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Deep-fried Mars Bar

Danielle Fletcher
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
• 8 min read

For a seasonal variation you could also try deep-frying a Cadbury's Crème Egg. DIRECTIONS Chill the chocolate bar by keeping it in the fridge, but don't freeze it.

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Add milk (traditional) or beer (which gives a lighter result) until you get a batter with the consistency of thin cream. Heat the oil until a small piece of bread will brown in a few seconds, but don't allow smoking.

The chocolate bar is typically chilled before battering to prevent it from melting into the frying fat, despite a cold Mars bar being able to fracture when heated. Since various mass media began reporting on the practice in the mid-1990s, in part as a commentary on urban Scotland's notoriously unhealthy diet, the popularity of the dish has spread.

A banner on The Carbon Fish Bar in Stone haven, reading “Birthplace of the World Famous Deep FriedMarsBar “, December 2007The creation of the dish is attributed to John Davie who invented the sweet treat in 1992 in The Haven Chip Bar (now The Carbon) in Stone haven, near Aberdeen on Scotland's northeast coast. The first recorded mention of the food was in the Aberdeen Evening Express, following a tip off phone call to their journalist Alastair Dalton that The Haven chip shop in Stone haven had been deep-frying Mars Bars for local children.

The craze started when the school holidays began and has quickly taken hold says Ingram Mo watt (41), owner of The Haven, Allergic Terrace. “ The following day the story was picked up and run in the Daily Record, August 24, 1995, in an article titled Mars supper, please”.

On the fifth day, Keith Chagrin performed taste tests on The Big Breakfast TV program and the story was covered by the BBC World Service. In July 2015, Aberdeen shire Council instructed the proprietors of The Carbon Fish Bar to remove a banner advertising the shop as the origin of the product.

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Deep-friedMarsbar and Snickers (medium-sized) with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauceAfter undertaking a telephone questionnaire survey of 627 fish and chip shops in Scotland, the results published in December 2004 attempted to discover how available the deep-friedMarsbar was, and if people were actually buying them. A deep-fried Snickers in the United States, at various stages of consumption In 2000, Scottish chef Ross Kendall included the bars on the menu of Le Chipper restaurant in Paris.

The deep-friedMarsbar has also given rise to the frying of other confections, for example, Raver's Fish Bar in Duns annually advertises an Easter special of deep-fried Crème Egg, although this is available all year. Since it was first reported in the media in August 1995, when the Daily Record ran an article entitled “Scotland's craziest takeaway”, the deep-friedMarsbar has become a symbol for ill health, obesity and high-fat diets.

In 2012, the Haven sought an application for secured status under the EU's Protected Food Name Scheme. One theory suggested that its residents have a naturally pessimistic disposition, and that eating unhealthy food was an example of their tendency to put “a lower price on the future”.

In a 2012 interview, Glasgow restaurateur John Google felt that Scotland had been trying to “shake off” its unhealthy image for 20 years, since the media coverage of the deep-friedMarsbar. Mix flour, salt, and water until smooth, cover, and let stand at room temperature 20 to 30 minutes.

If you have a craving for something deep-fried, chocolaty and delicious, then you don’t need to look any further. The deep friedMarsbar originated out of Scotland and was an item sold in some fish and chip shops.

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At first, the thought of deep-frying a Mars bar seemed criminal, but after having done this recipe, I just couldn’t help myself going back for seconds. If you want to make this dish even more amazing, then I highly recommended having some vanilla ice cream with it.

One thing I do like about using plain cream is that it helps cut through the sweetness. This dish is pretty good on its own, so don’t feel the need to make anything to go with it.

Dip one Mars bar into the batter and place into the deep fryer. If this is the case, then wait for the oil to heat up a little more before adding your next Mars bar.

Be careful though, as adding too much milk will make batter not stick correctly. It sounds super sickly, but the ice cream will turn this recipe from ok to absolutely amazing.

If you don’t want the Mars bar to melt too much, then you can place it in the fridge beforehand. The information above is an estimate generated by an online nutrition calculator.

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If you love chocolate, then I would highly recommend checking out the yummy mug brownie recipe. Another great recipe worth checking out is the self-saucing chocolate pudding.

It is a rich chocolate pudding that produces its own sauce and as always goes amazing with some ice cream. If you want to leave feedback, variation or anything else about this deep friedMarsbar recipe, then please drop us a comment below.

Also, if you want to stay up to date on all the latest easy recipes and much more, then please follow us on any of the major social networks. Please note that if you are outside North America, the embargo for LANCET press material is 0001 hours UK Time Friday 17 December 2004.

A letter in this week's issue of THE LANCET details a survey of Scottish fish and chip shops to try and estimate the popularity of the deep-friedMarsbar. David Morrison (Greater Glasgow NHS Board, UK) and Mark Petticoat (MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit) surveyed around 300 Scottish fish and chip shops: 22% sold deep-friedMars bars; three-quarters of the shops had only been selling them for the past 3 years.

The average price per bar was 60 pence, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the younger generation were the main purchasers--three-quarters were sold to children and 15% to adolescents. Other interesting foods that the fish and chip shops have been asked to fry include chocolate (21%) and sweets (16%) in general, Snickers (4%), Crème eggs (4%), and pizza (4%).

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Encouragingly, we did also find some evidence of the entrance of the Mediterranean diet into Scotland, albeit in the form of deep-fried pizza.” Image by Danny Lawson/PA Wiretap banner describes the chip shop as the ‘Birthplace of the world-famous deep-friedMarsbar and owner Lorraine Watson says that ‘thousands and thousands’ of tourists come each year to eat the iconic sugary snack.

A Conservative minister has been slammed for joking about ‘ deep fried Mars bars’ while responding to a question on universal credit from a Scottish MP. Will Quince suggested he and SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes should share the cult food while they discussed ways to improve the roll-out of universal credit.

West Dunbartonshire representative Mr Docherty-Hughes cited concerns over the number of job centers being closed during the delay in the latest expansion of the controversial benefits system. He asked Department for Work and Pensions (DSP) minister Mr Quince if the fastest roll-out of the program would provide redress the balance for those who felt they had been treated “unfairly” by the scheme.

Mr Docherty-Hughes told Mr Quince: “”I hope the minister does take the opportunity maybe to agree with me that this extension and additional monies going into the process, there is an opportunity to reflect on what has gone on before especially for those members such as myself whose constituents do not feel as though they have been treated properly.” However, in response to his question, Quince, MP for Colchester, quipped the pair could “share a deep-friedMarsbar while they discussed ideas to solve the issue.

There are up to 150 sold each week in many shops, but don’t the fried chocolate bar tempt you because according to the study’s coauthor Matthew Walters, a stroke consultant at Glasgow, “The deep-friedMarsbar has been cited as “all that is wrong with the high-fat, high-sugar Scottish diet. Frying foods increases high fat and calorie content so significantly it ruins the risk for a number of other health problems.

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Consuming fried foods more than four times a week increases the risk for obesity and heart disease, which includes strokes. One London-based chef divulged the trick to developing the perfect fatty food to Daily Mail : “The secret to getting it right, is to make sure that the batter (flour, bicarbonate of soda, soda water, salt and a small amount of food coloring) is kept very cold,” Daniel Smaller said.

DEEP FRIED DECADENCECome in and try one of our deep frfried Marsabarsispy golden brown pastry oozing with chochocolatercaramelodness and topped with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of icing sugar because why not? Created by the venue’s chefs, the Mars bar wrapped in doughnut dough is then deep-fried until golden brown and is served with a scoop of Pizza’s vanilla ice cream.

The Barn spokeswoman said: “We’ve taken a popular Scottish dessert and our chef has given it a modern twist as he does with all of our menu. Seafood gets a fair go here as well, with good old-fashioned salt and pepper calamari, soft shell crab, and moreish school prawns.

Finally, don’t think we’ve forgotten the all-important desert option; if you want to know where to find the tastiest deep friedMarsBar, read on for the best fried foods in Melbourne. Eric's seven spice crispy chicken ribs are tossed with spring onions and whole chilies and served with mint sauce.

Because we’re all about the honorable mentions today, Game Chicken & Beer in the city and Frying Colors in Kensington are also exceptional. It was really hard to pick just one soft shell crab dish in Melbourne, but we’ve happily settled on this little gem at Top Paddock.

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Honorable mentions for soft shell crab in the city go to Hammer & Tong and Hanoi Hannah, so feel free to give those guys a go as well. It makes sense to have seafood in the beach location of Williams town, and it’s here at the Steam Packet we believe we have found our pick of the fried calamari.

For a bit of extra fun, throw in some house-made beer battered onion rings with sweet chili mayo. With ten beers on tap and an extensive wine list, Markov is a great place for a glass or two and some seriously good fried food snacking.

If you’ve tried the fried chicken at this legendary establishment already, we can also recommend Miss Katie’s Crab Shack and Le On Ton. Our pick would have to be the deep-fried shrimp Po’ Boy, with fresh tomato, pickled cucumber and slaw in a massive bread roll.

There is stiff competition for the best doughnuts in Melbourne, but we’ve settled on Oasis Bakery's fried balls of goodness. All your traditional favorites are there, from Chico rolls to savoys, so grab and Old Salt Box and embrace the summer sun.

Henry and the Fox do beer battered Zucchini flowers which are a delicious treat if you’re not keen on a full-on grease fest. If you are, however, looking for some more fried action, they also do a Coopers-battered soft shell crab with hand cut chips, peas and tartare sauce.

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