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Best Place For Dinnerware Vancouver

Ellen Grant
• Thursday, 15 October, 2020
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We did a condo kitchen Reno a couple of years ago. Originally opened in 1917 in Vancouver's historic Chinatown, Ming To has been a source for professional cookware for over 100 years and a Canadian owned and operated company with a tradition of providing superior service and quality products to generations of Vancouver cooks.

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Offers thousands of select import gourmet items, specialty housewares, gadgets, and tools for both professional and amateur... MORE Whether you enjoy hosting formal dinner parties for close friends or you appreciate a casual dining experience, it helps to have the right dinnerware sets to cater to any occasion.

And, stocking up on a few spare bowls, plates, and other pieces to accommodate unexpected guests or accidental breakages is always a good idea. Best Buy carries a wide array of dish sets to help you accomplish the style you're looking for in your home.

Before you decide what style, colors, or patterns might work best with your existing dining room theme, it's helpful to think about which material might best suit your needs. This type of dinnerware is fired at high temperatures, and most varieties are dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe.

Based on your preferences, you can mix and match individual dishes like bowls and plates featuring different shapes and colors, or you can get a complete dinnerware set so you'll have for a more uniform look. With individual pieces, you can select different patterns, shapes, and sizes to reflect your bright, colorful, and eclectic personality while adding a cheerful aesthetic to your dining table.

Individual pieces also offer a convenient solution for replacing broken or chipped plates, cups, or bowls. Formal dish sets usually include all the pieces you'll need to host a larger group of people.

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You can purchase white server ware that can be interchanged for both casual and formal use, and dress your table setting up or down with attractive dinnerware accessories such as a tablecloth, napkin rings, and coasters. Over 100 dinnerware collections, designed to lend grace to every table.

Splendid is one of America's premier wholesale manufacturers of wholesale dinnerware, silverware, glassware, and ceramic mugs. Splendid offers an astonishing selection of wholesale dinnerware and drink ware to meet all of your home and business needs.

Wholesale dinnerware and drink ware is great for home, restaurants, bars and pubs, reception halls, workplace kitchens, and much more. All of our plastic sport sweater bottles and wholesale travel mugs are BPA Free.

Jill words cannot explain the craftsmanship Lake side Pottery has. I had given my son a Dragon Statue that fell off of his dresser and the head crack I tried to repair it but could not do it.

I search online and came across Lakeside Pottery I filled out their form sent them the pictures of the damage they contacted me with the pricing and it was acceptable. My Tang Dynasty Fat Lady figurine was shattered into many fragments and has been repaired perfectly.

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Lakeside is very easy to deal with, they communicate well and complete repairs in a timely manner. A little fisher boy holding a tiny cane pole with a fish on the end...somehow it was broken...it wasn’t a Hummel or any known piece of porcelain but it was my mother’s, therefore very special ...like he was broken in two at the waist...all his parts were put into a drawer and somehow pretty much forgotten.

Not sure if my daughter remembers him but I have worried and just thought well one day maybe I can have him “fixed”... Once I found Lakeside Pottery, they had me email photos of broken item, quoted me a price... I shipped all pieces, and they discovered he had already been mended once with old orange glue. I had no idea... Lakeside quoted an additional price and let me choose the quality of repair.

The folks at Lakeside Pottery are highly skilled, communicate very well, and are totally ethical and transparent in their dealings. I have a ceramic Lime Girl that my mother got on her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.

I had two broken antique Mari studio pieces in my collection that required repair. After some careful searching, an antique dealer recommended that I look at the work that Lakeside Pottery has done for other clients.

It was very easy to work with Marty and the results of their restorations were outstanding. My Catherine Hunter chicken arrived from the auction house with an amateur repair of a broken comb.

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Thanks to Lakeside Pottery Studio the break is now invisible and the color match on the comb is superb. I purchased a set of Marx Brothers statues said to be old MGM Studio props.

They were in rough shape with heads broken off, an arm, hand, and leg missing, as well as numerous paint chips. Morty determined they were actually made of wax, and kept in constant communication throughout the restoration process, as there were numerous decisions that needed to be made while keeping their antiquity intact.

I highly recommend Lakeside Pottery for repair or restoration of your treasured item. My wife and I collect Indian Pottery, baskets and other meaningful pieces, most considered antiques.

Our two Schnauzers were running around the den and knocked over a stand on which set a large Hopi Pot created by a well known potter. We were heart broken as it was one of our favorite pots (and was fairly expensive). We had used Lakeside in the past to repair another pot knocked over by a neighbor at a Christmas Party., so we decided to contact Patty and Morty at Lakeside in the hope of all hopes that they could restore it.

Not only was the pot in one piece but the painting was redone to perfection, even the interior. I do not hesitate to tell all of our friends about the.them in case they should have a situation where ceramic or clay restoration is needed.

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Lakeside Pottery, or more specifically, Morty and Patty are an incredible team of master potters. They worked on a very special piece for me circa 1725, and brought it back to the original potter's beauty.

I am very grateful for their expertise and would not hesitate to utilize their museum quality services again. Lakeside Pottery repaired a broken plaster Christmas decoration for me.

I went over the repaired lamp with a magnifying glass and could not find the location of the damage. I had an outstanding experience with Morty and Patty at Lakeside Pottery.

I had a ceramic bird figure that my wife and I had purchased in Southern France that was considerably damaged. It was repaired not only well ahead of schedule, but with great care and expertise.

Not only was the result everything I would expect, but my personal interaction with Morty and Patty was extremely pleasant. They bent over backwards to help get my piece back to me in what SHOULD have been an unrealistic time-frame, and their workmanship was absolutely perfect.

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After doing a ton of research I finally found lakeside pottery. They were in constant contact with me letting me know that they received the package I also received pictures in the beginning stage of the process and was blown away just by the little work that they dead right away.

But when I got the final product in the mail I was absolutely stunned how truly incredible and amazing left it was perfect. Lakeside Pottery Studio did an impeccable job repairing a piece of great sentimental value.

My adult son's karate trophy/ dragon sculpture from a childhood tournament is an irreplaceable item. Lakeside Pottery Studio has perfectly recreated it with no sign that there was ever any damage.

Morty, Patty and their staff are skilled art surgeons”. Joan R. (BBB)I would like to share my extremely professional and positive experience with Lakeside Pottery Studio.

Lakeside Pottery did a fabulous job of restoration; you cannot see they were broken. At a time when it seems more and more difficult to get quality work, I was very impressed with the repair of my plaster Last Supper wall plaque that had been damaged during a recent move.

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It is obvious to me that the folks at Lakeside Pottery take a high level of pride in the work that they do, for which I am very grateful. The cost of repairing my broken Steuben Blue Lauren dish Kintsugi-style was on point.

The dish was repaired in record time & I am thrilled with the result! Even my aunt & mom, from whom I inherited the dish (and both of whom are antique-lovers & artists) raved about the high quality of the work.

I am grateful my internet search connected me with Lakeside Pottery Studio & have no hesitation referring friends & family to them. I found this company on the Internet when a family treasure got broken during the Christmas holidays.

I called Lakeside, spoke to the gentleman there who does the work, sent him a series of pictures and finally, following their specific instructions, I sent them the figurine. My daughter tripped over the cord and sent my mother's cherished lamp, which I inherited, tumbling to the floor and breaking into pieces.

I found Lakeside Pottery through a Google search and am so grateful for their work. I have referred Lakeside Pottery to several friends and acquaintances and highly recommend them.

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I accidentally shattered a music box given to my wife by her late father. Patty and Marty of Lakeside repaired it and made it look brand new.

It didn't matter that it wasn't a priceless antique, Lakeside gave me and the repair first class attention. My Tang Dynasty Fat Lady figurine was shattered into many fragments and has been repaired perfectly.

Lakeside is very easy to deal with, they communicate well and complete repairs in a timely manner. R. Blank (Google)I had to antique Japanese Mari studio pieces that were broken some years back.

I keep the shards hoping that I could find a qualified repair service in the US. I found the owners very easy to deal with and their workmanship is superb.

I liked that they had options on the restoration, I elected the traditional Japanese technique, using some innovations that Marty created rather than using Gold/Lacquer. M. Sot tile (Google)Morty is a true professional in every way.

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He and I corresponded once I reached out to him for a custom piece of hand thrown pottery. Morty, being a good and honest person; decided we should discuss particulars as well as his concerns regarding the piece.

We had an outstanding talk in which he was totally transparent and even provided background to the history of the piece I was asking him to re-create. As a collector that owns many custom works from Potters all over the world… I am qualified to proudly inform all that Morty stands above most in quality, craftsmanship, fit & finish.

Also, worth mentioning, is that I used this custom piece to cook over flames. I called Lakeside Pottery and the process was so easy from the estimation to the end result.

I was referred to Lakeside Poetry by a friend when I was seeking a Katsuki restoration of an old piece by my father that had broken. Morty at Lakeside provided clear instructions, excellent communication, transparent financial dealings, and a beautiful restoration.

S. Levine (Google)Beautiful job with my family’s heirloom piece. Lakeside Pottery provided incredible service in restoring an antique marble statue that I recently acquired in Provence.

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They are knowledgeable about their specialized craft and gave me additional historical information that was invaluable. These true artisans created a result that was absolutely breathtaking.

I now have an elegant antique that I can treasure, all thanks to Lakeside Pottery. A Bottle (Google)Seamless repair along with a great price and awesome shipping as well as responsive customer service.

Would highly recommend their services to anyone think of having restoration work done. I inherited a pair of Asian horses carved from rose quartz.

The first response was that they could not repair it to their high standards because the stone was translucent. Without my asking and without charge, they also cleaned up the wooden base and got rid of some old glue that had turned an ugly green color.

My repaired horse was returned to me safely and now sits together as part of a pair. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable, easy to work with, and reasonable.

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From reading the other reviews, I see that they are providing an important service, bringing beloved pieces back to life! After taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa we were thrilled with our purchase of an incredibly beautiful (and very heavy) Shone stone sculpture of an elephant with her calf.

Unfortunately, upon returning to the US we opened our find to discover it had been broken in many places; two legs broken off, an ear snapped off, much of the stone had crumbled, etc, etc, and we thought it was ruined. This was despite careful wrapping and packing by us but, undoubtedly, careless treatment by the airlines.

After several Google searches we kept coming back to Lakeside Pottery, not only because they were the most responsive but because they seemed lovely people, totally genuine, and enthusiastic and caring of our ‘predicament’, attributes sorely lacking from every NYC studio who were often abrasive, and didn’t seem interested. We shipped off our beloved statue in a double box, pampered though it were priceless.

Mort asked us several times why we would consider spending several times its initial cost to repair the piece, so we knew he genuinely cared and wasn’t in this for the money. It was our love for the piece that convinced him we were serious about our desire to have it restored as fully as possible.

Long story short, when the elephant statue was finished (way ahead of schedule) we were sent photos of its repair, and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Masters of their craft, totally unsurpassed in their field, I imagine.

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Kudos to Lakeside Pottery for restoring a very sentimental piece we called Grandma's Bird that now looks brand new. My mother-in-law passed away 8 months ago, and we are blessed that she had a very strong bond with our daughter.

They did more than what I paid for to achieve their satisfaction which was at a higher level than mine. I was having a restoration done at my expense for an older man who had a Bavarian mug shipped to him from Germany with inadequate padding, and it ended up in multiple pieces.

I sent Lakeside Pottery a favorite Resin lady in Art Deco dress; she had suffered an unfortunate accident which separated her head from her body. Her Beagle puppy at her feet was quite distressed, though luckily unharmed.

I was amazed when she came back with absolutely no sign of her neck injury!! Last January a late 18th-early 19th Century Neapolitan donkey arrived from Rome so carelessly packed and shipped, that it was badly damaged.

I did get my money back, thanks to eBay and PayPal, but what to do with the broken figure since the vendor had abandoned it. Morty’s customer service, his attention to detail, his professionalism, is beyond any reproach.

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He kept me informed along every step of the procedure,communicating whenever he needed to explain a change of plans, and the results were in kind, that is, beyond all my expectations. Looking at the donkey, I could not find a trace of the damage, nothing,and it stands on its own, where once all four legs were broken.

I cannot thank you enough for the professional restoration of my Mother's Fed Nativity figurine. As I had stated in the original paperwork, my Mother died last September, and the figurine was my last Christmas gift to her; which was her most cherished possession.

It was literally destroyed when the crematory returned her ashes, and the packing of the figurine was beyond careless, allowing the heavy urn to crush it. Even though it is merely an Fed Christmas Floral figurine, you cared for it as if it is a fine museum piece, and restored it to better than new.

You understood and respected the personal treasure that was entrusted to your care, and for that I am eternally grateful. I want to thank and congratulate you on the incredible job you did restore my copper Napoleon bust.

The 200-year-old bust was in dire need of restoration where the copper corroded through and finding someone who I trusted to do the repair was a daunting task. After hundreds of hours researching the restoration of antique art I found Lakeside Pottery.

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I sent the pictures you requested of the statue and then spoke to you on the phone, I knew that my search was over. You contacted me half-way through the process and updated me on the actual amount of damage and how you were approaching the repair.

I was on pins and needles wondering if the repair would be noticeable because the majority of the corrosion was on the left side of the face -- then the pictures arrived and it was a WOW moment! If you didn’t know where the original damage was you could not tell by looking at the photographs.

As pleased as I was with the photos, they could not compare to what I saw after unpacking the returned bust. I could not see any seams or unevenness where you filled the removed copper.

The color of the patina was a perfect match and you even touched up sections that I didn’t think you would work on. My Dad only saw the bust in the damaged condition, and he was gob smacked when he watched it being unpacked.

He told me his Dad would be so happy to see the restored Napoleon and that made me feel great that he was so pleased. Restoring art certainly is an investment that deserves a great deal of consideration.

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I am glad I took my time looking for the right artists to take on my project. I would not hesitate a nanosecond to recommend Lakeside Pottery for any art restoration.

When I got it back the repair was fantastic. The paint matched and you would never know it had been damaged. I want to send a sincere “thank you” to the team at Lakeside Pottery Studio for fixing a statue that I purchased in Greece that was damaged in transit.

I was almost ready to consider the broken statue a loss until I did a quick Google search and saw the before and after work from Lakeside Pottery Studio. From the moment I sent them an inquiry and throughout the fixing process, the team was very service oriented and professional.

It was three intertwined cats and one of the ears had developed a large noticeable chip. Lakeside Pottery did such a great job repairing it, that I can't figure out which ear was originally broken without looking at the before picture.

It had fallen off my shelf, Christ was unharmed but the base was in nine fragments and some dust. My first thought was to just order a replacement through Desert Book out of SLC, Utah.

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It had been moved five times since the 1980s and was never broken and thanks to Lakeside Pottery it looks like it was never. As an Antiques dealer and collector a great job is very important.

Morty is always learning and that gives us confidence that our repairs will be done with excellent quality. He also keeps excellent paper records so you can reference exactly what you asked him to do.

There are different levels of restoration for every person's needs and budget. Great website and easy steps from estimate to completion.

They also pack items for the return trip with the upmost care. Repair estimate request was answered the same day I submitted it.

We had a pair of ceramic candlestick holders that were of great sentimental value to us. We found Lakeside Pottery Studio when we decided that we either needed to repair them or throw them out (not really going to happen).

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We had the “twin” candlestick to compare the repair--impossible to make a guess as to which was damaged. .with attention to all aspects from structural integrity of material body to exact matching of complex glaze surface.

Lakeside Pottery Studio did an amazing job restoring a ceramic piggy bank that was given to my father when he was a child. From the very first contact with the studio and throughout the entire process, the owners were friendly and always prompt to reply to emails.

I could not have been more pleased with my decision to use Lakeside Pottery Studio for my ceramic repair. Lakeside Pottery Studio restored a broken piece of Japanese porcelain for me; I had an exceptional experience with Mr. Ba char who advised me on the best approach to and the progress of the restoration.

I have used Lakeside for five or six Hagen RENATER china horse figurines, and they have done a fabulous job of restoration on each one. The restoration is visually perfect, and very strong since they use internal steel pins for reinforcement.

The appearance is super important to me as a collector, and every restoration they have done for me has been flawless. In addition, their work has always been completed within the estimated time, and is shipped back to me extremely well packed.

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I have bought a few figurines very reasonably priced due to damage, for the express purpose of having Lakeside work their magic. They are always prompt, work with state-of-the-art materials and techniques, they are great to deal with, and their restorations are excellent.

They were part of an antique chandelier, and were simply not replaceable with any similar modern items. Lakeside Pottery Studio took on the job, and returned the sculptures to us in like-new condition.

I chose my beautiful Katsuki bowl from a wide range available, but l knew the one l saw online had to be mine. Morty is a superb artist and l would recommend any purchase from this fabulous studio.

I want to submit that Lakeside not only did a fantastic job on the repairs of an antique fruit bowl but the owners could not have been more helpful, gracious and courteous. I have personally utilized Lakeside Pottery for advanced level ceramic repairs on multiple occasions and it has been an absolute pleasure to do business with them.

They have the rare ability to take highly technical information about repair options and make it both accessible and easy to understand. Their process and communications are clear and undertaken with a sense of urgency.

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I appreciated the personal time given to me in taking care of my projects and have enthusiastically recommended Lakeside to several friends. The quality of their workmanship is second to none and reflects their high level of expertise and skill.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with the Lakeside Pottery staff again. The Lakeside Pottery Studio has repaired many pieces of vintage Mexican Folk Art for me each with a different set of challenges, and in each case the repairs were flawless.

Once Lakeside determines a piece can be repaired, and the best way to do it, they explain the process in great detail, how long it will take, and what it will cost. The work is always expertly done and when finished the piece is often stronger than it had been, and the repairs are invisible.

If you are looking for museum quality repairs or restorations you have found the right place, and they never disappoint. Lakeside Pottery repaired several Italian-style porcelain figurines for me.

They did an OUTSTANDING JOB -- added missing fingers, filled cracks, repainted and put shards/pieces back together. When they completed the repair and restoration work, one would never the figurines were previously broken.

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Lakeside Pottery did an absolutely wonderful job restoring our Families generational heritage “Mother and Child” alabaster statue, which we thought was beyond repair. They took painstaking attention to detail in the preservation, as well, as extreme care in the packaging for shipping, so that our treasure was reunited to us in beautiful condition.

Prompt responses to my questions, professional in all respects, excellent service, and most of all, their talented restoration team can bring back life to treasured ceramic pieces, so they can continue to be enjoyed. I asked Morty to have a look at a piece of English slipware/mocha ware that dates from 1800 to 1850.

One was an extraordinary pattern of beautiful multiple geometric bands in various colors. I gave him the go-ahead and, at the estimated cost and within the time limit he established, had back a work of art that astounded me.

He even recreated the patina found on the undamaged areas to the point where I went back to my earlier photos to determine the locations of the numerous damaged areas that had been restored. Lakeside Pottery repaired a beloved antique teacup of my wife's that was broken during a move some years ago.

Owner's Marty Ba char and Martha Storms restored the teacup employing the ancient Japanese art of Katsuki. Lakeside Pottery has a very user-friendly website, where you can get information on the various types of restoration and then obtain an estimate before the work is done.

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They restored a bird bath my son made that meant so much to me. Morty used 14 pigments, pins and glazes to seamlessly restore my cherished ceramic bowl to its original organic beauty.

I found the website for Lakeside Pottery while searching online for repair work on an Italian ceramic centerpiece. I had several delightful exchanges, electronically & per phone, with the owners, Morty & Patty, regarding cost and amount of work to be done.

I received my beautifully restored centerpiece last week--it looks fabulous! We began the process of buying a Katsuki bowl with an email using the site “Contact Us” option.

Based on years of experiences, I thought (a) I might get a response and (b) it would take more than a few days if I did. Lo and behold, I received a phone call from Morty within the hour and that pretty much set the tone for the entire process.

When the bowl we had hoped to purchase was already sold, Morty not only suggested other similar options but included a group of photos for us to look at. We wanted some additional info and Morty provided it immediately.

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From scanning the reviews I note that my experience was hardly atypical. As I had shared with Morty, my wife and are fans of a mid-western folk singer, Peter Mayer.

After I dropped and smashed the shrimp dish that was priceless to my wife, I thought the only thing I could do was throw it away. My husband bought me a handcrafted bowl from the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha while he was deployed.

It unfortunately broke during shipment into 7 pieces before it arrived as a surprise gift. I found Lakeside Pottery through a quick Google search and contacted them immediately.

My pottery piece was repaired perfectly and looks brand new. We had a family heirloom bowl from a set that got broken in over 13 pieces during a move.

We own a Molly Maid franchise in Wake Forest, NC and one of our teams managed to damage a piece of porcelain artwork in one of our client’s homes. Then I found Lakeside Pottery and put in a call to Morty.

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Not an hour later I had submitted the item’s info on his website, had a written estimate emailed back to me, and a call from Morty to be sure I understood what would need to happen. The moment Morty opened the box he sent me a detailed email with pictures and followed it up with a phone call to discuss options.

Also, some fingers were lost so Morty and Patty had to make them from scratch. Morty and team kept me in the loop about every step of the way, and even reached out to let me know about some challenges I might face in the future with the piece being repaired.

He and team also made a few touch up repairs without going over estimate. Very fortunate to work with the team at Lakeside Pottery Studio, and would highly recommend them to anyone for a professional repair.

They did magical work on a 50-year-old museum quality and very sentimental sculpture. Just wonderful to work with and I will be sending other archeological pieces to repair.

They are truly amazing and it's evident that they take great pride in their work and for that we are very “thankful.” Lakeside :Pottery beautifully restored four old family vases and a statue, some which were antiques from China.

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Their process is clear, and they do what they say they will do--and then go above and beyond to make the repairs seamless and beautiful and exact. We began the process of buying a Katsuki bowl with an email using the site “Contact Us” option.

Based on years of experiences, I thought (a) I might get a response and (b) it would take more than a few days if I did. Lo and behold, I received a phone call from Morty within the hour and that pretty much set the tone for the entire process.

When the bowl we had hoped to purchase was already sold, Morty not only suggested other similar options but included a group of photos for us to look at. We wanted some additional info and Morty provided it immediately.

From scanning the reviews I note that my experience was hardly atypical. As I had shared with Morty, my wife and are fans of a mid-western folk singer, Peter Mayer.

During a move for my daughter, I was responsible for breaking a Jessica Rabbit statue in half. It had not only sentimental value, but is almost unobtainable (it was bought over 10 years ago and was done by a minor artist just for Disney).

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In searching for places that could repair them we stumbled on Lakeside Pottery's website and were very impressed. We decided to go with them, and we just unveiled it two nights ago for my daughter, who had no idea we were going to get it fixed.

The painting and glazing make the reconstruction virtually indistinguishable from the sister piece. Dear Morty and Patty, Thank you so very much for the beautiful work you did repair my salad bowl, and for doing so in such short time and for your consideration during the shipping process.

The bowl is stunning, truly more beautiful than it was originally and it carries so much meaning for me (and, I hope, my husband) during this difficult time in our marriage. I brought them to Lakeside Pottery and Morty suggested several possibilities for restoration.

Many years ago I had a specialist who worked at the Boston Fine Arts Museum restore several statues. And rightfully happy and almost ecstatic in their work fixing something as good as it was before it broke.

I shipped them several 3" tall, broken ceramic soldiers, matching the pieces with the larger parts as best I could. I went and did a search of the closet where they had fallen and broken and, sure enough, two or three very tiny pieces were still there.

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I am making Lakeside Pottery my only porcelain repair studio. Morty called me throughout the process to give me plenty of options and to keep me abreast of his progress.

After obtaining my estimate, a broken ceramic figurine with huge sentimental value was sent to Lakeside Pottery. I cannot thank you enough for taking another piece of my childhood and restoring it to perfection.

Once I pulled myself together I immediately did a Google search and Lakeside Pottery kept coming up. Throughout the entire process Morty kept in contact with me and was very understanding of the sentimental value of the cookie jar.

My wife inherited an old Della Robin style Italian disk that her mother had for many years with a lot of sentimental value. I had never really seen it up close, but it had been very poorly repaired at some time in the distant past with glue showing on the front and back.

I was very happy with the estimate of time to repair (which they beat by several weeks) and the logistics of shipping there and back were just what was advertised. Morty and Lakeside Pottery did an unbelievable job restoring the lid of an antique Japanese vase that had been shattered.

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My wife bought 3 sculptures and unfortunately I broke two of the 3 men, each in many pieces. Lakeside pottery put them back together, so they could join their brother.

The owners, Morty and Patty were professional, knowledgeable and wonderful to deal with. I entrusted them with restoring a Blessed Mother statute that belonged to my grandparents.

There were cracks, chips, and pieces missing as well as needing paint restoration. More importantly, after explaining the job online, Morty called to walk me through the process and was completely honest about the procedure and the cost.

Lakeside Pottery restored a family heirloom and I will be eternally grateful! I engaged the services of Lakeside Pottery to repair and restore several rare and precious antique porcelain figurines.

Lakeside Pottery perfectly filled in gaps and recreated missing porcelain pieces, flawlessly matched original colors and glazes and expertly reproduced very fine hand-painted details. I recently sent Lakeside Pottery an Italian antique ceramic table-top that had been broken in several places.

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When I received the table-top back, I was delighted to see that the repair was of excellent quality. I had purchased a very rare damaged Native American Head pot.

Lakeside pottery was entrusted with the restoration project, and I was not disappointed with the results. Lakeside Pottery did an amazing job, exactly matching the tint and color everywhere.

We now have this very meaningful piece back in our home, thanks to the craftsmen at Lakeside. I was heartbroken to discover that three of my figurines were damaged during a recent move.

Lakeside Pottery recently restored a beautiful family heirloom of ours after it was broken in a move, and the results from their work were spectacular. My husband inherited a gorgeous, green, glazed ceramic terracotta Chinese Tang horse a few years ago (made in Italy), which had been purchased by his grandmother in the early seventies.

It measures 5"w × 16"h × 5"d. It was heartbreaking broken into five pieces (mostly at the legs) during our move. I originally thought that we would be able to purchase a similar item on the Internet to replace it, but I found nothing that came close, probably because it is really a unique one-of-a kind work of art.

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During my Internet search I found Lakeside Pottery and was thrilled to learn that they restored broken works of art including those made of terracotta. I contacted them and spoke with Morty, and immediately felt confident that he would be able to repair our precious horse.

I sent them the horse (they are located in another state), and when it was returned we were completely delighted with the results. We have our horse in a place of honor in our home and tell the story of how Lakeside fixed it to everyone who comes to visit.

We had a beautiful large Baku piece which broke in many places. As a rule, I would ordinarily have done a great deal of research as to who would be able to restore a cast iron sculpture back to its original glory.

While I made a number of calls to other companies, I was instantly impressed with Morty. After speaking with him, I felt more than confident that he had the knowledge and skills to do the repair.

They take the time to explain the process and follow through for a perfect restoration. I found Lakeside Pottery searching on Google for a ceramic restoration company.

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I contacted Lakeside on their website and from then on it was an easy go. I was well-informed with the process and every communication with them was timely and efficient. They did an amazing restoration of my wife's very damaged, cherished childhood heirloom.

I had cracked 2 pieces off the end of tray that I loved, and the original artist no longer makes it. They gave me a quick and accurate estimate based on a photo of my piece.

When I sent the broken bowl to them, they called me and suggested a different type of repair that would look better. It became abundantly clear early on how very much Morty and Patty care about the quality of the work they do as well as providing satisfaction to their clients.

They were quite straightforward in explaining the economics of the repair we were requesting and my family and I are so very, very happy with the decision they helped us make. The results of their efforts in repairing a family heirloom statue were superb and exceeded our expectations in every respect.

And rightfully happy and almost ecstatic in their work fixing something as good as it was before it broke. I shipped them several 3" tall, broken ceramic soldiers, matching the pieces with the larger parts as best I could.

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I went and did a search of the closet where they had fallen and broken and, sure enough, two or three very tiny pieces were still there. In a couple of weeks---maybe a bit longer--- carefully packed and shipped, they arrived back to me.

We were so happy with the repair service to our piece, Lakeside Pottery is a true gem find. I received the Royal Sultan Soldier and I can't express how pleased I am.

Unfortunately with my business and employees breakages occur more often than I would like, it is nice to know that should a collectible piece get broken in the future I have a trusted partner in getting the item repaired. When I found your site and decided to get the piece fixed, I hoped it would turn out good.

Patty and Morty, Just wanted to let you know the ceramic lid arrived safely. Upon opening, it my wife thought I’d found a replacement company and bought another lid like the one that had been broken.

She’s an amazing woman and I’m immensely grateful for your outstanding work. I won’t hesitate to call you should the need arise in the future.

Hi Patty and Morty, things have been a bit stressful for me as you can imagine since being back home but I wanted to let you know the lids arrived on Thursday. I think you know how much this meant to me and in light now of losing both my parents during this time it means even more.

Thank you for all you do as craftsman, artists, business owners and caring people. Google review: I broke a vase that was very dear to me and irreplaceable.

The ONE AND ONLY website capable of the intricate work my vase required was Lakeside Pottery, Sure I had to ship it halfway across the country, but once I contacted them, I knew I had found skill and professionalism I was seeking. They stayed in constant communication throughout the process and the end result is just beautiful.

I was very lucky to find Lakeside Pottery through my Google search engine. After meeting with Morty and Patty, and showing them my plaster/paper cache figure, I was totally impressed with their professional knowledge on restoration.

The detailed planning and advice prior to their undertaking of my first restoration project kept me at ease. Their restoration work was museum quality at a fair price.

In the past 6 months, Lakeside Pottery just completed my third restoration project with many more to follow. UPS delivered my treasured owl about 7:00 PM this evening, and we just opened its shipping box after having a late dinner.

I remember seeing the leaves original painted surface before the lamp's restoration, and the artist who painted it didn't have the gift of being able to smoothly shade from light to dark and gently transition from one color to the next the way you did. They now look smooth, soft, and they have a more realistic appearance than the original.

Every leaf and every flower pedal looks like the original but better in its construction, paint, and artistry! Thank you so much for all the time, effort, patience, and for always putting your heart a soul into my pieces and their restoration.

Please thank Jon & Mike for their part in repairing my treasured owl lamp ! Words alone cannot fully express my appreciation and gratitude for accepting and completing my owl lamp's restoration project.

Dear Morty and Patty, thank you for restoring our wedding plate to its original beauty. Google Review: My wife bought 3 sculptures and unfortunately I broke two of the 3 men, each in many pieces.

I cannot thank you enough for taking another piece of my childhood and restoring it to perfection. Google Review: After obtaining my estimate, a broken ceramic figurine with huge sentimental value was sent to Lakeside Pottery.

I've attached a pic of the newly restored teapot as a centerpiece of my collection! I just returned to Florida and opened the box with the 2 guys you repaired for us and reunited them with their brother.

Google Review: Morty and Patty are extremely friendly, competent and talented. Morty called me throughout the process to give me plenty of options and to keep me abreast of his progress.

He is beyond perfect and the way you fixed the pipe and the map no one would believe what it looked like before to see it now. Morty, I wanted to let you know that the vase arrived safely this afternoon.

Patty and Morty, the tray arrived today, and I am absolutely blown away by the workmanship in its restoration. I knew it would be good, but it is really flawless to the untrained eye, even my own.

Hi Morty and Patty, My African gentleman arrived safely, and he looks wonderful. Our Church's life-size statue of Mary had extensive damage to it after it had fallen.

They sculptured new hands, repaired the many broken areas and repainted the entire statue with it's many details. They are professionals, and do outstanding work with great attention to details.

I wanted to let you know that my Mary and Jesus statue arrived today and it turned out so nicely! Patty and Morty, Thank you again for your excellent work repairing our “Blue Birds” jar.

My wife was thrilled to tears and amazed at its recovery when I presented it to her as a surprise today. Dear Patty and Morty, Upon receiving ABU, I could not have been more delighted with the results.

My wife and I were heartbroken because she was our most prized piece of art work. However, with extreme care, diligence and professionalism Morty was able to restore Olga, perfectly.

Before he commenced the repair work, Morty walked us through the procedure he intended to employ. He sent us detailed photos pin-pointing each of the areas of actual damage and areas of potential damage that we might wish to address since we had the opportunity to reach the interior of the sculpture while Morty was making the many repairs.

As the work progressed, he invited us to visit the studio and explained the process to date and steps towards completion in intricate, fascinating detail. Upon completion, he packed Olga in a very safe, professional manner (too bad the movers hadn't taken these precautions).

A couple of hours after Olga was picked up for delivery to the house, Morty called to make sure we were happy with the new Olga and that the placement of her in our home was a success. We never hope again to be in a position to utilize Lakeside's services, but if any of our art work were damaged, there is no question that we would run back to Morty.

Gary Dear Patty and Morty, The restored vessel just arrived and a beautiful, marvelous job of restoration. When I remember what I sent you,twenty some pieces of a broken Terra Gotta water vessel and now it is alive again, I don't know how to tell you all my feelings so just let me say THANK YOU. Just wanted to let you know the vase arrived in good condition.

Morty, I wanted to commend you and your folks on the wonderful job you did repair the green goose, “Sylvia!” My friend had bought her in Germany about 20 years ago and was quite distraught when I broke her.

We were bringing it home to send it to our daughter and her husband to be used for our grandson when he gets older. As you might imagine, my wife freaked out when the bag broke and the jar fell to the ground.

It was my first time in Sub-Saharan Africa and words really could not describe the emotional and intellectual enlightenment I experienced on this trip. Some items were for my personal collection and others were gifts for family, close friends and important clients.

Before departing South Africa, we packaged several stone statues and made arrangements for Fed-Ex to ship back to the US. What we learned after the fact, is that customs and Fed-Ex are required to search large packages to ensure that they do not contain contraband.

FedEx immediately agreed to waive the shipping and reimburse me for the cost of all the items, but this obviously did not alleviate the massive disappointment. We found Lakeside Pottery which had high reviews and impressive testimonials.

I am blown away that they got the statues (each broken into 15 pieces or more) into a state that really looks better than new. Effort and professionalism are oftentimes is a dying art, but not at Lakeside.

We thought all was lost when we accident broke the top of our 2 1/2 foot prized vase, which we purchased in Greece over 40 years ago. We “let our fingers do the walking” and came upon Lakeside Pottery Studio.

Specifically, since I didn't know you when I placed my order, I could only hope that you would produce quality work for a fair price. I am extremely pleased with the result. Dear Morty, The statue arrived today and I want to compliment you (and Patty) for restoring it to its original appearance.

Dear Morty & Patty, I received my Peruvian Ceramic Bus Figure today. WOW, I was absolutely amazed to see that is looked brand new as the day I bought it back in Peru, even on from the backside.

Thank you so much for all your effort and time in restoring my cherished keepsake, as I know it must have been a tedious process. It truly meant alot, and I am so thankful to you for bringing it back to life.

Please express my appreciation to the gentleman who also worked on the restoration process as well. Hello Morty and Patty, I received the teapot, creamer and kangaroo a couple of weeks ago.

I’m sorry I didn’t’ respond sooner, but it’s been crazy busy with work and the upcoming holiday. I’m very impressed and posted the before and after photos on my Facebook page and praised your work and would recommend you to everyone.

Hi Patty and Mort, I wanted to inform you that I received my five Katsuki bowls, and they are more beautiful than I anticipated. Good morning Patty and Morty, I received the bowl yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Once we saw the bowl, I think we solved the mystery of the missing piece. I believe the piece came from the base and was broken off so long ago, probably when my husband was a young child, that it just became the way the bowl was.

We will treasure this and think fondly of Lakeside every time we look at the bowl. My wife and I both looked closely at the picture and can't detect the repair line at all.

I received the Blessed Virgin Statue yesterday and it turned out beautifully. Patty and Morty: I wanted you to know, belatedly, that you did a miraculous job of repairing the Noumea bowl.

Thank you so much for your hard work, I can tell effort and care was taken in the making the Katsuki bowl, Matthew I live in a century old house and I have filled it with articles which I have selected very carefully over two decades.

We looked on the Internet and miraculously found Lakeside Pottery. Patty and Morty, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on the repair of the pitcher.

If we ever solve the mystery of who and where this piece was made I will pass the information along. We hope we never find ourselves in need of pottery repair again but if we do I know who to turn to.

I know it is not an extremely expensive item, but it means a lot that you treated it as if it was. Dear Patty and Morty, just want to let you know that the figurine made it safely to us today.

When I purchased the item off of eBay and received it damaged I was upset, but the Santa looks great now. Patty & Mort, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful work you did restore Anne Boleyn's hand; you are wonderfully talented artist.

Anne now resides in her own glass case where she is on display separately from the other collection. Hi Morty and Patty, I received the boxes on Thursday afternoon, just before we were leaving town--got back home late last night and I have just now finished opening them.

A lot of businesses could use a lesson from the two of you you make a great team! We looked on the Internet and miraculously found Lakeside Pottery.

I had a vintage piece of Mexican Folk Art (a large ceramic pitcher) designed by world-famous artist repaired by Lakeside Pottery. The pitcher arrived by air freight broken, and appeared to be beyond repair.

The repairs required a number of skills, an understanding of the historic nature of the art, a knowledge of structures, materials, and painting----- skills that Lakeside applied to the restoration. Lakeside made a thorough examination of the piece before doing any work to determine how best to repair the damage.

Once it was determined that the pitcher could be repaired and the best way to do it, Lakeside explained the process in great detail, how long it would take and what it would cost. The work was expertly done and when finished the pitcher was stronger than it had been, and the repairs could not be seen or felt when running your hand over the surface.

I cannot thank Patty and Morty at Lakeside Pottery enough for the incredible repair work they did for us. After spending a week in Morocco trying to find the perfect antique for our home, we were so excited to return to New York with a piece we just loved.

No carpets or magic lanterns for us, we had found a gorgeous antique ceramic Tagline with beautiful silver and stone detail. So you can imagine our devastation when we opened up the box it had been shipped in and found it very, very broken.

They gave me a very fair estimate based on the photos I sent and were very communicative throughout the process. When the tagline arrived at their studio, Morty called me to let me know that the damage was far worse than he'd been able to see from the pictures.

Basically the whole thing was shattered and being held together by the intricate metal work. Without taking the whole thing apart (which would cost thousands of dollars we didn't have), it would be tough to really fix.

Over the phone, Morty took me through exactly what he was planning to do to fix it, he was so good about keeping me in the loop and making sure I understood the process. I was truly shocked when only a short time later Morty called me to tell me he'd be shipping it back to me restored.

I had assumed that no matter what we'd always be able to see the cracks where it had been shattered, but the way he fixed it you'd never be able to tell it had broken in the first place. Now the tagline is prominently displayed in my home and everyone who sees it just raves about it.

While I hope not to have too many more antiques break in my future, from now on I won't be quite so devastated knowing I can send them up to Lakeside! Thank you both again for the beautiful job you did restore the plaque commemorating my husband's uncle.

We received repaired Vase... My wife and I agree... that what your shop has done... is nothing short of remarkable! I have had them broken for several years and it's just wonderful to see them all repaired.

I should also mention that Morty kept me informed every step of the way and was totally delightful to interact with. We had a piece of pottery with great sentimental value that was damaged during our recent move.

Like I said, it has mostly sentimental value, but it wasn't until it broke that I actually noticed I also found it beautiful. The Santa plate and my violin girl figurine are both whole again, and beautiful.

Thank you for your care, amazing response time, and artistic excellence. Morty from Lakeside Pottery repaired a small saltbox for me that had strong sentimental value.

It had belonged to my parents and had some historical value as it is labelled “Made in Occupied Japan”. The broken off corner piece is now back in place ; the paint was perfectly matched.

Morty used great care and his considerable skills to restore the box to its former glory. We are completely satisfied with Morty's dedication to his craft and would recommend Lakeside Pottery wholeheartedly.

Dear geniuses at Lakeside: You did such a phenomenal job on my husband's pot, I am amazed. We recently had two large clay figures repaired at Lakeside Pottery.

They were made by the world-famous Mexican Folk Artist Josefina Aguilar. The two figures each 30” high were quite heavy and though professionally packed broke in shipment.

The repairs required reconstructing complex shapes that had broken off the figures, adhering them to the body, and painting them to match the original colors. In addition, a 10” long hairline stress crack up the back of one figure needed to be stabilized.

To reconstruct the broken pieces, Lakeside Pottery used both primitive techniques employed by the artist, and cutting edge technology such as high strength adhesives, fiber and fillers. Using only materials that would not damage the art work, they restored the broken pieces so the repairs were stronger than the original clay construction.

All the work was done with great care and expertise and when finished the repairs were invisible to the eye and touch. From the outset, they explained their process in detail and kept us informed of their progress completing the work on time as promised.

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