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Best Pewter Flatware

David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 14 October, 2020
• 9 min read

Service For: 1 Primary Material: Stainless Steel (18/10) Handle Material: Stainless steel Pieces Included: Tablespoon; Dinner Fork; Dinner Knife; Salad Fork; Teaspoon; Additional Pieces The classic lines of this solid pewter handled flatware showcase the talents of fine Italian artisans.

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I gave it a three because we just wanted to add to our existing set, however the new ones are smaller and slightly different shape. Rita. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, the handles feature an intricate branch adorned with many leaves and a small acorn.

Stainless steel heads emerge from the detailed grips, which display remarkable realism within their design. I do want to mention it is IMPOSSIBLE to accurately get a picture of this gorgeous flatware, the lighting is ALWAYS lacking, but I did the best I could. Joe.

Opens in a new tab Put a fun spin on formal entertaining with the whimsical design of this product. A curious bear pokes its head and paws out from behind a plate at the end of each pure- pewter handle.

The remarkable definition within the animal's face and limbs make it appear darker than the surrounding material. Stainless steel utensils offer an elegant finish as they emerge from each grip.

Opens in a new tab Vagabond House's stirrup flatware captures both beauty and function in its detailed design. Opens in a new tab Inspired by the noble, Italian family, this flatware set combines Renaissance elegance with traditional craftsmanship.

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Regal flourishes adorn the handle of each piece, while a circular, embellished knob extends from the end. Crafted in luxury pewter, this set also features beady accents around each utensil's neck.

Opens in a new tab This flatware five-piece set features pure, luxury pewter handles with a decorative interpretation of patterns found on traditional fine Provencal linens. The handles are lightly antiqued to highlight the intricate details of the Provençal design.

Opens in a new tab Incorporate western-inspired designs into your flatware with this set from Vagabond House. Raised diamonds and ovals adorn each grip, while smaller accents outline each shape for extra emphasis.

Ribbed patterns along the edge of each handle reflect leather's influence on pieces. Each is made by a skilled artisan with the finest quality pewter, distressed and hand-finished for a rich patina.

Product Type: Cake / Pastry Server Primary Material: Pewter flatware However, can't give it 5 stars since it rolls to the right when you put it down on your cake plate or table.

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But after getting a few deliveries of a Ladle instead of the Pastry Server, we're just too tired to bother sending it back. Opens in a new tab This Vagabond House flatware pattern is inspired by the noble lifestyle of the Italian Medici family, famed for patronage of the arts.

Ornate and artistic, a fleur-de-lis symbol with elegant flourishes adorn the end cap and handle. Exquisitely detailed in pewter, the handles are perfectly weighted for the hand and balance the stainless steel heads.

Opens in a new tab Depict the rustic elegance of antler in pure- pewter form with this beautifully reproduced bar spoon from Vagabond House. Intricate patterns give the grip a realistic feel, while the piece's stainless steel bowl accentuates the textured handle.

Opens in a new tab Traditional beauty and form characterize the design of Vagabond House's hammered cake knife. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, the hammer-patterned handle provides stability and functional elegance to your dining experience.

Opens in a new tab Striking and simple, Vagabond House's wales flatware set adds functional elegance to your formal dining experience. It enhances almost any China or stoneware pattern, from antique to retro mid-century or today's traditional.

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Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, the handles feature banded grips, which curve sensuously to a rounded end. Stir up a great drink complete with fresh ice cubes and these tongs.

The stirrup motif has a realistic buckle and stitches details to help you accent rustic bar decor, and the textured sides help improve your grip on slippery ice. This versatile accessory lends your bar area a retro vibe combined with an upscale appeal that complements any decor in your home.

A sweet, pure- pewter rabbit offers up its beloved carrots as picks for your cheese display. Realistically crafted in stunning detail, the bunny carries the vegetables in a sack slung around its shoulder.

Figure hair covers the animal's body, while its large ears perk up above an energetic face. This practical flatware set provides durable functionality as well as appealing entertainment designs.

Service For: 8 Primary Material: Stainless Steel (18/10) Handle Material: Stainless steel Pieces Included: Dinner Fork; Dinner Knife; Salad Fork; Teaspoon; Dessert Spoon The clever pattern features smooth acorns and textured caps that hold ice firmly and help you make drinks quickly at your next soirée.

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The long handles shaped like branches and the tiny acorn details are textured to improve your grip while transferring ice to cocktail glasses. Elevate rustic bar settings with these elegant tongs, which lend a hunting lodge feel to...

Opens in a new tab While these mounted elk heads are much smaller, the pure- pewter design is just as appealing on salad servers. These brilliantly-detailed statuettes exhibit intricate manes and wide, forking antlers as they rest at the end of each handle.

The rich, wooden hue of the flatware blends beautifully with its silvery embellishments. Featuring big ears and faint smiles, these stags carry a whimsical air that's sure to draw attention.

Opens in a new tab Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, this product features acorns and oak leaves nestled together in detailed groupings along each handle. The textured handles appear darker than the stainless steel heads of this five-piece set.

This elegant spoon is a marriage of the highest quality pewter combined with the talents of Italian artisans, using techniques passed down through generations. Gave 4 stars as I wish the handle was just a bit longer so the ways to use this spoon is somewhat limited.

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Opens in a new tab Rely on the classic design and elegance of this flatware set to serve your entertainment needs. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, the handles are column-style, with beaded banding and stylized leaf engravings.

Handcrafted from high-quality cast pewter, this pair of tongs is designed to resemble miniaturized elk antlers, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your barware. The pewter is in compliance with FDA rules for direct contact with food and beverages, and no special maintenance is required to keep it in excellent condition aside from washing by hand in warm water with a mild detergent that is non-acidic and nonabrasive.

Feel like you're back on a horse every time you use Vagabond House's stirrup spoon. The piece's handle features a leathery-patterned strap with notches, a belt loop and thin bands wrapping around the design.

A realistic rein ring extends off the end of the pure- pewter handle as an additional accent. With clean lines and vintage semblance, this ladle is your go-to tool for soups, sauces, and punches.

The pure- pewter handle features a banded grip and ornamental designs extending off of the end. Measuring 11 inches, this ladle is long, sturdy and versatile enough to scoop up just about anything in style.

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This daisy and bee spoon illustrates the insect's environmental importance in pure- pewter form. A honeybee sips on pollen from the edge of a flower blooming at the end of this piece.

Fine detail in the creature's wings and petals make the two designs appear darker than the rest of the spoon. Opens in a new tab Hand-forged iron, hand applied finishes, glass and shades that complement the style are primary ingredients in these products.

This manufacturer takes great pride in engineering and inspection standards that ensure a quality product. Thirsty stone appetizer picks are a great accessory for your next fondue party or snack attack.

These 6” pewter -topped, stainless steel picks are long-lasting and durable, for years of use. Manner Living appetizer picks are a great accessory for your next fondue party or snack attack.

Thirsty stone appetizer picks are a great accessory for your next fondue party or snack attack. These slim and sharp double tinned picks are finished with a cast pewter marine rope and anchor handle.

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Opens in a new tab Made with the highest quality of 18/10 stainless steel, 3,0 mm thick, very durable, ergonomic. The special titanium plating process, originally developed by NASA, gives to the surface of stainless steel an extra-hardness and makes it dishwasher safe.

This crab claw pewter handle serving spoon is perfect when you have a crowd at your beach party. The stainless bowl is crafted to be generous; the uniquely detailed pewter handles assure you entertain with style.

Opens in a new tab Celebrate the bounty of nature at your next dinner party or buffet with this pair of tongs featuring a stunning foliage-inspired design that inspires thoughts of an autumn forest. The arched end makes one-handed operation easy, so you can simply grip and lift a selection of luscious salad greens, a single baked pastry or a pile of crisp vegetables for convenient transfer between a serving dish and your plate.

The slim and sharp double tinned picks are finished with a cast coral branch and fan she'll handle. Opens in a new tab Rely on the classic design and elegance of Vagabond House's leaf bar spoon to serve your entertainment needs.

Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, the handle is column-style, with beaded banding and stylized leaf engravings. The architectural handle contrasts beautifully with the spoon’s smooth, stainless steel bowl.

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Opens in a new tab A slender, pewter twig of pewter laden with tiny oak leaves and acorns forms the handle of the unique acorn & oak leaf serving spoon. Finished with a high-quality stainless steel bowl, the spoon is so pretty you love to show it off at buffets.

A sturdy, wide stainless steel forehead makes serving almost anything a quick and easy job. Attaching the handy head to a luxury pewter handle featuring detailed tooled, buckled stirrup leather and straps ending in a classic stirrup iron makes it classically Vagabond House.

The Vagabond House equestrian collection pays homage to the noble horse in all its majestic beauty. Opens in a new tab A cast and hand finished luxury grade pewter handle sculpted as a tiny branch defines the elegant song-bird spoon.

The tiny song bird perched at the end of the handle adds whimsy and fun. The song-bird collection is inspired by a flock of song sparrows who nest near California corporate headquarters, elegant and yet a bit whimsical.

A true example of their belief that the difference is in the details, the octopus handles are intricately defined with suckers, pebbly skin, and wise eyes. Finishing in a wide, burled acacia spoon and fork, this set will bring a lifetime of compliments to your table.

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