"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Quirky Cooking Utensils

James Lee
• Saturday, 23 October, 2021
• 7 min read

Fortunately, creative label Otto has found a way to infuse must-have kitchen utensils with unexpected whimsy. The Jungle Spoon by Otto features a whimsical green leaf design that will complement salads, veggies, and pasta dishes alike.

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Inspired by traditional bear rugs (but with a cute contemporary look), this silicone mat will give you maximum coverage for any torrid pots and pans. Scroll down to see these unique kitchen utensils and head on over to My Modern Met Store to find more gifts for cooks.

Amazon Instantly upgrade all of your favorite foods with a blanket of okay, gooey, melty cheese. You can cut into a cold stick of butter and quickly melt it onto a piece of toast with no problem.

Amazon Breakfast just got a lot more adorable with this griddle that makes mini pancakes in seven cute animal shapes. These silicone cups are made to fit all avocado varieties just right, so you can enjoy your favorite fruit for longer.

Fill the body with your favorite loose-leaf tea then steep by resting the dinosaur on the edge of your mug. Amazon Get the perfect pulled pork every time with bear claws that let you unleash your inner meat beast.

Uncommon Goods This ceramic dish helps make eggs that layer seamlessly onto any bagel. Simply whisk your eggs, add any fillings, microwave, and plop atop a bagel for a quick, easy, and hearty breakfast.

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Uncommon Goods This easy-to-use kit turns any melon, or even a pumpkin, into a keg that you can fill with juice, liquor, or any other beverages for delicious drinks fresh from the source. It makes a flavorful addition to soups, on top of meat and veggies, or even just smothered on bread.

With compartments to toast your bread, cook your eggs, and heat up some bacon, this small appliance gets the job done in five minutes, which is great for mornings when you're running low on time. These reusable utensils keep your paws clean so you can enjoy some of the messiest finger foods, like ribs and wings, without the actual mess.

Amazon Get a full meal with just one pan using a convenient skillet that seriously streamlines the cooking and cleaning processes. Musicians and chefs alike will love these basic wooden spoons with a musical twist.

Amazon This little piggy will easily separate your egg yolks and whites, plus give you a laugh while you do so. Amazon Peeling vegetables is a lot less boring when you use this colorful monkey peeler.

Amazon This little chicken drumstick keeps herbs and spices together to add quick flavor to stews, soups, and more. Amazon Attach this cute silicone flower onto your pot so steam doesn't get trapped while cooking.

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Amazon Get the crispiness of pan-fried bacon in the microwave with this simple gadget that also collects extra grease, which you can toss or use for cooking later. All you need is this little gadget, some chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, and a microwave to get the full S'mores experience from the comfort of your kitchen.

A week later, we find little pieces of corn hiding behind our coffee makers. This corn stripper quickly and easily separates your kernels from the cob without making a mess.

Simply add your ingredients into this bottle, shake, and squeeze onto a hot griddle. Twist and repeat, and you're left with perfectly chopped lettuce and veggies.

Williams Sonomawilliams-sonoma.compere's really nothing tastier than biting into a thick, gooey, cheese-stuffed burger, but they can be hard to make at home. This burger press provides a perfect mold for your stuffed patties, with a top piece that compacts the meat around your filling.

Smart Touch amazon.coached Al Denote is a waterproof timer that you drop into boiling water with your pasta. He serenades you when the pasta is cooked to a perfect al dente, so you never overcook your noodles.

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Perfect your pasta-making skills with a smart spill-stopping tool that'll keep boiling water from overflowing and splattering all over your stove. Its unique, two-tier lid effectively lets steam and pressure escape, so you're not stuck scraping off burnt-on spills long after your pasta is gone.

This 10.25-inch preseasoned cast iron skillet is a workhorse in the kitchen and is one of those adult purchases you'll thank us for later. Strain your pasta with ease using this gadget that clips on to the side of your pot, eliminating the need for those bulky bowl strainers that never fit into the sink or your cabinet properly.

Bosley Holland Paraclete To-Go Mini Palette Set Make your cheesy dreams a delicious reality with this portable mini palette machine from Bosley Holland.

Each component of this sandwich maker cooks or toasts any individual egg-sandwich ingredients you want. With more than 72,000 reviews, this Instant Pot IP-DUO60 6-quart model is one of the most popular iterations of the gadget.

Made In Cookwaremadeincookware.come've all played that endless game where you hunt around your cabinets for the proper-sized lid to fit your pot. Luckily, this genius silicone universal lid from Made In Cookware eliminates the guesswork for good.

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YayLabsamazon.comic you've ever wanted to make your own ice cream, this interactive ball totally shakes up the classic churning process. Fill up one side with edible ingredients (heavy cream, white sugar, and vanilla extract), and pack in tons of ice and rock salt in the other.

When you're ready to roll, simply kick, toss, or shake your way to a dreamy pint of ice cream. If you use this knife to cut carrots, you can also replicate the cafeteria style vegetable medley you avoided eating as a kid.

Bear Paws Pulled Pork Shredder Claws Kilneramazon.comic you've ever made butter using a Mason jar, a marble, and some heavy cream, this is basically the same thing but less labor-intensive.

Never again would they find themselves caught short of a ramekin when a dinner guest unexpectedly brought a plus one. Or sadly scrap plans to make a yummy dish because they couldn’t find some obscure but ‘essential’ utensil.

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