"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Crock Pot Slow Cooker

Brent Mccoy
• Thursday, 02 December, 2021
• 8 min read

There’s nothing better than easily prepped, fix-it-and-forget-it slow cooker dishes that make everything from weeknight dinners to weekend entertaining a breeze. While there is so much to love about this handy appliance, there's also an overwhelming array of new slow cooker styles, fun designs, and brand-new tricks out there.

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The lockable lid, rubber gasket seal, and sturdy handles help your food stay put if you're on-the-go. It’s also a good option for those who like to make dips and appetizers regularly, but don’t require buckets of them.

Throw large roasts and briskets in for a cookout main dish that won’t dare run out. Clips on the lid allow it to be securely closed to prevent spills while food is being transported.

Ten smart program settings allow you to start cooking all of your favorite foods with just the touch of a button. In addition to slow cooking, this multi- cooker also has one-touch settings for roast, bake, steam, sear/sauté, rice, yogurt, and keeping warm.

The 8-quart capacity is large enough to hold larger cuts of meat including roasts and is also big enough for special occasions. Get dinner on the table and brighten up the kitchen with this cheery printed slow cooker from The Pioneer Woman.

It’s an ideal 3-quart size for family weeknight dinners, and the pretty print will make you want to use it every week. 99 Super-easy slow cooked pork tenderloin with sauerkraut and potatoes.

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1116 For a delicious, no-fuss ham that is juicy and good, try this slow cooker sensation with only two ingredients! 339 Reminiscent of the very popular dish King Ranch Chicken in the form a soup.

With all the same flavors and the convenience of throwing everything into a slow cooker, this will also quickly become a favorite. Top with fried corn tortilla strips, if desired.

The juices can be thickened with cornstarch at the end to make a glaze. This pork tenderloin soaks up the yummy juices as it cooks.

Great topped with Cheddar cheese, crushed corn chips, and a dollop of sour cream. Garnish with grated Cheddar, avocados, and a splash of fresh lime juice.

A slow cooker promises to be a little fantasy grandmother who sits in the kitchen all day cooking for you, but use the wrong cooker and that dream could fizzle. A cooker might run hotter than expected, drying out the food or turning it mushy, or slower than you want, so dinner isn’t ready when you are.

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For the ideal machine that would deliver a properly cooked meal and be absolutely simple and intuitive to use, we went shopping. Slow cookers rely on covered moist-heat cooking, so of course we wanted to evaluate how well each model performed the classic task of turning a tough cut of meat tender.

We chose recipes with a range of cooking times, using both low and high temperature settings. We started by asking testers to evaluate how easy the slow cookers were to fill, set, turn off, and empty.

We wanted intuitive controls, but several models had so many buttons with such confusing layouts that our testers couldn’t tell if they’d set them correctly. Then there was the “smart” slow cooker that ran via a phone app with such a pared-down control panel that it left most testers puzzled and frustrated.

But one model in particular was a pleasure to use: Its controls were unambiguous, each button clicked satisfyingly and lit up when pressed, and within a few seconds the clock began counting down so you knew that it was running. While we liked that the three products in our lineup that had metal inserts were featherlight and that we didn’t have to worry about cracking them, two of them became too hot to touch.

We found that this cooker was the only model that held close to the advertised capacity of 6 to 7 quarts and was also the only one with clear minimum and maximum fill lines. Two models produced mixed results, slightly overcooking some pieces and leaving others a bit underdone and chewy.

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This time around we were pleased to find that this hot spot wasn’t an issue, although one cooker that unevenly cooked chicken breasts overcooked the turkey where it touched the narrow ends of the crock. To find out, we dismantled a duplicate set of cookers with the help of Gregory Thiel, a postdoctoral associate in mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It offers the advantages of a light, unbreakable metal crock with stay-cool plastic handles, as well as a brown-and-sear function that lets you skip using a separate skillet before slow -cooking in recipes that call for it. We tested eight 6- to 7-quart slow cookers, preparing a variety of recipes using both low and high temperature settings and varied cooking times.

We used temperature probes to map heating patterns, and a panel of testers evaluated how easy the cookers were to use and clean. We gave the highest marks to cookers that produced evenly cooked, juicy, and tender foods every time.

We gave high marks to models that were easy to clean, with few nooks and crannies to trap food or water. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to let us know what you experienced with your Multi- Cooker.

We are always looking for ways to better our product, and your feedback is an invaluable part of that process. Please allow us to turn this experience around and give us a call at our toll-free number at 1-800-323-9519.

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I purchased this casserole crackpot a few months ago, I use it at least once a week. It has a locking lid, handles on each side so you can take it with you and it has a cord saver on the back.

I recently made a chicken & rice casserole, and it turned out perfect!! It gives you the option for more variety, by having the square dish verses a large round one.

You just put your chicken in, layer your rice on top, add other ingredients, and set your temperature. I like that it has different heating temperatures, and it is truly a great looking product.

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