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Best Kitchen Knives Uk

James Lee
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
• 27 min read

Our guide will help you decipher these quandaries, so you can slice and dice effortlessly for years to come. Kitchen knives are categorized according to their shape and size, with certain options suiting certain tasks best.

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They differ from the chef’s knife by having a blunt, rather than pointed, end and the dimples on the blade ensure that you can get thin slices without food sticking to it. While you can easily live without one, these long, sharp knives can still be useful if you eat lots of roasts.

With soft-touch comfort handles and individual protective sheaths, not only do these look fab, but they’re safe to use and store too. The blades are made from Japanese stainless steel and are taper-ground for a fine finish that should stay sharper for longer.

We really like the size and shape of these blades; they’re ideal for both larger chopping jobs and precision dicing. During testing they put up a bit of resistance against some firmer veggies and didn’t slice through tomatoes and grapes as easily as the more expensive knives on this list.

If you have young children or are simply tired of nipping yourself on knives that have been put in the drawer the wrong way round, Miners have come up with an ideal solution. Unlike classic blades, each knife in the Assure set has a completely flat tip.

Nonetheless, if you’re on a budget and want to keep sharp tips away from tiny hands, we’d highly recommend this set. This gentle action is designed to keep the knives in tip-top condition from day one of use.

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It’s an unusual yet fantastic feature to have, especially if you’re not a knife sharpening whiz but still appreciate the difference sharp, high-quality knives make during day-to-day cooking. The riveted synthetic handle makes them comfortable to use and the blades have no problem slicing through even the toughest veggies.

Cheap knives are typically flimsy, uncomfortable and not up to even the most basic of jobs. For under £100, you get five sturdy, dishwasher safe kitchen knives that are ideal for everyday tasks.

The handles are ergonomically shaped with good balance in the hand, while the fully forged German stainless steel blades, with a 15-degree angle, are super-strong. As they started life with crude handles that became uncomfortable to use after long periods, the manufacturer worked with the likes of butchers and chefs to develop the ergonomics and the result is that both boxes are now ticked and raved about by a range of kitchen pros.

They're also quite thin, which means they're very sharp but not particularly suited to tougher vegetables like swedes or butternut squash. Le Crest is a brand better known for its cooking pots than its blades, but this is the sharpest, most precise and easy-to-use paring knife we could find for chopping or slicing everything from onions and garlic to potatoes and beans.

In fact, even after preparing a roast dinner for 16 people, our hands didn’t show signs of soreness and, as the blade is made from Damascus steel, it will see you through year after year of vegetable prep work. The good grip ensures that it cuts straight, which makes it easy to produce everything from thin and delicate slices right through to chunky doorsteps.

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The wide blade and scalloped indentations cut quickly and effortlessly without food sticking to the blade and the fully forged German stainless steel makes it robust and beautifully balanced. Unlike many Santos knives, you can put it in the dishwasher, although be warned the handle color can fade after a few weeks.

If you’re always dissatisfied with the quality of the knives that you find online, our list of the best blades available on the market today is sure to turn all of that around. If you’re looking for high quality knives that you can use either at home or for professional purposes, then you’ll love the Home stainless steel knife set.

In addition, the twelve-degree blade makes it an excellent product for cutting through sashimi and sushi too. With an incredible Tsunami rose pattern on the blade, this would make an amazing gift.

If you’re looking to invest in a good knife selection, and you don’t want to worry about wasting your money, the Orient brand also offers a 100% warranty with a money-back guarantee if you’re not impressed. Another example of one of the best high quality kitchen knives that money can buy, the Chef’s Path 8-inch knife is a fantastic option for professionals and homemakers alike.

This product comes with a premium protective case to help your knife last longer. This extremely versatile tool will become your go-to choice for everything from chopping and mincing, to dicing and slicing.

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Sometimes, when you’re searching for the best professional chef knives, you don’t need a whole range of different blades to choose from. The Author Classic is a single, yet convenient chef’s knife that offers the flexibility you need to create a range of amazing meals in no time.

Features This precision-forged knife is carved from a single block of high carbon steel, and it’s designed to give you sensational results whether you’re cutting fruits and vegetables, herbs, or meats. With its triple-riveted design, full tang handle, and easy-to-clean stainless steel construction, it won’t disappoint.

One of the best tools for chefs on the market Stainless steel durable design Incredible performance Dishwasher-safe handle Triple-riveted and precision-forged This is another one of the leading knife sets on the market today that would work well as a gift for anyone who loves cooking.

The incredible cutting edge on each of the products ensures that you can get an agile and high-quality slice every time. Features Ideal for professional chefs or those in training, the kit comes presented in a heavy-duty case that you can take with you on the move.

One of the toughest challenges of looking for the sharpest kitchen knife is that you need to find a way to keep your knives in excellent condition over time. Features The incredibly sharp knife blades have been hand-crafted to deliver a lightweight and agile cook every time.

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If you’re looking for precision cooking, and the convenience of a Hakka wood handle that’s shaped to fit the natural curves of your hand, then you’ll love this knife collection. Another excellent option for those in search of a full knife collection, the HOBO Japanese steel kit comes with everything you need to prepare sumptuous meals.

Also, the unique blade grinding technology used to create these knives gives you excellent quality of sharpness. The ergonomically designed handle is great for providing consistent grip, while also ensuring a simple and elegant experience.

If you’re looking to invest in a stunning stainless set that you can use for many years, your search ends with the Home Santos. The hollow edge design means that your knife remains lightweight, despite being made from high-quality steel.

Additionally, the steel blades are also anti-corrosion and anti-tarnish intended to ensure that your investment lasts for as long as possible. The comfortable Lakewood handle makes it quick and easy to get used to chopping and mincing in no time.

Requires a lot of regular sharpening Can be dangerous for beginners Not enough curve to the knife for some users Finally, if you’re looking for an alternative option to expensive Robert Welch cutlery, and you want a set that covers everything but your chopping boards, the However could be the perfect collection for you.

knives kitchen market
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Offering excellent quality with its steel design and construction, this durable collection of knives is great for families and chefs alike. Unlike many of the products on the market today, the However set also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you find that you don’t like the items when you get them.

Very sharp and strong performance Wide selection of knives included Durable and lightweight handle Made with high-quality steel Good value Just like when you’re choosing the best induction pans, casserole dishes, and deep fat fryers, the best knife for your needs will depend on what you intend to do with your new tools.

Choosing a blade made out of stainless or Damascus steel is a good place to start. Once you know what makes the best utensils more durable like good quality materials, you can begin to look for the kind of knife that’s suitable for you.

A chef knife, for instance, is a good option to have in any house, because it gives you a versatile way to chop, dice, and slice a lot of different kinds of food. Some people find that buying individual kitchen utensils means that they end up with better knife quality than they would get from a full set.

The good news for those of you who want to get your hands on the perfect kitchen accessory is that it’s easy to find amazing knives online. You can find specific choices designed for the budget chef, or intended to complete various kitchen tasks.

knives kitchen market
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Remember, the right handle also makes a big difference to the quality of your knife, as does the material the blade is made from. You can mince meat, chop herbs, and even peel some food items with a chef knife if you have the right level of skill.

However, most chefs will use a variety of carving and slicing tools like steak and Santos knives in their work. However, having researched all of these high performers we chose the home Knife Set as our top recommendation.

We love that this set features stainless steel blades with hand-polished edges and that it is designed for precise cutting performance. Additionally, thanks to the wide selection of options you will be prepared for most kitchen cutting or chopping challenges you may face.

“I have some lovely Japanese knives, which hold a great edge for clean slicing of vegetables and fish. For butchery, however, I have an old faithful boning knife, which I’ve been using for twenty years, from Gustav Emil Era.

German steel isn’t as hard so is less likely to chip against bone. “Opined make great knives for working front of house and their bread knife is cool.

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It means you can perfectly slice your homemade sourdough ready to be slathered with real butter and enjoyed with a glass of natural wine.” “Tayayuki knives are Japanese and make working with fish like I do every day an absolute dream.

They have nice weighty handles which steady your cutting action and provide more precision. The reason why is they transform metal and plastic waste into knives and the pure craftsmanship and attention to detail is like no other.

Whilst they work a whiz in the kitchen too, they are great option if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint too.” They may seem like a lot of work to maintain and care for when you first start using them, but the results they yield are far superior.

I’ve had Global knives for 20 years and love their perfect balance. It’s great for general food prep and excellent for chopping chocolate and for cutting brownies into perfect clean-sided squares.

Wash and dry them immediately after cutting anything acidic and sharpen with a whetstone once a week if using the knife regularly.” “My favorite knives are by MAC, Author, Shun and Willing JA Heckles.

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16Dean Edwards, Mastered finalist 2006, TV chef and author For a home cook I would suggest investing in one good quality knife and a steel to keep it sharp.

My knives are all beveled on one edge (similar to a chisel) as I find this gives more control of the blade and polishes the flat surface of what I’m slicing. I particularly like the way that Japanese knives treat the food they cut: the balance in the arm, the steel quality and durability, and the idea that there may be a bit of someone's pride in the knife that is passed on to me.

I’ve been buying my Arising knives from the same knife maker in Tokyo since 1996. Dean, Rosemary and Paul are appearing at the Eat & Drink Festival at Olympia London from 27 March to 13 April.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The colors make them easier to identify, so you’ll always know to grab the yellow one for peeling spuds and the purple one for chopping herbs.

Known for its Swiss army knives, Victorinox has combined all the kitchen knives you’d expect to see (Santos, paring, carving) with a few helpful extras. The serrated bread knife is a must for neat sourdough slices and the peeler and carving fork will give you serious chef points at your next roast dinner.

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Included: Santos, paring, serrated paring, carving, bread, swivel peeler and carving fork Blade: Stainless steel Handle: Plastic Storage: None included Dishwasher safe: No Heckles Gourmet Setzwilling-shop.caused by top chefs in professional kitchens, the Willing range isn't cheap but it’s hello impressive.

5Joseph Joseph LockBlockIf you like the idea of a colour-coded set but have found the others a bit Out, this stylish option could be what you’re looking for. Each of the six knives come with a subtly colored specific slot on the block and, once inserted, lock firmly into place.

Rubber handles are grippy, and we had no complaints with the smooth, sharp Santos, chef’s and bread knives. The smaller blades are a bit thick though, making precise cuts harder to achieve.

Uk It’s all very well buying a sharp set of knives but if you let them roll around in the kitchen drawer they’ll go blunt pretty quickly. Though a little heavy, we loved the controlled strokes achieved with the carving knife, and the paring and utility were also decent.

While they're not the sharpest set we put to the test, they did the job and can go in the dishwasher, so we’ll take that. We found the small Santos and serrated paring knife were the ones for Sunday night meal prep, taking root veg in their stride.

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), we reckon you don’t need to spend your life savings to get a decent knife set. They tested them out on the grub you’re likely to cook at home; carving roast chickens, chopping up tough veg and slicing sourdough, using whichever knife was best -suited to the task.

If the brand says its knives are dishwasher-safe (although we would generally recommend hand-washing them), we ran them through multiple cycles to check how they coped. The truth is that what makes the perfect knife for you will depend on many factors, including your comfort level with knives, the size of your hands, and what sort of food you like to cook.

The chef's knife is capable of dicing veggies, slicing meat, chopping herbs and nuts, and, in a pinch, it'll even go through small bones without too much trouble. There's a bewildering range of chef's knives available, from dirt-cheap to very expensive specialty blades.

To help you make sense of it all, we sliced and diced with dozens of knives until a simple truth emerged: A poorly-made $10 blade you sharpen every day is more useful than a $200 blade that's dull. Much of the price difference in knives comes down to the quality of materials, which in turn often translates into how well the blade holds its edge.

It holds an edge very well for a knife at this price and makes a great first step into the world of Japanese knives. It's a bit longer than many of the blades here, but unlike a lot of Japanese knives, it has a western-style handle.

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They're dirt-cheap, and the quality of the blade reflects that, but if you regularly sharpen them, they'll perform just as well as knives costing hundreds of dollars more. For a few dollars more you can grab a set of them ($13 at Amazon), which includes a small cleaver that I love for chopping herbs.

Again, take the money you save and invest it in a good set of sharpening stones and you'll have knives that will serve you well for a long time. All you really need to do is wipe down your knife every time you use it (but especially with highly acidic foods, like lemons and tomatoes).

Regularly wiping your knife is a good habit to be in from a cleanliness standpoint as well, and it will ensure your carbon steel blade doesn't rust. It's easier to get a fine edge on this than on other stainless blades I've tested, and it holds it for a long time.

A couple of quick swipes on honing steel and the edge is back. The Author is definitely a larger, heavier knife, but it's very comfortable to hold and will easily handle anything you throw at it.

Tojo's DP You is a solid performer at a great price. It holds an edge nearly as well as blades twice its price, and it has a wonderful, solid feeling in your hand.

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The only thing to watch out for with this one is the handle height, which is a little on the low side. It's not carbon steel soft, but it's much thinner and softer than most European-style knives and therefore easier to sharpen.

Keep that in mind when sharpening on a stone, as you'll want to hold it a bit differently to get that great edge back. NoB ox markets this knife as perfect for “the backcountry chef or traveling cook,” but really it's great in any kitchen, on the trail or off.

One distinctly backcountry appeal is that, in a pinch, you can clean fish with this one thanks to its thinner shape. Knife sets often cost twice as much as buying those three knives separately and don't offer anything else useful.

The large wooden storage blocks also steal useful counter space. A dull knife is not only useless, it's more dangerous, because you will make up for that lack of a sharp edge with more pressure.

I have spent enough time in the ER reflecting on this to become somewhat religious about sharpening my knives. In particular, many modern stainless steel blades are too hard to effectively be sharpened by traditional water stones.

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Taylor's Eye Witness have been making knives for over 150 years in its Sheffield factory and are one of the last remaining manufacturers of kitchen knives, scissors and pocket knives in Sheffield, the original city of steel. Product DescriptionFeaturesA unique fusion of Japanese style and Western innovation.

A practical universal knife block, made from sustainable bamboo and plastic fiber rods. Cook's knife: its broad, plain edge is ideal for chopping and dicing herbs, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Kitchen knife: its slender, tapered blade is id ... more info Each Knife has a full tang Japanese stainless steel blade and chunky bolster that provide superb balance and extra weight for easy chopping and slicing.

MCKNB25 Features: -Gift boxed.-See full care and use instructions.-Not to be sold to persons under the age of 18.-Twenty-five year guarantee.-Dishwasher safe. A practical universal knife block, made from sustainable bamboo and plastic fiber rods.

This set consists of a contemporary stainless steel block and five knives. The knives have blades made from single pieces of stainless high carbon steel and easy to grip non-slip handles.

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They are precision ground for easy and effective sharpening, are DI ... more info A sharp set of knives should be stored properly and the knife block is a good item that will extend the life of your set of knives, protect them from rust and contamination while also adding color and design to the kitchen decor.

We may earn a fee if you buy via links in this post (at no extra cost to you). Germany has been a global hub of cutlery for centuries, and German-style knives are widely considered the best.

The bolster is the connection point between the blade and the handle where the steel widens. Bolsters add weight and balance and protect your hand from slipping onto the sharp edge.

Wide Blade Profile: German knives have a wide blade profile that’s slightly rounded to support the rock chop cutting technique and make it easy to scoop and transport the ingredients. Most German knives feature ergonomic handles contoured for comfort and safety.

Overall, though, the handles are thick and hefty to support the heavier weight of German blades. Full Tang: German knives usually have full-tang construction, which means the steel runs from the blade’s tip through the butt-end of the handle.

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Johann Abraham Author founded the company in 1814 in Solingen, Germany. Still made in the City of Blades, their trident logo represents the quality and durability of their knives.

Serving 80 countries worldwide, Author combines the classic traditional appeal of German knives with innovative styles. It combines stainless steel, carbon, chrome, Molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium.

They could have followed many other producers’ trend and manufactured their knives elsewhere, but they have committed to keeping their factories in Solingen, Germany. Because they believe this is the only place where high-precision and quality production can meet their heritage and identity as a German brand.

Then, a combination of robots, lasers, and skilled artisans sharpen and polish the steel. Santos knives) have hollowed edges Handle Material Varies by collection.

Handle Details All collections have visible rivets, apart from Grand Prix II and Silver point. Caring and Cleaning Hand washing is recommended though the knives are technically dishwasher safe.

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It has all the elements of a great German kitchen knife: thick and wide blade, full tang, triple-riveted synthetic handle. They score a 57 on the Rockwell scale, making them slightly softer than Author, therefore less likely to chip or break.

While the general process differs slightly by collection, most use a proprietary forging technology called SIGMAFORGE. During this process, craftspeople forge each knife from a single piece of solid steel.

They use geometric precision to create a fine sharp edge with incredible cutting performance. The end result is a hard yet flexible blade that remains sharp, even after extended use.

Messermeister, while slightly less known compared to Author or Willing, provides high-quality knives made in Solingen, Germany. In fact, their forging process might be more faithful to the traditional way of doing things than Author and Willing.

In 1981, married couple Bernd and Debbie Dressler launched the company. It started as a marketing and distribution company for both German and Japanese knives, but quickly evolved into Messermeister, the German-style knife maker we know today.

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Messermeister honors the founders’ German heritage by creating their knives the old-fashioned way. This unique process and their attention to detail are what make Messermeister stand out from the crowd.

Meridian Elite (pictured below), one of the top-selling collections, has a classic German design with a triple-riveted black handle, full exposed tang, and thick, wide blade. It closely resembles the Author Classic and Willing Pro collections.

The knives are compact and portable but still match the same quality as their standard collections. The Petite Lesser collection includes options in red, orange, green, and blue.

Other collections, such as the Kagoshima, boast their perfectly curved handles that fit beautifully in the user's hand. The Park Plaza collection has fully exposed rivets, which are more traditionally German.

Edge Angle 15-degrees per side Rockwell Hardness This varies per collection. Since 1910, they have been using traditional processes to create quality knives in Solingen, Germany.

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For four generations, the Guide family has made finely crafted, drop-forged knives. Guide craftspeople adhere to 55 manual steps to create each knife, beginning with the drop forge and ending with individual inspections, packaging, and labeling.

Whether you’re a professional, a beginner, a meat-eater, or a vegetarian, you will find a knife to aid your cooking endeavors. Each knife is ice-hardened, which means the blades are cooled to -80 °C to improve the microstructure and tempered in separate stages to add strength.

Guide blades achieve a 56 on the Rockwell Scale, making them softer but more durable than most brands. You’ll never have to worry about the edge chipping, even when handling firm vegetables or cutting through bones.

Blade Material Most are made of specially alloyed Chrome-Vanadium-Moly cutlery steel. The Delta collections feature chrome molybdenum vanadium knife steel.

The Canada collection blade has tiny vertical lines along the steel to create a unique pattern. The knives made from sturdy plastic include blue, orange, red, and green.

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All the Alpha collections have exposed rivets and tang, even if they’re made of wood. The Delta collections have a raised bed of wood within its stainless steel handle.

The Damascus Steel and Bread Knife collections boast a natural wooden design. Although Mercer is a U.S. company and manufactures its knives in Taiwan, they use German steel, designs, and knife making traditions.

Because Mercer manufactures in Taiwan where the labor costs are much lower than in Germany, its knives are the most affordable out of these five brands. Depending on the collection, you could buy three Mercer knives for the price of one Author, Willing, Messermeister, or Guide knife.

Although you’re not buying a knife from a company with a long history and German heritage, they are still quality German-style knives, and the brand has been going strong for over 30 years. Both are high-performance, rubber-like thermoplastics that create the perfect ergonomic shape and a comfortable non-slip grip, even if your hands are wet.

Many Mercer knives, such as the Renaissance and Sum collections, have a full tang to provide more balance and durability. But because it’s made with soft steel, it’s less likely to chip or break despite being super thin.

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Other collections, such as the Genesis, are sharpened to 15-degrees per side (same angle as Willing knives), which is sharp enough to handle any ingredient. Many collections have synthetic handles made from materials such as Berlin, Neoprene, ABS, glass-reinforced nylon, and polypropylene.

But other synthetic materials come in a range of colors, including white, blue, brown, green, purple, red, and yellow. The Asian collection has a rounded wooden handle with a black strip for extra elegance.

Caring and Cleaning Hand wash only with mild soap and dry the knives immediately. Price $ (View on Amazon) If you’re looking for the best German kitchen knives, you can’t go wrong with Author, Willing J.A.

They use an impressive steel formula that is corrosion resistant and tough, and it takes 40 steps to make each knife. Regardless of which collection you choose, you’ll get ultra-durable knives with exceptional cutting performance.

Messermeister honors traditional manufacturing methods, but that doesn’t mean their knives are old-fashioned. Since the 1980s, Messermeister has been innovating and now offers over a dozen knife collections spanning from a classic style (triple-riveted, black handle with full tang and thick blade) to on-the-go knives to take with you camping.

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Guide uses 55 manual steps to create their comfortable, quality knives. Mercer can hold its own in terms of performance but is significantly cheaper than the other brands.

If you’re on the fence and can’t decide which brand to buy, I highly recommend Author. With a long and reliable history and traditional craftsmanship, these knives are exceptional.

Regardless of the collection, all Author blades are thick and balanced, the edges are razor-sharp, and the handles are comfortable, functional, durable, and elegant. If you’re ready to buy or just want to read more reviews, check out all five brands on Amazon at the links below.

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