"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Heavy Duty Saucepan For Cooking Candy

Maria Johnson
• Wednesday, 25 May, 2022
• 20 min read

Unlike baking sweets and other confectionery cuisine, candy making requires no basic chemistry understanding and is far more forgiving towards the uneven hand. Once you’ve established your syrupy base of liquefied sugar, you can begin to add ingredients to customize your candy.

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Aside from the ingredients being used, the saucepan in which you boil your candy in will have the greatest bearing on the quality of the finished product. Once you’ve decided on a recipe and have collected all the necessary ingredients and tools, it’s time to shop around for the right saucepan.

Rachael Ray China non-stick Butter Warmer aluminum saucepan is an affordable and acceptable option3. For the budget-conscious candy cooker, the Rachael Ray China non-stick Butter Warmer is a satisfactory, affordable alternative.

In fact, aluminum is still considerably more conductive than stainless steel, which has the rest of the stove top cooking market cornered. Its .75-quart capacity and rubber handle provide a comfortable, spacious saucepan for preparing all of your favorite candies.

The elegant, refined style of the hammered copper exterior will make this saucepan stand out in any collection. Its 1.7-quart capacity provides ample volume for even the largest batches of homemade candy.

I have a saucepan with a copper bottom that I have used in the past for candy making, but I feel that I can surely find a better quality one somewhere. I need a good resource of where to purchase a new one, brand names and styles, or keywords to look for in the item descriptions.

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I do have a short section on candy making tools that discusses the type of pot you should choose. They have a really nice 4-quart Mario Ba tali enamel covered cast iron Dutch oven at Cooking .com that is about $90.

When you get to their site, just type '4 quart cast iron' into their search feature and you should see it at the top or close to it. It's nice to have a large heavy saucepan with straight sides which is usually the case with a Dutch oven.

Making delicious candies, caramels, and fudge at home is easy and fun! The quaint picture of grandma dishing out her freshly-made fudge is one that resonates strongly with all of us.

Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without a crystal bowl filled with homemade candy for everyone to enjoy after the feast. The best thing about making candy at home is that you can tailor your favorites to suit your taste.

Add the sugar, cocoa and milk to your chosen saucepan and whisk until it’s all blended nicely. Stir occasionally while it boils over a medium flame, but not too much or it will get grainy.

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Allow cooking until it reaches 238° F. If you don’t have a thermometer, fill a glass with iced water. After 10 minutes of boiling, drop a bit of the melted fudge into the glass.

Turn off the heat and gently stir vanilla and butter into the mix. Beat the fudge with a wooden spoon until it loses its sheen.

Combine the sugar, corn syrup, and water in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves.

Immediately remove from heat and add in your extracts and/or food coloring. To make caramels, boil a pot of water and calibrate your candy thermometer.

See Pyrex Basics Clear Glass Baking Dishes at Amazon Making your own candy at home requires an element of focus and attention.

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When sugar burns and sticks to your pot, it’s a complete nightmare to remove it. Stainless steel makes for a good material to cook candy with.

Nonstick surfaces will be dark and ultimately make it harder to see the coloring. Stainless steel is also a strong and durable material that will last a long time.

Cuisinart has a stainless steel pot that’s perfect for making candy at home. This company is a trusted brand in the kitchen supplies game, and their stainless steel saucepan lives up to that reputation.

The quality is great, and the aluminum core means that it distributes the heat evenly across the base. As boiling sugar can be a bit hazardous, you want a handle that remains cool and won’t absorb a lot of heat.

This pot comes with a stainless steel handle that won’t absorb the heat, making it a safer option. My daughter is growing in her expertise as a candy maker.

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A dark non-stick surface makes it more difficult to judge the color. Costco in the US has a clad 3 qt Tramontina in their kitchenware aisle currently that's pretty reasonable.

I've been looking at copper sugar pans for about 20 years without buying one. Whenever your boiling sugar, you need to be sure your vessel has a very heavy bottom.

Copper is nice since it conducts heat considerably better than stainless, but it's not totally essential. If your boiling sugar on a regular basis, I would recommend copper, but if it's casual, a good stainless pot will suffice, such as one from Update.

It's a TRI ply with stainless on the inside and solid aluminum core. I don't think they are even close to being as efficient to clad pans. Now, I'm talking before Somali.

I have a couple of sugar boxes in my garage that I need to break down and store. Cooking is a task that many people put a lot of effort performing on a regular basis.

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If that describes you, it most probably makes senses to invest in the best quality pots and appliances on the market in order to allow your cooking skills to reach their full potential! Not only will one of these top-rated stock pots be easy to clean but, more importantly, they will ensure your food is cooked evenly and thoroughly every time.

The pot is dishwasher safe ensuring an easy cleanup even with your messiest dishes. Rolled lip design makes pouring out foods and liquids clean and simple.

Heavy-duty stainless steel material and aluminum core are sturdy and durable. A great stock pot will be long-lasting, easy to clean, safe for ovens and all types of stoves, and will allow your food to cook and heat through evenly.

The stainless steel material is meant to be not only durable but also to not react with the food inside at all. The material is also dishwasher safe making the clean-up process quick and simple every time.

All-Clad designed this pot with the intention of making convenient and clean cooking easy. This is why it has oversized handles which allow you to pick up this pot with ease, no matter how full it is.

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The pot is dishwasher safe ensuring an easy cleanup even with your messiest dishes. Rolled lip design makes pouring out foods and liquids clean and simple.

Update International’s stock pot is a great option for home cookers. The heat distribution is on par with professional models, allowing your food to cook evenly and thoroughly.

If you have a big family or love to meal prep for weeks ahead, the massive 100-quart capacity of this pot is perfect for you. This stock pot from Update International is made with a heavy duty stainless steel material and aluminum core.

With the included cover, you can begin cooking large amounts of delicious food for you and your immediately. Heavy-duty stainless steel material and aluminum core are sturdy and durable.

Not only does the nonstick surface make the cleanup easy, this stock pot from All-Clad is also dishwasher safe. Concord creates stock pots at a professional grade quality at a price point that is perfect for home chefs.

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This stock pot is made of a heavy stainless steel material that will last you a lifetime, even with intensive use. The handles, also made of stainless steel make the pot easy to carry, even when it is full and heavy.

This pot is of course perfect for big families but it can also be convenient if you find yourself cooking in huge portions for meal prepping throughout the week. Together these form a durable and long-lasting pot that efficiently distributes heat throughout your food, ensuring quick and perfectly cooked dishes every time.

While intended for stocks, soups and stews, this pot is just as perfect for cooking pastas and seafood, as well as many other favorites. This New Professional pot was approved by the National Sanitation Foundation which allows it to be safe for commercial use and perfect for sanitary at-home cooking.

This huge 60-quart stock pot has a large enough capacity to prepare food for a small army, making it perfect for big family reunions or parties. Cuisinart’s Multi clad Pro stockpot is made of a high quality 18/10 stainless steel material and aluminum core.

This combination of materials allows this stock pot to be oven-safe for temperatures even up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. This pot from Cuisinart is also dishwasher safe, ensuring an easy cleanup even with your messiest dishes.

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Cuisinart added in certain design elements that will only make your cooking process with this pot simpler. The 3-ply clad base allows food to be cooked evenly in less time than with other competing stock pot.

The included lid will work to trap in moisture and heat so than your food only cooks even faster. The stainless steel material is durable and sturdy, perfect for handling intensive use and is also induction ready.

These small design elements, that you may not even normally notice, actually work to minimize the evaporation of your stocks and soup while you cook on a high heat. Design elements such as the sloped heavy -gauge bottom ensure food is heated evenly and allows you to stir the pot with ease.

The simple clear glass lids will make a world of a difference in your cooking experience. Not only are they oven-safe, but they see-through design allows you to watch the cooking process on the inside without opening it up and releasing the heat.

The aluminum and 18/10 stainless steel materials distribute heat evenly making this pot perfect for gas, induction, glass, ceramic and halogen stoves. The wide smartly-designed handles will stay cool to the touch so that you can easily carry the pot, even when full.

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This Home Chef stainless steel stock pot is attractive enough to leave out on your stove or even to serve the dish in on your table. Built with nickel-bearing stainless steel with a 10 mm base thickness the pot will not warp or deform under extreme heat.

Home Chef’s stock pot is oven and dishwasher safe, as well as perfect for induction, gas, ceramic and halogen stove tops. graniteware made this pot to be easy to clean with the porcelain enamel surface.

Until you try out a good stock pot, you could easily pick up a lower end, more affordable option without realizing the loss. If you generally cook one portion at a time for only yourself, you may want to save your money and purchase a smaller model.

On the other hand, if you have to serve huge families, parties or large amounts of guests, save yourself the time by purchasing a larger stock pot. Design elements of a stock pot may not be something you generally keep in mind, however, this will completely alter the way your food turns out.

A raiser pan gives you so many more cooking options, and this cold holiday season is the perfect time to try new recipes. With a choice of either Caribbean Blue or Island Spice Red colors, this 3-quart Lodge Casserole dish also comes with a matching lid.

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The 5-quart round Le Crest raiser pan comes in nine exterior colors with sand-colored interiors for any kitchen decor. Cast iron is heavy, sturdy, durable, and good for up to 500 °F in the oven.

This well-made Le Crest Signature cast iron raiser has a nice large 3.75-quart size, comes in nine exterior colors, and has a sand-colored interior. Both the knob bed lid and the pan itself can withstand oven temperatures up to 500° F. The raiser has thick cast-iron handles on both sides.

Cast iron is sturdy, heavy duty, and built to last Very easy to clean and resistant to scorches or chips Having a raiser pan can make cooking so much easier, especially during the holiday season when you’re hosting big family dinners.

Stainless Steel will save you time and money in the long run by not having to replace it so often. We use these stainless steel items for baking bread, cookies, making lasagna, pizza etc.

Great for storing all kinds of things that need to be airtight 48 states US Funds Pressure cookers are an ideal kitchen accessory for preparing flavorful and healthful foods in record time with little or no fat.

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CHEF'Design Pressure Cookers are premium models crafted of the finest 18/10 stainless steel for durability, safety and ease of cleaning. The bottoms are made with an aluminum/steel “sandwich” for superior heat conductivity.

Finished with an attractive mirror-like finish, these pressure cookers work equally well on gas, traditional electric, ceramic electric and induction stove tops. Includes a tempered glass cover that converts the cooker to a traditional sauce pan.

Superior quality, heavy stainless steel with mirror finish • Aluminum/stainless bottom conducts heat evenly without hot spots • Easy clean-up Attractive, functional safe design • Integral handles for safe and easy use • Cookers can be used as regular sauce pans with included tempered glass cover • Included steamer basket elevates food above the cooking liquid for steaming.

Works especially well for preparing fresh vegetables, fruit or fish • 10-year warranty • Long trouble free life • Over 75 recipes included in bilingual instruction manual *Note: Please check to ensure you have sufficient space above your stove before ordering.

Positive action clamping locks align the cover to the base, forming a steam-tight seal. Since the seal does not use a gasket, the cover can be easily opened and closed.

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Will make everything from spaghetti, lasagna to fettuccine, tagliolini and more. Ideal for roasting meat, baking lasagna and cakes.

We use it not only for cookies, but anything we need to put in the oven that needs a tray to sit on like some casseroles, or toasted cheese sandwiches etc. Stainless Steel is Very Versatile and Essential for any active kitchen.

The back side of this stainless steel cookie sheet makes an excellent reflective signaling devise. Signal the crew to come home quick for those hot cookies.

The Stainless Steel Cookie sheets you can cut, bend and weld to make just the repair you may need. And if you can, try to order several Stainless Steel Cooking items at one time to help save on your shipping and make it a tad easier on the 'pack your order' department.

500 Gallon Non UL, Stainless Steel, Above Ground, On Cradles. Dimensions: 45'' Diameter x 73'' long, 11 gauge 304 Stainless Steel.

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One of the most popular food storage container in our house. In daily use for lunches, travel, camping or to keep food sealed and fresh in the refrigerator.

Perfect for storing leftovers and then bringing them to work as lunch. Because the lid has a silicone seal, we recommend not washing this part of the container in the dishwasher nor re-heating it in the oven.

This mini Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes is an especially cute little lunchbox that school kids will love toting around. These Lunch Boxes are made of high-quality sanitary grade #304 stainless steel.

Order #$3169215.95 + sh Do away with plastic containers and rest assured that your food is contaminant-free with these #304 grade stainless steel alternatives. Re-heat your food on the stove top using the “Round Tote” with its convenient fold-out handle and high quality pot.

An ideal size and shape for use as lunch boxes to carry sandwiches and other items. *(Note: Oval containers must be handled with the proper hand protection when heated).

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We looked high and low for this stainless steel pitcher. This will help keep ice and larger things like fruit slices from pouring out.

Crafted from the finest 18/10 polished stainless steel, with an exclusive brushed satin finished exterior. The multi layered stainless steel base ensures superb heat conductivity for rapid, even cooking.

Your hands are kept a safe distance away from the pot while pouring hot liquids. Ideal for simmering sauces, soups, hot cereals, pasta and vegetables.

Large holes 1/4'' (6 mm) Perfect for coconut, crushed pepper, dried herbs, and “jimmies”. Small Holes 1/16'' (2 mm) Great for flour, sugars, cinnamon, and spices.

Snail mail: The Survival Center POB 234 McKenna, Wei 98558 Order Form Home And Instantly Receive a FREE Report on Survival and Preparedness.

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