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Dumplings In Slow Cooker No Suet

Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 27 October, 2021
• 8 min read

Dumplings are the perfect addition to a casserole or stew, to me, the meal isn’t complete without them! They’re simple, delicious and you only need flour, water and butter to make these.

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The cooking time of the dumplings will depend on the size you make them You can use these dumplings in the slow cooker, too, simply remove the lid and pop them in, then continue cooking for an hour.

For making 1-3 dumplings a Pyrex jug is plenty large enough, no need to use a bowl. I find the handle of a Pyrex jug makes mixing easier than it’s something to grip.

Mix the two ingredients together, then add a little water at a time until it’s all combined into a non-sticky dough ball. Flavors: If you want to make Derby suet free dumplings, then add a teaspoon or so of mixed herbs at this point, or any other flavors/herbs you’ve got.

Slowcookerdumplings, too, don’t grow as much as when left simmering in a saucepan. Dumplings do need to sit in quite a watery gravy, as they soak up all that goodness and flavor.

Slow cookers will often have a lot of liquid in a stew, but if you need it to be more watery than just add some boiling water and give it a stir around before adding the dumpling. On days when I only think of it at the last minute I’ll happily make a microwave dumpling instead, which only takes 3 minutes, I’ll scoop out some slow cooker stew gravy to cook that in.

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There’s really no difference in method when making dumplings without suet, all that’s changed is the type of fat you’ve used. Suet is fat that is found surrounding the kidney of animals.

These add a bit more work to an otherwise fuss-free recipe, but they turn this simple homely stew into a complete one-pot meal. You can get using cheaper cuts of meat as the slow cooking will extract maximum flavor and result in melting tender beef.

The beef is first tossed in a little flour which helps thicken the gravy. I would normally advise you brown the beef in oil first, but this recipe is all about simplicity.

In truth, you can use whatever root vegetables you fancy such as potatoes, swede and butternut squash. You can even use frozen “casserole mix vegetables” which come already sliced and ready to use if you are short of time.

Use Stilton cheese instead of Parmesan or horseradish sauce if you want a bolder flavor. Full measurements and instructions can be found on the printable recipe card at the bottom of the page.

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Toss the beef cubes with the flour to lightly coat. Add the hot beef stock, red wine, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar (or Worcestershire sauce), minced garlic, tomato paste, salt and pepper.

Cover and cook on HIGH setting for an additional hour with the lid on. Cool completely first, divide into suitable containers, label and use within three months.

Make sure you reheat the stew until it is piping hot all the way through before serving. Prepare the Stew Toss the beef cubes with the seasoned flour to lightly coat.

Add the hot beef stock, red wine, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar (or Worcestershire sauce), garlic, tomato paste, salt and pepper. Stir in the yogurt and then use your hands to briefly knead in the bowl until the dough comes together.

SuetDumplings Mix the flour, suet, salt, garlic granules, herbs and Parmesan together in a bowl. Slowly drizzle in cold water, a little at a time, mixing with your hands until the dough comes together and leaves the side of the bowl easily.

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I’m only serving one person, so this isn’t a problem at all as I’m only ever making 2-3 dumplings at a time. The timing will depend, in part, on the size of your slow cooker, what else is in the pot and how many dumplings you’re cooking, but an hour is about right.

Turn the dumplings over, so they’re coated in the gravy, this is to give them color, so not essential if that’s tricky and fiddly. Dumplings are steamed, so it’s important to get that temperature up high and get the mix bubbling again.

You don’t have to heat up any garlic bread or get buns to go with the soup. When you’ve been blogging as long as I have, there’s bound to be ugly, sad photos that have excellent recipes hiding among them.

This is a trick that I learned many years ago and use every time I make a stew or soup that I want dumplings on top of. Crock pot dumplings don’t have any colored sprinkles or cherries on top.

And crock pot dumplings are absolutely, without a doubt something that you totally need to try on your next soup or stew this Fall! Thanks to ads on this website, readers of The Kitchen Magpie are now sponsoring 2 families a month through the Edmonton Food Bank.

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The Prairie Table Suppers, Potlucks & Socials: Crowd-Pleasing Recipes to Bring People Together Cut in the butter until its small pea sized bits in the dry mixture.

Drop by large, golf ball sized tablespoonful onto the top of your stew/soup concoction in the crackpot. All calories and info are based on a third party calculator and are only an estimate.

Karyn Johnston I’m a busy mom of two, wife & cookbook author who loves creating fast, fresh meals for my little family on the Canadian prairies.

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