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Best Kitchen Mixer In India

Maria Garcia
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 10 min read

It mixes and blends the required raw materials into the perfect combination. Most of the modern stand mixers can not only do mix but also chopping, slicing, beating eggs.

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Having a stand mixer at your home can surely relieve your hands from doing the hard part of mixing and blending. Kitchen is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world that started the production of kitchen appliances since the early 20th century.

This 4.8 L stand mixer comes with 10 mixing speeds that can be very helpful if you use it for different kinds of recipes. The mixer works extremely great with minimum noise and maximum efficiency for making meringue, ROTC, chapati, cookies, cake, bread.

This tilt-head design of the mixer helps the user to add suitable ingredients into the bowl very easily. During the processing of dough, it keeps the machine head steady in its position.

A stainless steel wire whisk with an aluminum head for creams and dips. One aluminum made a non-stick dough hook, perfect for bread, pizza, and pasta.

On top of that, the most interesting part of this product to have at your home is- it comes with a huge 5-year warranty. Being a brand owned by the Whirlpool Corporation, you can also get prompt customer service in India.

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Kitchen 4.8 L Stand Mixer • Motor Power: 300 Watts • Direct drive motor with 10-speed settings • The capacity is 4.8 L • 59-point planetary mixing action • Full metal construction • Single attachment hub with the provision of optional attachments • 5 years of warranty on residential use • Operating voltage: 220-230 volts • Includes: Stand Mixer, Dough Hook, Wire Whisk, Flat Beater, Stainless Steel bowls with comfort handle, Pouring Shield and User Manual Our next pick is from Wonder chef, known for manufacturing world-class stand mixers with German standards and Italian design.

This particular stand mixer model is perfect for making cakes, pastry to pizza, ROTC, and bread in Indian style. The die-cast metal housing of the mixer is very durable and strong enough to withstand the vibration caused during operation.

The stand mixer is capable of giving you a better quality of food for the longest time possible because of the high capacity bowl of 5 liters that is made of stainless steel. Wonder chef provides 3 separate attachments with this product for mixing, whisking and making the dough.

Wonder chef 5 L Stand Mixer • Power: 1000 watts • 3 years of warranty • The package includes 3 types of attachments • Detachable aluminum blades • Planetary mixing action • 6 speed settings • High durability Disadvantages Availing spare parts may take time at some locations in India.

Bajaj includes 5 different accessories with this model- a stainless steel mixing bowl, aluminum flat beater, wire whisker, aluminum dough hook, and splash guard. These accessories are perfect for all basic setups to make varieties of mixing arrangements.

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We recommend placing the mixer near the power source to make the operation more convenient with safety. The knobs and buttons are easy to reach and do not need a huge effort to operate.

The next product we have chosen is manufactured by Outer, another old brand established in the early 20th century. This particular model of stand mixers is suitable for couples or small families as the mixing bowl capacity is 2.5 liters powered by a 250-watt motor.

Depending upon the type and quantity of the dough, you can adjust the mixing speed at 6 different levels. This tilt-head stand mixer comes with stainless steel beater and dough hooks that are highly durable.

With such amazing features of this product, you can prepare dough for mouth-watering Chapati, Feature, Pizza, Cake, Sheila, Cookies, Dhaka and many other food items whenever you want to. Morphy Richards is another very old brand that originated in England and manufactures a large range of fine quality home and kitchen appliances.

This model is beautifully designed keeping all engineering aspects in balance and you may a clear idea about all these in this review. The model is outstanding in smart operation among all the stand mixers we have listed in this buying guide.

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This product comes with Morphy Richards’ own Smart Response Technology “. After that when you start the operation, it is able to optimize the power and adjust the rotating speed of the 800-watt motor automatically without the user’s interference.

During rotation, if you need to add any ingredient, just use the pause button and release it when you need to start over. Overall, we find this product to be one of the most amazing stand mixers in India for making cakes, cookies, pizza, ROTC, chapati, bread, and many delicious food items.

NOTE : There is some misinformation around the internet that Morphy Richards has no service center in India. The fact is Morphy Richard’s world-class stand mixers are marketed and serviced by Bajaj Electrical in India.

The motor can be run in 5 different rotational speeds depending upon the recipe you are making. The design of the product is simple and user-friendly allowing the operator to have more control over the mixing process.

Being the best brand for stand mixers in India, Kitchen offers high-end models with different capacities. If you have a big family or planning to prepare food items in bulk, it is perfect for your requirements.

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This 500-watt product comes with a robust motor, rotation of which can be regulated in 10 separate speed settings. The product contains 4 accessories- a stainless steel bowl with an 11-wire whisk, spiral dough hook and flat beater.

Kitchen 6.9 L Stand Mixer • Rated power: 325 watts • Silent but powerful motor • 10 speed settings • 1 year of warranty • 3 accessories are included (wire whisker, dough hook, beater) It comes with 4 different accessories- mixing bowl, wire whisk, dough hook, and flat beater.

KT Traders 5 L Stand Mixer • Rated power: 1200 watts • 5 L capacity • 3 in 1 stand mixer • 6 months of warranty (only applicable if you purchase from AP24X7 seller, see details on Amazon) Disadvantages KT traders lack of good service network in India.

As per the product information, you can avail a warranty of 6 months only if you buy from the AP24X7 seller on Amazon. Owning a stand mixer at home can be very advantageous and ease the processing of food items to the highest quality possible.

It can be used to mix a wide range of food items including cake, bread, pizza, cookies, ice cream and a lot more. Making dough can be a messy job and takes lots of effort.

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Stand mixers can mix or make the dough in a large quantity that is quite difficult to do by hand. It ensures proper mixing of the ingredients to process the best quality of food items.

With these tremendous advantages of stand mixers over mixing by hand, it can be very helpful to homemakers, hobbyists, and even professionals. Stand mixers are a better choicer than electric beaters as the latter cannot do all these tasks and cause strain in the hands if used for a long time.

As per the latest technology, there are two types of stand mixers available in the Indian market. On the other hand, the bowl is held by an arm of the machine at a suitable height.

There are several factors that you need to check and verify with your requirements before making any decision to buy. Capacity of Stand Mixer This is the first and foremost thing that you must check as it directly relates to the quantity of food you are going to produce.

On the other hand, you might like to have a higher capacity machine to prepare large batches if you belong to a big family. The quality and sturdiness matter a lot too because of the vibration generated to operate the machine.

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All the high capacity Stand mixers have a higher wattage rating for their motors. Build Quality and Durability It is an extremely important point for you to note as this is very crucial to make a stand mixer last longer.

Most of the reputed brands provide full-body metal cover with anti-skid attachments at the feet. These features can be very beneficial if you are planning to use it at your home where the user does not have much prior knowledge of using any such products.

For example, if you want to mix dough for 5 people with 4 Otis of 10 inches in diameter for each, you will need around 700 grams of Alta. To make dough for 20 Otis, it is safe to have such a kitchen appliance with 5 liters of capacity.

If you love tasty cakes, a 5 L stand mixer can make the mix up to 4 Kg approximately. The same capacity stand mixer can produce up to 1.5 Liters of whipped cream in quantity.

When in operation, the beater in the bowl moves in a remarkable motion that resembles the movement of the planets. This is excellent for making food items like cake, pizza, bread at home.

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A wire whisker or whipper is an essential cooking tool for mixing and blending the ingredients for cakes, cookies, bread. When it rotates, the stand mixer effectively induces air bubbles into the mix making it convenient for baking.

This kitchen tool is generally made of food-grade stainless steel to last longer and provides you the safest food to consume. It is used to beat air into the egg for making a perfect aerated mixture.

This kitchen tool comes in different shapes and sizes to match your machine specifications. Generally, the flat beaters are made of stainless steel with a non-stick coating of nylon.

Rather than troublesome kneading, you can use it for preparing the perfect quality dough within minutes. The pouring shield of stand mixers is a small attachment that prevents the mixture of ingredients from splashing.

A juicer mixer grinder is also a very useful kitchen appliance that can do general mixing operations along with juicing and grinding. When it comes to convenience, time-saving, high batches of mixing and better quality, a stand mixer works the best.

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The stand mixers are excellent for dedicated homemakers, hobbyists, and professionals in baking. If you love to bake foods like bread, pizzas, cookies, cakes or even make ROTC or chapati regularly or at least once a week, buying a stand mixer will definitely help you.

They are more sturdy, a better performer, excellently durable with high-quality output than any other similar device. Moreover, using simple attachments, you can turn it into an ice cream maker, food grinder, juicer, vegetable chopper and many more.

When using a stand mixer, you no longer need to mix the dough by kneading with hands. You can save time to a great extent and make large batches of ingredient mixture/ dough within a few minutes.

From the buying guide you can see that a stand mixer is great if you love to bake cakes or cookies frequently. With a stand mixer, you can significantly reduce your engagement time and do other works while it continues the process.

Along with high performance, durability, design and customer service, this product offers a 5-year warranty that no other brand provides. Being an engineer by education with more than 6 years of working experience in various industries, he is an expert in this field of consumer products.

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