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Best Porcelain Bakeware

James Smith
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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“In boxed sets, manufacturers count a lid as a piece,” explains Marion Wilson-Spencer, CR's market analyst for cookware. We buy and test cookware sets ranging from less than $100 to $600 or more, from well-known brands such as All-Clad, Anglo, Clifton, Cuisinart, and Willing J.A.

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Heckles, as well as sets sold under the names of celebrity cooks like Ayesha Curry, Rachel Ray, and the Pioneer Woman. We cook pancakes, fry eggs, boil water, and simmer tomato sauce.

We were able to easily maintain sauce at a low simmer, and the 6-quart Dutch oven quickly brings water to a near-boil. With Excellent ratings on both our cooking evenness and speed of heating tests, the Greenspan stands up to the competition.

The coating appears pebbly, but that doesn’t affect its nonstick properties, and we effortlessly cooked pancakes and eggs. Cooking evenness is superb, and this 8-piece set aces our speed of heating test by quickly bringing 4 quarts of water to a near-boil in the 5-quart stockpot.

The surface stands up to our durability test, in which we rub steel wool over the coating 2,000 times, earning a Very Good rating. Simmering a sauce produces impressive results, and this set earns a Very Good rating for cooking evenness.

Heckles Motion Grey is made of anodized aluminum and works with any type of range. Simmering in the saucepan, however, is only so-so, and the eggs needed nudging out of the pan in our food release test.

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Clifton designed this set so that it stacks and nests, which frees up precious cabinet space. The Clifton Premier Space Saving 8-piece stainless set earns a Very Good rating in our evenness tests, like our other top performers in this category.

The stainless handles are long and sturdy, and you can use these dishwasher-safe pots and pans on any type of range, including induction. It earns an Excellent rating on our cooking evenness test, and when we brought 4 quarts of water to a near-boil in the 6-quart stockpot, speed of heating was also impressive.

Ceramic and porcelain are both very similar materials that are created from clay and bonded with a metal cookware surface. Porcelain is considered a higher quality type of ceramic with many additional benefits, but there are also some drawbacks and it costs more.

Ceramic is considered one of the best nonstick cookware materials around, and it’s more affordable than porcelain. We will answer your top questions regarding these cookwares so that you can make an informed decision about them.

They are both hard materials created by baking clay and placing it under pressure, but the differences stop there. The process is less expensive and creates lighter, comparably porous material that is safe for cooking.

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Porcelain is more like a glass because it uses finer clay particles and higher pressure and temperatures to bake the material. While it’s durable under proper usage, using metal utensils, knives, or trying to clean it when it’s hot can cause the porcelain to break.

Usually ceramic cookware is baked and has a unique white surface that stands out against the more conventional blacks and silvers you see with pots and pans. Porcelain tends to use a glass-like surface on the top that is bonded with a metal layer, which usually creates black cookware, but it depends on your exact pot or pan.

Ceramic uses large particles in its construction and this results in a somewhat rough layer on top of the pan. While nonstick, this rough exterior sometimes leads to inconsistent cooking since the food may not be in direct contact with the pan.

Many home cooks won’t notice, but professionals and those who demand extreme precision may not like this disadvantage. Porcelain ’s extremely smooth surface is also nonstick, but it leads to more consistent cooking since the food should easily make direct contact with the pan.

That’s because porcelain uses very fine particles and the glass-like surface shouldn’t be uneven in the slightest. This includes lemons, tomatoes, vinegar, and other common acids that might eat away at other materials.

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Since it’s denser and made under higher pressure, porcelain cookware should last longer if properly cared for. When it comes to porcelain vs. ceramic cookware, there are several safety tips you should keep in mind.

While both are good at higher temperatures, prolonged exposure can weaken the coating and might cause it to easily chip. It won’t off gas toxic fumes like with Teflon, but it’s still not a great idea.

Most modern porcelain and ceramic cookware is fine in either, but earlier versions of the material struggled with this. Despite lasting longer and being better constructed, porcelain cookware has a few extra warnings you should know about.

The coating can come off quite easily if you accidentally slide a metal utensil, cooking sheet, or any other harsh material against it. The most common culprit is taking a hot pan and bringing it over to the sink.

This isn’t good for any type of cookware as it can lead to warping or the coating coming off. Any coated cookware that is scratched isn’t safe because this means the material can get into your food.

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Even if you clean the pan thoroughly and get rid of any particles, the material is liable to continue breaking down and releasing into your food. However, it’s much better than ingesting toxic materials and heading to the hospital, which will be significantly more expensive than pots and pans.

Not only that, but from a purely functional standpoint, scratched cookware isn’t as effective. Under normal usage and by abiding by our safety tips, your cookware shouldn’t scratch for a very long time.

A tiny surface scratch might be fine, but anything deep and piercing should warrant replacement. Both ceramic and porcelain usually contain lead in their construction, so many people are worried that this or other toxic materials might leach into their food.

The concern is compounded with materials like Teflon that have the possibility of leaching at very high temperatures. No studies have shown that these materials leach into food as they are properly sealed.

However, there might be some cause for concern if the material is cracked, but as we covered before, this is a bad idea for many reasons. Honestly, the most reliable way to check is to read the product description or packaging.

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This is a major selling point and most manufacturers will gladly tell you if their cookware is oven safe. Since both porcelain and ceramic are good at resisting heat, most cookware will be oven safe.

However, you don’t want to assume this and use a pot or pan that isn’t oven safe. If you can’t find the product description or packaging, then you can always check on the bottom of the cookware.

Many manufacturers will place a marking on the bottom about whether the pot or pan is oven safe. Both of these materials are able to cook commonly sticky ingredients, like eggs and proteins, with little or no oil.

Porcelain is a tiny bit more nonstick than ceramic, but only by the smallest amount. Please take our 3-minute survey, and give us feedback about your visit today.

Ceramic cookware offers a good alternative to traditional nonstick pots and pans that are often coated in Teflon, a material known to release toxins when overheated (500 °F is the recommended maximum). When compared to stainless steel, ceramic cookware offers the benefits of high-heat searing and even heating, without the heft, along with coveted nonstick properties.

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The one downside to ceramic cookware is its glaze tends to wear quicker than traditional nonstick and it doesn't compare to good stainless that could last forever. In the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab, we test ceramic skillets to determine how well they distribute heat on both gas and electric ranges as well as their ability to evenly brown steaks.

We check how well the exterior surfaces resist staining and the ability of the saucepans to maintain a steady simmer and cook tomato sauce without scorching. Finally, we review how easy all cookware items were to use by determining the thoroughness of the owner’s manual, as well as whether each piece and its lid was oven- and/or dishwasher-safe.

Omelets slid right out of the pan, steaks seared perfectly, and pancakes browned evenly without the need for extra butter. It also aced our scorch test, which means, no need to stir soups or stews while they simmer.

If you're looking to crisp up the topping on a casserole, note that you can put Greenspan Revolution's pans in the oven, up to 600ºF. Cleanup is easy, too, because unlike many nonstick pots and pans, you can pop these ceramic pieces in the dishwasher.

Lightweight pans need to be more closely watched during cooking to avoid overheating College students and new cooks will love this cookware set that comes with two spoons and two spatulas that can safely be used without the fear of scratching.

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They have thick handles, which make for a comfortable grasp and oversized, stay cool knobs. With the Scan pan ceramic CTV line, you can enjoy the beauty of stainless steel and the convenience of a nonstick finish.

These pots and pans have a brushed stainless steel exterior, a nonstick ceramic interior, and an aluminum core for even heat distribution. The 10-piece CTV set showed top-notch performance in our testing: Skillets heated evenly on both gas and electric ranges, easily released sticky scrambled eggs without oil, and turned out perfectly seared steaks in practically no time at all.

They seem hard to clean, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that the pans only needed to be rinsed with water after scrambling eggs. The pans also have a wide cooking surface, larger than most of comparable sizes, thanks to the short, sharp edges that aren't as sloped as others.

While we don't love that stacking means a lot of arranging and rearranging, they take up minimal space and limit the excuse for stray lids. The saucepans have pour spouts, an underrated feature, and the handles are wide and slope in for ergonomic grabbing.

Each piece in this 7-piece ceramic cookware set is light, yet durable and can achieve a good sear on protein. The pans are also very good at frying crispy eggs with minimal oil.

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If you're looking for the essentials that will last you many years, look no further than this set that comes with a 9 1/2-inch fry pan and two stock pots, one perfect for boiling eggs and water for tea, as well as heating soup and sauce, and another big enough for pasta, soups, and stews. They boast wide, stay-cool handles that are easy to grasp and are lightweight but extremely durable.

They're a safe and reliable foray into the world of nonstick cookware that can be used with metal utensils. The lid handles are thin and wrapped in silicone, which allows them to stay cool while you're cooking.

The tempered glass lids allow you to see inside and a steam vent helps prevent food from getting too hot and boiling over. These hard-anodized pots and pans will last you a long time hard, and they come with a ten-year guarantee.

They're oven-safe up to 400ºF so you can use them on the stove top for eggs to steak, or in the oven to gently finishing cooking seared meat or a braise. The tempered glass lids are study with high handles that help them stay cool.

Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Testing Editor & Producer Nicole is a recipe developer trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition who specializes in testing and developing kitchen appliances; she currently runs the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab. Betty Gold, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Editor & Product Analyst, Kitchen Appliances & Technology Lab Betty Gold earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Studies and Nutrition from New York University, and prior to joining Good Housekeeping, she worked with the James Beard Foundation and other leading food media brands like Bon Appétit, Food Network Magazine, and The Martha Stewart Show.

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