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Best Kitchen Mixer Grinder In India

Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
• 16 min read

You are searching for the best mixer grinders as per your requirements but confused with hundreds of options available in the market as well as online. But no worries, as we have shortlisted 9 best mixer grinders in India after going through all the pros and cons of each researched product.

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Rico provides a 750W powerful motor with 18000 RPM to grind hard cereals and herbs easily. You get three versatile jars to perform a variety of grinding, blending, and crushing functions.

Safety lock on jars to avoid spilling 750W powerful motor Overload protection You get 800 watts high power copper motor inside USA Thunderbolt mixer grinder.

USA Thunderbolt comes with 3 multipurpose jars with superior quality stainless steel and a strong handle for easy operations. Super suction bottom cups that allows the machine to stay stable on its foot and avoid any kind of spillage due to wobbling.

USA Thunderbolt MixerGrinder 800-Watt 3 Jars with Copper Motor(Red) Stunning performance with 800Watt full copper motor, High Torque and High Speed 100 % Copper Motor 5 years warranty on Motor with free home service Stylish and Sleek Design, 3 Jars Wet Jar-1.5L,Multipurpose Jar-0.5L, Grinding Jar-0.5L Heavy Gauge SS Jars with Flow breakers for fine grinding SS Food Safe blades Very powerful copper motor Rust-proof stainless steel blades Three multipurpose jars.

The Easiest way to make quick chutney or grind wet ingredients instantly. The stainless steel blades are exceptionally sharp to grind tough materials.

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You get a 500-watt copper motor that works seamlessly without any heating problem and also saves energy. Bajaj GX-1 comes with a three-speed control that will give multiple grinding speeds to make different kinds of products like chutney, and smoothies.

Flow breakers are embedded inside the jar that allows the batter to remain in contact with the blades for smooth output. If it does, please contact Brand Service Center; Since your mixer grinder runs on a powerful motor, there will be some noise.

You get a powerful 500W motor to grind various grains, create chutneys, and blend delicious smoothies. The mixer grinder comes with high-grade ABS plastic body material with shock resistance for secure operations.

Shockproof body design 3 stainless steel jars 3 speed variations Overload protection You get high-quality strong blades that can easily grind hard substances and make a good paste even at low speeds.

The copper motor that saves energy, gives you great speed and high performance with smooth grinding. Spill-proof jar lids and vacuum cups, their suction is very strong they do not let the machine wobble.

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You get 3 multipurpose jars that with specific blade designs for grinding spices, making chutneys and smoothies. Listed 750 Watt MixerGrinder Juicer with 100% Pure Copper motor and 3 Stainless Steel Jar(Blue and Black)-Made in India (Blue) Powerful Motor 100% Pure Copper 750 Watt Heavy Duty Motor-Designed to deliver high performance grinding, The jar is stainless steel thickness is 18 Gauge.

Overload protection for safe operation. The Jumbo is 150 Gram The color is Nylon and all three jars can be used for grinding. You will surely fall for this latest mixer grinding from Listed for its alluring design. The transparent design of this mixer enables you to see the entire grinding and blending process clearly.

Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super MixerGrinder with 4 Jars (Black) Safety locking system as per international standard and 5 years motor warranty Flow breaker Jar help to increase grinding efficiency Circuit breaker system ; Juicer Type: Centrifugal Juicer ; Suitable for Juicing, Chutney Grinding ; Double Safety Lock System Samurai edge with hardened stainless steel blade For queries/assistance please contact_us_on: Flow breakers to keep content in contact with blades Dual lock lids Safety lid-locking mechanism to detect improper handling Auto cut off safety features.

Powerful battery with 750 watts works smoothly and swiftly without any obstruction and energy conservation. Preeti Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 MixerGrinder, 750W, 4 Jars (White and Blue) 100 percent stainless steel jars with flow breakers for fine grinding High grade neoprene and Berlin couplers for smooth trouble-free operation Clear transparent polycarbonate domes and lids Sturdy ergonomically designed handles Lifelong free service.

ABS body with shock-resistant design Less noisy Rustproof stainless steel blades If you need a multipurpose grinder for food processing, along with mixing, grinding and juicing, then go with Preeti Zodiac MG 218 mixer grinder.

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You get 5 different jars that allows you to do the chopping, pressing, slicing, grating, mincing of meat, peering, and Alta kneading. There is a safety indicator with a red light that switches on if there is any kind of overload on the appliance.

If you love to cook variety of dishes, then a mixer grinder come food processor may ease your job of slicing, mincing and Alta kneading Make sure the jars should have a safety lock to avoid spilling anything outside the pot.

The vacuum base of the grinder is very important so that the pot does not shake and spill while operating. Preeti Zodiac MG 218 MixerGrinder is the most versatile premium quality grinder that not only grinds but also performs many other tasks like grinding, chopping, slicing and Alta kneading, ideal for cooking enthusiasts.

The grinder has a robust motor with the specifications being 750W Vega W5 with Voltage of 230V AC ~ 50 Hz and comes with a warranty of 5 long years! It can be used for carrying out many tasks like: dough kneading, which can be done in 1 min, chopping of vegetables and green can be done in just 2 pulses, grating and slicing can be done by placing the required blades and you can see the results in seconds.

Not just veggies and greens, its robust motor also enables it to mince meat within a few minutes. Further, it has an Instagram fresh Fruit Juicer Jar and citrus press for juicing oranges, mandarins, sweet lime etc.

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In such a case, the user would have to reset the overload protector located at the bottom of the unit. The mixer has been equipped with a coupler is made of tougher plastic for firm engagement between the jars and the body which ensures a continuous and stable grinding performance, while you carry on with other tasks or your cooking.

There are various tasks that can be done in a matter of a few minutes, like dough kneading, chopping of vegetables and green, grating and slicing, which can often be a tedious task can actually be done by placing the required blades as per the cut needed and you can see the results in seconds without having to break a sweat! Not just the tender vegetables and greens, its HVDC motor also minces meat within a few minutes.

One of the attachments provided enables the user to squeeze citrus fruits to extract fresh juice. It has a built-in safety indicator which turn the orange light to red.

The user is suggested to immediately switch the unit off and let it cool down. The company has ensured that although the motor is powerful, the noise produced in checked and stays between 80-90dB.

The motor runs by Wattage of 750 with Voltage of 230 V. The grinder ’s revolution per minute is a maximum of 20,000 rpm. The powerful 750W motor has an extremely compact build which can fit into kitchens of nay size as it takes minimum storage space.

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Moreover, the Gear Drive technology that has been built into the system supports perfect food processing in no time. The various jars can be used for multiple purposes like PowerSchool for easy and convenient chopping.

Bosch has created a niche for itself in the electronics segment and has made great quality products. Further, Bosch has added special pounding blades made out of high quality stainless steel blades for high performance during both wet, dry and chutney grinding designed especially for giving the user the perfect texture and authentic taste.

The ergonomic design of jar makes for easy operations and efficient utility. The largest being the wet grinder, the smallest for making chutneys and the mid-sized can be used as desired.

The lock on the lids of each jar is made out of the best quality of plastic making it strong and durable. It has strong suction feet to hold itself tight to the surface; this lets the user go completely hands free while operating.

Extremely powerful motor Compact Superior build quality The powerful 750W motor has a very well-designed build which can be accommodated into kitchens of any size as it takes very little storage space.

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The large jar can be used as the wet grinder and the rest of them can be used as per the need right from whizzing up some chutney to grinding some masala powder. The motor of the grinder is relatively less powerful compared to the others on the list but it does meet the needs of people.

It has 2 jars with 2 different capacities of 500ml and 300ml made out of food grade plastic. Since the jar has two different blades, it can be used for multiple purposes right from blending to grinding spices etc.

The blender has anti-skid rubber feet which help to prevent it from slipping off and a long cord length so that it can mount a convenient. Sujatha Dynamic DX comes equipped with a powerful 900-watt engine with double ball bearings for greater efficiency.

The best aspect of this motor is that it does not require much maintenance and can provide trouble-free operation for many years. Since this appliance is a mixer come grinder, it comes with a dome jar for wet grinding.

The powerful motor ensures that this mixer grinder runs continuously for 90 minutes without any problems. The two small stainless steel jars should be perfect for dry grinding and chutney making.

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This mixer grinder features high-strength stainless steel blades to enable fast and excellent cutting and grinding. This mixer comes with a 3-speed adjustment rotary action switch that allows for a top speed of 2200 rpm.

This sleek black Panasonic model is an attractive one, but a powerful machine at the same time. This mixer grinder can comfortably perform an array of jobs such as grind, blend milkshakes and ice creams, extract fruit juices, mince meat, dry grind spices, make tomato purées, and pastes.

The powerful and heavy-duty motor comes with magic seal protection that lubricates the steel blades to ensure they have a long life. The Samurai edge blades are strong enough to pass the ultimate grinding test.

Food particles tend to stick between the rubber washer and the lid The mixer made by Butterfly has a motor which powered by 750 Wattage with 220-240 volts.

It has 3 speed controls and whip option accessed by the use of the knob installed in the front. The jars are made out of stainless steel which ensures that they can be used over a long period of time.

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The blender has a sharp stainless steel blade that grind through all kinds of ingredients both wet and dry Prestige has made its mark in making good quality kitchen appliances.

The mixer has been equipped with tough plastic called ABS for firm engagement between the jars and the body; the feet have vacuum suction on it which ensures a continuous and stable grinding performance. Good quality stainless steel ensures that the product is durable and it also ensures that the ingredients being processed into batters, purées and pastes milkshakes etc can be done in the same jar as it can take up the load and keep up to the needed proportions.

Since it’s a 500W motor, grinding/ running the unit with short break between a couple of minutes would ensure a longer life. The mixer has been equipped with tough plastic called ABS for firm engagement between the jars and the body; the feet have vacuum suction on it which ensures a continuous and stable grinding performance.

The USP of this Preeti Blue Leaf Diamond mixer grinder is its stainless steel blades that are machine ground and polished to deliver an excellent grinding performance. The variable running speeds of the mixer grinder gives you complete control over the entire grinding process.

As the mixer grinder can work at different speeds, you save a lot on power consumption as well. Three stainless steel jars with high-quality blades make the Preeti Blue Leaf Diamond the appliance to have in the kitchen.

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Orient is renowned for its electrical appliances like fans, air coolers, and light bulbs. The compact shape of this appliance makes it easy to fit anywhere inside your kitchen.

The 500-watt copper motor ensures a high degree of performance while being energy efficient at the same time. It also ensures to maintain the nutrients and flavors of milkshakes because of its excellent blending speeds.

The mixer jars are unique because of the presence of flow breakers to ensure that the materials have maximum contact with the blades. It leads to efficient mixing and grinding and ensures a high degree of consistency.

The suction feet make this design not only look unique but also increase the safety as it eliminates the chances of the mixer toppling over the kitchen table when working at full speeds. The mixer has a three-speed regulator to help adjust the speed of rotation depending on the nature of the job on hand.

Nevertheless, Maharajah White line MG Live MixerGrinder ranks as one of the best mixer grinders available in India. The MG Live comes with a heavy-duty 500-watt motor to prepare the best chutneys using the toughest-to-grind ingredients like tamarind, turmeric, pepper, and other spices.

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The mixer grinder is a safe one to use because of its excellent features like pulse, overload protection, and speed regulation. The versatile jars equipped with sharp blades make it easy for all types of grinding, blending, and liquidizing work.

The motor is noisy and becomes hot quickly Wet grinding is an issue However, EverReady manufactures quality kitchen appliances as well, the most prominent of them being the mixer and grinder.

This EverReady Glowy 500-Watt mixer grinder is one of the most economical kitchen appliances in this segment. This appliance comes with a sturdy plastic frame that is easy to clean and maintain.

The locking mechanism ensures that the device has a firm grip on the jars while operating. The robust stainless steel blades help in maintaining the consistency of the blending or grinding, thereby ensuring great comfort while eating.

Good quality product at economical prices Sharp blades for consistent grinding and blending The ergonomic design saves space Meet is the perfect example of a kitchen appliance built without conducting any sort of consumer survey or research.

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It was built purely based on the engineering genius of its inventor, Satyaprakash and the user experience inputs provided by his wife, Madurai. Today, this brand is no longer available in the market, but still, the first name that comes to mind whenever there is a discussion on mixers and grinders is ‘Meet’.

Similarly, the only kitchen appliance to have a nickname is the humble mixer and grinder. Before venturing out to buy your Dixie or BMG, you should have a clear idea about the different kinds of appliances available in the Indian market.

The examples are purées, vegetable pastes for making curry, and batters for cooking. Hand blendersStand Mixer This is a powerful machine used to mix hard ingredients.

You use the mixers for whipping up creams, kneading dough, and preparing batter. The grinder is a comparatively stronger machine used to grind substances into a powdery form.

This grinder has use for grinding different types of meat, poultry, mutton, and other non-vegetarian food. Naturally, these are larger equipment with an additional jar for making vegetable and fruit juices.

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A normal Indian kitchen Dixie can work with a 550 to 600 watt motor. In order to grind 2 kg of Brad DAL batter in one go, you need a motor with a minimum wattage of 750 watts.

Rating in minutes This factor is the continuous operating time recommended for any Dixie. In case you run the appliance continuously for more time, it can heat up the motor and cause internal damage.

Ensure that the Dixie has a strong and balanced base to avoid unnecessary accidents. The Dixie should have a locking system whereby the machine will not start unless you fit the jar properly.

The ideal Dixie should be one that has an overloading protection feature like a circuit breaker to stop the appliance immediately. Opting for a reputed brand is advisable as they do not compromise on the quality aspect.

Avoid using hot ingredients as you can damage the jar walls Ensure to add sufficient water while making Idly, Dose Batters and purées It is important to have proper earthing systems in place to avoid unnecessary accidents Allow air inside the jar to escape before operating the Dixie Hence, you see many houses having a spare Dixie in place in case one develops an issue.

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