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Ham In Slow Cooker Easy

Ava Flores
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
• 7 min read

10/11/2006 ballgirl, I have always used a precooked ham (Kentucky Legend brand) and cooked it @ the 6-8 hour setting on my crock pot. I know some people have been using an uncooked bone-in ham on the 10-hour setting.

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I want to do this recipe but it doesn't say whether the ham is one of those “precooked” ones that you just heat and serve or is it uncooked? I bought a precooked ham and as others suggested I planned to slow cook it for 5-6 hours.

Even though I cooked it in a ton of apple cider the meat was extremely dry (unless you like jerky). I thought it made the house smell horrible (my hubby didn't think so)...

We used the liquid to drizzle over the ham once on the dinner table and it was so delicious. 04/18/2006 I made this ham for Easter and it was a big hit with the adults but the flavors were a little strong for my liking.

In fairness, I did put everything together the night before and kept in the refrigerator so perhaps this additional time allowed the flavors to permeate more than they would have. This has a very interesting flavor and I may well make this again but I think I will cut back a little on the spices especially the cloves and cinnamon.

The flavors were exquisite and the meat was extremely tender. This will definitely be a staple in our house from now on especially because it was relatively inexpensive as well as delicious.

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04/09/2007 I used a 9-lb spiral cut honey cured ham with the stated brown sugar amounts and cooked on low for 4 hours. I sealed over the ham with foil and then put on the lid.

The ham was delicious and very moist. This is a great option for large family gatherings when your oven is being used for other dishes.

The problem I had been I have a small crock pot, so I purchased a 3 lb picnic ham which to my delight fit perfectly in my crock pot. I had no idea how to adjust the time difference, so I figured 3-4 hours on low.

At 3 1/2 hrs it was brown and tough and in the garbage. So I just wanted to write this to help someone in the same predicament.

03/22/2006 Just be sure to buy a picnic ham (picnic shoulder or pork shoulder? By mistake, I used a bone-in smoked ham & this was weird.

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It turned dark brown and fell apart. Wish recipe had stated to NOT use a traditional smoked ham for us who don't normally buy non-traditional pork cuts.

Soon easy, and it turned out excellent. My husband wanted ham for Thanksgiving, and I knew the oven would be in use, so I wanted a slow cooker recipe.

I used a 2½ pound boneless ham, so I cut the brown sugar down to around 3/4 of a cup (½ cup in the bottom of the slow cooker and 1/4 cup rubbed on the ham). I flipped it around periodically while cooking so all sides would be evenly coated, plus I basted it once in a while with the brown sugar syrup.

I used a shank-end spiral-sliced ham and was able to squeeze it into my 7 qt slow cooker by laying it sideways and kind of squishing it in (the spiral slicing made it kind of flexible). I can't wait to try this recipe with a non spiral-sliced ham.

Just a turkey wasn't going to be enough meat for Thanksgiving this year, so being able to cook a ham on the counter and not worry about oven space was a blessing! I studded the ham with whole cloves and laid pineapple rings on top of it as my mom does and added the juice to the brown sugar mixture on the bottom.

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My guests were in love with the way my house smelled, and by the end of the night there was turkey left over, but not a bit of ham ! I grew up on a hog farm, so I've eaten my fair share of it too.

It was so juicy and tender, I had to serve it with a spoon because it just fell apart! My husband absolutely loved it and said that I better hold on to this recipe.

I am a slow cooker novice, and the fact that this recipe had no liquid scared me a little, so I did add a little water to the brown sugar at the bottom to make it soupy, and only used a cup and a half of brown sugar. I don't think I would have needed to though, there was a lot of liquid from the ham.

Thumb Up(506) Angie Ablating Hendrickson Ham without a bone and it still turned out great in my small crock pot with 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar.

Thumb Up(357) Rating: 4 stars 02/27/2007 I'm Australian, so I have to use a 2.5 kilosemi-boneless shoulder ham from Coolies.

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I was worried that one ham and no liquid would result in burnt sugar all over the crock pot, so I added one little juice box of tropical juice and only used 1 cup of brown sugar. This worked beautifully, and the ham was fully cooked (i.e. the ham bone pulled out)after 7 hours.

My ham didn't quite fit in the crock pot, to I tightly covered the top of the crackpot with aluminum foil and rested the lid on top, and it cooked just fine. I will definitely use this one again, especially at holidays when you need the oven for something else.

A low-carb & veto ham made with a 4 ingredient glaze that’s perfect for Easter or holiday gatherings! Making ham in slow cooker is a great way to free up your oven and takes a lot of the stress out the holidays.

All it takes is just a few minutes of prep and you end up with a juicy and tender crock pot ham that your friends and family will love! Since ham cooks so much quicker in the instant pot, that means you won’t have to wake up early to prepare your holiday meal.

Place the ham inside the slow cooker, with the cut side down. For a caramelized coating, place ham on a foil-lined baking sheet and heat under the broiler for 1-2 minutes, or until desired oneness.

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We set ours to cook on low for 3-4 hours for an 8 lb spiral-cut ham that fits perfectly in my 6 Quart KichenAid slow cooker. If you are using a larger 10 lb bone-in thigh ham, the time may take anywhere from 4-5 hours.

If you don’t need a sugar free / veto glaze, feel free to use honey for a Honey Baked ham or maple syrup for a Maple glazed ham Change up the flavor with some warm spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves Add sweetness to your glaze with: cranberries, cherries or orange Place your crock pot ham under the broiler if you like a caramelized coating This SlowCookerHam is so easy to make in the crock pot with a spiral cut ham.

8-9 pound spiral sliced ham 1/2 unsalted butter, or ghee for Paleo 1/3 cup Dijon mustard 1/4 cup golden monk fruit sweetener 3 cloves garlic, minced Slow Cooker 6 Quart Cook for 3-4 hours on low heat, or until a thermometer registers 140 degrees F when inserted into the thickest part of the ham.

Remove the ham from the pressure cooker and place on a foil-lined baking sheet and brush with leftover glaze. Place the ham under the broiler for 2-3 minutes or until the glaze is bubbly and caramelized.

We expressly disclaim any and all liability of any kind with respect to any act or omission wholly or in part in reliance on anything contained in this website.

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