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Nesting Cookware For Boat Galley

Bob Roberts
• Sunday, 26 June, 2022
• 11 min read

Our signature stainless steel cookware sets are tailor made for your boat galley. Our cookware sets fit into less than 1 cubic foot of space.

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Each cookware set comes with two interchangeable detachable handles. A good set of nesting cookware means galley chefs can have all the tools they need for gourmet cooking, without sacrificing storage space.

For this comparison of nesting cookware with removable handles, Practical Sailor took a look at cookware sets designed for galley use Cuisinart, Galley ware, and Magma Products, and one nesting set designed for trail cooking by camping-gear maker GSI Outdoors. Evaluation ratings were based on what the set includes, construction materials, handle construction, function, ergonomics, storage space required, whether the pans rattle underway, performance, ease of cleaning, price, and warranty.

At sea or at anchor, who doesn't prefer a fine cooked meal for a few kippers and crackers or peanut butter? A good set of nesting cookware means galley chefs can have all the tools they need for gourmet cooking, without sacrificing much storage space.

The pros of a nesting set are obvious: They're easily stored and allow more pots to be on a small galley stove at one time, since there are no handles competing for the working space. Their downside over standard cookware is that they often carry a higher price and the handles can be misplaced.

All attached nicely, and the all-metal Cuisinart handles offered the advantage of heat resistance in a hot broiler or oven. We also tested the cookwares' corrosion resistance by submerging the sets in seawater and allowing them to sit out for over a week, without a freshwater rinse.

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Testers noted no corrosion in any set, even at the vulnerable spot-welds attaching the handle mounting brackets. We eat much more caustic materials than seawater, and these sets are made to prepare food at high temperatures.

Well-known world cruiser and author of “The Care and Feeding of the Offshore Crew,” Lin Panda uses Galley ware cookware. Lin listed the products highlights as the double-walled construction, which evenly distributes heat and prevents scorching, and the plastic lids, which allow you to travel to potluck dinners without spills and or store leftovers without dirtying up other dishes.

The Galley ware hybrid lid is universal; it fits all the included pots and pans. And Galley ware sets now ship with a flat stainless lid for the frying pan.

Galley ware owner Kris Nonnenmacher reported at press time that the company would launch within weeks a new set of nesting cookware : Build Your Own. Cuisinart, well-known for introducing the food processor to America, began making nesting cookware many years ago.

That is quite a savings, and we found that eggs, flapjacks, fish, meatballs, and pasta cant tell the difference. With its mirror-polished stainless exterior, the Stowaway pans also have aluminum-encapsulated bottoms, which Cuisinart says ensures quick and even heat distribution.

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The set includes a large and small salt pan, one saucepan, and one stockpot. Cuisinart does not offer plastic lids or a straining cover with the set, but it does give the Stowaway a limited lifetime warranty.

At $99-and with a limited lifetime warranty-the Cuisinart Stowaway is a great value, but not having nonstick may be a sticking point. The 10-piece Magma set, made from 18/10 stainless steel, was the highest priced group in this test.

Testers liked the workmanship of the American-made Magma handles, which operated smoothly and easily, and fit their brackets securely. Rather than a storage bag, the Magma set comes with a clever bungee cord that keeps all the parts together and successfully quiets rattling while underway.

GSI Outdoors markets several cook sets that are worth a look, particularly for freshwater and trailered- boat sailors. The pans are all Dupont Teflon nonstick and aluminum for light weight and quick heat transfer.

The only difference between the set we tested and the updated version is the construction materials of the lid. The new Bugaboo lid is made of BPA-free polypropylene, rather than Lean, and is nearly 4 ounces lighter than the original design.

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Bottom line: Freshwater racers and trailer sailors might like this featherweight, but we suggest taking care to protect the aluminum from corrosion. All the cookware sets are well-made and allow you to make the most of galley storage space without sacrificing your culinary freedom.

The creative design of the GSI Bugaboo caught our eyes, but aluminum will have a limited life near saltwater. This typically means limited space, a rolling horizon, hungry crew and one very anxious chef.

A good set of cookware and a dedicated marine cook top are a great start to get you cooking on any sea. These units mount easily to a stern rail and lessen any fire and mess hazard onboard.

This can be as simple as a mini single burner that is gimbals mounted to a bulkhead, or a full sized stove top and oven. Their advantage is a dry space (hopefully), that is sheltered from wind to protect cooking flames.

Fiddles are hardware that secures pots and pans to the burner with curved bracing arms and thumb screws. These are literally a lifesaver, preventing scalds, burns, ruined meals and disgruntled crew.

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Crack the companionway to ensure a little airflow, then kick on the oven and keep its door open. Nothing is worse than trying to get some shuteye with the nuisance of odd clanging noises calling you back to the waking world.

Wash down the dishes post meal with seawater and finish off with a quick freshwater rinse. For cruising vessels with limited power supply, a solid block of ice packed in a well insulated cooler goes a long way.

If space and power supply permits, a marine refrigerator greatly extends your menu options. Simple accessories such as drink holders, pedestal tables and unbreakable dishware complete the experience.

An evening meal at sunset, in your favorite quiet harbor looking out from the comfort of the cockpit. I delight in efficient galley gadgets, so I’d like to introduce you to Morgan’s review of onboard essentials plus some great recipes she’s eager to share.

A few years ago, she and her husband downsized, sold their home in Colorado, and moved aboard a 38-foot catamaran with their cat. They’re now cruising the US east coast while learning to live an alternative lifestyle on the water.

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Morgan and her husband Dressmaking meals aboard is challenging in a small space, especially when you factor in managing heat and steam, and being conscious of water and propane usage. These hurdles of cooking aboard mean being selective about what items are in the galley, so our essentials are based on quality, ease of use, storage, and conservation of resources.

With the amount of time spent in the galley, high-quality cookware is imperative. We love the sets offered by Magma made with small space dwellers in mind.

Their cookware is 18/10 marine-grade stainless steel with triple clad bottoms for even heat distribution. Being oven safe and induction compatible means they are adaptable for most galleys.

After use, remove the handle and the pots can nest for storing in a small space. They distribute heat in the oven, are incredibly non-stick, and flexible for easy storage.

We use silicone mats to roast vegetables, create granola and now for baking pizza with a perfect crust. The Silent brand mats come in a variety of sizes perfect for small ovens.

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We rely on containers to have a good seal to keep foods fresh, prevent leaks, and still be easy to clean. We like the Ox Good Grips Smart Seal set with locking tabs on each side.

The removable silicone lining on the lid makes it easy to clean. They’re also freezer safe helping to eliminate plastic bags; perfect for freezing homemade broth or pesto.

Our towels are 100% cotton with colorful trim to brighten up the galley. For boats that are conservative with power, it offers the convenience of a food processor with no sacrifice to the battery bank.

Add roughly chopped vegetables to the container, put on the lid, and pull the cord to spin the blades. It makes chopping a load of vegetables for soups, curries, and other veggie-heavy meals a breeze.

It’s flexible enough to stick in a pot of soup or in a jar for blending our favorite jalapeño and cilantro hummus. A thermal cooker is the ultimate tool for reducing heat and steam and saving on propane.

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Spread evenly on a baking pan lined with a silicone mat or parchment paper. Blend ingredients, stopping frequently to add a small amount of olive oil.

We toss this pesto with squash, bell pepper, tomato, and linguine for a fresh, flavorful dish. When it comes to boat galleys, to paraphrase James T. Kirk...

That is like saying that your humble scribbler here is taller than the average 9-year-old child. Every year at the boat show I look for a deal on cookware.

-image courtesy of Magma ...but I don't like the inventory- there are four pots, but only one pan, in the 10-piece set. Those of you who have read any of the Two-Burner Tastiness recipes understand that I'd rather have two pans, and one less pot, but that isn't an option.

Here's the deal: Agostini is an Italian firm that has been manufacturing stainless steel cookware for decades. ... and a grip-anywhere, go-anywhere insulated pot/pan handle that is both ambidextrous and has hooks for removing hot pot lids, like when you are steaming Langostinos.

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...for measuring the exact amount of liquid for boiling Latinos Also included is a mesh carrying bag... that was promptly repurposed for other uses aboard.

After 5 months of use, both Symbol and I can confirm, we LOVE this stuff. All pieces heat evenly, the bottoms don't warp when warm, the handle is substantial, the construction is solid, the non-stick is real non-stick, and, most importantly...

These were the ONLY pots and pans we have used for the last 5 months, and we haven't needed to buy more. Cracker crusted pork chops, “Booker T” mashed potatoes and peaches and cream corn- two burners, three pots, from one nesting cookware set.

Surprisingly, although less than half the price of the smaller one-pan Magma nesting set, the Agostini cookware comes with a 10-year warranty, compared to the Magmas I year warranty. Retail price at our local Canadian Tire Store was $119.99 CDN.

Capacity: 10 Ounce, Color: Clear Material: Polycarbonate, Dishwasher and Microwave Safe Look of Crystal, Guaranteed Unbreakable, Won't Crack or Craze like Acrylic Model #: 5572Item # : 402026 Wine Glass Galley ware's full line of Polycarbonate drink ware has the look of crystal, but the ability to withstand hard use over many of years.

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Type: Holds (1) Insulated Can / Bottle / Glass (Includes Drain Holes) Mount: Horizontal 3” Diameter Cutout Material: Stainless Steel Model #: 60012Item # : 402103 Features: bullet;Chrome plated brass beverage holder with foam insulator.

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