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Best Kitchen Mixer Blender

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
• 9 min read

To help settle the score, we put nine popular blenders to the test, whipping up smoothies, soups and nut butter and pulverizing ice to find the models that produced the creamiest, silkiest textures and had the best functionality, durability and more. The bottom line: Higher cost also means increased performance and a longer-lasting machine, so if you’re a frequent blender, we think they’re worth the investment in the long run (and just think how much you’ll save by skipping your daily $8 smoothie and making your own version at home).

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After lots of blending, tamping, cleaning and avoiding noise complaints from the neighbors, we narrowed it down to three winners: With 1,800 watts of motor power, the Seville Super Q features a slew of preset buttons, comes in multiple colors, includes key accessories and is touted for being quieter than other models.

At $500, it does carry a steep price tag, but for those who can’t imagine a smoothie-less morning, what breaks down to about $1.30 a day over a year seems like a bargain. We concede that $630 seems like an extreme amount of money to spend on a blender, but as a luxury option, the Vitamin Venturis V1200, with its whopping 10-year warranty and plethora of functional, durable and just plain cool features, simply rose to the top in every test performed.

Besides doing an admirable job at blending up creamy soups and smoothies, it comes with a number of presets, as well as low, medium and high manual settings. It doesn’t have the heft or quality materials of the high-performance blenders we tested, but for casual users, it won’t disappoint.

So when we read that the Seville Super Q boasts surgical stainless steel blades that can get up to 186 miles an hour, we were impressed. Those blades, along with a big-time 1,800-watt motor in a hefty blender with a sleek design, delivered high marks on all of our tests, turning out creamy smoothies, perfectly blended hot soups, and such delicately crushed ice that we decided to declare every evening from here on out boozy slushier night.

The commercial-grade Super Q (the Q is for quick and quiet) comes in six colors (brushed stainless steel, black, gray, white, champagne and navy), and includes a large 68-ounce BPA-free Titan jug, as well as a 24-ounce blender cup. The lid includes a nifty inner measuring cup that can hold up to 2 ounces (fewer dirty dishes are always a plus).

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An LCD screen gives you a digital display readout, and, in the box, you’ll find a tamper, scraper and hardcover cookbook. We were especially impressed with the hot soup setting (there’s a six-minute automatic shutoff limit) and we recommend asking Santa for the Vac Q attachment ($99.95; amazon.com) in your stocking.

It’s a pricey little gadget, but when you pop the vacuum pump on the lid, it sucks any air pockets out of the jug, resulting in an extra-creamy, smooth and rich blend. If you’re hoping this blender will keep your spouse or kids from waking up while you blend your preforming workout smoothie, you’ll be disappointed.

The Seville Smart Q has a sleek and modern stainless steel design and presets that allow you to be hands-free, makes thick and creamy hot soups we’re still dreaming about, and has an 1,800-watt motor. The three blenders we tested from the long-trusted brand all had standout qualities and delivered impressive results that outdid all other competitors; we’d be happy to give any one of them permanent resident status on our kitchen counter.

Both have shut-off times of 6½ minutes to help prevent overheating, include 64-ounce jars, and come with tampers and hardcover cookbooks. Both are also considered smart blenders: They use Bluetooth technology to sync with the Vitamin Perfect Blend app that includes 17 preset programs (from smoothies and hot soups to dry chopping and baby food), along with recipes and commands that allow you to control the blender wirelessly.

The lines also use “self-detect” technology that senses and automatically adjusts the blend time depending on the container you’re using. In fact, this is our one nit to pick with the Venturis: Its low-profile container design is awesome for blending up big portions, but it doesn’t work as well as the 5200’s narrower version (read more on the 5200 and the Ascent A3300 below).

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That’s not to say it’s perfect: Visions of slicing your hands while cleaning it may haunt you, and the jar is quite tall, meaning you likely won’t be able to store it under your top cabinets on the counter. But with that patented three-blade design, it whipped up a pretty darn good smoothie (albeit with specks of berry and a texture that leaned a bit more toward icy than creamy), a well-blended soup (reheating necessary), and nicely crushed ice that was almost all snow-like, save a few larger shards.

In fact, for a tool made primarily to blend, purée, stir and mix, consumers face a huge variety when considering their options. From personal-sized models meant to whip up single servings or small batches, to basic inexpensive to moderately priced versions that can handle more volume, to high-performance, commercial-grade machines that may hit you with serious sticker shock but also take blending to a whole new level, picking the right machine can be a bit of a, well, whirl.

If you drink smoothies daily, are into juicing, like to whip up your own nut butters and flours, regularly eat soups, love a super-emulsified salad dressing or just spend a lot of time cooking at home in general, a high-performance blender may be worth the higher price tag. Vitamin, for example, uses aircraft-grade stainless steel blades to keep blending results consistent and dullness at bay.

Glass, of course, is less likely to stain or absorb food odors, but can break and doesn’t play well with high-speed blades and wattage. Many of these containers have a capacity of 64 ounces or more, meaning you can blend up several servings at a time (great for entertaining), and some come with smaller-sized accessories, such as a smoothie-to-go cup that often can be used as an attachment.

But remember: Just because it has a preset doesn’t mean one press of a button will result in a perfect blend. But if you like to take your morning smoothie with you on the go and have the storage space, smaller cups or attachments are convenient.

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Our favorite accessory, however, is the tamper, a plastic tool made to insert through the blender ’s lid to help break up air bubbles or other jams while the machine is still running, and sized so that it won’t hit the blades, which could lead to damage. If you don’t have a vortex while blending your thick smoothie, instead of stopping the machine, taking off the lid, using a spoon or adding more liquid to get things moving again, simply tamp the ingredients down into the blades and you’ll likely be right back in business.

Just fill the container halfway with warm water, add a couple drops of dish soap and give it a blend. Durability: Considerations included each blender ’s ability to withstand everyday use, including susceptibility for the jar to stain or crack and nicks on the blades, its ability to hold up to frequent washing cycles, and motor power, especially when run for longer periods of time.

With a 1,400-watt motor, it has a simple interface with a digital timer display, 10 variable settings, plus an on/off and pulse button. But tech geeks will love the fact it can be controlled by app via Bluetooth, allowing you to choose from 17 presets.

A large, low-profile 64-ounce container lets you blend up big batches of creamy smoothies, hot soups, tasty nut butters and more, and “Self-Detect” technology means your blender knows which container you’re using, should you decide to customize your blender with different-sized versions. The taller, narrower 64-ounce container was our favorite style, leaving plenty of space for ingredients, but also mixing up things like peanuts more easily because of its shape.

The laser-cut, stainless steel hammer mill and blades, color options of black, red or white, and generous seven-year warranty just add to its appeal. Those two models made thicker, creamier smoothies and more velvety soup that was also hotter in temperature.

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Packing a lot of motor power at 1,400 watts, this model bridges the gap between value and commercial-grade blenders. We like that this under-$100 model boasts a durable 64-ounce Titan jar, stainless steel blades, a 1,200-watt motor, presets of smoothie, shake, or food chop, and manual settings of low, medium, high and pulse.

(Well, almost everything; we did find one large spinach leaf stuck to the side of the jar that didn’t get mixed in.) The machine also made a fine soup and crushed ice more into snow pebbles rather than flakes, and it didn’t like the peanut test at all.

If we were judging blenders based solely on aesthetics, this sleek version, in a perfect soft blue shade, would be our clear victor. Plus, there are tons of options to choose from, ranging from budget-friendly basics to feature-rich models with stylish hues and designs.

We combed through dozens of best -selling stand mixers to see which tools not only garnered top-notch ratings, but also have thousands of reviews from people who've actually used them. The brand introduced the stand mixer to American homes back in 1919 and has held a devoted following ever since.

Its celebrated Artisan Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer is a kitchen classic, designed with ten speeds and a powerful motor to easily whip, knead, and mix ingredients. It’s also worth mentioning that Kitchen’s mixers come in a rainbow of 47 colors, from Blue Velvet to Matte Dried Rose, which vary in price.

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One wrote how it gave her the confidence to start baking at age 60: “It is a BEAST of a professional-grade machine that takes all the hard work out of blending, mixing, creaming, whipping, kneading ... and a breeze to clean up, once all the whirring and blurring is done! It features a 300-watt motor and the same planetary mixing rotation as a Kitchen to thoroughly incorporate ingredients into batter and dough.

Choose between seven different speeds, including a gentle folding setting; the gadget’s non-slip feet keep the mixer from rocking as it works. Additionally, the Hamilton Beach comes with a splash guard, dough hook, whisk, and flat beater for a variety of baking projects, and its four-quart stainless steel bowl is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Thousands of shoppers, including hundreds who gave the mixers five stars on Amazon, swear by the appliance’s effectiveness. Weighing only five pounds, the little gadget is easy to lift on and off the counter, but still packs a punch with its 25-watt motor.

More than 2,900 Amazon shoppers have given the Dash Stand Mixer a perfect rating, saying it’s ideal for simple baking projects. If you’re ready for a top-of-the-line mixer for superior baking, Ankarsrum’s Original Kitchen Machine is an excellent choice.

Made of incredibly sturdy chrome and steel, the 600-watt mixer is strong enough to mix heavy dough and feasted breads without overheating. Additionally, the Ankarsrum’s unique motor-in-base design gives several advantages: It keeps the mixer from rocking as it works, makes it much easier to add ingredients to the bowl, and means the machine fits conveniently under overhead cabinets.

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What’s more, the base turns on its side to transform into a wide variety of other kitchen tools, including a juicer, a blender, a meat grinder, and a pasta maker. The Ankarsrum Original Kitchen Machine is so popular that it’s earned a noteworthy 4.7-star rating from hundreds of reviewers who say the device is powerful, durable, and high-quality.

“After burning up my third Kitchen for home use, mainly bread making, I gave up,” a reviewer who is a professional baker wrote. New bakers who want fluffy dinner rolls or stunning layer cakes should start with a versatile, reliable mixer.

The machine is Amazon’s choice for stand mixers and features a heavy-duty motor and easy-to-use speed dial for exceptional results. From slowly mixing in chunky ingredients like nuts to quickly whipping egg whites, ACMA’s stand mixer is flexible enough for a wide range of recipes.

Its double-handed stainless steel bowl is roomy enough for big batches, and the appliance comes with a beater, dough hook, and whisk for all your baking projects. For a phenomenal machine that even professional bakers turn to, check out Kitchen’s Commercial Countertop Mixer.

Built to hold up to 16 cups of flour, this appliance is big enough to handle even your most substantial projects with ease. Unlike its Artisan line, Kitchen’s commercial model has a bowl-lift design, where the mixer head remains stationary.

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You’ll find tons of happy customers who’ve left reviews on Kitchen’s site, including one who said, “I have a cottage baking business and make a lot of products, especially artisan bread, and needed a large capacity mixer that can handle six to eight loaves at a time. The mighty appliance features a 660-watt motor, a tilt-head design, and even a pouring shield to prevent splatters and messes.

Amazon reviewers say the stand mixer is a great size for big baking projects and compliment the machine’s thoughtful design features. It also comes with a variety of attachments, including a chef’s whisk, dough hook, and a flat mixing paddle.

Users confirm that the Cuisinart appliance is sturdy, precise, and able to tackle a wide range of recipes. Its 3.5-quart stainless steel bowl is outfitted with a handle for convenient pouring and can hold enough dough for five dozen cookies.

“I’m an everyday cook, but I didn’t need my large and heavy mixer,” one SUR La Table customer wrote. Meg’s sleek stand mixer features the brand’s characteristic bright colors and retro ’50s style, in addition to impressive engineering.

“It can start at a low speed, which means there is less mess especially when using flour or icing sugar which can usually make a dust cloud when using a hand mixer.

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