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Best Kitchen Mixing Bowls

Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 8 min read

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Mixing bowls are an absolute necessity in any kitchen, whether you're a baker, accomplished home chef, or simply serving microwave popcorn. Surprisingly, mixing bowls can come with a variety of features, from lids that snap on for storing, to attachments that make grating simple.

Is your space shared with roommates that would make having a large set of mixing bowls unnecessary and impractical? Some mixing bowls come with fitted lids, eliminating the need for foil or plastic wrap (and making dishes portable if you're asked to bring a side to a holiday meal or picnic) but necessitating more storage space.

Some come with graters or other accessories that fit over the top of the bowl and eliminate the need for an extra kitchen gadget. While none of the mixing bowl sets on this list are outrageously priced, think of how much is in your budget compared to your usage.

Maybe glass is not the preferred mixing bowl material, and stainless steel would be better. Made from smooth professional-grade porcelain that is lead-free and non-toxic, these bowls are dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and oven-safe, making them versatile in any cooking situation.

Amazon reviewers gave these bowls high ratings for durability, ease of cleaning, sturdiness, and thickness. They can be used to hold fruits, pasta, salad, rice and more than serving dishes also.

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They can bear the brunt of a rapidly rotating beater, and non-skid bottoms help stabilize the bowls when you're mixing. Stainless steel may also be ideal if you ever need to chill the bowls, like you do in the early stage of biscuits, and when you're making some cookies.

You can marinate meat and vegetables in the bowls, too, and not worry about them absorbing in any colors or smells. The 3-quart bowl is the perfect size for mixing up dough with a whisk or hand mixer; the 5-quart is extra roomy for big batches of popcorn or salads.

All you're cooking and baking needs are covered in this cost-effective set of six stainless steel mixing bowls. Stainless steel is nearly indestructible, is dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe, and is easy to clean with no wear and tear.

One Amazon reviewer says: “I purchased these bowls because I had similar ones that were glass, and I was tired of worrying about them breaking; they were heavy and I had way too many oversized plastic ones. This 10-piece collection of melamine plastic, lightweight, nesting mixing bowls is printed with bright, nostalgic floral and graphic patterns.

Easy to hand wash and with a classic vintage look on open shelving, reviewers like that they make great gifts and are attractive for serving yet utilitarian enough to mix baked goods or prepare dishes such as salad in. “So nice not to use a heavy stoneware bowl for a big batch of potato salad.

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And the lid too makes it easy to travel for sharing and sit nicely on any table. The lid actually allows these to go securely in a picnic basket too and something can sit on top of the bowl in transit.

Since 1939, Durable has been manufacturing tempered glass in the heart of France (in fact, they invented the tempering process, which makes glassware twice as durable and chip-resistant as regular glass). The collared rim makes these bowls easy to stack; they are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe; and they're designed to withstand temperature changes from -4 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

I bought these when I started my food blog as a way to display my ingredients with consistency. “I love the smaller bowls, as they are the perfect size for holding spices, baking powder, salt, etc.

Nice surprise too was that the lids have a bit of a rubber seal to keep them on better. Made from durable stainless steel that resists dents and is rustproof, these bowls have a polished interior and a brushed exterior.

“I got these to replace my old set since the grip portion on the bottom was no longer holding my bowls in place. The largest bowl is huge and is great for battering and seasoning your meats.

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Reviewers can't say enough good things about this set of nesting mixing bowls. This rainbow-colored set ranges from measuring spoons up to a 4-liter mixing bowl, including a mesh strainer, a colander, and four nesting measuring cups that stack neatly together for storage.

Made from durable, non-toxic BPA-free plastic, they can be used for wet or dry ingredients and are great for small spaces like RVs and for kids learning to cook. They're dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer safe, and all the additional features make it a great, user-friendly purchase.

“I have always wanted a set of stainless steel mixing bows, and I managed to choose these wonderful ones! They are lightweight, very easy to clean, (the bowls are dishwasher safe), weighted on the bottom so there is no need to wish for a third hand to hold the bowl (it also will not scratch counters), and they store food in them will tight lids,” says one purchaser.

Quality and craftsmanship meet eco-friendly sourcing in this set of seven graduated color bowls made from sustainable bamboo fiber. This set of bowls is durable, moisture resistant, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and biodegradable when you decide to discard it.

Whether you’re a fresh-out-of-college grad stocking your first apartment, a newlywed feathering your nest, or a longtime home cook, having a set of the bestmixingbowls on hand is always a kitchen must. There’s almost no time of day or occasion when you won’t find yourself reaching for them: when you’re whisking up a pancake batter or beating eggs for omelets, stirring pasta or tossing a salad, mixing up a blend for meatloaf or marinating chicken thighs, folding together a cake batter or a batch of brownies, or just looking for a receptacle for your popcorn while you chill on the couch.

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The Cuisinart nesting bowls lightweight design makes them easy to move and stack and comfortable to hold with one hand while stirring or tossing with the other. The smaller bowl's rounded bottom nestled perfectly in one of my saucepans, making for a terrific double boiler.

Unlike its shallower competitors, the Cuisinart bowl's deep interior and tall sides kept my counter completely free of spray and spatter even when using a hand mixer on high speeds. About a decade ago, a few years after I began cooking seriously, I impulse-bought a hulking old Mason Cash mixing bowl from a dealer at a flea market.

I wasn’t thinking about practicalities: The bowl was chipped and fragile, so hulking and capacious that you could bathe a newborn in it, and looked like it had come straight out of the scullery at Downton Abbey. But as soon as I plunged my hands into it to rub together a batch of biscuit dough, I had an epiphany: My whole life, I had been using batter bowls that were too small.

But if my experience proves right, the first time you use it to knead loaves of challah, triple a batch of holiday cookies, or prep pasta salad for a crowd, you’ll be a total convert. Photograph by Joseph De Leo Mixing bowls play a million different roles in the kitchen, so to get a picture of their versatility I tried to cover a lot of culinary territory in my testing.

Finally, I diced up dozens of cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and piled them into each bowl to get a feel for how it felt to toss together a simple chopped salad. While there are hundreds of mixing bowl sets on the market, most are made from stainless steel, copper, glass, and plastic.

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Like stainless steel bowls, copper bowls mixing are excellent for maintaining an even temperature when making dough and batter. Plastic and melamine bowls are durable and shatterproof but generally less versatile than either stainless or glass because they cannot be used as double boilers or be put in the microwave.

They also have a tendency to scratch over time, making them inferior for tasks like whipping egg whites, which can be ruined by any fatty residue trapped in the crevices. Plastic also tends to trap odors and discolor over time when exposed to ingredients like tomato sauce or turmeric.

But ultimately the extra weight of the glass felt cumbersome in comparison to stainless steel and disqualified them from being my number-one pick. These restaurant-supply-style stainless steel mixing bowls have a lot of going for them: They’re lightweight, easy to handle, inexpensive, well-proportioned, and nest for simple storage.

Overall, the Zinedine bowls felt flimsier and more cheaply made than the Cuisinart set, and though they're slightly cheaper, that small difference in price didn't seem to justify the concern that they would not wear well over long-term use. And while I did not personally experience problems with discoloration, I was alarmed by a pattern of Amazon user reviews citing denting, scratching, and rusting.

The Cuisinart Stainless Steel MixingBowls With Lids are the best option for a well-built, versatile, user-friendly set that should provide years of pleasant, practical use. I especially loved their rolled lips and high, deep sides, which are easy to grip and keep whatever you’re mixing inside the bowl not on your counter.

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And the matching lids are sturdy and airtight, making the bowls great for marinades, storing leftovers, or transporting food to parties and potlucks. And if you use the microwave a lot, or just like the feel of glass in your hands (despite the extra weight), the Pyrex Smart Essentials Mixing Bowl Set is a well-designed classic and a good choice.

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