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Eso Where To Find Cookware And Dishes

Earl Hamilton
• Sunday, 26 June, 2022
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IconItemDescriptionValueType Atari Table Vase A brilliant white ceramic vase in the Atari style, typically paired with matching ceramic flowers that are sadly missing. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Alabaster Crying Basin with Bug-Parade Brim Crying basin carved from alabaster, brim carved with a line of marching caterpillars, engraved “A” for Arthur Artisans.

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00000250250 Dishes and Cookware, Magic Curiosities, Ritual Objects Alchemist's Measuring Jar A jar with marks on the inside for measuring alchemical powders and liquids, as used at Linnet's Liniments in Bleak rock. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware, Utensils Ancient Ayla Amphora Blue-glazed pointed-bottom urn with two handles, inscribed with the Gleason “E” for Erotic.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Ritual Objects Antique “Fort Antonius” Serving Platter Antique Imperial brass serving platter, with wooden handles, engraved with an image of (now-ruined) Fort Antonius in its prime. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Armenian Scale Beetle Cheese Plate A plate designed to serve scuttle beetle cheese, made from Armenian scales (presumably prior to the formation of the Pact).

00000250250 Dishes and Cookware, Oddities Ash Mountain Serving Platter Silverware platter with decorative engraving, inscribed “View of Ash Mountain from Sense, with Windmill.” 00000100100 Ritual Objects, Dishes and Cookware Ash lander Spice Jar An empty spice jar, crafted and sold by a friendly Ash lander tribe from eastern DeShawn.

00000250250 Dishes and Cookware, Utensils Standard Stoneware Bowl Calendar Standard serving bowl and calendar, with two banded rim-rings where stones are placed representing One and Code. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Devices Bedside Fertility Censer Silver bowl decorated with symbols of Mother Mara, for burning incense said to encourage conception.

00000100100 Ritual Objects, Dishes and Cookware Beetle Puffs Pastry Pan This pastry pan makes a dozen sweet beetle puffs, a Diaspora delicacy favored by Armenians and other adventurous eaters. 0000004040 Dishes and Cookware, Oddities Bejeweled Dwarves Metal Dog Bowl Rare Demerit bowl converted to a pet's food dish, with the name 'Snarly' picked out in precious stones.

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00000250250 Dishes and Cookware, Oddities Bone Porcelain Tea Service A set of four cups and saucers with a matching tea kettle, made from fine porcelain composed of bone ash, clay, and feldspar. 0000004040 Utensils, Dishes and Cookware Bug Rendering Pot and Skimmer This hefty pot is made to withstand the high temperatures required to separate liquefied Kama guts from the outer chitin.

0000004040 Dishes and Cookware, Trifles and Ornaments Kashmir Porcelain Dessert Bowl A bowl specifically crafted for serving and consuming the elaborate cakes and confections that King Kashmir loves. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Chef Xavier's Better Spatula An improved version of the essential cooking utensil, crafted and sold by Chef Xavier of Dagger fall.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Cliff Darter Basting Bulb A cooking tool shaped like a cliff darter, it distributes liquid to moisten and flavor food during the cooking process. 00000100100 Utensils, Dishes and Cookware Compressed Ash Plates An unused stack of disposable dining ware made from pressed Ashland dust and Kama actor.

00000250250 Dishes and Cookware, Oddities Crescent Moon Pan A sharply curved tin baking pan that is mostly used during moon phase festivals to make seasonal cakes and breads. 0000004040 Dishes and Cookware, Utensils Decorative Cheese Crock A heavy, earthenware crock tinged with gold, designed to store strong and pungent cheeses for later consumption.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Deep woods Thunder bug Serving Platter of lacquered thunderbugcarapace, painted to depict the Green Lady Shrine in Deep woods. Even on the front lines, High Elf soldiers demand an air of refinement at mealtime.

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0000004040 Drink ware, Dishes and Cookware Festival of Blades Bowls This porcelain bowl depicts the events celebrated by the Festival of Blades: a Red guard fights against a race of giant Goblins. 0000004040 Dishes and Cookware, Oddities Fine Alter Dishware These extravagant porcelain plates look very out-of-place in Strop M'Kai.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Grooming Items, Furnishings Fine Bathroom sink with Load Soap Gilt-edged redware bathroom sink with bar of load soap, unused and inscribed “Diaspora Fine Goods, Devon's Watch.” 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware, Furnishings, Grooming Items First Era Humeri Tea Service An antique tea service from the First Era, obviously a Dark Elf family heirloom.

00000250250 Drink ware, Dishes and Cookware “Flaming Ways” Commemorative Plate Gold plate commemorating Prince Hubalajad's accidental burning of the Ayah's Landing shipyard. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware, Oddities Floral Vase Form follows function.

00000100100 Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware Fruit Jar Full of Goblin Teeth Jar for preserving fruit containing a collection of several hundred Goblin teeth. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Gilded Terrarium A glass bowl with a shining, golden rim that could serve as a home for tiny animals or insects.

00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Gold Leaf Cabbage Bowl This green-hued porcelain bowl is shaped like a cabbage, with delicate gold leaf providing extra detail work. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Ritual Objects Granite Wash Basin The cut and polish of this stone is impeccable ... but that doesn't make it any less heavy.

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00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Furnishings, Grooming Items Guard Roast Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve roast guard meat at Dark Elf dinner festivals. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Hamlin's Stand Resistance Plates Nobles in Hamlin's Stand use these silver plates, engraved with the insignia of Sentinel, to show their true loyalties.

00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Herma-Mora Incense Burner The Primeval Seekers offered these Cedric bowls to scholars in Evermore who helped them find Halcyon Lake. 00000250250 Ritual Objects, Dishes and Cookware Iron Mountain Flower Trivet This wrought iron trivet features mountain flowers in a twining pattern flowing in a circle around the edge.

00000100100 Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware Ragga Tart Fluted Ring Pans Fluted ring pans for making ragga tarts, a Wood Elf delicacy consisting of fermented pig's milk and squirrel preserves. 00000100100 Oddities, Dishes and Cookware Jar of Wild Hunt Vapor An Alter label on this jar of thick, vacuous liquid claims it was collected in the wake of a Wild Hunt in Skyrim.

000015001500 Dishes and Cookware, Magic Curiosities, Ritual Objects Earl's Silver Carving Platter Commemorative silver carving platters, bearing the crest of a specific Earl, are crafted on his or her coronation day. 00000250250 Drink ware, Dishes and Cookware Kernel's Serving Platter The town of Kernel's Hollow is known for its communal feasts, for which the mayor purchased many golden serving platters.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Kragenmoor Stew Bowls A set of distinctive square-shaped bowls, used to serve stews and soups, originally made popular at the Hissing Guard Inn. 0000004040 Utensils, Dishes and Cookware Lizard-Eye Marbles Small, round balls made of agate, used in the Dark Elf children's game, “Keepers,” stored in a clear, glass jar.

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00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Mahogany “Dancing Duo” Serving Platter of imported mahogany, painted with a stylized depiction of Silver and Green Lady dancing a Sarandë. 00000100100 Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware Mammoth Butter Stamp and Plate Both wooden stamp and plate showcase an angry mammoth, allowing hosts to provide a bread-stabbing target for irate guests.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Mara's Floral Star Vase A traditional Word wedding gift, the four-pointed floral star is a popular symbol associated with Mara, the goddess of love. 00000100100 Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware Marble Font of the White Ragout Marble bathroom sink surmounted by a sculpture of the Legendary White Ragout, rampant.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Tools Matching Imperial Spice Shakers A set of ivory spice shakers, in stylized shapes of Imperial Knights, made exclusively by craters in Cyril. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Moonstone Washbowl A polished basin, filled with fresh-smelling rosewater.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Mud crab She'll Dinner Plates A set of sturdy dinner plates fashioned from genuine mud crab shells and engraved with Wood Elf symbology. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Ritual Objects Been Clay Vase Sad Been's marshes hold earthy clay that turns a rich ruddy red when fired.

00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Nix Hound Food Bowl A bowl crafted to hold food for a nix hound, most likely a beloved pet of a Dark Elf living in Bad Foyer. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Word Fermenting Jug A jug used to ferment homemade alcohol, usually decorated with animals native to Skyrim or scenes of famous Word battles.

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00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Word Gold-Plated Snow Jars Wealthy Word households take the tradition of saving snow from each year's Wintertime Festival in sealed jars very seriously. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Oil Paints These small tins contain the medium of an aspiring artist, mixed with care.

00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Ornate Glassware This gorgeous glass is nearly shatterproof and beautifully etched with patterns popular among House Halal. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Platinum “Camel Wedding” Platter Painted platinum platter depicting Hubalajad symbolically claiming his peninsula by marrying a sacred white camel.

00000100100 Drink ware, Dishes and Cookware Porcelain Beetle Tureen The top of this well-crafted porcelain beetle can be removed to reveal its use as an elaborate Wood Elf serving dish. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Porcelain Snake Sweat Jar A decorative porcelain jar, used to store and dispense a favorite beverage of DhalmoraArgonians : tasty snake sweat.

00000100100 Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware Queen Novella Dinnerware A set of plates and bowls bearing the traditional pattern of Queen Novella of the middle Second Era. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Rabbit Meatball Frying Pan A frying pan that features multiple ball-shaped indentations for preparing perfect rabbit meatballs for hungry Words.

00000100100 Drink ware, Dishes and Cookware Red Brittle Serving Platter A beautiful platter crafted from red brittle, probably from before the dangers of unstable nirncrux were fully documented. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Red guard Salted Mutton Platter A platter designed to serve salted mutton, made in the distinctive style of the craters of Sentinel.

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00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Repurposed Dwarves Pan The shiny concave vessel appears to have served some other function before being fitted with an iron handle to hold over a fire. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Roast Peacock Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve peacock roasts prepared for High Elf festivals and banquets.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Savannah Glassware A full nested set of tightly woven bowls with lids that double as plates. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Scrub Pestle and Mortar A Dark Elf stone bowl and grinding tool, used to crush kwamascrib into a paste for cooking and alchemical preparations.

0000004040 Dishes and Cookware, Oddities Hornbeam Triumvirate Swear Jar One of the crystal jars Baron Corell filled for every swear word he let slip during public sessions. 00000250250 Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware Silver Carving Platter Heirloom silver carving platter, it bears the crest of a specific family of wealth and means.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Artwork Silver Gravy Boat The craftsmanship of this vessel is exquisite. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Silver “Lady Martha” Teaspoon Set of ornate silver teaspoons honoring Martha, goddess of love and fertility, one spoon for each of her four breasts.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Silver-Plated Souvenir Execution Plate embossed with an image of a Wood Orc hanging from a gallows, inscribed “The Hanging of Chief Orig, Vulkwasten, 2E 578.” 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Oddities Slaughter fish Cooking Rock A wide, flat, well-oiled rock that makes a perfect cooking vessel for splayed slaughter fish, a Bleak rock delicacy.

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00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Solitude Cabbage Collector Plate Designed as both an award and a dish, this silver plate proclaims the bearer to be the winning cabbage collector for 2E 574. 00000250250 Dishes and Cookware Spiced Brevet Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve beef roasts prepared in wine and spices for Breton holidays.

00000100100 Dishes and Cookware Spider-Shaped Trivet A small metal plate, shaped like a spider, with short legs designed to protect a tabletop. 00000100100 Dishes and Cookware, Devices Stoneware Serving Tray Perfect for bringing food to the table, this stoneware serving tray has a handle on each side for easy transportation.

Clever thieves remove the seal and use it as clandestine climbing gear. 00000100100 Drink ware, Dishes and Cookware Swamp Eel Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve roasted swamp eel at Armenian feasts.

00000100100 Trifles and Ornaments, Dishes and Cookware Warped Oaken Flatware These plates appear to have been “sung” into existence using Wood Elf magic. 00000100100 Medical Supplies, Dishes and Cookware Willow Branch Toasting Fork Iron toasting fork wrought into the shape of a delicate willow branch, from the Guard's Forge.

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