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Can You Use Air Fryer As Toaster

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
• 8 min read

In fact, I have meant to create this post for a while now because I come across comments such as “that’s one outstanding toaster oven” thrown at air fryer models all the time. With that in mind, before getting to the main section of the post and differentiating the two appliances, let us start by creating a standardized base upon which we will build on.

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Defined loosely, an air fryer is a compact kitchen appliance that utilizes convection air currents to prepare meals. The appliance has been fitted with very powerful fans that will circulate high-speed hot air in order to deliver crispy meals with fried textures.

An Hairdryer comes with a removable bucket that houses the basket that will sit on top of the drip tray. Since the appliance’s heating elements are only placed on the top side, you may need to shake the basket a couple of times to make sure that your meal will be cooked evenly.

These appliances also retail with front doors that toucan either open downwards or sideways and have been fitted with high-quality elements at both the top and bottom. I know that could be confusing since I pointed out earlier that Air Fryers also essentially use the convection technique to cook their meals.

That said, Hairdryer ’s fans are more powerful, which means the appliance will circulate the heat way more rapidly compared to convection toaster ovens. A toaster oven uses a pretty basic strip of heating elements placed both at the top and bottom of the appliance.

If you are using an old toaster oven model, chances are that the heating elements are only placed at the top side. An air fryer, on the other hand, has slightly stronger heating elements, usually designed in coil forms.

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But as I stated earlier, the thing that makes the biggest difference is the air fryer ’s powerful fan. And even if you pick a toaster oven with the convection setting, it still won’t be as powerful as an air fryer.

The fact you will not need any oil to prepare your meals makes the non-stick drip pan of the appliance really easy to wipe clean. The most strenuous part of cleaning a toaster oven is using sponge ad detergents to get rid of all the oil, while at the same time trying to ensure that you do not come into contact with the heating elements.

An air fryer, on the other hand, can prepare the same meals in approximately half the time, thanks to the powerful fan and fact they have a smaller area inside. You will usually need to acquire a larger capacity air fryer to match the cooking space offered by a standard toaster oven.

That said, thanks to technological advancements, recent air fryer product lines have hugely balanced out this difference. Compared to air fryers, toaster ovens boast little insulation and as a result, their exterior surfaces heat up too fast.

In fact, when using one of these appliances, experts recommend that you do not place any flammable materials or plastic objects next to a toaster oven to avoid any hazardous fire situations. That said, the difference isn’t that big and won’t be easy to notice on your power bill at the end of the month.

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Add to that the insulation advantage an Hairdryer offers and you will realize perhaps it is even more, energy efficient. When comparing standard toaster oven and air fryer models, it was clear that air fryers will generally cost more.

After reading the post, feel free to check out the appliances on Amazon and you will realize that the cheapest toaster ovens lie in the $25-$40 range. The same applies to cooking with the equipment you have determining your food preparation style and presentation.

Presently, we are in an age defined by technology, and the kitchen has plenty of advanced equipment to help prepare your meals. You will also notice that the air fryer has a removable bucket-like component that you put the food you want to cook.

When using the air fryer, you put your food into the basket, insert it into the cooking chamber, and then set your temperature and timer. Exposure of food to the circulating hot air currents gives them a nice browning and improves their taste.

After putting your food in the racks during meal preparation, you shut it and set the timer and cooking mode. When your food is ready, the oven will go off, and for new models, the door may automatically open.

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It has fans that help circulate the hot air, resulting in an even cook. Back to the difference between these two cooking appliances, there is one thing to note: the heating element.

The toaster oven uses strip elements, which may be at the top and bottom, depending on the model. The air fryer uses a coil design, which many agree is more efficient in heat production.

A significant part of the toaster oven vs. air fryer debate tries to explore which of the two cookers is the best. The toaster oven has functions such as toasting, grilling, roasting, and baking.

The airfryercan perform some mentioned tasks in addition to dehydrating, air frying, and defrosting. It also brings an excellent browning to your food and improves their taste, noticeable in meals such as chicken or potatoes.

The toaster oven brings its best in preparing pastries and breads, especially toasts. Size The standard air fryer is smaller than the toaster oven, making it easy to store as it is economical on space.

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The slightly larger frame of the toaster oven gives it an advantage when it comes to the preparation of large meals. The toaster oven is easy to clean as it has an open design, where toucan easily access the interior and remove food debris and accumulated grime.

A parchment paper put under the food can prevent the basket from getting messy. A perforated aluminum foil can work similarly to parchment paper.

However, there are situations where the toaster will cook fast, such as when toasting bread or preparing thinly sliced meals such as jerky. A low-consumption cooker is an ideal choice as it won’t push your electrical bills to the ceiling.

Safety The air fryers are safer to use compared to the ovens as they feature generous insulation. The toaster oven has naked metal parts that may get hot when it is running.

Many toaster oven manuals have a part dedicated to safety, advising you on the precautions to take when using it. On most online platforms and even in retail stores, you will find that the toaster oven goes for roughly $26 to $42.

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It performs several cooking functions such as baking, roasting, dehydration, and defrosting. The oven supports grilling, baking, toasting, and many more cooking functions.

The air fryer and the toaster oven are some of the most popular cookers toucan find in many modern kitchens. The air fryer vs. toaster oven debate is an intense one, as each of the appliances brings their best in different attributes.

Above is a look at both of them, paying attention to both their strengths and weaknesses to help you make a concrete decision on the best. More people are cooking at home this year, and the numbers prove it: The toaster oven category is up 76% over the past three months (as of October 2020), and almost all new oven developments this year have included an air fryer setting according to appliance brand Hamilton Beach.

Air fryers and convection ovens both cook food faster than traditional ovens by relying on a fan to circulate hot air, but air fryers make food more crispy and work even quicker than convection ovens, thanks to the placement and size of their fans, allowing you to make chicken wings in about 20 minutes and “doughnuts” in less than ten! In the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances Lab, we tested 15 different airfryertoaster ovens for their ability to air fry, bake, broil, and, of course, toast.

Size: Most toaster ovens can fit a whole, four-pound chicken, but if you're tight on space, you might not need the extra height. If you mostly plan on using your toaster oven for bread and heating foods, a compact model is sufficient.

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We recommend digital for more precise cooking control when it comes to setting the temperature and timer. If you don't mind guessing, or keeping an additional timer close by, mechanical dials will save you money.

Airfryertoaster ovens usually include an additional basket or rack for air frying. The baskets usually sit on the baking/broiling pan and provide safe cooking at high temperatures as well as easy maneuverability and cleanup.

If the basket cannot fit on the pan, a pan can usually be placed in the position below the air frying rack; this style makes it tricky to remove the air frying rack from the toaster oven to check on food or remove without dripping grease everywhere. Some airfryertoaster ovens offer the option to purchase more air fryer racks (that can also be used for dehydrating in most cases) to use at the same time, and some include a rotisserie attachment.

It made chicken wings super crispy in 20 minutes, as well as fries in even less time. Just keep an eye on food when experimenting for the first few time to prevent accidental burning.

It uses a basket that sits atop the broiling pan to air fry, which prevents grease from dripping onto the elements and makes cleanup easy; all accessories are dishwasher safe. Bread toasted well and evenly, too, in addition to cake that baked quickly with just a small dome that needed to be trimmed.

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Bread toasted very evenly, and the cheese on a 12-inch frozen pizza melted with no hot or cold spots. It comes with high-quality accessories, including an extra large baking/broiling pan, an air fryer rack, and rotisserie spit for chicken and other roasts.

The control panel is very easy to use and all the settings are clearly spelled out so you don't need to keep the user guide handy. It has a sleek design with modern accents, like a rose gold trim around the handle and smooth buttons.

It also toasted bread evenly, gently baked a cake with no dome or cracks, and cooked up a frozen pizza quickly. Nicole Papantoniou, Good Housekeeping Institute Senior Testing Editor & Producer Nicole is a recipe developer trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition who specializes in testing and developing kitchen appliances; she currently runs the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab.

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