"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Names For Cooking Utensils

David Lawrence
• Thursday, 02 December, 2021
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search An assortment of utensils A kitchen utensil is a hand-held, typically small tool that is designed for food-related functions.

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In the Western world, utensil invention accelerated in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was fuelled in part by the emergence of technologies such as the kitchen stove and refrigerator, but also by a desire to save time in the kitchen, in response to the demands of modern lifestyles.

p. 82 ^ “A Multi pot Is Multi Useful” on YouTube ^ “All-Clad Stainless Steel 8-qt Covered Multi-Cooker, Insert & Basket on QVC” on YouTube ^ Conan, Caroline; Conan, Terence & Hopkins on, Simon (1997). ^ Roots, Levi (14 November 2009).

If you love to cook (or spend a lot of time in the kitchen for some other reason), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn the names of kitchen items in English. As I mentioned earlier, you should print this infographic and post it in a conspicuous place.

Make logical word combinations with these verbs and names of kitchen utensils. Contains con tutors online en MAS DE 50 idioms.

Reply BS RNA DE leis platforms educations ideas con tutors certificates a travel Del chat DE video enc lases individuals. I don’t like overly heavy bowls that are hard to store and just awkward.

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Here are some quick links to different sections of the page to help you find what you are looking for: While not every item on this list may be a must-have for YOU, I can guarantee that these are the tools you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again.

One is that over-time plastic can pick up smells and, due to their porous surface (surprise!) If you need a large mixing bowl, and you probably do, you can’t beat a big stainless steel one.

And, you can put it over simmering water (a Annmarie) to melt chocolate or make egg custards, Hollandaise sauce, or anything that requires very delicate cooking. Also, for whipping egg whites or cream, a stainless steel bowl is much better than plastic and probably a little better than glass.

This is mostly due to the aforementioned oil slick which forms on plastic and keeps the foam you are whipping from clinging to the sides of the bowl. While we’re on the subject, read about why you might want a copper bowl for whipping egg whites.

Due to all the reasons stated, including a big vote for easier storage, I prefer to have metal bowls on hand for mixing and for cooking. This set of Zinedine stainless steel mixing bowls all nest together perfectly, taking up much less room in your cabinet than a bunch of random plastic or glass ones.

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Anywhere you’ve been using a big slotted spoon, a spider will make your life easier. The one that I own myself is pictured below, the Good Cook Large Spider Strainer.

And, yes, if you do actually do plan to do a lot of wok cooking, you’ll need one of these, but they are useful for much more. Good Cook Large Spider | Wok Strainer One of the main purposes of kitchen shears, also called kitchen scissors, is to cut up poultry.

But even if you don’t cut up your own chickens, you will find many uses for a good pair of kitchen shears. Uses : If you just need to snip a bit of herb, you can use kitchen shears instead of having to get out a knife and cutting board.

Truth be told a decent pair of heavy-duty scissors will snip herbs, sure. I’ve even used it to cut up chocolate and well, call me crazy, pizza.

This way, if you cut up meat or poultry with the scissors, you can take them apart to be sure every last bit is cleaned before using them on raw herbs, etc. Boar’s Hair or Other Natural Bristle Paint Brush No, I’m not kidding.

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Uses : A high-quality paint brush is great for coating a baking pan with softened butter or oil. That way, you can even use it for basting or brushing on barbecue sauce at the grill.

If you find yourself struggling to turn over food or move it around precisely where you want it, you’re probably missing a pair of tongs. Like the spider above, they can be used for lifting things out of boiling water or from a steamer, especially larger vegetables.

There are many to choose from but most of them are subpar compared to stainless steel tongs with scalloped gripping tips. These types of tongs are spring-loaded so they open by themselves, and they have a locking mechanism to keep them closed, so they don’t take up too much room during storage.

However, since some spring-loaded tongs can be more difficult to close than others, you may want to try them out before buying, especially if you have small hands or have problems with arthritis. For nonstick pans, which might be scratched by the edges of metal tongs, you can buy similar tongues with silicone tips.

I am quite happy with my pair of Ox Good Grips Stainless Steel Locking Tongs, shown in the picture below. A 16-inch pair would be useful for handling larger items, high-heat cooking on a grill or for reaching into an oven or smoker.

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Before you go for one of the hundreds of choppers, with multiple parts to clean, and then end up cluttering your cabinets along with all the other gadgets you never use, consider that you only need one high-quality knife to last you a lifetime. It is used for chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, julienne, or anything else you need it for, even for jobs you for which specialty knives exist, such as cutting up poultry or butchering meat.

I’ve written an overview of the various kitchen knives and their uses, and provided advice to help you figure out which ones are right for you. A cutting board is absolutely an essential piece of equipment in the kitchen.

They are used as an ideal surface on which to chop or slice vegetables, meat, or other foods. On a good cutting board, a sharp knife will glide along the surface without dragging and cutting into the surface of the board, while the edge of the blade itself is not damaged.

This is probably because so many articles have made a big deal out of sanitary issues and durability. James Natural Bamboo Cutting Board Your main choices are wood, bamboo, rigid plastic, and flexible plastic cutting boards.

On the other hand, while plastic can harbor bacteria in the scratches that occur on its surface, plastic cutting boards can be washed in the dishwasher, and between the hot water wash and high temperature drying cycle, it is doubtful many bacteria will survive. Some dishwashers even have a sanitize cycle, if you feel you need it.

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Regardless, you absolutely cannot use bleach on a wooden cutting board and you should avoid submerging one in soapy water, certainly for long periods of time. As for myself, I rarely pull out a wooden cutting board anymore.

I like the convenience of being able to put the plastic cutting board in the dishwasher and having two different sizes. If you plan on carving a lot of juicy meat or poultry on your board or working with raw meat or poultry, then you may want a juice groove on a board you can set aside for this use.

Flexible plastic boards do not last very long compared to conventional boards, but they are inexpensive and come in different colors so that each color can be designated for a different job to avoid cross-contamination. This set of Extra Thick Flexible Cutting Mats not only comes with four different colors but food icons for designated jobs.

Wooden cutting boards come in a dizzying array of styles and woods. Many kitchen oriented websites seem to be recommending edge grain boards.

If I could venture a guess it is because America’s Test Kitchen gave a high rating to a teak edge-grain cutting board and stated that edge grain boards are superior. Below is the John Boos Block Cherry Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board.

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And here is a cutting board with juice groove by Amish Ridge made with face grain. The idea that soft grain is easier on knives is gilding the lily a bit.

This is a fine economical choice and will serve you well, but for a better chopping experience, choose one of the higher-end boards like those shown above. Most measuring cups on the market are made with think gauge steel and very flimsy handles.

One of the biggest problems with This is that the handles easily bend and can break off after a short time. The 7-pc Kitchener Measuring Cups Set, pictured below, is made with heavy duty stainless steel and features longer handles.

This includes not only water, milk, and other watery fluids, but also ingredients like sour cream. In terms of sheer quality, you really can’t beat the tried and true Pyrex 1-Cup Liquid Measuring cup, which comes with bold red markings.

There are many innovations in liquid measuring cups, including plastic tubes with plungers to help you measure and dispense thicker ingredients like sour cream. Another useful innovation is markings that are situated in such a way as to be easy to read on the inside of the cup.

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As with dry measuring cups, look for heavy-duty stainless steel spoons, including the handles. For this reason, I like these Spring Chef Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Metal Measuring Spoons, shown above.

Although most folks think of a spatula as a tool used to turn or flip things such as eggs or burgers, the term spatula actually applies to a broad range of non-sharpened flat-bladed tools of different shapes and materials, including metal, wood, plastic, rubber, or silicone. Uses: Spatulas are used for different tasks depending on their shape, and the cook’s preference.

Broader flat spatulas with an offset are using for flipping foods, scraping pans, and as a general stirring implement as desired. More narrow-bladed flexible spatulas are used for spreading icings on cakes or fillings on sandwiches.

Silicone or rubber spatulas are used for scraping foods in non-stick pans (or other pans), for folding ingredients and for helping to remove cake and other batters from bowls, along with a myriad of other tasks as the cook sees fit. The most useful type has a broad metal blade, offset near a wooden handle.

A basic offset spatula, the Dexter-Russell All-Purpose Turner from HIC, like the kind I use at home, is shown below. These flexible silicone scrapers spatulas are used to scrape bowls and pans and to fold whipped egg whites or whipped creams into other ingredients and as basic mixing tool.

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The most popular type is shaped more for scraping and folding but can even be used for spreading. The Silicone Spatula 3-piece Set, pictured below, is made with a solid steel inner core making them not only heat-resistant but durable.

Examples are shown below, the Leger Straight Icing Spatula Set with 6, 8 & 10 Sizes. The classic type has a bulbous shape and consist of curved stainless steel wires that bend into loops and then come together into a long handle.

Uses : The wires of a whisk help beat air into liquid ingredients such as eggs or cream or are used to stir sauces or salad dressings. Once again, I turn to Ox Good Grips because their products are consistently high quality and comfortable to use.

The Ox Good Grips 11-inch balloon whisk is a good choice for what most cooks need, which is something to beat small amounts of egg whites, cream or just eggs. Graters are usually made of stainless steel with raised and sharpened perforations of different sizes, coarse, medium, and fine.

They may also have sharp raised bumps that are more like very rough sandpaper meant more for things like nutmeg. Uses : Most of the time you’ll be using a grater to grate hard cheeses but graters are really meant to turn all sorts of hard foods into thin strips or small particles including hard spices like nutmeg but also vegetables like carrots, or for testing citrus fruits.

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It will shred no matter which direction you run your cheese, vegetable, or hard fruit. They are rectangular shaped metal boxes with a handle at the top and a large opening at the bottom.

Image by tokyofoodcast via Flickr The Classic Micro plane model 40020, is all you need for testing citrus fruits and grating hard cheese, but other models are available for different sorts of jobs. The ribbon grater works for chocolate, carrots, and softer cheeses.

The relatively high strength and light weight of a wooden spoon make it the friendliest stirring implement in the kitchen. In addition to their light weight and balanced feel, they won’t scratch nonstick pans, or anything else, for that matter.

I wrote out the reasons I think wooden spoons are a must-have for cooks in a previous article. I’ve written about some advantages of wooden spoons for cooking in a separate article.

When used for cooking, you will find that one of the biggest advantages of a wooden spoon is that they do not transfer heat to the handle. If you leave a wooden spoon in a hot pot of sauce for 5 minutes and then grab the handle with your bare hand, you won’t get burned.

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You’ll need at least two large metal spoons, one regular and one slotted. However, metal spoons are needed for scooping out large amounts of food from a pot and for various other tasks.

Slotted metal spoons are useful for lifting out solid food from liquid, in situations where a spider will not work well, and for stirring beverages. Avoid metal spoons with very thin metal handles as these are uncomfortable to hold and will not be as sturdy as thicker handled spoons, whether they also feature a plastic, wooden, or rubber grip.

I’ll discuss each type along with their suggested uses below, but keep in mind that these are just guidelines, not rules. These peelers are best for smaller vegetables with thin and delicate skins like carrots and asparagus.

However, carrots will be more attractive when peeled and asparagus will be more tender and cook more evenly. The black tip is a slightly sharpened cut that is used to remove eyes from potatoes.

Straight-handled peelers, whether swivel-type of fixed blade, below, are best for vegetables that you can hold in your hand while peeling. As well, the fixed design makes them stronger and, in my experience, they tend to be sharper.

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The Victorinox Double Edge Fixed-blade Peeler, shown in the picture below, is a good choice. While this may seem an award shape, it is handy when you want to peel a vegetable that is sitting on a cutting board rather than being held in your hands.

While the julienne will cut long strips of vegetables like zucchini, the serrated blade can actually be used to peel very delicate skin fruits like tomatoes without having to first dip them in a hot water bath. Utensil holders of this type are round or square crocks made of ceramic, metal, plastic, or glass.

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