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Can I Recycle My Cookware

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 12 min read

If cookware is coated, most recycling agencies will have to remove outward layers before it can be recycled, but only a select few localities will remove these coatings (New York City and Maryland's Montgomery County are examples in the Northeast). The best chance of ensuring your cookware doesn't end up in the trash is to head to a local scrapyard.

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In addition to recycling at local centers or via metal dealers, here are three other ways you can make sure used cookware stays out of landfills and finds a new home. If you're unable to find a metal scrapyard or donate the item, Hoover says there's one last option for you, and it happens to be the most convenient.

“Terrace is an organization that specializes in accepting and repurposing hard to recycle materials; things like potato chip bags and sandwich bags, things that are not normally accepted for recycling at the community level,” she says. Prices start at $109 and that cost includes return shipping and processing of whatever you send to be recycled (they do not accept electronics).

And Hoover says that Terrace really does upcycle-materials are sorted and repurposed into everyday products, like benches and watering cans, instead of being sent to landfills. You may have upgraded to a new model, the cooking surface may have eroded over time, or perhaps you are merging kitchen supplies with a new roommate or partner.

Sites like Craigslist and Free cycle are good options for finding your cookware a new home, as are secondhand stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. A few scratches or dings may matter to you, but that doesn’t make your pots and pans unusable.

For pots and pans that have seen better days, recycling is an option, but likely not your curbside bin. Your pots and pans are most likely nonferrous metal, made from aluminum, copper, or stainless steel.

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Once you’ve found a scrap metal recycling near you, call them to ask if they accept Teflon-coated pans. Some cookware will have no metal component, such as ceramic bowls or Pyrex baking dishes.

If mixed with container glass, it would make the resulting material unusable. For starters, you’re unlikely to know what type of resin they are made of, which is the first step to determine the recallability of plastics.

This is when you realize it’s time to bid farewell to your favorite cooking tool and replace your frying pan with a new one. It is truly a waste of money if you throw away a pan that could easily be salvaged by a good scrub or proper seasoning.

However, there is a thin line between fixing something and continuing to use it even when it’s not usable anymore. Many of us forget to keep track of the years we’ve had a certain frying pan for.

There is no point of gathering towers of the cookware only to feel frustrated and find nothing when you’re looking for a pan in perfect condition. Furthermore, hoarding onto unnecessary worn out cookware wastes space in your kitchen.

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To help you re-evaluate if your frying pan is worth keeping, we’ve compiled a list of a few simple signs that can help you make your decision and figure out when it’s time to say goodbye to your best friend in the kitchen. If your frying pan’s surface is warped and the handle is falling off, then you need to get rid of it.

A warped surface means your frying pan will not lay flat on the stove so it will not be heated evenly. A broken handle can prove to be a huge hindrance when you try to flip food while you’re stir-frying it.

Cooking in a frying pan with scratches can lead to health problems as dangerous chemicals may be seeping into your food. A chemical known as Perfluorooctanoic acid (FOA) is sometimes used to make the smooth surface of a non-stick pan.

This will help you avoid the chances of any undetected chemicals seepage into your food. If rust or anything else from the frying pan’s surface is starting to scrape off into your food, then this is a health risk you must avoid.

If you feel like your frying pan is still in a fairly good condition but you want to get rid of it then, you can sell it. Many people sell frying pan in yard sales to get rid of extra cookware they no longer use.

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Furthermore, you can also spend some time doing a market survey to know what other people are asking for their used frying pans to get a rough estimate. Just because your frying pan is not in the perfect condition to cook in, that doesn’t mean it can ’t be used for other things.

To recycle frying pans is much better for the environment than simply throwing it away to occupy space in a landfill for years. This can be a way to play your small part in society to be a more responsible citizen.

You must find out all the specific details about the materials your frying pan is made of. This is done to ensure that your frying pan has no materials which are not allowed to be recycled or warmed up to high temperatures.

Looking up your frying pan’s model details on the manufacturing company’s website is a good place to start. Some recycling plants will accept a non-stick pan and handle the removal of the non-stick layer themselves.

If you’re trying to find a recycling plant that will accept your non-stick frying pan in your area then you can search on Earth911. Once you choose a recycling plant close to you, make sure to give them a call.

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If you are not able to find a suitable recycling plant near you that will accept your frying pan, then you can seek another way out. This is their step towards sustainability and it also helps them cut down on raw material costs.

Moreover, they accept any brand of cookware and will take full responsibility for the shopping costs as well. They usually initially melt the pans at high temperatures to separate the non-stick coating from the metal.

We hope this article proves to be helpful for you when you decide to recycle your old frying pan. We have discussed various recycling solutions to help you find the most viable option for yourself.

With a little extra effort and time, you can make a decision to do right by the environment and dispose of your frying pan responsibly. If some are no longer appropriate for cooking or you simply want to clear out the clutter and treat yourself to a new set of pots and pans, don’t just throw the old ones away.

If you have some old cookware that is still useful for heating up food, but you ignore it in favor of using newer items, pack the pots and pans away with your camping equipment. Before you get rid of that old pot, consider painting it in fun Halloween colors and use it this year to hold the candy for the trick or theaters.

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Get the kids involved in the art project and allow them to use a variety of paintbrushes and plenty of orange and black paint to make a unique Halloween candy holder. Iron skillets you no longer cook with can be hung over the stove or on a wall to add to your kitchen decor.

A large pot placed on a baker’s rack can hold your many spatulas, oven mitts and wooden spoons. A smaller pot with the handle removed can be kept under the sink to hold extra bottles of dish washing liquid and sponges.

Line the pot with pretty dishtowels and fill it with cookbooks, spices and large kitchen utensils for a fun housewarming gift. Churches and women’s shelters are often low on funds to fully stock their kitchens and replace cookware that is long past their prime.

This will ensure a prepaid recycling label will be printed and shipped with your order. Teflon, the coating on non-stick pans, is difficult to recycle due to the health risks that are linked to the material.

Call your local waste management company and ask about their policy on recycling non-stick pans. Contact a sandblaster in your area and ask him to remove the Teflon coating from the pan.

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You can find a sandblaster in your local phone book, but be aware that the process will not likely be free of charge. Dear Kiel: There’s a lot of metal tied up in your cookware, and we’re happy you want to recycle it.

Some of the most common types of pots and pans are made from aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, and even copper. Many handlers are unable or unwilling to do this, but there are some out there; always contact recycling facilities prior to sending your cookware along, to ask for their policy.

Even if your pot or pan isn’t coated, you probably won’t be able to just toss it in your curbside recycling container. As always, check your city’s policies first by visiting their website or by giving them a call.

If you live in New York City or Montgomery County, MD, then you’re in luck because they do accept pots and pans there. Use resources like the scrap App to find suitable facilities in your area.

When in doubt, you can use a magnet to test your pot; if it’s attracted, you have ferrous metal on your hands. If you are unable to find scrap-metal recycling options, consider donating your pots and pans instead.

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The chemical composition of glass determines its hardness (or brittleness), clarity, and thermal resistance. Heat-resistant glass is great for cooking and baking because it can withstand high heat with a lower chance of breaking.

Pyrex has become the colloquial brand name synonymous with heat-resistant glass cookware. Sadly, the correct place for any unusable glass cookware is in the trash.

But there are many uses for old Pyrex that can prolong its life outside the kitchen and potentially help you avoid buying new items! Some fun ideas include: Making a bird bath, a hanging light fixture, a candy dish, a potting planter, or a sorting bowl for garage or home office supplies.

To reduce land filling, try your best to care for (and find new uses for) your glass cookware, to prolong its life. You may be able to add some extra years to your Pyrex by following proper care and use instructions.

While glass bakeware is dishwasher safe, regularly putting it in the dishwasher may shorten the lifespan of the product, so consider hand-washing your heat-resistant glass dishes with perfume-free and dye-free dish detergent. If food is stuck on the dish, soak it in hot, soapy water for about an hour prior to washing.

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Proper Green: Popular Resolutions for Health, Home, and Environment Is Glossy Paper Recyclable? A quick internet search reveals there’s a lot of confusion surrounding whether nonstick pans can be recycled.

So, to demystify this issue, we’ll provide some clarification about what exactly a nonstick pan is made of and how you can determine how to recycle it. To keep food from sticking to these metals, manufacturers add a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is a compound with a low coefficient of friction, meaning other objects will easily slide by it.

This coating can have multiple layers to ensure the nonstick surface is durable. While this nonstick coating makes cooking easier, if it gets scratched or begins to flake, it’s time to find a replacement pan.

Some curbside recycling programs do accept nonstick pans and will handle the removal of the PTFE. One town in North Carolina, for example, will accept all pans, regardless of whether they’re coated with PTFE.

You’ll want to look for whether your local program accepts nonferrous scrap metal (which includes aluminum, copper and stainless steel). You may find your local curbside program doesn’t collect unusual materials like pots and pans, but don’t fret.

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“From there they will be melted down and that special non-stick surface will separate properly from the true aluminum material,” she said. Any brand of cookware is accepted by the program and the shipping is covered by the company, who will take care of getting the pans to a recycling center.

All of these things harm the nonstick coating and can leave your cookware unusable. With any pots and pans, regardless of whether they have PTFE coating, it’s important to care for them properly.

A little extra effort ahead of time will make all items in your kitchen last longer. If you’re attached to your damaged nonstick pots and pans and don’t want to get rid of them, there are some unique ideas you can try to “repair” them.

Additionally, when Teflon is heated, it will release a gas that kills birds and causes flu-like symptoms in humans. This has lead to swarms of people looking for ways to responsibly rid themselves of their non-stick, Teflon cookware.

Check with your local recycling program before mailing your Teflon to Ann Arbor. Finding any information on the subject of recycling Teflon cookware has been trying.

You can look in the Yellow pages and find a business that does sand-blasting and ask them to remove the rest of the Teflon with a walnut shell abrasive. It will leave the stainless steel base metal unharmed and should cost less than $20.00 to do.

I have done it a few times, and recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to lose a great pan due to the fact that the Teflon coating is chipping. Do pay heed to the advice about using the walnut shell abrasive, or possibly glass bead.

True sand-blasting (with actual sand as the abrasive) would likely cut far too quickly. If you search far and long enough on the internet for nonstick pan-recycling programs, you?ll come across links to the site Fryingpanman.com.

Continental Companies is specialized in “very difficult applications where coating systems are custom designed to allow for some of the fastest turn-around times in the industry.” The closest thing I found to a recycling program was Clifton Renew.

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