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Best Nonstick Cookware America's Test Kitchen

David Lawrence
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
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If you watch the show often, for sure, you have found yourself envious several times of how they made relish recipes easily! What makes the price even better is the fact that there are three pans included in the set.

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Since it is from Total, one of the most innovative features you will find in this product is Thermostat heat indicator. This lets you know if the pan is already hot enough, which means that you’ll never be left guessing.

Cooking surface isn’t flat Can be prone to warping This is effective in the elimination of hot spots, making sure that you can cook evenly and quickly.

This makes it the perfect addition in the kitchen if you want to cook healthy recipes! The lid is made of glass, which is a good thing since you can easily monitor whatever it is that you are cooking.

Lastly, it is also notable because the manufacturer is offering a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer won’t offer an extended warranty coverage if it is not confident about the quality of its product.

Made of a non-porous and dense material Comes with a lid Good heat distribution One of its best features is Heat Mastery System, which has been exclusively developed by Total.

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There are hard titanium reinforcements, which can make the non-stick coating more durable. They can be quite thin when held, but it is a good thing that there is a curved design.

Durable Excellent heating system Easy to hold The heavy-gauge aluminum construction is another thing that makes this an impressive product.

Can be quite tricky to clean and maintain May easily scratch stove If you like spending time in the kitchen, you will love this cookware set.

This set is inclusive of open fry pan skillets, casserole, saucepan, egg pan, cookie sheet, cake pan, and bamboo utensils. With this, it requires more intricate care and maintenance to make sure that the coating will not peel over time.

Even if the coating may not be as impressive as its competitors, we love how it is free of toxic chemicals. Lastly, for your peace of mind, it is also good to know that the manufacturer is offering a limited lifetime warranty.

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Free wooden utensils have rough edges Interior is not stain-resistant It uses a thick material layer for superior heating efficiency while also ensuring durability.

It is quite heavier compared to other pans on our list, so this might require quite an effort on your end. As a result, you can cook more evenly without worrying that food will stick on the surface.

This is unlike the product from All-Clad mentioned above, which is expensive and does not come packaged with other cooking items. This set has a fry pan, saucepan, skillet, casserole, and lids.

One of the defining features of this cookware set is Magneto Technology. This is designed to make it safe for induction cooking and to prevent warping.

Has domed glass lids Good for healthy cooking Comes with a hard-anodized body This will not only ensure quick cooking, but this will also prevent having burnt and uncooked spots.

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With this, it will help if you choose pans that will promote your highest level of comfort as you cook. It is also important that the handle does not get hot even when you are cooking for an extended period.

For your convenience, choose non-stick pans that won’t require a lot on your end when it comes to care and maintenance. Avoid using metal utensils to maintain the peak condition of the non-stick coating.

So, consider the products mentioned in this buying guide and change the way you cook! This is a popular misconception, as most of these pans no longer contain harmful substances such as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly called Teflon.

We understand your concerns, so we tested various options and expertly handpicked the best non-stick pans to allow you to make healthy pancakes for your kids or whip up a weeknight dinner. Non-stick cookware, like saucepans and fry pans, featured a coating material commonly called Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE).

Teflon has a wide range of other applications like making cable and wire coating, carpet and fabric protectors, raincoats, and many more. This model features a scratch-resistant non-stick interior coating and a thick induction base to distribute heat evenly.

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Next, it’s oven safe up to 400 degrees F. plus, its dishwasher compatibility design allows a convenient cleanup after cooking. Aside from its ultra-convenience and exceptional versatility, this unit has a vented tempered-glass lid with cool-touch handles to trap moisture and heat while monitoring the cooking process with ease.

Features Thermostat heat-indicator technology oven safe up to 400 degrees F Incredible versatility Super convenient to use Anti-warp protection Ox Good Grips Non-Stick 12 Open Fry pan features three layers of non-stick coating to deliver long-lasting performance without using much oil.

Even better, this pan is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. This model sports a ceramic-coated ceramic non-stick surface to deliver an outstanding searing capability and impressive versatility to let you flash-cook vegetables, fry tempura or make a hassle-free stir-fry.

Here’s more: Kyocera Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan features durable construction for outstanding performance. Its ceramic non-stick coating delivers quick food release and easy cleanup.

Even heat distribution Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and induction stoves Durable, riveted handles Oven-safe up to 400° F America’sTestKitchen & Cooks illustrated includes another non-stick cookware from Total for those looking to splurge on a true workhorse.

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This product features hard-anodized aluminum construction, which helps retain perfect heat and provide a better protective layer to prevent corrosion and scratches. Further, this model is equipped with patented Thermos pot technology to notify you when the pan is properly preheated and ready to cook.

Unlike most models, Over 8 Earth Frying Pan uses a stone-derived coating, which is free of UFOs, Gene, Pubs, Apex, and FOA. This eco-friendly pan provides superior non-stick performance without exposing you to the risk of these controversial chemicals.

Over 8 Earth Frying Pan has a magnetized base, which makes it compatible with induction stoves. Lastly, this model is constructed using a heavy-gauge aluminum core to deliver even, fast cooking without cold or hot spots.

This skillet is made of hard-anodized, making it dense, highly wear-resistant, and nonporous for professional performance and extra durability. It rocks a titanium-reinforced Quantum non-stick interior to deliver healthier non-fat cooking options, quick food release, and hassle-free cleanup.

Also, it’s accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty to offer buyers peace of mind. Cuisinart 622-30G 12-Inch Skillet is oven safe up to 500 degrees F. The rim is tapered to make pouring drip and mess-free.

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Easy cleanup Sloped sides for a maximum cooking surface Metal utensil safe Cool Grip handle This model features a specially-textured Sear Nonstick cooking surface for quick food release and seal in flavors.

The Tramontina Professional Restaurant Fry Pans are built to adapt to non-commercial and home use without breaking down due to daily use rigors. This pan is perfect for searing, sautéing, scrambling, and frying your favorite recipes.

Plus, its reinforced non-stick interior offers easy food release for effortless cooking and cleanup. Lifetime warranty Works with gas, electric and ceramic glass Oven safe up to 400 degrees F Features commercial-grade 3004 heavy-gauge aluminum construction.

This product is a complete set, including 8 and 10-inch fry pans with a low-profile shape and wide flat base. Nonetheless, it sports a hard-anodized aluminum construction to ensure quick, uniform heat distribution and hassle-free cleanup.

Thanks to the stainless steel bond base, this unit won’t wrap and works well with your induction stove. Further, this cookware set features a scratch-resistant, Scot-free non-stick coating allowing users to cook with less fat for healthier meals.

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Even better, All-Clad E785S264/E785S263 10-Inch Fry Pan Cookware Set is oven safe up to 500 degrees F and backed by a limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment. More importantly, this pan is made of high quality Triply construction and has a comfortable heat-resistant stainless steel handle.

It features three layers of non-stick coating to ensure effortless food release and hassle-free cleanup. This top choice by Consumer reports features a versatile low-profile shape and a wide flat base.

Further, its three-ply bonded construction delivers durable stainless steel, which encapsulates the aluminum core to ensure uniform heating. More importantly, it is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty and oven safe up to 500 degrees F.

Thick aluminum core for efficient heat transfer Anti Warp resistant Oven safe up to 500 degrees F Made in the USA The Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan features a cast aluminum core for rapid heat transfer.

This pan won’t warp, and its flat base delivers even heat distribution. The manufacturer opted for diamond-reinforced non-stick cookware, which allows searing and browning with excellent results.

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Also, its enhanced formula delivers incredible cooking performance and improved durability. Last but not least is Anglo Smart Stack Nonstick Frying Pan Set.

On top of that, these non-stick frying pans sport a hard-anodized aluminum construction for quick heat up and even distribution to get rid of hot or cold spots. Thanks to its double-riveted stainless steel handles, this pan is easy to maneuver and comfortable to hold.

It’d best to consider a set with at least an 8-inch non-stick fry pan for small meals such as pancakes and eggs. However, if you love to scrub your cookware, fry pans with hard anodized metal are your best bet.

We’ve considered the best non-stick pan according to Food and Wine, Wire cutter, America’sTestKitchen, and Consumer reports. But, the main problem is choosing the best pan for your kitchen needs, knowing that they are not designed to last a lifetime.

This heavyweight pan is well-balanced by an angled up contour handle, which makes it easy to use and sit properly. Despite the fact that this pan comes with tall, sloped edges, which might make flipping eggs a bit challenging, it has overall impressive performance.

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Therefore, making a top choice over stainless steel without trading off professional performance and extra durability. Sadly, this won’t cover any damages done to the nonstick coating surface but defects due to craftsmanship.

Nonporous, dense, and highly wear-resistant Unsurpassed heat distribution Quantum nonstick interior Limited lifetime warranty. Great for slowly cooking a variety of food options. This skillet features a German-made stone-derived coating, which is free of Pubs, Gene, Apex, UFOs, FOA, and other uncommon chemicals such as NEP and NMR.

Further, this pan delivers unparalleled nonstick performance with fewer chances of exposure to toxic substances. Even better, the pan’s interior is made out of robust, heavy-duty aluminum and a magnetized base to ensure ultra-fast heat transfer.

Over 10 Stone Earth Frying Pan is compatible with induction stove, thanks to its unique construction and balanced weight. When it comes to nonstick skillet, Ox Good Grips Non-Stick 12 Open Fry pan is a top choice.

This product is made of hard-anodized aluminum, which ensures you get excellent heat retention and superior uniform cooking. This nonstick coating features a three-layer design to make releasing your food effortless.

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On top of that, riveted stainless steel handle, which is heat-resistant thanks to its wrapped silicone, which offers a secure hold and comfortable grip. Also, it’s built with durability in mind and ensure its oven safe up to 390 degrees F. more so, it comes with a finger guard to keep your hands from getting hurt from touching hot stove tops.

Durable and scratch-resistant Unique rolled edges Finger guards Silicone-metal construction Oven safe up to 390 Degree Fahrenheit More importantly, it comes with Pro metal Pro nonstick feature to make this pan scratch-resistant, exceptionally durable, and safe for use.

Further, it comes with a patented diamond-reinforced nonstick surface to ensure easy cleanup, extreme durability, superior searing, and browning. This model makes use of physical features of real diamonds since they are better conduct of heat than metals and more durable.

Healthy cooking without oil Oven-safe up to 500 degrees F Easy cleanup Superior browning and searing Additionally, it comes with a stainless steel disc to offer anti-wrap protection and even heat distribution.

The model is a versatile griddle pan to cook your favorite breaks and meals. It’s great for those looking to cook a variety of foods such as eggs, bacon, pancakes, fish, chicken, and steak.

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Premium nonstick coating Easy to clean Aluminum construction for even heating Comfortable grip silicone handle The market is filled with a lot of branding jargon like “ceramic-titanium” or “diamond,” which makes shopping for the right model a tricky task.

But when you look behind the hyped-up marketing scenes, you’ll find that there are only a few common nonstick coating types. These coatings offer an incredible good release and last longer than other types of surfaces.

A nonstick pan offers even heat distribution across the cooking surface to prevent your food from burning. That’s not all: flared sides foster better evaporation, which means the skillet will collect less amount of water and ensure the golden crust is developed.

Also, pans with balanced weight tend to be more stable and will sit flat on your stove top or burner. This factor is important, especially for people using ceramic or induction cook tops where full contact is paramount.

Also, keep in mind that having a balanced weight pan without having a comfortable or ergonomic angled handle can make your experience daunting. Even better, a skillet coming with a bent lip allows you to pour off liquids such as excess batter or grease without much dripping.

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Cookware is essential to any meal preparation; they are key tools every kitchen must house if you want delicious dishes as the end-result of your exerted effort. Each kind of cookware is designed for making specific types of foods like your casseroles, sauces, eggs, and any other better suited to it.

There are high and sloping sides featured on the Saute use to reduce the simmering effect better when cooking. Sauté Pan/ Satori They are similar in design with the Saute use pan, but they have straight and short sides to keep the food inside.

The straight sides are designed to prevent any liquids or solids from sloshing out across its edges. The Paella pan can be used for stir-frying, roasting, cooking meat or fish, baking, or as a breakfast skillet.

You can prepare any kind of food that requires a wide and flat surface with the pan. Brazier/ Rondo Pot This cooking gear is similar to a sauté pan, but with two short handles, it can be used for braising or searing food ingredients.

This is a highly effective utensil which ensures the perfect poaching of eggs with ease and convenience. Some brands feature detachable cups in the design to enable the transformation of the tool into a pan or casserole.

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These are special pans with a hollow inside; they come with high sides and a tall tube placed in the center. A tart pan features straight sides and, in some models, a removable bottom to slip out the baked goods easily.

They come in different shapes and sizes; this is an ideal tool for making tarts shells. Procuring your own set of cookware might seem like an easy process that requires little to no contemplation, but you need to be careful when choosing between your options.

This set is manufactured by the top online brand, Amazon, using the nonstick coating for easy maintenance and cooking. The simple package contains all the essential basic sizes of pots and pans you will need in the kitchen.

This is a unique product in the long line of models available in the market, the cookware set is made using Aluminum, and the surface is coated with a Cinerama material. This model should be able to tend to most of your basic cooking and baking needs in the kitchen without having to spend extra money on additional items.

Perfectly covers a wide range of cooking and baking Dishwasher-safe option Oven-safe up to a temperature of 500F Nonstick ceramic coating that makes it scratch-resistant This model features hard-anodized aluminum construction that grants the cookware set fast and even distribution of heat.

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A nonstick coating is made on the surface of the products to make cooking and cleaning afterward, an easy process. The cookware set contains saucepans, stockpots, and sauté pans, which all come with shatter-proof lids that can lock in the moisture and flavor of your meals.

This cookware set features an Aluminum construction with a brushed stainless steel exterior, which makes the components very tough and durable. The neatly polished stainless steel coating makes the set rust-resistant, and the pieces are not susceptible to corrosion.

The lids are tight-fitting to ensure retention of flavor and nutrients Not prone to discoloration Dishwasher and broiler safe Oven-safe up to a temperature of 550F This is a 12-piece cookware set that comes with an Aluminum construction with durable Silicone and Stainless steel handles to complement the overall design and performance as well as heat protection.

There is an interior nonstick coating that makes sure the food doesn’t stick to the surface of the pot or pan during cooking. The cookware set includes a limited lifetime warranty as part of its purchase agreement.

The interior is coated with a nonstick material, which makes cooking easier for you since it releases food quickly. The set is made of solid Aluminum, which makes the components strong and durable for a prolonged period of use.

Contained in the collection is a covered stockpot, saucepans, skillets, sauté pan, and a five-piece set of measuring spoons. This model grants you enough flexibility to work with during cooking or cleaning; the components are lightweight and provide one of the best performances in the market.

Shock-resistant transparent glass lids with an easy handle Nonstick interiors Highly durable Evenly distributes heat This model is constructed using solid Aluminum and hard enamel porcelain exteriors, which makes the entire design strong, durable, and sturdy.

This 12-Piece set contains saucepans, stockpot, skillets, sauté pan, a slotted turner and spoon. The handles are easy to grip with their dual riveted rubberized stainless steel nature.

The cookware features a thermos spot which helps to seal all the natural flavors contained in your meals. Each base of the pieces in the set is made to withstand very high temperatures without incurring damage.

This set doesn’t feature the nonstick attribute, which makes cleaning and maintenance a problematic process. The set features a construction using hard-anodized material with a nonstick coating to allow quick release of your foods.

Water gets trapped inside the handles The limited availability of this model makes the price vary Getting the right cooking equipment to set up in your kitchen can be quite confusing due to the presence of many cookware brands in the market.

You need to go for cookware that can conduct heat efficiently to allow even cooking of your food but still durable enough for you to achieve maximum value. These models are made from a combination of metals, Aluminum, and Stainless steel, with a nonstick coating commonly known as Teflon.

The sizes of pans and pots you need for the preparation of such meals should be added as requirements for the cookware set being procured. For you to get an excellent investment out of your purchase, we created this guide to lead you through acquiring the best cookware set while sticking to your budget.

These tools are essential to our daily sustenance, so you must assess the kind of materials used to construct your cookware. Modern testing has shown that some materials and chemicals popularly used for cookware have signs of potential health risks.

This is because they are toxic and tend to react with your food ingredients; a prime example of such a chemical is Teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE), which can cause flu-like symptoms when ingested. Most nonstick cookware are prime candidates for toxic cookware since they are mostly made using Polyfluoroalkyl and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (Pas).

Total Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 17-Piece Cookware Set, Black This is a cookware set containing 17 essential pieces of kitchen equipment; this includes a square griddle, three saucepans, a deep sauté skillet, three fry pans, a steamer insert, a Dutch oven, and an egg wonder. The cookware set is built using Hard-Anodized Aluminum; this makes it quite impervious to scratches and high temperatures.

The Total Ultimate cookware is dishwasher safe relieving you of the stress of handwashing; they can handle immersion in water without developing any damages on its appearance or functionality. Comes with tempered glass lids Safe for use with utensils and dishwasher Very durable and well-constructed cookware set Chemical-free and nonstick Most of the essential cooking tools are included in the package.

It is a healthier alternative to Teflon; the cookware is very durable and certain to serve any kitchen for an extended period. The collection contains 12 kitchen tools, including pots, pans, and skillets, all of which are different and shape.

There is a lifetime warranty on the Cuisinart Multi clad Pro to insure buyers against any manufacturing defects. Durable and rust-resistant due to the stainless steel build of the set Lids and handles are added to the design.

The Total C515SC is a portable induction cookware set built using hard-anodized Aluminum; the material evenly distributes heat across the surface within a short period. The cookware set is dishwasher-safe due to the nonstick coating on the surface, making it easier to clean and resistant to rust.

Total C515SC Professional NonstickCookware Dishware Safe Pots and Pans Set has a limited lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer. There are riveted handles added to the body of each kitchen tool in the set; this is to provide grip and comfort while cooking.

Rachael Ray China Hard Anodized NonstickCookware Pots and Pans Set, 12 Pieces, Gray with Red Handles Made from hard-anodized Aluminum, this cookware set is very durable and evenly distributes any heat on its surface. The set is safe to use in an oven with temperatures as high as 400F; the handles of the tools are rubberized to prevent heat transfer onto your hands when cooking.

Greene Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 16 Pieces, Turquoise The Greene Soft Grip is a very healthy cookware set; the design features an aluminum body with a Thermal ceramic coating on the surface. The coating is nonstick without any use of PTFE, Pas, lead, or cadmium; there are soft grip handles on each of the cooking tools in the set.

The cookware set is oven-safe up to a temperature of 350F; they can also be used on any electric stove top or gas stove but not for induction cooking. The pots and pans have a thick aluminum base, which ensures quick and even heat distribution.

The saucepans and pots have fitting and transparent lids to lock in the moisture of your cooking food. Available in different colors Durable and sturdy design The nonstick coating is void of toxins and chemicals.

The nonstick coating is free of FOA and any other harmful toxins that seep into your cooking food. The tools are built using hard-anodized Aluminum, which ensures high heat conduction and distribution to the entire cooking surface.

Greenspan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Induction Safe Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 11-Piece, Gray The Greenspan Valencia Pro cookware set is an excellent package of essential kitchen tools designed and engineered with the safety and convenience of the users in mind. You can make use of the cookware set in the oven and broiler without damage; the pots and pans are safe under high temperatures up to 600F, the glass lids can only withstand up to 425F.

Doesn’t release any toxic fumes when being used for cooking Safe for use in an oven, broiler, and induction stove top Can be cleaned using a dishwasher Has a chemical-free nonstick surface Conducts heat quickly and evenly The Home CHEF is constructed using high-grade stainless steel with a middle layer of pure Aluminum for enhanced heat conduction and retention.

Stainless steel is a non-reactive and non-toxic material; it is very durable and resistant to corrosion, giving the set an extended lifetime use. Can be used on several stove tops including gas or induction Comes with a 6-year warranty There are riveted stainless steel handles fitted onto the pans and pots.

We recognize that it can be quite difficult and stressful for you to gather this knowledge, which is why we have provided some materials you can purchase without having to worry about any adverse health effects. Stainless steel is a metal alloy with iron, nickel, and chrome, making up a part of its composition.

Too much nickel in the cookware can result in leaching when cooking acidic food ingredients like tomato sauce. Cookware built using stainless steel is incredibly durable, with enhanced resistance to rust and corrosion.

Stainless steel can also distribute heat evenly over the surface of your cookware, making sure every part of your meal is properly cooked. They are quite easy to clean and maintain with minimal effort; if you are going for stainless steel cookware, be sure to get a high-quality model with an aluminum core for enhanced heat conduction.

Ceramic cookware is more eco-friendly, but there are consumer reports that it doesn’t conduct heat evenly across every part of the surface. Cast iron is designed to last for a very long period; they can distribute and retain heat efficiently and evenly.

However, if you are not anemic, then it’s recommended that you switch between other kinds of cookware to avoid excessive iron consumption. Any damage to the surface leaves your food exposed to the Aluminum underneath the anodized layer.

Consumers are getting more concerned about the toxicity of their cookware set, procuring the safest materials and brands is the best way to minimize any potential risks to your health. Cooking with toxic materials releases harmful gases and chemicals into your food, which is likely to cause severe health issues when ingested continuously.

There are those well-designed to be durable and aesthetic while also having a high performance and many other unique and amazing features. It comes in a shiny polished surface that does not discolor, react with food, or change the flavor of your meal.

The handles are cool to touch and secured with stainless steel rivets along with self-basting, tightly fitted lids. The 12-piece set includes 2 fry pans of various sizes, 2 saucepans, 1 deep sauté, 1 Dutch oven, 1 solid spoon, and 1 slotted spatula.

It features a patented Thermostat; this ensures proper preheating to seals in the flavor of your meals. We like that this product is made of anodized aluminum along with a Teflon-free nonstick finish, this feature provides superb performance and long-lasting use.

Clifton Premier Space-Saving Nonstick 10-Piece Set is ideal for those with a small kitchen as it stacks smaller, thereby saving 30% more space. It has a great heat distribution, boils quickly, and sears your meals evenly and perfectly.

Despite its weight, it is well-balanced and features thick handles that stay cool while cooking. Its saucepans are oven safe while the cookware set features premium nonstick interiors to provide amazing food release and easy cleanup after use.

The cooking set is made of shatter-resistance glass lids which seal in moisture and heat while also acting as a convenient base when the pots and pans are nested inside each other. Away from the regular silver or black colored cookware you know, Anglo Advanced Hard-Anodized Indigo 12-Piece Cookware Set offers you amazing quality, durability, and high performance in a cool indigo color.

It is made of durable hard-anodized construction, that is twice as hard as stainless steel while promoting even heating. Another product that made it to our list and for good reasons too is the All-Clad Essentials NonstickCookware Set.

This heats food evenly and prevents your meals from sticking or burning, it will also brown meat to perfection. We love its helper handle as this ensures easy move ability of the products, we are particularly enthralled by its 13-inch square pan, a size ideal for baking, browning, and braising, the cookware set is dishwasher safe too.

It is durable and made of heavy-gauge anodized aluminum to provide even heating and prevent warping. Also, it is compatible with gas, ceramic, electric, and halogen tops making it a versatile product.

Made or ergonomic handle for comfortable, easy grip Durable, with compact storage With Scan pan CTV 14-piece Stainless-Steel Cookware Set, you can have the beauty of stainless steel and the convenience of a nonstick, Teflon free finish.

Its squeeze cast body eliminates hotspots thereby ensuring even heating and browning. We round off our list with Rachel Ray China Hard-Anodized NonstickCookware Pots and Pans Set.

It scores high for its great heat distribution capacity as well as its ability to prevent stains. This cookware set is ideal for all cook tops except induction with an oven heat tolerance of up to 400 o F. Featuring a lifetime warranty, you can go ahead and make a confident purchase.

In the end, your family, friends, and your taste bud will thank you for the delicious meals only the best cookware sets are capable of producing. A quality nonstick pan is a true kitchen essential; from stir-fries to burgers to omelets, the stove top staple basically does it all.

Not all pans are created equal, however, and with thousands available in every possible price range, it can be tough to cull through marketing jargon to find the very best one. So, to determine which nonstick pans were truly the best, we sorted through dozens of published reviews and perused user feedback to settle on 12 to put to the test.

We cooked four different meals on every single contender, assessing nonstickiness (as in, could an egg really be flipped without oil or butter and leave no trace? This pan’s depth gives it multipurpose functionality: It cooks standard frying-pan foods like eggs and meats, and its 2½-inch sides are tall enough to prepare recipes you’d usually reserve for pots, like rices and stews.

Unlike many nonstick pans, this one is free of materials that may pose long-term health risks, including Pas, FOA, lead and cadmium. The nonstick coating is, instead, made from sand, so it won’t release any toxic fumes in the case of overheating.

The Held 10-Inch Hybrid Pan feels fancy (and yes, it’s pricey as well), but it’s also a sturdy piece of cookware that blew the competition out of the kitchen during every one of our tests: Food slid off easily, it was a breeze to clean, and heat was evenly distributed while cooking. Why we love it in a sentence: Whether you’re looking to steam a mountain of veggies or sear a steak, this affordable option can handle it all with ease.

Nothing clings to the pan’s surface, which is made with anodized aluminum, a golden term in the nonstick world but one you might not be familiar with. Rather than strengthening the pan’s surface layer like a coating would, aluminum that is anodized is integrated, so it can’t peel off or chip.

We gave this thing a real beating with metal utensils, but the pan showed absolutely no evidence of this. The material is nontoxic, so even if you were to overheat or scratch the pan, you wouldn’t have to worry about it leaching into your food.

Why we love it in a sentence: True to its name, the Greenspan is a healthier, environmentally friendly nonstick pan that actually works. Ceramic cookware has become popular in the wellness world; it has a reputation of being “healthier” than those made from Teflon or copper.

Greenspan didn’t win our vote just for these reasons (though they are a bonus); it’s simply a really great pan. Eggs, pancakes and even a sticky peanut sauce glided across the surface like they were Kristi Yamaguchi.

After cooking, close to zero residue remained on the pan, which led to a very speedy cleanup consisting of wiping, rinsing and going on with our business. Like the Total, this pan boasts an anodized aluminum body, which can be credited for the even cooking and temperature distribution.

The Thermal ceramic nonstick surface, which is derived from sand rather than any kind of toxic materials, thrives at lower heat settings but won’t release chemical fumes if you cook it on high. Even Gwyneth Paltrow is on board with this pick; she’s partnered with Greenspan and sells a bevy of ceramic, more Instagrammable offerings through her wellness brand.

Why we love it in a sentence: While you’re paying a premium, you’re getting a tough-as-nails pan you’d find in professional kitchens: Nothing your cook will stick, it wards off scratches, it can withstand the highest oven temps out of the bunch we tested, and it looks stunning. While significantly more expensive than the other pans on our list, the Held stands out from the rest for its build quality.

Those nooks and crannies also seemed to distribute heat well, as food cooked evenly no matter which side of the pan it was on. The makers suggest seasoning the pan first, which we did: As directed, we heated up a bit of oil for a couple of minutes and then washed it away.

And then, we made a cheesy omelette and devoured every last remnant, since not a single strand of cheese or egg was left behind stuck on the pan. It’s dubbed a hybrid for its stainless steel and nonstick combination, which provides it with a high-quality appearance and will make the piece last.

Unlike many of the other stainless pans we tried, the bottom of the Held didn’t burn or change colors when it was overheated, thanks to the black nonstick design that appears here, too. Stick to soft-to-mild scrubbers; if food is really stuck or burnt onto the pan, you can fill it with a quarter cup of baking soda and about three inches of water, then simmer the mixture for about 10 minutes.

The spray can leave a residue that builds up over time, diminishing the pan’s nonstick powers. Every pan cooked four separate dishes: pancakes, an omelette, fish and a sticky sauce.

We didn’t use cooking oil or butter to prepare the food to audit the nonstick factor. Functionality: We ranked the ease of making an omelette, pancake, sticky sauce and fish dish.

We also tested how evenly the pan distributed heat by cooking food on different parts of the surface. Aesthetic: A bit more subjective in review, we scored the style of the pans as well as the handles’ comfort and ability to remain cool to touch, and the quality of materials used.

Its handle is almost entirely covered in silicone to protect the cook from heat, but it’s a little too easy to get close to the unprotected section and risk burning yourself. This doesn’t impact the pan’s ability to cook something successfully without sticking, but for people who care about appearances, this isn’t the pick.

The one downside: Its little rivets where the handle meets the pan created a vulnerable place for food to get stuck, which made it a little annoying to clean. A metal fork overpowered Willing’s nonstick surface, leaving scratches all over, and its handle lacked adequate cushioning.

Sautéed vegetables and stir-fries move around the pan with ease and don’t stick or leave behind cooked-on bits that can burn. We’ve spent hundreds of hours evaluating nonstick skillets over the years.

All the pans’ nonstick coatings were made with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a compound best known by the brand name Teflon. We also used a paring knife to see if making cuts in the skillets’ cooking surfaces would result in scratching.

Testers also struggled to use a skillet with tall, straight sides that were set at almost a 90-degree angle to the cooking surface. Frittatas slid easily out of every other skillet (after we loosened their edges with a nonstick spatula).

The two heaviest, which weighed 3.80 and 4.05 pounds, respectively, were absolute bears to lift, especially with one hand as when we were trying to scrape food from them. None of the pans warped when we heated them up and plunged them into ice water, even the lightest one.

After spending dozens of hours with each skillet, we had cooked enough food to feed each of our 200-plus colleagues and reached a clear conclusion: Two pans surpassed the rest. They were also shaped just right, with broad cooking surfaces and walls just high enough and curved enough for us to stir food quickly and easily without spilling.

We especially like the wide, comfortable stainless-steel handle on the Ox Good Grips Non-Stick Pro 12" Open Fry pan, and we love that it can go in hotter ovens than the previous model. All nonstick skillets will eventually wear out, so the Ox model’s affordable price is an added bonus.

Ease of Use: We considered whether it was easy and comfortable to maneuver the pans on the stove top, lift them into the air, empty them, and wash them clean. When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions.

Eggs and anything else you cook simply glide off nonstick surfaces, and cleanup is a cinch. Below are the best nonstick frying pans from our tests, listed in alphabetical order.

These pans excel at cooking beautiful pancakes and fried eggs that don’t stick. And they're tough: All of them withstood 2,000 strokes with steel wool in our durability test.

It earns a Very Good rating for cooking evenness, too, turning out nicely browned pancakes. The nonstick coating stands up to our steel-wool durability test, and the handle on the pan stays cool to the touch.

(If you buy the nesting set, make sure to put something soft between the bottom of one pan and the surface of another.) Pancakes cook evenly and fried eggs slide out easily.

CR's take: The Freeware Neat Nest frying pan aces our cooking evenness test, earning an Excellent rating. This pan is included as part of a stacking nonstick set, but you can also buy it in open stock.

CR’s take: This frying pan earns Excellent ratings on both our cooking evenness and food-release tests, so making pancakes and eggs for breakfast is a breeze. It comes as part of the six-piece Greenspan Stackable set, but you can buy it in open stock as well.

It has a durable nonstick surface, earning a Very Good rating on that test. The handle gets a little warm to the touch, though, and isn’t very sturdy, which is true for most nonstick frying pans in this price range.

Red Copper earns an Excellent rating for evenly cooking food, and our eggs and pancakes easily slide out of the pan. It earns our top rating for durability, an Excellent, withstanding the punishment of our steel-wool abrasion test.

If you're looking to treat yourself or someone on your shopping list to the ultimate kitchen gift, throngs of great cookware sets are waiting for your attention. The decision is complicated further when you're not familiar with common cookware brands or surface materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, nonstick cookware and enameled cast iron.

To help make your choice a little easier, here are some of our absolute favorite cookware sets by various categories. The best tech deals Subscribe to CNET's Cheapskate newsletter and save on everything from phones to gadgets and more.

Cookware is commonly made from aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, copper or a combination of several materials, and each type of metal has its pros and cons for cooking. Stainless-steel pots can withstand heavier use, but stainless steel costs more and isn't as great at conducting heat while cooking (which is why stainless-steel pans often have an aluminum core).

Other important considerations include the type of stove you have -- for instance, not all cookware works on induction cook tops -- as well as how you plan to use the pieces. Some cookware is dishwasher-safe, oven-safe or both while other sets need to be cared for by hand or can't withstand certain types of oven heat.

While it's not cheap, this set of stainless-steel cookware could very well last for the rest of your life if taken care of properly, making it a worthwhile investment for serious home chefs. All the pieces are made from three-ply stainless steel with a thick-gauge aluminum core for better conduction and more even heat distribution, and they feature riveted stainless-steel handles.

Amazon Cuisinart offers quality mid price wares, and many people have good things to say about the 12-piece stainless-steel cookware set. The cookware pots and pans have an elegant, minimalist look and have a variety of features that will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Amazon No one loves scrubbing burnt food off the bottom of a favorite skillet, which is why nonstick cookware is so popular. The pots and pans in this 12-piece cookware set from Cuisinart are easy to care for, as pretty much all food will slide right off the scratch-resistant, ceramic-based nonstick coating.

Because the set is part of Cuisinart's GreenGourmet line, the products feature an eco-friendly nonstick coating and the handles are made from 70% recycled steel. WalmartStainless-steel pans are undeniably pretty, and they also deliver in terms of performance, as this metal is incredibly durable.

If you're partial to stainless steel, you'll like this 12-piece cookware set from Tramontina, as it provides unbeatable heat diffusion and durability. Plus, their precision-fitted lids help to lock in flavor, and reviewers say you can't beat this set for price and performance.

Ceramic coating has become the darling of the amateur kitchen cookware world since it's nontoxic and as easy to clean as any other surface. It also comes with a smart magnetized storage rack and canvas lid for keeping your cookware organized.

Total cookware is known for its affordable prices, and this nonstick pan set has everything a novice chef needs to get started in the kitchen. The cookware is made from aluminum and features the company's Titanium Advanced nonstick finish to ensure your eggs always slide right out.

These pieces feature a lustrous brushed-copper exterior and satin stainless-steel interiors and lids, and they have an inner aluminum core for superior heat conduction. The riveted handles are designed to be ergonomic and resist heat, and all the copper pans feature flared rings for easier pouring.

Amazonas iron is ideal for searing, braising, roasting and anything else that takes advantage of its heat retention. The cooking surface of each pan is preseasoned with 100% vegetable oil and the pieces need to be hand-washed and dried to maintain the integrity of the seasoning.

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