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Lamb In Slow Cooker Recipe

Maria Johnson
• Friday, 07 October, 2022
• 7 min read

Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. **Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients.

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Serve the lamb thickly sliced or shredded (it'll be quite soft) with mashed potatoes, green veg and the gravy. My only quibble is that the recipe states that the marinade is a paste.

Boneless leg of lamb from Costco, and the ingredient proportions were perfect.) I seasoned all sides w/salt & pepper and seared on all sides before rubbing “juice” mixture (not paste) all over meat before placing in crock w/wine (red & a bit of white cause that's all I had) already cooking on low.

I tripled ingredients except thyme as I'm not a big fan. Used stoned ground mustard w/horseradish and everything else listed.

I only gave a 4* because I feel that it was not a “paste” but a juice and I cooked my almost 8lb roast for 3 hours on low and it was done! I added cut up potatoes and carrots into the juice while my lamb rested approx.

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I removed some juice to a pot and thickened to make a gravy for lamb and veggies. I was a bit Lara as to cooking a lamb in the crock pot but it did work.

The only thing I did differently was to rub thyme, rosemary, garlic and pepper on the lam 24 hours ahead of time and let it sit. This lame is fall apart tender and full of incredible flavor.

11/02/2016 I made this with a boneless leg of lamb that I purchased at Trader Joe's. The meat was still a little pink inside but was dry and not enjoyable.

I was hoping for the best when I searched for leg of lamb in the slow cooker but am delighted that I found this, Did exactly as written except used bottled lemon juice instead of from a fresh lemon. And I shorted the amount of thyme since that is not a favorite flavor.

The roast smelled great while cooking is extremely moist now that it is done. Just making the potatoes and veggies now but promises to be a great dinner.

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I also used at least a cup of red wine and cooked it on low for 8 hours. I took the juices and made a gravy from them with butter and flour in saucepan and poured it over.

Made stuffing to pack hole nice and full holes can cause trouble with over cook fast. Added 5 drops of sriracha to paste.

A slow cooker roast lamb is the perfect way to feed a hungry crowd and can be started hours before you need it. Making some side dishes is a great way to feed even more people without having to buy more meat.

As with any roast, there are just hundreds of different side dishes that work great. I love making scalloped potatoes in the slow cooker as they’re a delicious side dish.

Another side dish that goes perfect with a lamb roast is some delicious bread stuffing. You can easily make it in bulk using a slow cooker, so it’s perfect if you need to feed a lot of people.

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You can easily make this over the stove in just a few minutes, so it’s perfect if you don’t have tons of time on your hands. Don’t forget that this recipe has a lovely range of vegetables that cook with the lamb.

The vegetables are packed with flavor but aren’t crispy due to the way a slow cooker cooks. There are so many more side dishes that go great with this lamb, so if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them.

There are lots of different ways that you can add your own twist on this delicious roast lamb recipe. Roughly rub three tablespoons of rosemary and a teaspoon of ground paprika into the lamb for a fantastic flavor combination.

Feel free to change the type of vegetables that you add to your slow cooker. Other vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potato, mushrooms, and even bell peppers will work nicely.

Roasts are one of those dishes that the leftover meat comes in handy in many other recipes. I love to slice the roast lamb and use it in a variety of different recipes.

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For example, I like to add sliced roast lamb on some homemade pizza along with a few extra ingredients. Lastly, you can simply just eat the roast lamb how you originally had it.

Right below is the video and written recipe that will take you through the steps on making a roast lamb in the slow cooker. Scatter the rosemary leaves, oregano over the top of the meat and vegetables.

While I highly recommend that you brown the lamb you can skip this step if you don’t have the time. If you have a piece of meat that is smaller than two kilograms, then you might want to consider reducing the cooking time by a couple of hours.

Not adding the vegetables is a viable option, but you do miss out on all the flavor they add to the recipe. You can make a delicious gravy using the leftover fluids in the slow cooker.

In the pot, stir in the cornstarch mixture and wait until it's nice and thick. A slow -cooked pork loin cooks to be incredibly delicious and comes with a range of vegetables that complement the meat well.

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It’s a super easy recipe and is perfect if you need a feed a crowd. The delicious spices infuse deep into the meat, adding a ton of flavor.

Special Italian Garlic LambSlowCookerRecipe STAGE 2: Starting with some onions, garlic & herbs on the bottom STAGE 3: add potatoes & little more onion STAGE 4: add half to 3/4 of a jar of sauce, a bit more onion, garlic & herbs STAGE 5: add meat (depending on size of slow cooker) I put 3 as only 3 fit across. Add more sauce to cover, garlic & onion.

When serving as veggies of your choosing as a side (last night I did beans, broccoli, cauliflower & corn). NOTE: This meal can be done without the spuds in the low cooker & just do mash at the end (I actually prefer mash but kids like this way and this is heaps easy with all in one pot).

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