"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Pots And Pans For Vegan Cooking

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
• 11 min read

A few well-chosen small appliances and kitchen items can dramatically expand your vegan food preparation options. Instant Pots are basically a pressure cooker combined with a digital controller that enables all sorts of additional uses.

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So not only can you cook beans in no time, they’re also wonderful for cooking rice, steaming vegetables, making soup, reheating foods, and even making vegan yogurt! For instance, it can liquefy vegetables and herbs into a delicious soup, while gently warming it thanks to the massive friction its blades generate.

It can also process thick sauces and nut cheeses that would choke up a regular blender. Sure, they may cost more than all your other kitchen appliances put together, but for many Blended owners their only regret is not buying one year sooner.

Hamilton Beach makes a good cheap unit with a glass jar. They’re the quickest way to shred, chop, or grate any sort of food.

They’re perfect for baking small meals for one, especially frozen foods. And their small size means they’ll heat up much more quickly than a regular oven while using only a fraction of the energy.

Avoid super cheap rice cookers that are merely repurposed vegetable steamers, since they deliver poor results and won’t add much in the way of convenience. If you have the money to spare, I recommend paying more for a Panasonic microwave that features “inverter technology.” This style of microwave heats food much more evenly, which eliminates those dreaded cold spots in a hot dish.

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If your household is just one or two people, choose a model that makes one pound loaves. But if you buy one you’ll want a big model since veggies are so low in calories you need to cook a lot.

Make sure the model you buy has removable plates for easy cleaning. They make a much higher grade of juice than cheaper centrifugal models.

While this guide is dedicated to getting you excellent stuff at low cost, kitchen knives are the one category where you just can’t cut corners. The pots and pans recommended below will enable you to make an incredible assortment of vegan dishes.

A stainless steel saucepan with a glass lid is a terrific choice. This stainless steel one quart Cuisinart with a glass lid is one you’ll use all the time.

Also pick up this Cook N Home two quart model if you want a greater range of options. The 12-inch Stone Earth Frying Pan by Over is the perfect choice.

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So if you’re going to make a lot of stir-fries you should own a wok, since it delivers better results than a frying pan. Bakeware & Casserole Disembarking Sheets Needed for cookies, pastries, roasted vegetables and a hundred other uses.

A heavy duty aluminum model is a good choice, since it’s strong, even-heating, and lightweight. Thirteen Chefs makes an especially high quality cutting board that’s still cheap.

But also buy a polypropylene cutting board for onions and garlic, since wood of any sort absorbs odors. Pyrex bowls are heavy, can shatter, and make no sense at all.

We recommend an inexpensive burr grinder (or a fancier model if your budget permits). If this keeps you from buying coffeehouse coffee every day, you’ll recoup your investment within weeks.

Under no circumstances should you buy a cheap blade grinder though, since the uneven grind makes terrible coffee. Useful both for leftovers, for making salads in advance, and for bringing food to work or school.

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For further reading: check out our vegan grocery and cookbook guides. So one day I woke up and realized I was not using oil to sauté or fry my food anymore.

I've even included a handy dandy chart with pros and cons about the various types of pans out there. When you begin researching which pan to use (for sautéing and frying) your head will start swimming and you'll hear many points of view.

Because the last thing you want is to spend a boatload of money on pans that simply will NOT give you the results you're after. I thought it might help you to learn the results of my years of trial and error.

Here are the four major types of pans you can find out there, pros and cons, and other things to know to help with your decision. Types of Sauté and Frying Pans Super-Sleuth InvestigationNon-Stick Pros: No oil needed.

Perfect for making high-protein foods that stick, like scrambled tofu, veggie burgers, and tempeh patties. Cons: As these pans age, they begin to chip and flake and must be tossed -- good for a couple of years before you must buy a new one (depending on usage); Things to know: Never, ever use metal utensils.

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Never use aerosol spray oils; Warnings: Never scrub with steel pads like Brillo or you'll ruin the finish. Never use aerosol spray oils; Warnings: Never scrub with steel pads like Brillo or you'll ruin the finish.

You can scrub with nylon pad and a little dish soap. Stainless Steel Pros: Higher heats can be used. Last for years if you take care of them; Cons: It's difficult to learn how to cook things, so they don't stick -- even WITH oil, although I don't recommend using oil in a high-heat pan (be sure to see my stainless steel pan experience below); Things to know: You can use metal utensils.

You can scrub with metallic pads like Brillo; Warnings: None. Cast Iron Pros: Can last a lifetime once well-seasoned. Can also go into the oven; Cons: Suuuuuper heavy; Things to know: Once seasoned, you don't scrub them again -- unless you want to start over with the seasoning process; Warnings: Using cast iron transmits iron into your food.

Must use oil to season it -- if you're oil-free, this won't work for you. So with all that out of the way here's what I, personally, use in my own kitchen and have for years now, and they all look great with very little wear and tear: Some people shy away from non-stick pans because of the fear of adding chemicals to their food.

While I don't use or recommend using metal utensils in it, many chefs claim it is supposed to easily handle them without chipping. I don't recommend scrubbing it with steel wool; a good scrubby sponge will do the job.

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Nothing ever matched because I would always just pick and choose the pots and pans I needed at any given time. Not only do they look gorgeous, but because they're made with high quality stainless they'll last a long time.

In addition, they use Whole Clad bonding for this process instead of an encapsulated base construction which extends the life of the cookware. So instead, I use my gorgeous stainless steel pots and pans with veggie broth or water for sautéing or cooking of just about everything (except my pressure-cooked food).

And whenever I need to “fry” something that is protein-packed, I pull out my trusty non-stick -- and because I use it less often and take good care of it, it has lasted me a VERY long time. This means if you make a purchase after clicking, I may get a small percentage of the sale, at absolutely no extra cost to you.

Making the best vegan dishes often comes down to having the essential vegan kitchen tools, as well as the best ingredients. So, if you’re wondering how to stock a vegan kitchen, I’ve put together this guide to the best tools and every gadget.

If you’re looking for vegan kitchen gifts for a friend’s housewarming or birthday, these would also make good presents! Then, I’ve added some additional optional vegan kitchen items you can add to your kitchen if you want, or if you cook a lot of a particular dish (for example, a tofu press if you eat a lot of tofu).

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Choose from the menu below to see the vegan kitchen essentials and ‘nice to have’ items. Having the best vegan kitchen appliances will often determine if a recipe works or not, especially when it comes to vegan cheese (which often requires a high speed blender).

Make sure your kitchen is well stocked with vegan appliances, and to save yourself time and space, prioritize buying the ones you’ll use most. I know I’m a bit crazy in packing a huge, heavy, glass blender (and yes I did have to sacrifice a lot of clothing space in my bag for it) but I was thankful for it every day.

I use my food processor several times a week, to whip up batches of hummus, vegan pesto, cashew cheese and other sauces. Full-size food processors can also save you a lot of chopping, slicing and grating time with their various attachments to chop/slice/grate your veggies.

I put together an entire guide to buying a food processor, which you can find here. Budget option: A mini food processor, with a capacity of 3 cups, is perfect for making small to medium-sized batches of hummus, pesto and sauces.

You might think of coffee grinders when it comes to beverages rather than cooking, but I class them as vegan cooking essentials, too. Inexpensive and easy to use, a coffee grinder will allow you to save many hours or your time making vegan cheese.

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I highly recommend stainless steel pots because that way you don’t have to try and work out which, if any, nonstick coatings are safe. I once lived with very disgusting housemates who would constantly use my nonstick pots and pans, scrape them with metal spatulas (big no-no) and completely ruined the coating.

I discovered it one day when I made a big pot of rice and served the rice only to discover it was covered in pepper…except I hadn’t used pepper…and the pepper was bits of non-stick coating (so gross, and potentially bad for you). Rather than mess around trying to work out if you can find a green/safe/long-lasting nonstick coating, just buy stainless steel.

I find them to be the best cookware for vegan cooking (especially since in a vegan kitchen you don’t need to worry about eggs sticking to a frying pan). Budget to Mid-range : I suggest buying just a couple of stainless steel pots in different sizes.

Carbon steel is the traditional wok material of choices–and it’s lightweight, naturally nonstick and inexpensive. Even better, it’s oven-safe, so I’ll often start a meal on the stove in my cast iron frying pan and transfer it to the oven (like this vegan zucchini/courgette gratin).

Lodge cast iron products are incredibly durable and last generations. The best kitchen tools for vegans are often some of the simplest: a good knife, a chopping board and wooden spoons.

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In terms of vegan cooking supplies, you can't get much more basic for a vegetable-centric diet than a vegetable scrubber and/or peeler. I recommend a stainless steel vegetable peeler like this because they are sturdier and longer-lasting than plastic ones.

A vegetable scrubber is optional but is very useful if you buy potatoes or other root veggies from the farmer's market that are covered in dirt and could use a good scrub. I recommend metal measuring spoons (not plastic) for durability and ease of cleaning.

I recommend a Pyrex mixing bowl, which will won't crack if you add hot ingredients. There are plenty of other single-use vegan cooking accessories (like cherry hitters) but I'm not a fan of single-use kitchen implements.

A crackpot/slow cooker can make your life much easier, particularly if you work long hours and would like to come home to a hot meal. Stick the ingredients in before you leave for work, and come home to a hot stew vegan curry.

I love using mine overnight while I sleep to make caramelized onions or cooked beans. Click here to check the latest prices. Instant pots can make your cooking much easier.

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If you listen to the love for them all over the internet (where they have quite a cult following), you know they can cook dried beans in minutes (but safer than a traditional stove top pressure cooker), they can make yogurt, sterilize bottles, sauté, act as a slow cooker and cook rice. If you want a machine that will simplify your cooking in many ways (and you have the space for it), the instant pot might be your new kitchen best friend.

My dad loves his, particularly for cooking dried beans quickly (no more forgetting to soak them overnight). I think the Cuisinart ICE range (which I have) offers the perfect balance of value and performance and after many hours of research, is what I opted for.

Click here to check the latest prices. Air fryers are useful if you like a lot of fried foods, but want to make them in a healthier way. They became immensely popular a few years ago, and while I don't own one, I know many vegans who adore theirs and making crispy, 'fried' style treats with much less oil.

A stand mixer will come in handy if you do a lot of baking, or if you plan to whip up fluffy vegan aquanaut meringues. However, if you are into baking, and have the kitchen space, it's a worthy investment and Kitchen aid mixers are the go-to appliance and will last many years.

If you eat a lot of courgette noodles, or are a raw vegan, a spiralizer comes in handy. I don't eat many courgette noodles, but I often use the spiralizer to twist some carrot spirals on top of salads.

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Imperial is an Italian company that makes very long-lasting, sturdy metal manual models (I have this one). If you have a Kitchen aid stand mixer, you can also get a pasta maker attachment.

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