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Best Kitchenaid Mixer 2020

Maria Johnson
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Lauren Lavoie/Business Insider The Artisan Series 5 Quart model strikes a great balance of power, size, and design. Its 325-watt motor is ideal for most home bakers: powerful enough to handle the occasional stiff bread dough or sticky pizza dough, but adequate for common tasks like mixing batters or creaming butter and sugar.

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While it shook a bit when I made bagel dough, it was never overly noisy and I didn't feel like I had to babysit it for fear of it walking off the counter. That said, I don't think I would make multiple batches of bagels in a row to avoid overheating the mixer's lower-powered motor.

This issue first highlighted to me how most stand mixers break and the importance of choosing a model built to accommodate your typical usage. The stand mixers in this guide range from 250 to 970 watts and the Classic Plus is on the lower end of that spectrum with a 275-watt motor.

This is perfectly adequate for common tasks like making cookies, brownies, whipped cream, cake, and the occasional bread loaf, but not hand-pulled noodles. It's made with the same metal parts as more expensive Kitchen stand mixers, has a strong motor, and a relatively roomy work bowl.

Pros: Relatively inexpensive, spacious but still maneuverable, can handle most common tasks and occasional tough dough It can handle everything from whipping two egg whites to mixing triple batches of cake batter.

It's not the sort of mixer you want to lug around, so it's best for those with ample counter space to devote to its large footprint. However, it is compatible with every attachment made by Kitchen, including the ice cream maker bowl.

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Pros: Largest capacity of any residential model, bowl-lift design provides stability when mixing, wide mixing bowl for adding ingredients, powerful motor that can handle all kinds of dough, work bowl has a handle Since counter space was limited, I needed a mixer light enough that I wouldn't mind hauling it out from a cabinet every time I wanted to bake.

Measuring just over 11 inches wide and weighing 17 pounds, the Mini is about 25% smaller than our best overall pick. While this may not seem like a drastic difference in size, the Mini is much more maneuverable than any other stand mixer I've used, and I love that it fits easily under my cabinets or on a shelf.

Less surface area also means less to clean, and the Mini's work bowl doesn't hog space in my sink or dishwasher. Despite being more petite, the Mini is still perfectly capable of whipping up a single batch of cookies or biscuits just as nimbly as any other stand mixer.

The work bowl was just able to fit all the mix-ins for compost cookies, but it started to overflow a bit when I turned on the mixer. Bagel dough also came together fine, but the mixer shook and “walked” around the counter during the long kneading time, enough so that I felt like I had to keep an eye on it for the whole 10 minutes it was mixing.

That said, if space is your primary concern or you're an occasional baker, the Mini is a great option for an unobtrusive machine that can do just about anything a full-size mixer can do. It comes in a variety of fun colors from a pink “Guava Glaze” to a bright “Hot Sauce” red, and also makes a great (albeit generous) gift for kids who are interested in baking; one that they can continue to use well past childhood.

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Lauren Lavoie/Business Insider We also researched other Kitchen models for this guide that we ultimately didn't end up testing. That said, if you are operating a bakery or food business, this is the only Kitchen mixer that is certified by NSF International for commercial use.

However, home bakers are unlikely to need these extra features, which are designed to withstand hours of heavy use each day. While I drew from my own experience as a food editor working in professional kitchens and using these mixers over many years, I also put each model through a standard set of tests to see how they'd compare to each other.

Creaming: I used each stand mixer to make Milk Bar compost cookies, which have more than 5 cups of mix-ins. Kneading: Each mixer was used to make a batch of King Arthur bagels ; a stiff dough with a long, 10 minute mixing time.

If you bake at least once a week or you regularly make a lot of heavy, wet dough like pizza or bread dough, then you'll benefit from a larger, more expensive model with a high wattage motor built for power and durability. However, if you're the kind of person who breaks out the stand mixer once a year to make holiday cookies, you don't need the Cadillac of Kitchens.

Lower wattage models can also handle the occasional tough task like kneading bagel dough a few times a year. The advertised or stated capacity refers to how much the work bowl can hold when completely full.

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Not only would you have a big mess on your hands if you tried to use a mixer at full capacity, but it also wouldn't operate effectively since the ingredients would actually cover the mixing attachment. Unless you're comfortable regularly lifting an appliance of that size, you'll either need to consider a small mixer or have dedicated counter space.

Larger mixers will take up about half the width of a standard size counter and may not fit readily under your cabinet overhang. Our best overall pick also offers further customization with interchangeable decorative work bowls in various patterns and materials.

Fresh pasta : This is one of those tasks that shows the true versatility of a Kitchen stand mixer. While writing this guide, I used this recipe by King Arthur and it churned out perfectly springy bagels that reminded me of home in New Jersey.

The head of the machine tilts forward for operation and lifts back so you can attach a paddle, whisk, or dough hook; add ingredients to the work bowl; or use a spatula to scrape down the sides of the bowl. These machines have a lever that allows you to lock the head in place so it doesn't accidentally lift during mixing or moving.

Hub: A circular port at the front of the mixer head where you place Kitchen branded attachments such as the meat grinder, pasta cutter, or spiralizer. Paddle: A flat, open mixing attachment included with every Kitchen stand mixer.

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The corkscrew shape pushes the dough against the sides of the work bowl in an action that approximates kneading by hand. Attachment: Can refer to the paddle, whisk, and dough hook that come with the mixer, but also used to describe the various accessories you can purchase to extend the versatility of your stand mixer such as the ice cream maker, food processor, or meat grinder.

Keep in mind that technology changes, so it's never a guarantee that a small appliance like a Kitchen stand mixer will be forever compatible with modern home wiring or safety specifications. Once you know what you want to make, a well-written recipe should guide you through when to add ingredients, what speed to use, and even when to scrape down the bowl.

Some good cookbooks to start with include “Pastry Love,” “Black Girl Baking “, “Brave tart,” Cook's Illustrated Baking Book “, The New Way to Cake,” and The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook.” Only operate your stand mixer on a stable countertop or table, and don't leave it unattended while it's running.

This is much less efficient than a stand mixer where the whisk is rotating, but also moving in a circular motion around the work bowl. Electric hand mixers also aren't very good for heavy dough or recipes with a lot of varying textures since these tend to get caught in the smaller tines of the beaters.

According to Kitchen, the brand got its name in 1919 when an executive's wife called the first home model stand mixer “the best kitchen aid I've ever had.” Other brands cut costs by using plastic in part of the design: either in the body of the mixer, on knobs and dials, in the mixing attachments, or even in the gears.

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While they can be a pain to lug around, the added heft produces an important benefit: more stability when mixing. Kitchen makes almost a dozen models with different capacities, power, and price points.

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