"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Best Slow Cooker Uk

Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Uk With a generous 4.7-litre capacity, this slow cooker can cook enough food for six people and the removable main pot can double up as a serving dish. This model scored full marks on our curry, soup and stew tests, and cooked meat and vegetables to perfection.

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Key specificationsCapacity: 4.7 liter Pot: Ceramic Lid: Glass Number of heat settings: 2 The Crock-Pot has the added bonus of an integrated programmable timer too, which will automatically switch the setting to “keep warm” when cooking finishes.

Uk This multi-functional machine from Crock-Pot allows you to schedule your cooking up to 12 hours in advance, with plenty of customizable manual and auto function options. The beef in our stew came out tender and succulent, while the chicken in our curry fell off the bone and absorbed plenty of flavor from the other ingredients.

The cooking pot accommodates enough food for eight people, which is ideal for mid-week dinner parties or if you like to prep meals in advance. It created a beautifully succulent beef stew and a soft, tender curry with chicken that falls away from the bone.

Key specificationsCapacity: 6.5 liter Pot: Ceramic Lid: Tempered glass Number of settings: 5 It created a pleasingly thick soup and scored well in our beef test, producing a rich gravy.

Uk This is another slow cooker with a fun chalkboard design, which we think is a creative way of letting the family know what's for dinner. It performed well on test, especially with the chicken curry, but water collects in the rim and the bubbles produced when cooking shake the lid.

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Beef remained tender, the chicken in our curry came out moist and succulent, and our soup contained soft, flavorsome vegetables. It produced a flavorful chicken curry, where the meat remained succulent and there was minimal moisture loss.

Key specificationsCapacity: 5 liter Pot: Aluminum Lid: Glass Number of heat settings: 3 It produced a delicious chicken curry with tender, flavorsome meat, but the beef in our stew was a little dry.

Key specificationsCapacity: 3.5 liters Pot: Ceramic Lid: Glass Number of heat settings: 3 This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Slow cookers are nifty appliances that can help you create delicious dinners with minimal prep, meaning there’s no need to spend hours in the kitchen. They work by cooking food at a steady and controlled temperature over a longer period of time, while the lid locks in moisture to produce soft and tender results.

You won’t have to check and stir your ingredients either, because the pot heats evenly and should never get so hot that the mixture catches. Cooking for a long time at a low temperature also helps tenderize meat and bring out its flavor, meaning you can get a lot more from a less expensive cut.

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Sous vide Fast gaining popularity in the world of slow cooking, sous-vide is a French term that simply means “under vacuum”. By sealing food in pouches, the juices and subtle flavors that would otherwise be lost during conventional cooking are retained.

The last thing you want is to be lifting the lid now and then to check progress, as heat and steam will quickly escape and add cooking time. At the Good Housekeeping Institute, we make a beef stew, chicken curry and a vegetable soup in every slow cooker we test, using both their high and low settings.

Traditionally viewed as the perfect tool to get the best out of cheaper cuts of meat, slow cookers have come a long way in terms of design and functionality. The latest models can conjure up gourmet-style recipes such as lamb shank assault and chocolate and orange ‘volcano’ pudding with maximum flavor and minimum effort.

We also added just enough stock to cover the base and put each machine on its highest slow cook setting, which lasts around four hours on the majority of designs featured here. As well as offering impressive cooking performance, a slow cooker should be easy to use, light, cool-to-touch and convenient to store, which are all attributes we also took into consideration in our test.

This pressure cooker comes with a detailed range of automatic cooking programs clearly displayed on its digital LCD screen. We simply turned the dial to choose the Slow Cook setting and pressed the Start button and it was good to go.

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Pros: Reduce feature; smart design; even-cooking results Cons: Width not ideal for larger cuts of meat With its classic retro good looks in a range of color finishes including blue, red, pink, green and orange, and its 37 cm wide design, the Swan 3. L Slowpoke (£30) is a compact choice.

On the downside however, the simple control dial that lets you switch between high (90C), low (75C) and auto functions is limiting and feels cheap compared to its sleek design. While the machine is in use there is no way of telling how long is left on the slow cook setting and its body and lid became hot to touch, so you’ll need to don your oven gloves to access the fruits of the slow cooker ’s labor here.

Pros: Compact; simple features; good value Cons: Small (natch); no info display What’s instantly impressive about this streamlined design is the aluminum non-stick coated cooking pot with a 5.5 liter working capacity, which can be used on the hob, including induction, and in the oven up to 200C.

The Ninja Food (£199) is a pressure cooker that can take care of a range of cooking functions including steaming, searing, sautéing, baking, roasting and grilling. To use the slow cooker setting the pressure cooker lid needs to be fixed and it took us a while to figure out how to lock it in place.

The Food features two settings for high and low cooking temperatures, which can easily be adjusted on the control pad to increase or decrease. It will also nudge you to connect to your Wi-Fi network so you can link up to its dedicated (paid subscription) Cooked recipe library for inspiration.

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We were particularly taken with the sous-vide mode, which lets you cook vacuum-packed meat, fish, seafood, veg and fruit with close to professional style. The setting recommends you cover a maximum of 800 grams of meat with sauce and cook for one to eight hours between 37 to 98C for soft and tender results.

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