"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Onyx Kitchen Mixer

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 02 December, 2021
• 8 min read

My hubby bought this for me during a Black Friday sale. I love to bake & cook... I have Fibromyalgia and this makes it so much easier for me to get things done in the kitchen without having to stand and mix everything by hand.

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Since I have had it, I have baked cookies and breads and I have used it to make infused butter to spread on roasts. I can't wait to start getting attachments and broadening my repertoire in the kitchen.

I highly recommend this mixer to anyone who loves to bake and cook. I bought one mixer and had to return it because it wasn’t mixing properly.

As of now I’ve been on hold for over an hour to talk to someone from kitchen to see what can be done. Hi Jennie, Thank you for providing feedback on your Classic Stand Mixer.

I bought 4.5qts classic last month and it is perfect size for my needs and kitchen. Usually I use it to knead dough for ROTC, Indian flat bread.

Every time it comes out nicely, and we all are impressed with fluffy soft Otis. Only one concern I have is that the mixer shakes vigorously sometimes while kneading.

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I generally use 2-3 cups flour and just water, salt and oil. This shaking is concerning because it feels like even 3 cups is too much load for this mixer.

Hi Ainu, Thank you for providing feedback on your Stand Mixer. I bought this about 3 weeks ago and have used it to make yeast bread, cakes, cookies, etc.

When making yeast bread (2 loaves for most recipes), I have to divide the mixture up to finish kneading. Yeast bread is a long creative process, but it is great during COVID-19 times.

Can’t wait to give a platter of happiness this holiday season! Shipping was fast, item packaged well and arrived with no discrepant...

Shipping was fast, item packaged well and arrived with no discrepancies. My mother gave me her Classic before she died over 15 years ago.

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It works great except somehow the bowl and flat beater clank at one point. The next night I made irregular shaped filled ravioli.

They are expensive, especially for those that haven't baked before and want to give it a go, and they take up a large amount of counter or cabinet space. While this 4.5 QT model is by no means, “small” I think it’s the perfect size.

I found the color to be beautiful and a nice addition to my counter. For those who have never used a stand mixer, ease of use and operation is dead simple (you just need to know what settings/attachments you need).

You plug it in, flip the switch to tile the neck back, attach the attachment you need (i.e. whisk) and slide the power setting from 1-10 (slow stir to very fast mixing) and voilà. I used the “hook” attachment after getting my yeast going, put it on a slow stir and added my flour, etc.

I found the performance to be up to par from what you would expect from the “larger” or “more premium” stand mixers. Bottom line, I don’t find a performance difference between this one and my larger 5 QT mixers (which didn’t have a tilt head).

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Honestly, the biggest difference between this one and the 5 QT is the bowl itself and how much you can fit inside. The other big point to make, and I alluded to this earlier, is the price.

And don’t forget the extra accessories that you can purchase (or already have) that gives your stand more flexibility. I personally don’t have those accessories, but you should take some comfort knowing they’re all compatible with the 4.5 QT version.

At the end of the day, if you are interested in getting a stand mixer but have been put off by the size and price, this is a good model to get (especially when on sale) to take that leap and give it a go. While it’s a smaller model it’s still too big to move back and forth from cabinet to countertop (in my opinion) but luckily it looks handsome on your counter (if you can spare the space).

It is definitely great quality, with a very retro feel, and does not budge on your counter top unless you manually pick it up. It is pretty easy to figure out how to work it, and its buttons and levers are intuitive.

You can opt to add different attachments but the ones that came with it are the Flat Beater, Wire whip and Dough Hook. All you need to do is throw the ingredients together and let the machine stir it all together, there is no guess work.

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As far as the attachments, I made chocolate-chip cookies with the flat beater (I had to be quick before the kids got a whiff of the dough and tried to sabotage my review). The Flat Beater made making cookies a lot easier and the dough came out very consistent and delicious.

You can make anything from beating eggs, to bread, and pizza dough. I really liked how you can unlock and lock the motor head before mixing and keeping it in place.

I would highly recommend this product if you like baking or making bread without kneading it yourself. I'm not much of a baker but adding this Kitchen to my kitchen definitely makes it easier and more fun.

It has relatively small footprint so does not take a lot of counter space in the kitchen. It has ten power/speed settings to choose from which covers pretty much all mixing needs.

At approximately $300, it is a bit pricey but the quality and versatility justify the price. If you've ever spent time in the kitchen, baking for a birthday, holiday, wedding, housewarming party.etc.

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With these, you'll make pizza crust, donuts, cookies, cakes & pies in no time. I love how it has a slow start so you're not instantly splashing mix and liquids all the kitchen.

The tilt head makes for effortless mix and removal of your dough or batter. There're attachments for making noodles, ground meats(sausage), shredders, slicers, grinders, spiralizers.

Yet, thinking about the long process and mess of baking can easily discourage me. Like any machine, it is critical to be careful and cautious when using it to avoid accidents.

Getting started was simple as the manual was easy to read and follow. The design of the controls is so well-thought-out and intuitive that you can’t think of anything to improve this mixer.

The mixing bowl is stainless steel and will lock in place on the mixer, just a simple perfect design. It does come with the big wire whip, flat beater and a nice dough hook.

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There are additional accessories and the machine does have the attachment hub (kind of like a PTO) for things like pasta makers, food grinders and others. It is very easy to add these attachments to make things and also fun.

This mixer is easy to use with 10 speeds and will readily mix many types of foods including bread dough. It does have great rubber feet underneath to hold it in place very firmly.

The mixing is done with an orbital action that is precisely matched to the shape of the bowl. Don’t forget to lock the head in the upward position when you move it out of the batter, that way it won’t accident fall into the mix even if you bump it.

Nice size at 4.5 quarts and 275 watts of motor power. There are more powerful Kitchen Aid mixers, but they are more for commercial use, I found for in the home, this level of power/size is more than adequate.

The attachments secure very well to the mixer and do a thorough job of mixing the ingredients evenly. Additionally, it is huge range of speeds allow for different consistencies of batter or dough and does not send it flying out of the mixing bowl.

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Along with that heavy weight though is the exceptional build quality, it is hard to find machines this well-built anymore. Nothing about it feels cheap or light, virtually everything is metal and engineered well so everything lines up and fits together well.

The convenience, ease of use, and consistency will be well worth it to anyone who finds themselves often making things from scratch. We haven't encountered any issues with the attachment pins or the blades, as I've seen in other reviews.

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