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Safe Cookware For Birds

Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 26 June, 2022
• 9 min read

Read in 4 minutes am long overdue for getting appropriate bird- safe cookware to use around my African Grey. Both are similar in that they use PTFE in their non-stick surfaces which is harmful to animals and humans alike to various degrees.

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The poisoning is triggered by “No Stick” cookware treated with “Teflon” aka polytetrafluoroethylene. The fumes of an overheated PTFE pan can kill a bird in minutes 3 rooms away.

That leaves 3 ways to achieve a kitchen full of bird- safe cookware, the first being “ceramic” coated cookware. Manufacturers and marketers of ceramic coated cookware claim they are ultra- safe, with no chemicals or heavy metals and are very durable….

Consider this your ultimate guide to the safety, ease of use and durability of non-stick ceramic coated cookware. Ceramic non-stick coatings are typically made from inorganic minerals, primarily silicon and oxygen.

The big issue with stainless steel is that food can stick. This is usually due to overheating the pans, learning to cook at lower temperatures makes all the difference.

The image above is a sample of our collection bought at resale shops and yards sales over 2 years. Food can get low levels of inorganic iron if the pan is not well seasoned but that has nothing to do with the issue of “fumes” that are toxic to birds.

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Cast iron pans emit no toxic fumes. They require your due diligence but cook quite nicely when dealt with properly as explained in the video below.

Written by Mitch German approved by Catherine Tossing When I got my green cheek conjure, Rico, last July, I had no idea how much my life would change.

I enjoy all aspects of preparing a meal from prepping ingredients to eating the finished product. Because non-stick cookware releases a colorless, odorless gaseous toxin and can kill birds within 24 hours ...if not sooner.

This makes a bird extremely vulnerable and sensitive to any kind of scent, smoke, or airborne toxins. Most non-stick cookware is made with chemicals like Teflon, more specifically PTFE and FOA, which are the colorless and odorless toxins released into the air as the pan is heated up.

Stainless steel and cast iron skillets are some of the most popular alternative cookware options that didn't contain harmless chemicals. There are ways you can make stainless steel cookware non-stick, but it required a lot of maintenance and time.

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Cast iron skillets are also a great alternative, but I never really enjoyed cooking with them and found them hard to maintain. The pots and pans were being championed by health-conscious moms for not only being PTFE-free, but also being free of FOA, PFA, lead, cadmium, nickel, and other commonly-used toxic metals.

With a little extra research and confirmation from my avian vet, I determined that the Caraway Cookware Set was parrot safe and completely non-toxic (check out the “free of” section under the product). And in addition, the cookware was incredibly stylish and the thoughtful design transcended beyond the pans and lids to the storage.

I may earn a small commission if you purchase Caraway cookware from this blog post. However, I live in a small studio apartment, so he is always in proximity.

Because our birds have such sensitive respiratory systems, we must be extremely careful when choosing cookware and other kitchen appliances. Nonstick coatings contain polytetrafluoroethelyne (PTFE), a polymer that deteriorates when overheated.

The resulting fumes (gas and minute particulate matter) may kill pet birds. Manufacturers disagree about the temperature levels that nonstick surfaces must reach to emit harmful fumes.

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Past research showed that products actually begin releasing such fumes at the beginning of the heating process, and some people reported that pet birds died when nonstick products were heated to temperatures below 560 degrees Fahrenheit. A stove, heated the first few times, might emit fumes from components treated with chemicals intended to inhibit rust and deterioration.

A self-cleaning oven might also give off toxic fumes, perhaps from parts treated with nonstick coatings. When considering the purchase of a new stove or appliance, contact the manufacturer prior to buying.

You’ll usually find an address or telephone number on the label or packaging. Ask if the products include polymers containing PTFE or other potentially harmful chemicals.

Channel behavior expert Marilyn Krieger, CBC, explains the triggers for cat spraying. Any chef or home cooking enthusiast will tell you that not all cookware is made equally.

To be more specific, the PTFE in non-stick cookware releases gas fumes when heated. Though these fumes are unlikely to kill a human, many people have reported flu-like symptoms shortly after being exposed to them.

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It was invented in 1946 by Dupont, but has recently been deemed as less safe than other forms of cookware. Not only does Teflon release PTFE fumes, but it’s coating is also brittle which results in flaking.

The truth is, no one actually knows how hot Teflon must be before it releases harmful fumes. With that being said, others believe that Teflon and other non-stick coatings can release harmful fumes at much lower temperatures than this.

For this reason, if you have a parrot, avoid Teflon and other non-stick brands altogether. When the gasses from the non-stick coating are released into the air, a parrot’s lungs can start to fill with their bodily fluid causing them to have difficulty breathing.

While this is normally a good thing, it makes their lungs very sensitive and susceptible to toxins that are released into the air. The smaller the bird, the more susceptible they are poisoning and the less gas it takes to cause harm.

Breathing difficulties Sneezing and wheezing Twitching Random/abnormal blinking patterns Loss of coordination Inability to stand Seizures And in worst case scenario, sudden death If you have recently cooked with Teflon and notice your parrot with any of the above symptoms, take them to a veterinarian immediately.

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Remember, you don’t have to actually feed your parrot food from the cookware for it to be toxic. Cooking alone will release the fumes, potentially causing harm to your bird.

Even the simple act of preheating the pan can release toxic fumes. The risk of toxic fumes being emitted is increased when there are dents, scratches, or holes in your cookware.

Turn off your source of cooking immediately and remove the heated cookware from your home. Open all windows within your home, especially within the room your parrot resides.

Once you have removed your parrot from the source, take them to the veterinarian immediately and explain the situation. If treated quickly, there is a high likelihood that your parrot will survive.

Older ceramic cookware can start to chip, which can cause harm to your bird. Stainless steel is safe for cooking your parrots food, and doesn’t come with any chipping or fume concerns.

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Most cookware is safe, but anything with a non-stick coating can release toxic fumes that can cause harm to your bird. If you are worried that your parrot is experiencing Teflon poisoning, or if you have recently used non-stick cookware in your home, contact a veterinarian immediately to have your parrot checked out.

Lilly & BEA Turbo & PeachesBandit & RaineyQuacky & Ember Sprocket & Chompers Feisty All the links you posted say that they contain no PTFE or FOA, so they should be safe for use around birds.

I'm an avid baker myself and my favorite baking pans are generally non-coated aluminum. Fat Radio's makes fantastic anodized aluminum bakeware that is professional quality and is sold at SUR La Table and often on Amazon as well.

For casserole dishes and the like, I really like Emile Henry's stoneware, which is made in France and lead and cadmium free. Just a few tips on materials for you, since there's a lot out there... this might help to narrow it down.

Generally speaking, aluminum is the best choice for baking cakes, and it's what I'd choose for round cake pans, spring form pans, etc. I would pick anodized aluminum because it makes the surface much harder and it can withstand scrubbing and whatnot.

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That's why they make good casserole dishes: they'll keep your food warmer for longer. Silicone is also a pretty poor heat conductor, but, it's pretty naturally nonstick, so good for different shaped cake pans that might otherwise stick to metal.

So if you want to get the silicone cupcake pan and use it with cupcake liners it will do the job for you, but if you ever want to make muffins without a liner and you like a nice crust on your muffin, a silicone pan won't get you there. For crusty or crispy things, I'd recommend uncoated / enameled stoneware or cast iron.

I mostly use glass and aluminum cookie sheets but when I want specialty shapes and what not for cakes I get scared and nervous · Wilton bakeware does not contain C-8 or FOA (perfluorooctanoic acid).

I had the same question, call the company and ask what non-stick means and if it is FOA and PTFE free You would think company's would make it easy for consumer to purchase their products by providing all the necessary info......

Hello all, I am working on switching my cookware in order to get a bird and was wondering about my bakeware. I contacted Wilton, and they told me the same as Susan in So Cal.

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