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Cabinet For Baking Sheets

Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 26 June, 2022
• 7 min read

4.8 out of 5based on 82 ratings “These reviews are from our customers who have purchased Rev-A-Shelf products.” 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful 4 of 5 Helpful for storing cutting boards July 30th, 2018 by Michelle from Lewiston, NY This item allows improved use of narrow spaces.

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I ordered several items as we were planning our kitchen renovation only to find that they will not allow returns of unused wrongly sized items after 30 days, so I lost a few hundred dollars by ordering just a bit too ahead of when we needed a cabinet insert. And they were not sympathetic or helpful when we asked to return it just a month or so late.

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful 3 of 5 Difficult to install August 21st, 2014 by Shelley from Littleton, CO The tray divider is great, but it was difficult to install in such a small space. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful 5 of 5 Perfect May 7th, 2013 by William from Wills Point, TX They were exactly what I was looking for, for us to utilize a large open space in our kitchen remodel.

My wife is a baker and has many large baking pans and sheets and such. They were easy enough to install as long as your careful with your measurements.

Love the product the price and quick delivery. Also love the way you guys worked with me when I discovered I had ordered too many.

5 of 5 | June 9th, 2020 liked of the knowledge of products disliked the length of time to contact help I worked more on my pantry yesterday, and I spent the afternoon building and installing this custom DIY pull-out slotted drawer for baking sheets, pizza pans and baking dishes.

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It’s just a very basic drawer with butt joints and visible staples where everything is attached. That’s the best price I’ve found on full-extension ball bearing drawer slides.

The price at Home Depot is about two to three times that amount per pair, depending on which brand you get. I had to shim mine out an inch on either side (I used two layers of 1/2-inch plywood) so that my slides would clear the face frames and the sides of the pull-out drawer would clear the cabinet door hinges.

But for easy access to the cookie sheets and other items stored in the slots, I wanted a slanted design. I attached those sides to the bottom piece using wood glue and my narrow crown staple gun.

Next, I cut the piece for the front and attached it with wood glue and staples. I couldn’t find my awesome jigsaw, so I had to use my old cheaper one, which doesn’t cut as well.

So I clamped all six pieces together, and then used my rotary sander with 40-grit sandpaper on it to sand the top edges until they were all uniform. They still needed sanding individually once I unclamped them, but at least the top angled edge was uniform on all six of them now.

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That gave me a measurement of 2.79 inches for each slot, so I rounded down to 2.75 and used my table saw to rip two scrap pieces of plywood to 2.75 inches wide so that I could use these as spacers while attaching the drawer dividers. I eyeballed the first (top) staple placement on both the front and back of the drawer, and then I used my framing square to draw a vertical line so that I’d know where to put the rest of the staples.

Once all the drawer dividers were stapled into place, I sanded the whole thing, using my rotary sander on all the flat areas and the butt joints, and then I sanded all the edges by hand. The sanding process got rid of all the pencil marks and minimized the appearance of the staples.

I was fine with that as a finished look, but if the staples bother you, you can always cover over them with a dab of wood filler and then sand it smooth to make them practically disappear. I do about 95% of my cooking on the stove top, so I don’t really need all of my baking sheets and pans taking up space in my kitchen.

But I also hate digging through stacks of things trying to find what I need on those occasions when I do want to make something in the oven. And the best thing is that any cabinet can be converted into a pull-out slotted drawer for this type of storage.

These durable wire tray organizers by Rev-A-Shelf and Peter Meier also create a secure place to store your serving dishes and cutting boards. The Rasta by National Products has wooden dividers that mount into your cabinet and slide out to make more room whenever you need it.

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The System is made of durable wooden rails that attach to the top and bottom of your cabinet. The dividers are made out of a refinished maple veneer and can be trimmed to fit inside a shallow cabinet.

We specifically picked April 4th because I would be on Spring Break and Tim is off on Thursdays and Fridays. I have had this date circled on my calendar since February and couldn’t wait to spend the day together.

I will fill you in on our fabulous date tomorrow….it is a long story, and I was a up way too late and can only commit to a quick post as I am bagged, but believe me this is a good one. Nail boards onto the bottom of the shelf (or top of the cupboard depending on your space).

You may recall me mentioning the sad state of my cookie sheet/muffin tin cupboard a few posts ago. I knew what I wanted, but had put it off because I had never really taken the time to figure out how to get the job done and I honestly thought it was beyond my capabilities, but I was so wrong.

I knew that I would need two dividing boards and planned to use scrap pegboard that I already had in the house. The space between the mounted boards creates the channel for the vertical dividers to stand in.

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I couldn’t get the numbers to work out exactly, but just planned to leave the extra space on the outside edges close to the walls of the cupboard. I then stained the boards and cut them to 21 long as I wanted the dividers to sit back a few inches from the front of the cupboard.

I didn’t want to waste any space, so I put those little metal shelf plugs in the pre-drilled holes on the sides of the cupboard. I had the plugs on hand and for the shelf, I just used a scrap piece from an old desk top that I had dismantled and re-purposed a while back.

It is not in perfect shape, but it will be completely hidden and has a melamine surface, so it will stand up well. I then cut the pegboard at 21 X 16 3/8 so that it would fit snugly between the top shelf and base inside the channels I was making.

This part certainly wasn’t hard, but I must admit I took a bit of time to think this through to avoid making a mistake. After cutting the pegboard I realized that I may have to accommodate the shelf pegs by notching out the wood because I couldn’t have the shelf rest on my wood pieces or it would raise the height and my pegboard would no longer fit snugly.

I removed the shelf and mounted my first length of board so that it would sit tight against the pegs. Finally, I slid in my pegboard dividers and have myself an awesome storage system for my pans.

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I’m very organized and reflective, and am continually striving to do life more lovingly, passionately, effectively and successfully.

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