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what you think you need."
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Best Pie Bakeware

James Smith
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. The ceramic provides great heat retention for a perfectly browned pie crust that’s evenly baked from center to edge.

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The pie plate itself is made from borosilicate glass that’s resistant to thermal shock and lets you monitor the crust’s browning as it bakes. This beautiful, fluted pie plate is part of cookbook author Rose Levy Geranium's line of baking gear.

The flutes also let you lift the pan easily from below, so you won’t mess up the crust as you retrieve the pie from the oven. This pretty deep-dish pie plate has a cheery blue exterior with creamy white on the inside of the pan and on top of the rim.

Hand washing is recommended, but the ceramic glaze releases food easily for simple cleanup. Made from stainless steel with a mirror finish, this won’t rust, crack, bend, shatter, or wear out.

The mirror finish looks attractive for serving, and it helps the crust release easily from the pan for perfect slices every time. Just a push up from the bottom pops the tart out of the pan's ring, so you can slide it onto a plate to be admired from all angles.

This pick is made from steel with a nonstick coating so your pastries slide out easily, and it’s dishwasher-safe so you don't have to think about cleanup when there's tart to be eaten. Glazed in six different cool tones and finished with attractive fluted edges, the pie plates retain heat for even baking.

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If you bake a lot, these pans can also be used for freezing stacks of unbaked pie crusts so you’ll have them on hand when you need them. The ceramic pan provides great heat retention for a perfectly browned pie crust that’s evenly baked from center to edge.

It's a practically indestructible pan that won’t rust, crack, bend, shatter, or wear out. A seasoned recipe writer and gadget tester, she also wrote the cookbook Make Ahead Bread.

This article was updated by Jenny Kellerhals, a professional pastry chef in New York City and a freelance food writer. We spent over 34 hours researching and testing 15 different kinds of pie pans and found that performance history, materials used in construction, and size were most important.

The Pyrex Easy Grab Glass Pie Plate scored high marks in all areas and is our top pick. The reputation of the Pyrex name is one of the reasons this pie plate is so popular.

The glass material is microwave, dishwasher, freezer and oven safe. The contoured edges add style to a functional kitchen item.

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The diameter of the pie plate is 9 ½” and won’t absorb odors or stains. There are two pie plates in this set that are both easy to clean and come with a two-year warranty.

They are round and the rims are either flat or sometimes they are fluted and hold the edge of the pie. When it comes to choosing the right pie pans or plates for your baking needs, there are several things you can look at and consider that will help you make the right decision.

This buyer’s guide and the reviews below are tools you can utilize to make the choosing process much easier. Pyrex is a long-standing, well known name in kitchen bakeware and casseroles.

The contoured edge of the pie plates create a beautiful crust that is worthy of company or guests seeing them. These glass pie plates are microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and oven safe.

It is equipped with patented American Plus which is a non-stick coating that ensures fast release of what everyone is cooking. This convenient coating American will last a long time and is BPA free, and PTFE and FOA certified as well.

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The heavy gauge construction of these pie pans ensures that you will have them for many years to come. The design of the Nor pro pie pan works well with store bought or homemade crusts.

The sleek mirrored surface produces pies that are cooked evenly and have perfectly browned crusts. The pie pan measures 9 inches in diameter and is 1 ½” in depth.

To keep the pie pan in great condition, be sure to hand wash it which is really simple. Summary of Our Top Picks There are many kinds of pie pans on the market; from glass to aluminum to steel.

The three different pie pans reviewed above are excellent candidates for you to add to your kitchen. Each one has its benefits and all of them produce beautifully baked pies that you will be proud to serve.

Our buyer’s guide below will provide you with even more information on how to choose the right pie pans. This information will help you sort through the numerous choices and assess you own specific needs so you make the right decision for your baking activities.

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Pyrex USA Pans Nor pro Fox Run Overstuff Nordic Ware Fat Radio’s Cuisinart graniteware Baker’s AdvantageMaterial Glass Aluminum, American Stainless SteelHeavy Gauge Steel Heavy Gauge Steel Aluminum Heavy Gauge Aluminum Carbon Steel Ceramic Package 2 1 / 2 11 / 2 2 1 / 4 1 1 1 1Size (inches) 9.5 9 99 9 10 12 9 9 9.5Color Clear Chrome Chrome Gray Black Chrome Silver Brown Blue / RedWarranty2 YearsLimited Lifetime 1 Year5 Years 1 Year 1 Year Limited Lifetime 1 Year 1 Year Glass pie plates can be used in the freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

Disposable Foil- Foil pie pans are good for temporary cooking and are meant to be thrown away after use. You will need to hand wash this item and make sure that it gets re-seasoned again if necessary to preserve the great finish.

It is easy to keep clean and produces pies that your friends and family will love. Make sure you hand wash stainless steel to avoid it getting damaged.

Deep dish pie pans are usually available in foil, glass, ceramic and sometimes metal if you can find it. Taking care of your pie pans is really important so you will have them a long time.

In the case of glass or cast iron you could end up having pie pans for decades and pass them down to your own kids or even grandkids. Glass, metal and ceramic pie pans are dishwasher safe and clean up easily.

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Cast iron pie pans are the most time intensive to maintain. Just take some oil, shortening or lard and coat the inside of the pan.

To avoid the glass of a pie plate breaking or cracking, don’t move it from the freezer directly to a hot often. With all the materials and styles to choose from, you may have a hard time picking, but this buyer’s guide is designed to make that choice much simpler.

If you spend a lot of time baking pies and other things, you will want to spend more money on the pie pans you get, so they will stand up to the maximum baking load you expose it to. There's nothing quite like cutting through a golden, flaky pastry crust to reveal a delicious filling inside, whether you're baking a classic fruit pie or something more unusual, like a curried chickpea pie.

The vast majority of pie pans are made from either metal, glass, or ceramic. Metal: These pie pans give you quick, even browning, but they can lead to over baked crusts in custard-type pies that require a longer bake time for the filling to set.

Aluminum and stainless steel options are highly affordable. Cast iron pie dishes are some of the most expensive on the market.

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Tempered glass: These pie pans are strong yet relatively affordable and tend to produce well-browned, crisp crusts. If you're looking for a versatile option that works well for all types of pies, glass is a good call.

Most recipes call for 8- or 9-inch pie pans, so this is a good size to start with. If you attempt a recipe designed for an 8-inch pie pan in a 10-inch dish, you won't have enough pastry or filling to go around.

The pans designed to bake individual pies usually come in packs of two to six. Some pie pans have handles or extra-wide rims to make them easier to remove from the oven.

A fluted edge can make pies look more decorative and fancy, but large flutes can lead to problems with the edge of the pie crust burning, so proceed with caution. You won't get color choices with average metal or glass pie pans, but if you choose a ceramic model, you'll be able to pick from a range of colors and sometimes even patterns, too.

Some pies, such as those with meringue toppings, need to be finished under the broiler for extra browning. Picking a pie plate that's dishwasher safe will make it easier to clean up after you’re done.

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“The nonstick coatings found on some metal pie pans can scratch or flake over time, limiting the lifespan of the dish. “ We love this option from Bake Buddy, which comes in large and jumbo sizes.

This wood rolling pin from Freeware is durable, moisture resistant, and comfortable to use. Inexpensive: The least expensive pie pans are aluminum, stainless steel, and basic glass, which cost between $5 and $15.

Conversely, it's worth spending extra to get the best if you're an avid pie baker. Some pie pans are sold in packs of two or more, which often provide better value for money than buying them separately.

However, there are plenty of free recipes online, as well as many video tutorials. Disposable aluminum pie pans produce a better crust than you might think.

We wouldn't recommend using them all the time because they aren't the most environmentally friendly option (though they can be recycled).

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