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Best Nonstick Cookware For Value

Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Amazon reviewers rave that everything from eggs to rice slides off of these pots and pans with ease. Not only is it beautiful, but it's designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware.

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This ceramic-coated hard anodized aluminum will heat everything quickly and evenly. If you're looking for a copper cookware set (perhaps because it is one of the best materials for conducting heat), this extensive cookware and bakeware set comes with an easy nonstick coating.

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While we all know by now that you shouldn't use metal utensils on nonstick cookware or wash them in the dishwasher, we also know that we're all bound to break the rules sometimes. So Adam ran a metal spatula over the surface of each nonstick pan and washed them in the dishwasher to see how well they held up.

Safety Features: Is the handle comfortable to the hand when the pan is hot? Adam's testing is complete, and we believe we've found the bestnonstickcookware for home cooks.

The nonstick coating on traditional nonstick cookware is made from a chemical known as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), commonly known as Teflon. However, health agencies raised concerns regarding the safety of a compound used to make Teflon known as FOA (perfluorooctanoic acid).

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FOA has been linked to health issues, including kidney and liver disease, as well as environmental concerns. In 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency reach an agreement with eight major companies to phase out FOA completely by 2015.

Although, some newer nonstick cookware can withstand higher temperatures, so refer to your product's manual. In fact, some nonstick cookware we tested are safe to heat at higher temperatures.

If you're unclear about how to safely use your cookware, refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Nonstick coating can be applied to a variety of cookware, but skillets tend to be some of the most popular.

While a cast iron skillet does have a place in every kitchen, some jobs are best saved for a nonstick pan. Seafood : If you've ever tried to flip fish fillets, scallops, or shrimp on any other pan besides nonstick, you've experienced the frustration of trying to achieve a nice sear without the whole thing sticking to the pan.

Nonstick pans allow you to easily flip seafood while still getting that restaurant-quality sear. You'll no longer spend time bent over the sink scrubbing away at burnt-on food residue.

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Avoid using cooking spray, as some can have additives that can damage nonstick coating. Using a little oil before heating it will help the nonstick coating to last longer.

While some manufacturers claim their pans are safe for metal utensils, why risk it? A jagged utensil can easily lead to an unsightly scratch in the nonstick coating.

“The general shape of the pan was what you want in a skillet, not so deep that it traps steam, but high enough edges to be able to make a quick sauce in it without spilling,” says Adam. The only downside to this pan is it won't work with induction burners and it's not dishwasher safe.

Buy It: Anglo Advanced Home Hard-Anodized Nonstick Skillet 10.25-inch, $120; Macy's Constructed from durable, high-quality nonstick, this pan can safely reach up to 500 degrees F and is induction ready.

The handle has a sleek matte finish with a large space to hang the skillet from. Adam found it to have a durable and high-quality feel, making it a great, pro-consumer pick that will last for years.

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Both are safe up to 500 degrees F, induction ready, and right sized for everyday cooking,” says Adam. The one-piece design heats well and the comfortable handle feels good even with a bare hand, according to Adam.

Buy It: American Kitchen Cookware Premium Nonstick Frying Pan 10-inch With Lid, $148; Amazon Adam liked the easy grip handle on this skillet, however he found the metal to feel fairly thin and cheap.

Buy It: Ox Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Open Fry pan, $40; Amazon The premium Teflon (Scot-free) on this pan is marketed as long-lasting, however when scratched with a metal utensil there was significant loss of the nonstick coating.

This pan also had significant losses in nonstick ability when scratched with a metal utensil. The skillet itself heated evenly, and the surface is made with Teflon platinum plus.

Buy It: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan, $80; Amazon If the bottom of a pan is warped (which can create hot spots that burn food), or if handles are loose or broken, it’s time to shop.

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We buy and test cookware sets ranging from less than $100 to $600 or more, from well-known brands such as All-Clad, Anglo, Clifton, Cuisinart, and Willing J.A. Heckles, as well as sets sold under the names of celebrity cooks like Ayesha Curry, Rachel Ray, and the Pioneer Woman.

CR’s take: The 12-piece Cuisinart Green Gourmet nonstick set aces all our key cooking tests. We were able to easily maintain sauce at a low simmer, and the 6-quart Dutch oven quickly brings water to a near-boil.

With Excellent ratings on both our cooking evenness and speed of heating tests, the Greenspan stands up to the competition. The coating appears pebbly, but that doesn’t affect its nonstick properties, and we effortlessly cooked pancakes and eggs.

Cooking evenness is superb, and this 8-piece set aces our speed of heating test by quickly bringing 4 quarts of water to a near-boil in the 5-quart stockpot. The surface stands up to our durability test, in which we rub steel wool over the coating 2,000 times, earning a Very Good rating.

Simmering a sauce produces impressive results, and this set earns a Very Good rating for cooking evenness. Heckles Motion Grey is made of anodized aluminum and works with any type of range.

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Simmering in the saucepan, however, is only so-so, and the eggs needed nudging out of the pan in our food release test. Clifton designed this set so that it stacks and nests, which frees up precious cabinet space.

The Clifton Premier Space Saving 8-piece stainless set earns a Very Good rating in our evenness tests, like our other top performers in this category. The stainless handles are long and sturdy, and you can use these dishwasher-safe pots and pans on any type of range, including induction.

It earns an Excellent rating on our cooking evenness test, and when we brought 4 quarts of water to a near-boil in the 6-quart stockpot, speed of heating was also impressive. Its performance in our food release test, however, was subpar, so if you like to fry eggs, you may want to stick to a nonstick skillet.

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