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Quality Flatware Made In Usa

Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 23 October, 2021
• 8 min read

We set out to find the flatware manufacturers that are making the highest quality forks, knives, spoons, and other utensils right here in the USA. Liberty is the name brand of Sherrill Manufacturing, a family owned and operated business run by Matt Roberts and Greg Owens.

flame flatware liberty usa quality
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They’ve been producing flatware in the U.S. for over 100 years right out of their factory in Sherrill, NY (here are other great products made in New York). Their product quality is among the best, even comparing to international manufacturers, because they take the time to make their flatware with high quality materials (18-10 chromium/nickel stainless steel) that are also sourced from the United States, and test all of their steel to ensure no toxins are present and it meets all health and safety standards.

We dug into Liberty Tabletop product lines a bit more and compiled our recommendations for a variety of popular styles. Since Liberty Tabletop is the only brand we’ll be featuring here, we’ve divided out our recommendations by flatware style.

The forged knives in this set are a heavy weight with a serrated blade, about 9 inches in length. We wouldn’t recommend it for more formal occasions, as the hammered finish doesn’t go well with many finer dish sets.

It features a pillow tip technique, which adds a distinctive end cap to each handle and a rather unique design. This pattern is a very modern look that Liberty recommends for any occasion, whether that is everyday use or more formal settings.

Made from 18-10 chromium/nickel stainless steel, they are built for durability, stain prevention, shine, and virtual elimination of any odd tastes or other oddities that come from using a lower quality piece of flatware. The simple style makes them perfect for pairing with almost any dish and flatware combination.

usa tin tools shears industrial snips metal forged metalworking steel
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However, with the pillow tip finish on these steak knives, we recommend pairing with the Lexington pattern for the most consistency. We looked for styles that are very popular among the previous buyers of these flatware products, and that go well with a wide variety of settings from casual to formal.

Durability more so means rust prevention and ability to clean safely and effectively. Speaking of high quality materials, those also come into play when thinking about the safety of your flatware.

Silver Superstore features, made in the U.S.A. flatware, brands we stock are Liberty Tabletop, Gino, take a look at our inventory and if you have any questions please feel free to call us at (1-800) 426-3057. Excludes sale and clearance.

Our fork and spoon set is manufactured 100% here in the USA of the finest 18/10 stainless steel. Perfect for kids ages 2 and up learning to feed themselves and transitioning to adult flatware.

Our children’s spoon was designed to make it easy for young eaters to reach the corners and edges of any bowl, and our children’s fork was designed with rounded tines for safety, while ensuring that they are still perfect for capturing food. Our manufacturer meets or exceeds all federal and state environmental regulations and standards and never uses harsh or carcinogenic chemicals in their process.

flatware weave liberty usa tabletop stainless steel serving 1810 includes pieces piece service amazon modern pattern bestseller lincoln ss
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The term flatware is used to describe knives, forks and spoons that most of us would call cutlery. Flatware, of course, is used by all of us but because modern lifestyles often do not involve sitting down to formal dining many have a motley collection of stainless steel or silver-plated hand-me-downs chucked into a kitchen drawer.

It is ugly in the extreme to see the bare nickel showing on the back of a spoon and with certain foods it will give a disgusting taste of metal. In the past in the best houses even the servants sat down to a proper meal using a full set of silver cutlery and serving dishes but these days it may be only on occasions such as Christmas that we suddenly realize that if the dining table is to look complete then, at the very least, a matching set of knives and forks would be nice.

There has, of late, been a resurgence of interest in formal dining with cookery programs hosted by celebrity chefs among some of the most popular television shows and dining room layouts and table settings featured in many of the glossy lifestyle magazines. With so much effort exerted in the production and presentation of fine food and such artistic flair lavished on the table settings one can easily understand why the hosts and hostesses of today are eager to acquire beautiful silver flatware to complete the picture.

The combination of these metals makes the flatware very durable and resistant to rust. Other materials, such as silver, are also good for flatware, but stainless steel is the more affordable choice for everyday use.

Stainless steel flatware also has the advantage of coming in various styles, levels of quality, and price ranges. Personalized flatware is a unique present, ideal as gift for anniversaries and wedding guests.

candra foodservice tabletop liberty libertytabletop
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As the sole manufacturer to use FDA and EU food-grade approved inks, Aardvark is the only company... Preserve, a certified B Corporation, makes stylish, eco-friendly products for the home including ...

Oneida Liberty's Light 20 PC Flatware Set For 4 18/8 Stainless Steel Made In USA | Shop Your Way: Online Shopping & Earn Points on Tools, Appliances, Electronics & more Skip to content Oneida Liberty's Light A Discontinued Pattern Made In The USA Pattern Is also Known As First Light Superior 18/8 Stainless Steel Service For 4 People Carefree: High Quality Crafted From The Finest 18/8 Stainless Steel For Maximum Corrosion Resistance And A Silver Like Luster, Rust And Staining free. Never Needs Polishing Completely Dishwasher Safe Carefully Finished For Easy Cleaning And Long Lasting Beauty.

Liberty Tabletop “Lexington” 18-10 Flatware Set 65 Piece Store, MADE IN the USA ! Using silver flatware from any of these luxury brands give you the same eating experience as royalty and elite families of the 18th and 19th centuries.

One of the best-known Italian fashion brands in the world, today Armani covers all the fields of luxury, including interior design and furniture. With its generous and round lines, Armani’s flatware set “Veneer” blends tradition and modernity in a well-balanced and tasteful product that cannot but impress favorably your guests.

Classicism is revisited in a modern key in the simple, but not trivial, lines of this fine example of the best flatware sets. Their collection of flatware sets comes out in several designs, in order to satisfy the exigence of all customers of a top quality hand-crafted product.

snips tin tools metal shears industrial usa steel forged metalworking farm antique
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Christopher’s cutlery suites, so classically decorated and accurately well-finished, are among the best flatware sets of our gallery, having the rare quality of being fit for any occasion where luxury is a must. From the most classical to the most modern and stylized coteries, David shows a total mastery in creating ones of the best flatware sets we have ever seen.

A big luxury product trader, Gracious Style provide you with a great marketplace where it is possible to buy any posh item that you need to furnish your house. The best flatware sets are available in their catalogs, like the elegant Eris, a suite of cutlery made out of silver that shows a timeless classical design.

The results are sumptuous luxury products outstandingly inspired by Art Bureau that are often enriched with elegant sculptured ornamentation. It is a perfect cutlery suite apt for any formal occasion, from a party at the embassy to a grand gala in a posh five-star hotels.

Each single individual piece of this historic cutlery set features a characteristic decoration with five rings at the top of its handle. One of the best flatware sets on the market because of its unique art-deco design which is said to evoke the façade of the Hotel Martinez in Cannes.

Baguette, a sterling silver cutlery suite, features rounded and polished lines which well express the fine sensuality of the purest Italian art. Abbey, a creation of the designer Wilfred Moll, features a linear simplicity and a total lack of decorations.

candra flatware samples libertytabletop tabletop liberty sized
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The classical, yet clean, lines of the cutlery set displayed in the photo above give evidence of the mastery of Sheffield Cutlery’s craftsmen.

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