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Noni How To Make Juice

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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One of the great things about living in Hawaii (or another place where Non grows) is that you can make your own raw organic Nonijuice ! Non also known as Indian mulberry and Dorinda vitriolic is an amazing fruiting tree native to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Polynesia including Hawaii.

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Non contains no caffeine and a multitude of beneficial compounds and enzymes. Non was one of the original canoe plants that ancient Polynesians thought was so important medicinally that they brought it with them across thousands of miles when they settled Hawaii.

In Hawaiian mythology Maui the demigod was resurrected after being wrapped in Non leaves! In fact, ancient Hawaiians treated bruises, cuts, and even broken bones with Non leaves.

You don’t get charged extra and I make a small commission that supports Organic Hawaii. This photo shows stages of Non fruit development, as it grows.

As the green Non matures (bottom) it adds more volume and changes color to a white-yellow (top), ready for harvest. We’ve made and drank our own homemade raw organic Nonijuice for many years and have never experienced any unpleasant side effects.

It works in multiple ways due to its multitude of beneficial compounds and enzymes. Nonijuice is widely available in health food stores, but it’s pasteurized even if it’s organic.

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Commercial Nonijuice may also contain trace amounts of chemicals used to sanitize plant equipment. One time I ordered local organic raw unpasteurized commercially made Nonijuice from the Big Island.

Lately Nonijuice got a false bad rep due to inaccurate portrayals by the main stream media (MSM). Especially popular TV shows which make the unaware viewer believe that Nonijuice always tastes terrible.

The good thing is you can easily make delicious, organic, and raw Nonijuice at home using the most basic and affordable tools. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make great tasting, homemade Nonijuice the easy way.

And we are happy to share with you our secrets and the absolute best way of making best tasting raw organic Nonijuice at the comfort of your home. At least one large 4 liter clear glass jars with a wide mouth and a lid with rubber gasket.

First, clean Non fruits by washing it and preferably rinsing it with filtered water. Put the washed Non fruit into a large 4 liter glass jars.

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Make sure the jar’s been washed well and preferably rinsed inside with filtered water. Fill up the jar with Non fruit all the way to the top and close the lid.

Don’t touch anything on the inside of the large jar to prevent contamination. Just make sure you always have clean hands and utensils to prevent any possible contamination inside the jar.

CAUTION: By the way, even though Non is naturally resistant to bacteria and certain pathogens, if you see weird mold or weird stuff growing inside your jars you will need to dispose of it, clean and sanitize everything and start over. The taste won’t be as complex as aged Non, but if you’re pressed for time, you don’t have to wait a month or longer.

Having that said you can bite into Non fruit when it’s soft and ripe, but there are seeds, texture, and taste issues you may not like. Therefore, drinking properly made homemade raw Nonijuice is a beautiful solution to this.

Category: Featured, Food, Health, Lifestyle, Take Action Tags: canoe plants, fruit, guide, healing, Health, healthy, how to, juice, non, recipe, superfood, tonic Today we’ll cover how to make fresh nonijuice from ripe fruit.

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Nonijuice has been credited with a vast array of benefits, including reducing pain, preventing cancer, alleviating diabetes, helping with memory and scaring away people who can’t stand the smell. They’ll turn to pulp rapidly while the seeds stay mostly intact.

Locally, though, people often stick multiple non fruit in a jar, then let them disintegrate and ferment into a brown juice over a couple of months, then pour that off. Making fresh nonijuice only takes a few minutes for a small amount.

I made over a gallon of fresh nonijuice the evening I filmed this video and it took me about an hour. That’s a little scarier, though non seems to have a strange preservative effect which keeps it from spoiling like some fruit do.

I’ve been drinking nonijuice every day for the last couple of weeks and I haven’t died yet. You just need fresh non fruits, some sugar and food color to prepare.

Wash well with cool clean water and try to avoid snapping the branches of the fruit. Remember to thoroughly wash the fruit to ensure that it is fully clean.

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Take all the washed non fruit and put it into the large jar. Non Fruit ( ) or Indian Mulberry is considered to be a highly beneficial traditional remedy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines traditional medicines as ‘the sum total of the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.’ Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature, nonijuice doesn’t shy away from showing is full potential when consumed on a regular basis.

Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and selenium, adequate consumption of nonijuice can reduce the concentration of free radicals in the blood. This is due to the fact that antioxidants, particularly the ones that are found in nonijuice, combine with the free-oxygen atom (free-radical) before they get a chance to come in contact with a healthy cell.

In addition, the polysaccharides that are present in nonijuice are beneficial in fighting off the infections caused by the attack of external pathogens. One of the chief advantages of including nonijuice into your daily diet is its dilating effect on contracted blood vessels, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

A few studies suggest that nonijuice can also help promote heart health by lowering high cholesterol levels amongst heavy smokers. Daily intake of non fruit juice is linked with the increase in the secretion of insulin, a pancreatic hormone that is used for breaking down the sugar molecules present in the blood (2).

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The significant increase in the efficient working of collagen, a major component of connective tissues that is responsible for healing, is amongst the many benefits which are usually associated with the consumption of non fruit juice. Studies suggest that the antiviral properties of nonijuice can help protect us from cough, fever and body aches too.

The anti-oxidant characteristic of nonijuice is responsible for increasing the water retention capabilities of the skin cells, which helps in keeping them nourished. Furthermore, by reducing the risk of free-radical damage, this juice can benefit by helping the skin maintain its structure and look lively as it delays the signs of aging.

Yes, if you thought that nonijuice only takes care of physical ailments, it would certainly surprise you to acknowledge its beneficial properties towards mental and cognitive health as well. Moreover, the antioxidant nature of nonijuice can help in the protection of nervous tissues from free-radicals, fighting the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The adverse effects of NoniJuice, however, are concentrated mainly on the kidneys, for that is the organ in which it mainly focuses due to its liquid nature. It is quite important to note that nonijuice contains a high amount of minerals such as potassium, which, if consumed within limits, can help with the excretion of excess water thus lowering blood pressure.

The increase in the level of potassium in a body can lead to the rise in symptoms like nausea and cardiac arrhythmia (irregular beating of the heart). Thus, it is advised for you to consult your doctor, and also make sure that you don’t have a kidney problem before indulging in a glassful of this healthy beverage.

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The preparation of nonijuice is something that shouldn’t occupy much of your mind, for this easy to make a recipe only require two ingredients, a glass of water, and non fruit. The best time to have nonijuice is usually on an empty stomach, as it can increase the absorption rate for the meal that you later eat.

Beware of added sugars or preservatives in the concentrate as it not provide with the optimum amount of nutrients. It is breakthrough research that basically spits in the face of everything you’ve ever heard about erectile dysfunction.

You’ll finally understand while drugs like the Viagra and Calls pills are dangerous and temporarily help you get or maintain erections. So if you don’t want your partner to stray you owe it yourself to this Erectile dysfunction juice recipe method that works.

And is a simple solution that permanently reverses the progress of the crippling cause of weak erections, low sensitivity, or even outright impotence… If you’ve ever had a problem in getting an erection or just want to spice up here in love life by regaining the sensitivity you had in your youth.

Claim back your sex life, your happiness, and the health of your relationship that is at stake and alongside your manhood and your self-esteem. Men under the age of 40yrs were reported to having erectile dysfunction including poor semen volume.

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Because most men are concerned with their sexual health and performance in bed, looking for safe and guaranteed ways to treat their conditions has become an issue. Treatments like vascular reconstructive surgery, hormone replacement therapy, and highly intense chemical medicines like Levitt Stetson or Viagra become a choice.

Juicing recipes has proven to work effectively as the best and safest passage to better sexual health. So, for safe and healthy alternatives in treating male sexual health issues, there’s nothing that can be compared to organic juices.

Organic compounds are present in various fruits and vegetables and have proven to boost sexual performance and health. It’s a known fact that juicing recipes mainly works in the form of predigesting the food before consumption.

Meaning a high percentage of nutritional compounds does not instill into their blood flow via digestion. And that makes all the nutrients and antioxidants that help increase testosterone & libido to easily be absorbed and faster.

Secondly, our body need a high amount of vegetables daily and consuming all of them can be a boring thing to do sometimes. Thirdly, via optimizing juicing recipes variety of fruits and vegetables can be added to your diets to get all the needed nutrients.

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It’s wisdom to absorb all the amino acids, antioxidants, minerals that are essential to increased testosterone and heightened semen volume. These nitrates turn into nitric oxide which is known to elevate blood flows and increase testosterone.

A shortage of nitric oxide leads to weaker erections and low performance. And with the presence of nitric oxide your body it assists as a vasodilator that opens the blood vessels.

So if you choose to prepare it with the top green make sure you wash it properly and chop it into small sizes to be added along with the beetroot. Please note that the skin of some beetroot is very thin but it has a lot of nutrients so if that’s the case with yours you can blend it along with it.

But if the skin is tough and you don’t want to blend it with it then you can peel it with knife or vegetable peeler. Cut the beetroot into smaller piece that can easily be blended with an electric juicer or blender.

Push the beetroot gently and slowly through the machine because of the hard nature to juice. Then add water to allow the blender to move freely and smoothly when it starts processing.

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Place cheesecloth on top of clean bowl and pour the blended beetroot on it and fold over the pulp to twist. To be sexually active you need a healthy heart, and that make eating bananas for potassium.

For those that their salt intake is much and are not bananas fans you can increase your potassium from orange or jacket potatoes. The rich potassium content in bananas reduces sodium concentration and effectively increases the libido and enhances fertility.

Amylase is also present in human saliva and that’s what make raw bananas to taste more to us while we eat it thereby enhancing it sweetness. Adding amylase in banana recipes is necessary to convert the starch into sugar and simplifies the juice in the process.

Add a small quantity of amylase (about 3.5g), the amount added does determine the transformation rate. And if you do not want to prepare it with amylase, boil the bananas at a lower temperature of 131 °F / 55 °C for 5hrs to allow the natural enzymes to breakdown the starch.

The amount of blood that flows through the penile muscles and tissues is what determine the sustenance of erection. Meaning if there is a constriction in the blood vessels it will definitely affect active sexual performance.

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So, adding ginger in your juices aids blood flow and therefore improves artery health. Ginger has the capacity to also increase levels of testosterone, sperm viability, and also boost the overall immunity.

Watermelon is very rich natural and contains an amino acid called L-citrulline that can help make your erection harder. And when consumed it converts to L-arginine which stimulates the production of nitric oxide, increases the blood flow to the penis, and strengthening erections.

Though Viagra basically does the same thing but comes with the hazard of side effects and gathers harmful chemical toxins in your body. Pour it in the blender and combine with ice for thickness or small water for thinner juice and purée.

Pomegranate is known as a natural enforcer with the ability to impact oxidative stress and make it a potential fertility aid or increased sexual stamina. Meaning, if you add pomegranate to your juicing recipes it can result in a stronger and longer sexual performance.

Pomegranate intake is known to increase testosterone levels in men and women, one of the main hormones behind sex drive. With the presence of these organic ingredients in pomegranate it helps fight the advent of high blood pressure, hemorrhages, bad cholesterol and heart diseases.

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How to prepare Pomegranate juice Use a paring knife to the part that looks like crown and cut it into section. Break the section apart in a bowl filled with cool water and remove the seeds underwater.

Remove the peel and membranes and strain out the water leaving only the seed inside the bow. Don’t forget to use a spoon to press the pulp against the strainer to be able to extract as much juice as possible.

Tonic made out of Gobi berries are fed to the man before they engage in sexual conquests. It increases testosterone level in males which leads to a stronger sex drive and better arousal countering erectile dysfunction.

The active ingredients in Non also known as cheese fruit mimics serotonin also known as a happy drug. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which fights depression and anxiety and induces a feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

You will have a thick liquid and due to the taste and smell which is a bit horrible is important to only blend the little that you want to consume. Celery is a calorie-free food which have a strong aroma and when consumed releases through sweat glands, it attracts the opposite sex and also heighten arousal.

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Celery is mostly being used as natural aphrodisiac and also regularly consumed daily as a diet by many indigenous cultures that use it to enhance fertility. Preparing Celery as a juice and drinking it will improve the blood flow to your genital area.

Celery contains Ingredients like vitamin E, magnesium, niacin, potassium, and zinc, all of which are beneficial to libido and sexual performance. Make sure that the celery is fresh, the leaves are not wilted or yellowed to get the highest concentration of vitamins and chlorophyll.

It helps to fight against those nasty free radicals due to a lot of amino acid called disparaging that it contains. Disparaging helps to cleanse the body of waste material, that’s why some people’s urine has foul odor if they consume asparagus.

There’s also high alkalinity in Asparagus making the juice very effective in reducing the acidity of the blood. Packed with vitamin C that protects the cells of your testes and sperm from damage and increases its motility and volume.

For taste and if you want other nutrients added you can add other fruit recipes like Kiwifruit, celery, kale as you wish. Or maybe just want to spice up your love life by improving the feeling you do have in your youth, recover your manhood, and your self-assurance today.

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You need to follow nine very simple steps and you can make a nonijuice from your dreams :) Wash fruits and wait while non is totally dry.

Then, place fruit into the jar and seal it with lid. I am so happy that I actually can find the recipe for nonijuice online.

It is a long process and I need to wait a lot of time, about eight weeks until I have the chance to drink it :) But, it is ok :) I don't mind :) If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register.

Noni's juices may be amended with other additives or diluted, or bottled in its pure state. In this section, the essentials of commercial and home nonijuice processing in Hawaii are discussed and illustrated.

Freshly picked, ripening non fruits arrive at the juice processing facility in a variety of containers. The harvested non fruits are mainly whitish with tinges of green.

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RIGHT : An onion bag full of freshly picked, nearly ripe non fruits. Green or unripe yellow non fruits are very hard-skinned and durable, and therefore resistant to superficial damage and bruising during shipping a handling.

Non fruits at this stage of development will ripen overnight or in a few days at room temperature and can be processed for juice immediately thereafter. Freshly picked non fruits after washing are allowed to air-dry on raised tables before they are processed for juice.

The most efficient nonijuice extraction by weight is obtained when ripe, soft, translucent fruits are placed into the juice collection vessels. The juice collection and fermentation vessels should be made of glass, stainless steel or food-grade plastic.

The nonijuice collects inside the containers and ferments as it gradually seeps and sweats from the fruits. The juice appearance is initially an amber or golden colored liquid that gradually darkens with age.

After the collection and fermentation process is complete, the juice is drained from spigots at the base of containers (and filtered). LEFT : A row of plastic nonijuice collection and fermentation vessels.

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Juice will be drained though the spigot after 2 months and bottled.4) The final nonijuice product is decanted, filtered and bottled. Fermented, aged nonijuice is a dark brown liquid which is similar in appearance and texture to soy sauce.

The pH is relatively low (approximately 3.5), lending a characteristically sour taste to aged nonijuice. After approximately 2 months, most of the nonijuice separates naturally from the fruit pulp and may be drained from the container and filtered.

The recovery of juice by this traditional method is approximately 40%-50% of the original fruit weight. After all the nonijuice is drained from the collection and fermentation vessel, the residual pulp may be pressed to express the remaining juice fluids.

The leftover pulp and seeds may be discarded, or they may be dehydrated and used in other non products. Rather, the juice is bottled it and refrigerated (or frozen) immediately or until it is marketed or consumed.

Nonetheless, nonijuice is produced under a wide range of temperature and light conditions in Hawaii. However, probably the most consistent commercial juice products are obtained where both temperature and light are regulated during the fermentation and storage periods.

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Because light and oxygen tend to diminish a products shelf life, choice of bottling container may be a significant consideration. Fresh-squeezed nonijuice has a sweeter (less acidic), fruitier flavor than aged, fermented nonijuice. When non fruits are ripe, the juice is separated from the pulp and seeds using a fruit press.

Conversely, fermented nonijuice produced by the traditional method is very dark brown, resembling the color and texture of soy sauce. Fermentation of fresh-squeezed juice can be arrested by refrigeration or by pasteurization. Or, the fresh-squeezed juice may be allowed to ferment naturally in bottles or containers for a period of weeks or months prior to marketing or consumption.

Some producers choose to dilute their juice with water and sweeten the product with the addition of sugar. In Hawaii, non fruit pulp may be chopped, dehydrated and powdered and used in reconstituted nonijuice products for the dietary supplement industry.

RIGHT : Drip-extracted, fermented and aged nonijuice, showing the typical dark brown color. LEFT : Dehydrated non fruit powder, used in the manufacture of standardized, re-constituted nonijuice products.

Nonijuice itself may be evaporated and formed into a powder that can be used in various products, including reconstituted juices. Tools and containers may be sterilized using hot water or simple soaps and disinfectants.

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If green fruits are cut up before being placed into the juice collection vessel, the cut surfaces will quickly oxidize and turn brown, lending an overall brown color to the juice that drips from them. If juice appears overly cloudy or has an unusual or foul flavor or high pH, it is probably contaminated and should be discarded.

If the juice pH greater than 3.5, there is a higher probability that it may be contaminated with undesirable organisms. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease. Storage.

Aged, fermented non juice can be stored at room temperature indefinitely. Non fruits in glass jars in various stages of decomposition in the backyard of a modern Hawaiian homestead.

It is a fruit from Australia, Asia and the islands of French Polynesia, grows from a small tree. The fruit of Non have been used by Polynesian healers for thousands of years to treat various conditions such as diabetes among many others.

The ancient manuscripts name the fruit as the predominant ingredient in healing recipes. Currently, it is sold in the form of juice, “dried fruit” as well as encapsulated extract.

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The Non plant is actually a member of the coffee family, and the fruit is bumpy and yellowish-white in color. Belonging to a tree of the coffee family, Rubiaceae, Non is known by the scientific name Dorinda vitriolic.

It can be purchased as a fruit skin made from dehydrated pulp and crushed leaves and can be found in natural medicines and cosmetics. Foods that contain antioxidants are excellent because they can help prevent the cell damage that causes the diseases.

The most common antioxidants are anthocyanins, beta-carotene, catching, coenzyme Q10, flavonoids, biopic acid, lutein, lycopene, selenium and vitamins C and E, which can be found in many foods and as dietary supplements. Antioxidants help reduce the damage caused to cells due to oxidative stress.

This oxidative stress can come from oxygen free radicals, which are highly unstable molecules, and are formed naturally when the body converts food into energy, such as when we exercise. If we do not consume a good proportion of fruits and vegetables we can get into an imbalance, and if we have too many free radicals this will inevitably generate oxidative stress, and therefore we are prone to suffer some disease.

If we have a good intake of antioxidants such as those provided by the Non fruit, we are preventing oxidative stress and in turn the occurrence of a serious illness such as those mentioned in the previous paragraph. Combat pain associated with tumors: The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports that Non, ginkgo Balboa, isoflavones, pomegranate and grape seed extract are foods that fight cancer.

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In particular, the anticancer properties of anthraquinones Macedonia the super fruit of interest. It has been discovered that anthraquinones, which are phenolic compounds of natural origin, prevent glucose from entering the tumor cells, which prevents metastasis and, ultimately, leads to cell death.

Anyway, it is important to bear in mind that studies are still being carried out regarding anthraquinones and their effects on the body. Combat inflammation and increase immunity: Research published in the Journal of Natural Products shows that they studied a “new fatty acid, a new derivative of ascorbic acid and a new rigid glucoside, an important metabolite for metabolism” along with 13 compounds found in the fermented juice of Non fruit.

The study showed detoxification benefits due to enzymes known as quinone reductase. This suggests large anti-inflammatory traits, which makes Nonijuice strong anti-inflammatory food.

In addition, the amino acids found in Non can help stimulate the immune system. The study, which was reported in the Scientific World Journal, gave Nonijuice to heavy smokers daily for 30 days.

The findings revealed much lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides after consuming Non and, therefore, less inflammation in the body. It’s no secret that cigarette smokers cause a lot of cell damage inside their bodies.

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In addition, tobacco increases triglycerides, lowers “good” HDL cholesterol, causes blood clots, which are known to block blood flow to the heart and brain, and can cause an increase in plaque buildup in the body, specifically fat, cholesterol and calcium in the blood vessels. NoniJuice can help reduce cholesterol levels, but, of course, quitting altogether is the best choice.

Studies show that Nonijuice produces an alkaloid called Heroine in the body, which activates enzymes. Proserpine is a special colloid that stimulates the release of heroine in the intestinal tract once it comes in contact with a specific enzyme found in nonijuice.

Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease that is typically found in tropical areas and in Southern Europe from sand flies, which are much smaller than the average mosquito we know today. This has become more important due to resistance to medications and some complications caused by a possible infection combined with HIV.

The Non fruit has a rich chemical composition and has been shown to combat parasites with the phenolic and aromatic compounds it contains, which makes it a possible treatment against leishmaniasis. For alternative therapies for cancer treatment, Nonijuice is among the top ten recommended products.

In researching the cure for cancer, Nonijuice is useful to reduce the amount of time it takes for patients who undergo treatment or chemotherapy to recover. Actually, this is the reason why Ralph Janice worked so laboriously to isolate the explanation of why the Non plant had been used for years as a medicine.

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Proxeronin is a molecule stored in the liver that is released into the blood and transformed into heroine, which is an alkaloid that is metabolized by our cells and regulates many physiological functions. One of its main functions is the spatial conformation of proteins and also their maintenance by making heroine intervene throughout the life of the cell.

Heroine is combined with serotonin, a hormone that intervenes in the regulation of body functions such as sleep or mood. Even scientific studies have confirmed the analgesic benefits of the Non fruit.

It has traditionally been used to relieve headaches, arthralgia and pain related to arthritis. In simple terms, their high blood sugar levels were normalized by a wide margin.

The fruit should not show signs of insect bites or rodents or infestation. Step 3 : Store the fruit in food-grade plastic containers or glass bottles.

The fermentation process can last between two and eight weeks, depending on the desired flavor. The entire fermentation process lasts eight weeks and results in a dark juice rich in flavor.

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Add small amounts of baking soda to reverse the acid levels of the juice if it is too sour. At the designated time (after 24 hours have elapsed), add the yeast starter to the pulp of the fruit to ferment for three days.

The best time to take Non is on an empty stomach, as this increases absorbency. If after the first month you do not notice any change, increase the amount to 60 ml per day.

In this scenario, you may have underlying health problems that you were not aware of and Non is providing nutrients to those areas first. After the second month if you still feel that you are not getting as many benefits as you could expect, increase the amount to 120 million per day.

(If we honestly listen to the signals from our body, we will know what we need to provide, whether nutrients or other mechanisms, such as stress management, exercise and relaxation therapies). At any stage of your life when you know you are demanding more from your systems, whether mental, emotional or physical, increase the amount to compensate.

Adequate intake of water (at least 1 liter per day = 8-10 glasses) is essential to keep all our systems hydrated, help eliminate body waste and allow the dispersion of nutrients. In some cases where people have been slow to realize the benefits of Non, simply by increasing the water intake, this has been improved.

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In the morning, the nutrients are better utilized when the stomach is empty, in this way it passes quickly to the intestine where it is converted into an active enzyme. NoniJuice is recommended to take it on an empty stomach 5 minutes before breakfast, at noon and also before dinner according to the dosage.

It is recommended to drink it in sips, take and leave in the mouth about 10 seconds before swallowing, repeat the same until finished. The manufacturing process of Tahitian Non includes harvest techniques, quality assurance that begins in the field, extraction and stabilization procedures, custom equipment and packaging techniques, it is exclusive and exclusive.

This drink is full of droids and other powerful bio actives that only 60 ml a day can totally change your life. It can make you healthier, give you more energy and help strengthen and balance your entire body.

Healing Nonijuice is recognized to have a strong fermented flavor, and is somewhat tart and sweet. For those who are not yet familiar with the taste of Healing Nonijuice, we recommend mixing 1-3 ounces of Hawaiian nonijuice with 4 ounces (4 tablespoons) of grape or apple juice and drinking it on an empty stomach for an enjoyable start to your day.

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