remember, 1095 High Carbon steel will rust rather quickly, especially in humid environments, if not properly cared for and maintained.

My Review: This is an updated version of the original Akbar; the knife developed to match the lethality and effectiveness of German knives during World War 2. I prefer and recommend the 1213 version It’s an excellent niche knife for those who have an affinity for the Akbar name and style.

The 1213 comes with the traditional combat oriented clip-point design with a full tang construction. The handle, dating back many years now, has that similar appearance to the original Akbar Marine fighting knife but it's a bit more modern now and consists of Keaton, which, if you’ve ever used Keaton, you know it's a well-rounded handle material that a lot of people really enjoy, myself included.

It’s not for those of you looking for the best of the best and it’s not exactly the most bang for your buck but it is a nice modern piece reminiscent of their earlier combat oriented knives. For me, I love having Kanbans around even though I typically use other higher end knives when I know things are going to get rough but the Akbar is still utilized by many servicemen as well as thousands of survivalists and outdoors men to this day.

That doesn’t mean it lacks utility, though, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend using the spine as a place to put your hand! The knife is actually extremely useful and hosts numerous ways to utilize and implement its multiple tools.

These are excellent knives to have with you while camping or backpacking and are in the off chance stuff hits the fan, this knife can be extremely lethal and useful in self-defense applications. All in all, it’s hard to recommend this knife for any specific purpose other than just having a really sweet looking fixed blade.

By the way, a lot of Bench made knives, including this one, have a charity going on now that donates a portion of the sale price to Three Rangers and the Navy SEAL foundation with the intent of taking care of the families of our fallen guardians, two foundations that are very much so Marine Approved. My Review: Albeit the Automatic Out-The-Front (Of) version of this knife is MUCH more fun and far more ominous, the Infidel with it’s fixed blade is also quite a treat on its own.

The 4.52-inch blade consists of American D2 Tool Steel and comes in at a huge 62 HRC rating which is rather hard compared to most other knives. I’ll admit, this knife leaves a lot to be desired in terms of an EDC but if you look at it objectively, the Of version was made more than a personal defense type weapon and I’d say the same thing rings true for the fixed blade version.

As always, it’s your responsibility to ensure something like this is legal where you live and if it isn’t, it might arrive with only one side sharpened. Intended Uses: Combat, Survival, Hunting, Tactical, Camping, General Utility.

Now, any Marine should know the Akbar original combat knife inside and out, and since I happen to fit that description, this shorter version already felt very familiar as soon as I laid eyes on it. I personally think that this is a great idea and a damn good knife that will always get the job done.

Personally, I think you can’t go wrong with this offering from Akbar, in terms of overall functionality as well as price, which comes in at just over $50.00. Now, it’s unlikely that you will get the type of satisfaction that you will get from using something like the So Seal survival knife above, but for a no-frills utility blade, you can’t go wrong with this under-$30 offering from Glock.

With a phosphate treated steel blade, your knife will stand up to corrosion while staying ready to use in-between sharpening. However, as long as you live in an area where you can possess a knife of this length without any legal ramifications, giving this solid offering from Glock a try won’t set you back much at all.

Many sawbucks can be difficult to use, but with the teeth spaced like they are on the Glock Field Knife, you will find that it is easy to use to cut through small shrubbery, brush, and stubborn roots. This is a solid, low-cost field knife from Glock that won’t break the bank but will get the job done.

My Review: It’s not often you find a Spider knife that stops you and makes you say “huh, that looks normal”, but the Moran really doesn’t exude a lot of draw-dropping confusion when you see it on the surface. Instead, Spider took a break from making leaf-shaped knives and asked one of the most reputable blade smiths to collaborate and create a cutting edge knife utilizing Spider’s famous VG-10 steel and Bill Moran's design expertise.

The result of that partnership was a beautiful marriage between that old hardened fashion and trustworthiness mixed with a little Spider flavor and of course, VG-10 steel. Although you can technically slice and skin with just about any of the knives on this list, the trailing-point on the Moran is basically built for it with the added addition of being extremely strong and resistant to corrosion.

These knives can sustain long term abuse whether that comes in the form of preparing your next meal or use around the farm and can perform many of the same duties as the ever so versatile drop-point. This is one of the few trailing-point shaped fixed blades that I would recommend as a fairly versatile and overall fantastically designed knife that could be used across many situations.

The Buck Knives 119 Special is a very traditional do-it-all kind of knife that utilizes a rather hefty and menacing 6” clip-point blade constructed of 420 High Carbon steel. Although that blade is quite intimidating, the black or wood grain phenolic handles are beautiful and offer a very traditional woodsman appeal.

You can choose between a traditional black or wood grain phenolic handle, and it comes with a real leather sheath with a snap-lock and belt loop for easy waist carry. Going along with current trends in knife preference, it features a short blade with a length of 4.6 inches, making it comply with a vast majority of US state laws pertaining to knife blade length.

While that may be what the manufacturer intended, I have no problem at all stating that I would be proud to carry this as a back-up blade any day of the week. The full tang AUS-8 blade is coated with black Titanium Nitride to protect the blade from the elements, and while this knife isn’t made with a super steel like some of the more expensive knives on this list, AUS-8 is a well-rounded steel and you get a capable knife at an affordable price.

Cryogenically hardened steel is So’s proprietary process that hardens the material at the atomic level Handle: High-impact nylon offers great grip with zero maintenance; a nearly indestructible material Hard cased Black Titanium Nitride (Mini) Coating Molle-compatible Ballistic nylon Sheath My Review: As mentioned this is basically just a larger version of the SEAL Pup elite.

So Commitment: “Take care of your knives, and we’ll take care of you; we’re committed to making sure they do.” This means that So will closely consider any and all repair/replacement requests for the life of the knife, so long as it was not damaged or destroyed due to carelessness. Handle: High-impact nylon offers a great grip with zero maintenance; a nearly indestructible material Molle-compatible Sheath: Ballistic nylon sheath with an extra pocket that you can wear on your belt or attach to packs and gear Coating: Comes with a Hard-cased Black Titanium Nitride (Mini) Coating.

It is a full tang knife, so you will have no problem deploying it in the field to take care of thick brush, dressing your kills (small game), and even prepping food at a campsite. The Ran is a black powder-coated flat ground 1095 stainless steel blade with dark gray Marta handle scales.

I really like the textured 1” spine on the top for heavy downward cutting and the blade overall just feels massively capable of taking on just about anything you throw at it. This knife is built strong enough to handle just about any field task, includes a built-in fire starter, and has been hardened for extra strength.

The sheath is really cool and includes an integrated diamond sharpener as well as a spot to hold the fire starter, making this an excellent camping and wilderness survival tool. The blade is made from high-carbon steel with a corrosion-resistant black coating for extra durability and extended life.

The fire starter yields 7,000 strikes and produces 3,000-Degree sparks; works when wet. It comes with a black plastic sheath with integrated diamond sharpener and Fire Starter.

My Review: The Swedish blade makers at Moran doesn’t do gimmicks, unnecessary additions, or style points. Usually, I’d advise against partial-tang knives as they simply just do not hold up to the same amount of pressure and abuse a full tang knife otherwise would.

The Stand edge blade consists of high-density carbon steel that is literally built to be abused as much as possible. Sharpening just takes a little practice and patience and lucky for us, these blades hold an edge incredibly well, even when being heavily abused in bush craft.

The blade itself is composed of 12C27 stainless steel, which is an alloy unique to Sweden, and the knife has actually won awards for its design and strength. This knife is proof that you don’t need a giant Bowie with a footling blade to get the job done.

It includes a solid polymer sheath for easy carry and instant deployment from your boot. My Review: With a blade length coming in at just under 2.5 inches, the Akbar Law Enforcement knife has a curved structure that resembles a Karambit.

It is designed as a personal protection device for law enforcement officers, so Akbar really put a focus on ease/speed of deployment, concealment, and the ability to inflict a great deal of damage from such a small package. It is rated at a very strong 57-59 on the Rockwell hardness scale (“HRC”), the gold standard of steel hardness rating systems, which means that it will stand up to any common obstacles that a law enforcement officer may encounter.

Verified owners of this knife have given rave reviews as to the strength of its build, the high-carbon SK5 steel composition of the blade, and its simple-yet-sleek design. It is lightweight and super-sharp and it is coated with a layer of black corrosion resistance for extended life and improved versatility/utility.

Additionally, with an under 4-inch blade length, you don’t have to worry about the law harassing you for carrying it, and the G10 handle and glass-reinforced nylon sheath allow for quick deployment in a self-defense situation. My Review: This knife is ready to rock and roll and is purpose-built for ultimate toughness and durability.

This is a black do-it-all kind of fixed blade that is ready to get things done and doesn’t care how it looks doing it. I can appreciate tactical looking knives as much as the next guy but I also really love simplistic rugged designs like this.

Gr ivory balanced grip with a total package length of 10.5” Molly compatible ABS plastic lockable sheath included My Review: Ontario designs and manufactures some well-respected knives, including the SP3 issued to Navy SEALs so it’s no surprise that this is an incredible knife for the price.

This bad boy has a Keaton comfort handle consisting of super-hardened epoxy and that allows you to grip the huge 1095 carbon steel 5.5 full tang Sawbuck blade with a hefty 3/16 thick spine. There are some aspects of the design I’m not a huge fan of, and I actually found a good video on YouTube about how this knife can be modified to be a little more practical for survival applications.

These knives are insanely good values and at only roughly fifty bucks, a full tang 4.75” 440 stainless steel blade with G-10 textured scales is a solid choice. The knife is designed to be a mock-up of actual Persian knives which entail a sloping forefinger grip.

This grip, when held neutrally, has the blade at a slight downward angle which a lot of people might find difficult to acclimate to, however, it makes slices and downward cutting motions exceptionally easy but perhaps cutting to the side might be a bit of a harsh angle for the wrist. Included with this beautifully crafted knife are a rather hefty Index sheath and belt clip.

Intended Uses: EDC Fixed blade, hunting, fishing, hiking, ranch work My Review: Gerber tends to stick around in the low tier echelon of knives but the Gator is a massive exception to that.

Of course, that drop point blade is extremely versatile and probably best for most people, but the gut hook is an excellent choice if you plan to keep this knife around for the sole purpose of hunting and fishing. Speaking of fishing, these blades offer excellent resistance to corrosion and therefore are great to use around the water.

My Review: Folding knives are great for their portability but of course lack total strength and have moving parts, meaning they aren’t anywhere near reliable as a fixed blade but then fixed blades are often large and uncomfortable to carry all the time. It’s super short and with that hollow grind the blade feels really thin and absent of girth.

I would say that for most people looking for a blade that’s extremely strong and has no moving parts but is small enough to accommodate urban life, this is a very solid choice that will provide for a lot of versatility and utility. This knife also comes with a plain edge which is the one I reviewed but you can also find it with a “Spidered” which is basically a Spider exclusive serration pattern that is wonderful for cutting belts, synthetic rope, and commercial fishing line.

The Selkirk brings simplicity to modernity with its traditional wood grain Marta handle attached to a very basic but versatile drop-point. 420 High Carbon steel is notoriously hard and strong and so long as you don’t plan on using it often near saltwater, it will serve you nicely as it’s rather easy to maintain and is well-rounded across durability categories.

The Selkirk surprises us again with an integrated fire starter and whistle nicely designed into the wood grain Marta handle. The knife has one more small surprise and it’s found at the butt where there is a steel bolster handy for use as a hammer or glass breaker.

The Selkirk is deceiving in its simplistic nature but for that reason, it’s an excellent everyday use kind of knife and should provide utility to anyone that grabs one! The blade consists of 30 folds of Damascus D2 steel (15% carbon) with a beautiful birch bark handle and hand made leather sheath.

This isn’t the strongest or most utility-based knife on the list but it is definitely one of the most beautifully crafted and well-designed knives I have ever reviewed. It’s extremely tough due to the hand-forged Damascus, largely known for its hardness but also incredibly rigidity.

Despite its ultimate toughness and incredible edge retention, even when abused, this knife will corrode faster than a 90s Chevy, so make sure you keep it dry and well-lubed up! My Review: Truly a knife for knife connoisseur, this handcrafted blade from LT Wright can be used for just about anything with flawless results, including atoning wood, preparing food in the kitchen, skinning game, protecting yourself, camping applications, and much, much more.

While its price tag is the highest we have reviewed here, coming in at $275, once it is in your hand, you will fall in love. Crafted with care from CPM 3V steel with a plain Stand edge, this blade feels like a natural extension of your arm and hand.

The bottom line is that if you can get over the price tag, this is truly a near-flawless blade for even the most demanding knife connoisseur. While the brothers made several designs of the blade pattern that eventually became today’s Bowie, the origin of the knife itself is surrounded in myth and conflicting stories, and as such, has become an odd part of American mythology.

However, the knife itself has stood the test of time and continues to be made by several manufacturers across the world, from high-end craftsmen to cheap knock-offs that fall apart after a couple of uses. The variant pictured here is one of the most common designs, in terms of blade length, handle material, and tang.

Karambits are versatile, intimidating, and incredibly effective in self-defense but are difficult to use properly and aren’t great for a beginner. As a kid in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I remember when makers first introduced survival knives with hollow handles packed full of emergency goods, such as a compass, patch, needle/thread, and matches.

The major difference in the blade design of modern survival knives, though, it is the fact that the unsharpened side has been outfitted with a sawbuck, adding the ability to do some emergency woodcutting that could quite possibly save your life. The portion that extends into the handle, known as the “tang,” comes in many shapes and sizes (which we will cover in the next section), and is a huge consideration point when choosing the correct knife.

The two pieces are joined together by a fastener upon which the blade rotates downward, folding in half. Folding knives are generally designed to be tools that can be deployed to cut through something in your way, such as a packing strap, rope, tape, etc.

On this page, our goal is to bring you common sense, practical advice regarding the best fixed-blade knives you can get for your money without having any preference for style of knife. Nowadays, we have a bunch of options to choose from in terms of blade materials that are capable of surviving harsh weather conditions.

Specifically, materials that stand out in corrosion resistance are H, LC 200 N, Sandpit, N690, VG-10, and Nitin 60. For the most part, choosing anti-corrosive properties comes at a trade off, generally with edge performance and overall knife hardness being the two major attributes being sacrificed.

Anti-corrosive metals are much more difficult to work with and get to a high level of hardness during the manufacturing process and this also usually adds to the cost of the blade. Trading off knife performance doesn’t mean anti-corrosive blades will, by default, encompass low-quality edge retention, but they will likely not have as high marks in those categories as a blade that doesn’t have anti-corrosive properties, given that both metal materials are of relatively the same quality.

In fact, it is such a broad category, it would be easy to write an entire book on the subject with ease. As a knife lover and collector, I am partial to fixed-blade offerings over folding knives, and although I do have some of both in my collection, most of what you will find in my house falls into the fixed-blade category.

Corporal Weibo is a former Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd In 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear.

There is no secret that Bench made is a top brand when it comes to the overall performance of their knives. It is the reason many people today would want to have a piece of their knives.

Well, we get to look at the crooked river knife model for this part of the review. Since it weighs 5.41 ounces and then combined with the overall length, you get to see that it is good in terms of portability.

Another good thing about this model should be its long curving handle. The handle is designed this way to complement the long curving blade.

The model also combines the use of a diamond wood, aluminum bolsters, and an orange pivot collar to make it look so great. You will find the handle being quite ergonomic as compared to some other common knives.

You will also like the fact that it is beautiful and feels good in the hand. With a good grip, it should then be possible to use the knife effectively without worrying that it might slip.

The model also comes with a good deployment and lockup mechanism. The axis lock is a common feature among many knives on the market right now.

Strong construction Beautiful design Impressive deployment This is another top performance folding knife you can buy today on the market.

This model comes made of strong steel that has been further hardened. Also, the steel used in this type of construction is also great when it comes to resisting corrosion.

Generally, you should find it great for various applications outdoors or anywhere considering it is a pocket knife. The model is highly polished to eliminate issues of corrosion.

Many people will also get to love the kind of ergonomics that come with the model. Having a handle that is comfortable boosts the confidence when it comes to the overall use of the knife.

You are also going to enjoy working with this type of knife starting today. The user can choose from a wide range of steel types when it comes to the construction.

The work of this design is to allow the user to have a good grip each time when using the model. There is plenty of traction with the knife without necessarily tearing into your hands.

In addition to the stainless steel blade, this model also features an aluminum handle. The aluminum handle is all about keeping the weight of the knife lower.

Generally, you should find the model coming with a solid form while at the same time being lightweight. Being ambidextrous means that you can easily operate with either the left or right hand.

The best part is that it comes with a wide range of options in terms of handle color. It should help you handle various types of applications thanks to the full flat grind also.

This type of steel is good in terms of ease of sharpening and remaining corrosion resistant. As for the handle, it is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon with nested steel liners.

This kind of construction is important when it comes to having reduced weight. It should be the reason the knife feels light and comfortable to use generally.

You will also like the handle for offering the best grip for general use of the model. The knife generally opens with ease at the flick of a thumb thanks to its smart design and also low friction phosphor bronze washers.

You are going to enjoy having a good time owning this type of knife starting today. This is because the manufacturer has made it to have the top quality materials throughout together with an impressive workmanship that just makes more people feel comfortable getting it.

You can be sure to end up with a model that works great just as you would want. It comes with a closed length of 4.75 inches, which should still be good for portability.

The surface also comes with some grooves and cutouts that further prevent any cases of slippage with the model. This makes it great for durability and staying sharp for longer.

It is lightweight Feels good in the hand Strong blade Due to its dimensions, you can easily specify this model as a medium-sized EDC and an emergency tactical knife.

Thanks to having the big blade, you are also going to find the model being good in terms of versatility. The So brand also selected the AUS8 steel for the blade construction.

This is a mid-range Japanese steel that should still give you some good performance at all times. This is because with such a material, the model can still hold the edge for a long time.

Sharpening is also simple as compared to the other materials meant for blades. The model comes with an impressive unique and boxy looking handle.

This is something good as the material keeps the handle light, but at the same durable and also offer an impressive grip. This means that with just a gentle push, the thumb studs snap and let the blade out.

So Flash II Assisted Folding Knife Our rating: (4.5 / 5) When it comes to having a good time owning the best knife, then you might want to consider this one.

As a result, you get to see that this is a top performance blade that should work for you starting today. Having leaf shape design makes it great for various application.

Having a long cutting surface makes it great for ease of handling the knife. You can put your thumb on the top of the blade spine and easily get it working just as you would want.

It comes with more carbon presence that helps with reducing the wear so that you can keep using it for longer. This type of steel is also easy to sharpen making it one of the best for you to pick.

It is one of the best models that will make you feel it was worth spending your money on it. With such a size, it should be able to deliver some good performance are always looking for in a knife.

Generally, the scales are meant to provide a positive no-skid grip when it comes to working with the model. You will note that the model comes with an impressive high-strength blade lock mechanism.

Spider does seem to have many options to offer to the user when it comes to pocket knives. You are always going to have a great time when it comes to using this type of folding knife today.

The model comes with some good features that should make it great for overall performance. There is the large thumb hole that should make the operation generally easy for most users.

You can be sure to end up with a model that feels good in the hand. You will like the fact that this one comes with an impressive clip point blade.

The overall design should get many people interested in knowing that the model can offer. It means that you will always end up with a good performance in terms of durability.

The material is also good when it comes to the overall strength and edge retention. The nail notch is an important aspect when it comes to locking and opening of the blade.

It is relatively simple for you to open and lock the knife depending on the application. This gives you the assurance that the model will always work great as you need it to be.

As a result, you get that this model comes with an impressive number of positive reviews that you can use right now. It is a knife you can take anywhere and expect it to deliver on some good performance at all times.

The model also comes with an impressive 3-inch clip shape blade. The use of strong stainless steel for the construction of the blade makes it one of the best.

You can now get a model that delivers on some good performance that you never have to worry about. Being compact makes it possible for the users to carry it with ease.

Offers impressive durability Great for hunting, camping, and more Easy to open and close The model comes with some impressive features that should make it one of the best on the market right now.

Just as expected, you are going to get a model that delivers on some good performance that you have always wanted. It will also come with a good edge retention and also corrosion resistant features.

As a result, you can always relax and get this model as it is made of strong materials. Having a slim design means that it should easily fit in your pocket with ease.

It comes with some design features that should get many people interested in knowing what kind of pocket knife activities it can do. The overall folding design makes it great when it comes to portability.

You can keep it in the locked position if you are looking to end up with the best performance at all times. To make it good for portability, the manufacturer made the model to have a slim profile.

It means that you can easily carry it in your purse or pocket without it showing a bulge. The clip blade is good for slicing and cutting in tight spots.

The drop point on the other hand is good for cutting and carving. The model comes with an impressive locking mechanism that should help with the overall performance.

The locking mechanism will easily release the blade if you have to use it thanks to the nail notch at the top. You can also like the way it is easy to take the blade back to its locking position.

The model is one of the top brands, so you can always expect that the performance is going to be good. The model’s design makes it good for everyday carry.

The handle feels comfortable in the user’s hands so that using it can be easier. You will get that this model can deliver on some good performance features you have always wanted.

This means that you should be in a position to enjoy some good performance at all times. Being a folding type of knife, it means that you can keep the blades locked until you have to use them again.

Another thing you will like should be that the blades can come out quite quickly when you deploy them. You will not even break your nails when it comes to using the knives starting today.

You will also like the fact that the model is good in terms of durability. This makes sure that the knives get to stay for longer as compared to the other models on the market.

The folding knife also comes with an impressive design that should keep many people interested in getting it for themselves. With its impressive edge retention, it then means that you do not have to keep sharpening it every now and them.

Despite this knife coming with three blades, it is still compact and easy to carry. Being compact means you can have it in your backpack or pocket without it taking up a lot of space.

This model stands out for having some good performance in terms of the design. You should have a good time when it comes to working with this type of model.

The blades are made of high carbon stainless steel. The handle is beautifully designed to be the center of attraction for the knife.

The aim is to provide you with a knife that can deliver on some of the best performances you have always wanted. It comes with a fine tip that can help in slicing through different surfaces with so much ease.

As much as it comes from China, it should still deliver on some good performance you have always wanted. For the price that you get this model being sold at, you will definitely have a good time when it comes to working with it.

The model comes with some other good features such as a full stainless steel handle. You will like the fact that it comes with an impressive overall length of 7 inches and a 3-inch blade.

This is high quality steel and thus expect impressive durability with the model. Moving onto the handle, it is made of solid steel combined with a frame lock.

The handle on overall is durable and will not disintegrate as compared to some other models on the market. There is no doubt you want to get a model that gives you the best versatility and performance.

Depending on your needs, you should be in a position to pick a model based on the number of blades available. As the type of material, you will mostly end up with stainless steel knives.

Not all the stainless steel types are great in terms of performance and durability. Make sure the type that you get to choose can deliver on impressive durability and retain the edge for longer.

The handle plays an important role when it comes to the ergonomics. It is the reason you might want to get a model that delivers on the best ergonomics with the design and material of the handle.

Some common materials include aluminum, celluloid, bone, wood, G-10, and Marta. It helps you to end up with a model that looks and works good.

For a model that is supposed to work great as a pocket knife, it should then be good in terms of weight. Being lightweight also means you do not have to worry about its concealment because of a slim profile.

From the list above and buying guide, you should now be in a position to have a good time when it comes to picking the best pocket knife for yourself. You can be sure to always have an easy time making up your mind when it comes to finding the right performance knife.

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