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Best Pan For Deep Frying Uk

James Lee
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
• 7 min read

A well-engineered, non-stick frying pan is a solid investment, allowing you to cook with flair and confidence whilst providing endless versatility. We tested a sample of the latest non-stick contenders against criteria that included temperature control, handle comfort and eco-credentials.

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Lightweight yet sturdy Excellent even cooking and temperature control Great heat retention Impressive non-stick Good value Thanks to the speckled, three-layer ‘Rock pearl Plus Swiss technology’ used in its exceptional non-stick coating, the Bliss Cook frying pan can, as advertised, be used with little or no extra fat.

It provided consistent results in all our cooking tests, and while the preheat was slower than some other pans, this is because the base is thick and of a good quality. The simple and modern design feels premium, and we found this to be a sturdy, reliable workhorse of a pan.

It doesn’t contain any FOA (perfluorooctanoic acid, traditionally used as a non-stick coating that has been linked to adverse health effects), which isn’t to the detriment of its non-stick credentials. It has a very wide, flat surface area, so plenty of ingredients can be cooked at once, plus it’s heavy in an old-school, farmhouse kind of way.

Supreme temperature control The ability to accurately adjust the temperature with subtle precision, even after cooking over high heat, will provide you the greatest overall control, transforming your everyday cooking. It’ll mean that you can save food that you forgot about for a moment, cook all manner of eggs with precision, or perfectly simmer a midweek curry or risotto.

Reliable, eco-friendly non-stick An effortlessly slick non-stick coating with just a touch of grip will prevent spread when cooking pancakes or frying eggs. Finally, making a batch of American-style pancakes allowed us to check how even the heat was under the pan, how efficiently it transferred to the food and whether the non-stick had the necessary subtle grip.

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If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability, please get in touch at goodfoodwebsite@immediate.co. Whether you flash a frying pan every night of the week or use one for a rare full English, every home should have a wide, sturdy pan that can quickly reach high temperature for searing, sealing and frying.

Heat your frying pan with a moderate flame or setting, working it up to searing temperature if needed. Direct flames on a gas hob to the base, rather than letting them lick the sides, which can burn and char coatings or discolor steel.

Compatible with every kind of hob, it heats very evenly, but stay conscious of the fact that the handle will get warm too. Sealing and browning chicken thighs at high heat, the lid then stayed on, making sure the joints didn’t dry out.

Great for curries, sauces and anything that needed a combo of frying and low heat, this is a versatile pan for every cook. That familiar Teal red dot (it goes solid when heated to show it’s ready for action) has long been a sign of quality for non-stick frying pans and this model doesn’t disappoint.

In aluminum with Teal’s toughest yet coating (perfluorooctanoic acid, or FOA, free), we particularly liked the high sides of this fryer when browning mince for a batch cook bolognese. Wrestling with heavy pans is literally a pain for some cooks, but these can easily be whipped from cupboard to stove.

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Thanks to the deep sides, sizzling fat from monster fry ups stay inside rather than splashing on the hob. The non-stick coating of the interior has a honeycombed base, which makes sure of even heat distribution, so everything from sausages to hash browns cooked perfectly.

However, steaks were done to perfection as the pan heated up evenly and handled maximum temperatures on a gas hob without discoloration. At the budget end of the scale, but still with a 10-year guarantee, is this Salter frying pan from the brand’s Earth range, which is free from FOA and PTFE chemicals.

The high gloss, smooth non-stick coating on this stylish number meant pancakes slid easily from the pan to the plate without the need to grease the lining at all. Samuel Groves’s top-quality frying pan range has made our list of favorites again, with the 28 cm pan from last year’s round-up an absolute essential in our tester’s kitchen.

This year, we’ve added this smaller 20 cm pan, with the brand’s new premium non-stick which is perfect for small fries and has been put to work for side dishes and solo dinners. There’s a lifetime warranty if used correctly and its pan for life” scheme means the non-stick can be refurbished– so this one is an investment buy that could be with you forever.

But while you’re better off using a heavyweight cast iron frying pan for searing steaks and meat, there’s nothing quite like a Teflon-lined pan for knocking up scrambled eggs and crêpes with zero stick and a minimum of hassle. Here, you’ll find our guide to picking the right frying pan for you, alongside bite-sized reviews of our favorite frying pans.

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In an ideal world, you’ll have a small frying pan for bacon and sausages; a larger one for big omelettes and crêpes. But a medium-sized pan, with reasonable height to prevent spillage, is a good place to start for those who are beginning to fit out their kitchen with quality cookware.

Using a wooden spoon or spatula, or indeed a more modern silicon one, will eliminate the chances of scratching or damaging the non-stick coating. Metal tools can gouge the non-stick layer and that damage can lead to the coating steadily flaking off over time.

They can also potentially release tiny amounts of toxic fumes if you make the mistake of heating them beyond 350C/660F. For starters, you get Teal's Thermos pot center, which indicates when the pan is hot enough to start frying.

The company’s proprietary Thermal ceramic coating doesn’t have pasties such as FOA involved in its manufacture and, best of all, those green credentials don’t come with a hefty price tag. The solid, sturdy construction is matched with a riveted stainless steel handle, and the pan can withstand temperatures of up to 260C for oven use.

The only annoyance is that it’s a little heavier than some of its rivals here, and you’ll need to rejuvenate the non-stick coating with lemon juice or vinegar on a reasonably regular basis. It’s a bit of lump compared to some of its rivals, but it’s nowhere near as heavy as some cast-iron Le Crest pans we have in our cupboards, and if you remove the handle covers, it’s ready for both oven and grill use.

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The range’s clever design features easy-click detachable handles, so you can house your pan pretty much anywhere, as well as use is handleless in the oven and take it straight to the table for serving. With a scratch-resistant finish that’s more durable than conventional non-stick, Stellar’s Rocktanium frying pan is great for busy lifestyles as well as uncompromising cooks.

It’s all down to its titanium-based Scot-free coating, which, coupled with a thick aluminum body for even heat distribution, makes frying and flambéing a cinch. A hollow, stainless steel handle also makes the pan both comfortable to move around while remaining sturdy.

Compatible with all hob types including induction, one notable feature is its distinctive “stone” interior as an attractive change from the usual black.

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