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Best Kitchen Mixer Wirecutter

Christina Perez
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
• 13 min read

It’s a workhorse worthy of heirloom status, whipping up cakes, cookies, and creams with ease, and kneading sticky bread and pizza dough without straining. We’ve been using the Kitchen Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer since 2013, and we can definitively say that it is still the best for most home bakers and cooks.

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The Artisan is a sturdy machine that can power through thick dough and aerate light batters without straining. Kitchen also makes attachments like a meat grinder or pasta maker that you can use with this machine, and as an added bonus, the Artisan comes in a huge variety of fun colors.

The Kitchen Pro 600 Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is a great choice for people who make a lot of bread or dense cookie dough or who like to bake in large batches. It also takes up more space and runs much louder than our top pick, and it costs more, but it’s a workhorse that’s so dependable it’s often found in professional kitchens.

Collapse all For advice on what to look for in a good mixer, we spoke with several kitchen experts, including Sarah Carey, then editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food and now the editorial director of food at Martha Stewart Living ; Jane Lear, a food writer and editor who was senior articles' editor at Gourmet at the time of our interview; and Anna Gordon, owner of The Good Batch bakery in Brooklyn, New York. Anna Peeling is an enthusiastic home baker who likes to whip up the occasional rhubarb pound cake or chocolate chunk shortbread, so she approached testing for the 2018 update with an eye toward features home cooks would use.

Research for this guide also included reading through articles from Good Housekeeping, Cook’s Illustrated (subscription required), Feudal, and Top Ten Reviews, and combing through major retailers and Amazon for notable new models to test. A great stand mixer will make your baking and cooking life a lot easier and can accomplish tasks that would be harder or impossible to do by hand.

It can make quick work of whipping egg whites into meringue and heavy cream into an airy dessert topping. Great mixers also have power hubs for extra accessories that can roll out pasta dough, grind meat, and even churn ice cream.

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But a stand mixer ’s extra heft and power, and bigger bowl capacity, means you can make larger, more involved recipes with less effort. Photo: Sarah KobosStand mixers can be categorized in two ways: by the design of the base or by mixing action.

Bowl-lift design: With this style, you snap the bowl into place on the base of the mixer, then lift it toward the mixing attachment using a lever. They tend to be larger than tilt-head mixers (since you need clearance to raise and lower the bowl), and they’re also typically sturdier and more stable, so they can better handle thick dough.

When mixing heartier dough, a stand mixer shouldn’t strain, smoke, or “walk” even when on its highest speed. A handle on the included bowl is extremely convenient when you’re pouring cake batter, cooking Swiss meringue over a Annmarie, or scooping cookie dough.

Some reviewers complain about the heavy weight of stand mixers, which is understandable if you have to pull one out of a cabinet or down from a shelf every time you need to use it. The added heft of a stand mixer is crucial to keeping it stable and prevent it from rocking on a counter during more intensive tasks.

As for bowl size, we recommend 5 to 6 quarts, which is big enough to make about four dozen standard-size cookies or handle just about any home baking task you might want to tackle. With a larger bowl, the beaters will make less contact with small amounts of liquids or foods.

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You might be tempted to go for a cheap option if you’re shopping for your first stand mixer, but we’ve found that more expensive machines are worth it for the added mixing power, stability, and versatility. More money will likely get you more features and attachments, and for a tool that takes up a decent amount of counter space, we think it’s wise to get a multitask er.

For our original guide, we selected four recipes to test various aspects of a mixer ’s performance: seven-minute frosting, sponge cake, Kitchen Sink Cookies, and bread dough. We chose to make seven-minute frosting (which is the same as meringue) to test each mixer ’s whipping prowess.

The recipe requires you to cook egg whites, corn syrup, and sugar over a water bath until it reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit, then whip the mixture on high for several minutes until it’s thick, white, and fluffy. Besides noting whether the mixers strained during such a long, high speed task, we also measured the volume of the frosting to see how well each machine aerated the mixture.

Because the addition of flour in the last step of this recipe deflates the batter about 25%, it needs to be nice and airy to begin with to get tall, tender layers. So to judge how well each mixer aerated the batter, we measured the height of the baked cakes (down to 1/16 of an inch) and looked for an even, delicate crumb.

Then, we kneaded pizza dough, aiming for a springy, uniform ball that was resilient to the touch. Finally, to see if the mixers could handle small batch recipes, we used them to whip only one egg white, and then just ½ cup of cream.

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Kitchen has only a limited one-year warranty on its stand mixers, which isn’t long for such a pricey machine. Another complaint we’ve heard about Kitchen mixers is that they’re made by Whirlpool now instead of Hobart (and have been since 1986).

Kitchen representatives promise that the machine is the same as when Hobart made it, still with all-metal gears and housing, and with the same patented design. Since writing our original guide in 2013, we’ve used the Artisan to make many batches of cookies and cakes, and even used it to grind meat with the meat-grinding attachment (purchased separately).

Although it can mix a double batch of super thick cookie dough, overloading the machine will shorten the life of the motor. Photo: Sarah Soothe Kitchen Pro 600 Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is a formidable appliance if you bake frequently or in large quantities, whether that’s hearty batches of bread, dozens of cookies, or large layer cakes.

The Pro 600 mixer is a taskmaster designed to tackle big jobs, which, along with the fact that it’s even more durable than the Artisan, is why it’s often found in restaurants and test kitchens. However, because the Pro’s bowl is larger than the Artisan’s and has a much wider bottom, the whisk couldn’t make full contact with a single egg white or whip a ½ cup of cream.

If you don’t bake dense dough and big batches, you’ll find the Artisan is still strong enough to do anything you need, while also being more compact and less expensive than either the 5- or 6-quart Pros. The Pro also comes with a pouring shield that slides on conveniently to prevent ingredients from splashing out of the bowl.

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The Pro 600 mixer is a taskmaster designed to tackle big jobs, which is why it’s often found in restaurants and test kitchens. The Precision Master is lighter weight, so it’s easier to take out of a cabinet or down from a shelf, but it rocked and strained while making fruit-and-nut–laden cookies, and even pizza dough.

With no handle to grip, you have to hold the bowl close to your body, which can result in cookie dough on your shirt. It doesn’t hold a full batch of cookies, like the 5-quart handled bowl on the regular Artisan (right) does.

With no handle to grip, you have to hold the bowl close to your body, which can result in cookie dough on your shirt. It doesn’t hold a full batch of cookies, like the 5-quart handled bowl on the regular Artisan (right) does.

It held its own with the bread test and made a lofty cake and 9 cups of fluffy white frosting. But it couldn’t handle the thick, chunky kitchen sink cookies, and the paddle pushed all the dough up the bowl’s sides.

The Kenmore Elite 5-Quart 400W Stand Mixer looks great on paper: It has two bowls (a 3-quart and a 5-quart) plus all the usual attachments. Even worse, this model strained and rocked back and forth while kneading bread, and when it tried to turn thick cookie dough, the paddle pushed the dough up the bowl’s sides, sending the splash guard spinning around the bowl.

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The Hamilton Beach Electrics All-Metal Stand Mixer was the quietest of all the models we tested, with a pleasant low hum. With a lack of power hubs for extra accessories, this is a basic mixer that’s good for only cakes and lighter baking.

But after viewing about 10 instructional videos, we came to the conclusion that using this thing involves a pretty difficult learning curve. It’s a bowl-lift model like the Pro 600, which means it has a more powerful motor than the Artisan and is also several inches taller and wider, as well as several pounds heavier.

But we think the power and heft of a bowl-lift mixer is best put to use on larger batches, like the kind you can make in the Pro 600. We’re particularly interested in extra features, like a timer that automatically stops mixing when time is up, and a light that makes it easier to see what’s going on in the bowl.

We recommend getting a mixer with a bowl capacity between 5 and 6 quarts, which will easily fit most standard recipes for everything from cookies to layer cakes. Otherwise, a 5-quart mixer will surely handle anything you want to make, and works better for small tasks like whipping ½ cup of cream.

Sarah Carey, then editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, email interview, September 26, 2013 Lesley Stockton is a senior staff writer reporting on all things cooking and entertaining for Wire cutter.

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The Seville was the easiest mixer to use and clean, with a handy quick-release for beaters and a snap-on storage case to neatly consolidate its attachments. We think it’s worth the relatively high cost for people who want the best results you can get short of using a stand mixer, but if you’re looking for a no-frills, affordable option for use now and then, you may prefer our budget pick.

We like the Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer for occasional baking and making smaller recipes. This little machine is an effective hand mixer that evenly blends cookie dough and quickly whips fluffy meringue.

It isn’t as easy to use as the Seville, because it lacks things like a light and a timer, but it can still churn through most recipes. Photo: Michael Session good electric hand mixer will greatly expand what you can easily bake.

We also looked at the best -selling mixers from retailers like Williams Sonoma, Target, Walmart, SUR la Table, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon. To guide our search, we asked professional and home bakers and baking bloggers about their favorite mixers and how they use them.

It should also be strong enough to churn through thick cookie dough or knead bread without stalling or straining. Being able to start at a slow speed and gradually work your way up is also important, because jumping right in on high is guaranteed to spray butter all over your kitchen.

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Several attachments: Some inexpensive mixers come with only a pair of beaters, but we prefer machines that include other useful accessories, like dough hooks for kneading bread, or a whisk for whipping cream. A good hand mixer should be strong and sturdy, but not so clunky that you feel like you’re going to drop it into the bowl while mixing.

We looked for mixers that made it simple to put on and take off attachments for both mixing and cleaning. In our testing we made lofty cakes; cookies filled with fruit, nuts, and chocolate; thick pizza dough; dollops of whipped cream; and airy frosting to see how well the mixers handled each task.

We started by making a sponge cake to test how well each mixer could aerate a batter that gets all of its loft from whipped eggs. We looked for cakes with an even crumb, high dome, and few air pockets (a sign the eggs had not been fully whipped); cookies that were evenly mixed and didn’t spread; and pizza dough that had been worked into a uniform, springy ball.

Then, we beat half a cup of cream, followed by one egg white to see how well mixers whipped small amounts. And we paid attention to how comfortable each mixer was to hold, if it overheated or strained, how it worked around the bowl, and how easy the attachments were to clean and store.

The Seville Handy Mix Scraper was the most versatile, effective mixer of any we tried, with the most functional attachments and useful features that make it a joy to use in the kitchen. With nine speeds that can toggle from powerful to gentle, it made the best cookies, sponge cake, and pizza dough in our tests.

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It had the unique and intelligent design of any mixer we tried, with a built-in timer, a button to pause mixing, a light that shines into the bowl, and rubber-coated scrapers. It was powerful enough to blend the thick cookie dough without straining, and its coated beaters helped keep all the ingredients from climbing up the sides of the bowl.

“It doesn't make a racket if you’re mixing stuff in a metal bowl,” said Lopez, who also owns this mixer. And we didn’t have to scrape the bowl with a spatula as often as with the Cuisinart when mixing our cookie dough with the beater attachment.

In our noise test, we found that the Seville’s whisk attachments actually worked better than the beaters at aeration (we tried both), making a more evenly baked cake. The timer also has a pause button, so you can stop mixing, add ingredients or scrape down your bowl, and then resume immediately without having to speed up again.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with pressing a button, the scrolling felt easy and familiar (and made me nostalgic for pineapple days). The mixer also has a light at the bottom of the machine that shines into the bowl, which I used to check if the sponge cake batter had turned the pale, glossy yellow I was looking for.

Seville says that this mixer is touch-sensitive, using the company’s proprietary Beater IQ technology to adjust mixing speeds depending on which attachments you use. We didn’t notice this kicking in during testing, but the Handy Mix was sufficiently powerful to handle all the dough and batters we made.

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All the attachments store neatly in a clear plastic case, so you won’t lose them to the depths of a drawer. All the attachments store neatly in a clear plastic case, so you won’t lose them to the depths of a drawer.

A loop on the Seville’s plug makes it easy to pull from the socket; it’s just one example of the mixer ’s thoughtful design. We like that the all-in-one system keeps the mixer ’s small parts together, so that you don’t have to fumble around in a drawer for a single missing dough hook.

Compared with most other mixers we considered, the Seville is expensive, and it doesn’t have as long of a warranty as our budget pick, the Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus. If that’s your case, our budget pick is another great, more basic option that’s still powerful enough to handle dough and batters.

Anna Peeling has been using the Seville to make chocolate chip cookies, pizza dough, and cakes since October 2018 and reports that it’s holding up splendidly. It whipped air into noise batter faster than the competition did, and it can handle a range of recipes, just with less finesse than the Seville.

But compared with the similarly priced Kitchen and Monster mixers, the Cuisinart is far more effective, comes with a longer warranty, and has a handy storage case. This is a no-frills mixer that’s good for basic tasks, but it lacks the superior design and extra features that make the Seville even easier to use.

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This model’s beaters didn’t aerate a noise as well as the Seville’s two whisks, however, which created the tallest and most even-crumbed cake of any we made. The Cuisinart also whipped up voluminous seven-minute frosting (again with its beaters), yielding the full quart that the recipe promised in under seven minutes.

The mixer didn’t strain while making cookies, but the bake was slightly uneven, as was the distribution of mix-ins. We asked Cuisinart about this, and a representative said that the motor can get warm with use (which is common with hand mixers, and why they all have vents).

All the Cuisinart’s removable parts are dishwasher safe, and the machine is just as effortless to wipe clean with a damp cloth as the Seville. The Cuisinart has a plastic container for storage, just like the Seville, but it’s slightly harder to attach to the mixer.

We often reach for the hand mixer when we need to mix something quickly during testing, or when it isn’t worth it to drag our favorite down from its high shelf. A single whisk attachment doesn’t do much, and this mixer noticeably rattled in our hands when working through heavier dough like chunky cookies or pizza.

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