"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Slow Cooker Appetizers

James Lee
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
• 8 min read

You can substitute half-and-half for the heavy whipping cream, if desired. 24 This is a great party appetizer that you can make in your slow cooker.

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I make it every year for the Big Game and it disappears. The ingredients sound like something a child would put together but truly it tastes great.

This is an appetizer so it could feed less or more depending on the size of your football fans. Red currant jelly is the special ingredient in this rich, sweet and tangy sauce.

87 Cream cheese and diced tomatoes with green Chile go well together with sausage in this dip that is sure to please. 21 When I couldn't figure out what to do with a roll of bulk chorizo sausage, this recipe was born.

136 Slow cooked sweet and sour meatballs with a twist. 8 A great alternative to the classic buffalo chicken dip for those that don't like spicy foods.

11 This recipe is easy to throw together and goes over great at potlucks. Doubling the recipe makes the perfect amount to fit in my 5-quart slow cooker.

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You can adjust the spicy level according to the type of tomatoes with green Chile peppers you buy. 13 I make this every year for my Big Game parties and everyone raves over it.

The slow cooker gives this recipe ease, while the flavors keep things exciting! Serve with sour cream, guacamole, or avocado ranch salad dressing.

Instead of sweating in the kitchen by yourself while your guests are having a drink, free your time, and hands, by using one of our easy crackpot appetizer recipes. Our collection of slowcookerappetizers ranges everywhere from meatballs, hot dogs, and chicken wings to hot dips, fondues, and spiced nuts to give you plenty of ideas for how to throw a stress-free party.

Loved by guests, meatballs also make great leftovers for hoagies and pasta dishes. BBQ Beef Meatballs with homemade barbecue sauce and flavored with onion soup mix.

Betty's Meatballs cooked in grape jelly, ketchup, and chili sauce. Similarly, Southern Meatballs use grape jelly but also a touch of mustard for some kick.

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Tangy Party Meatballs use beef and sausage and cook in a Worcestershire sauce mixed with ketchup, brown sugar, and vinegar. Diana Rattrap Maybe not everyone on your guest list is a beef eater, so think about these white-meat alternatives when preparing your menu.

Coat these meatballs with garlic, rice vinegar, ginger, orange marmalade, and sesame oil after 15 minutes in the oven. They're cooked for 5 hours in a spicy sweet and sour Poland and garlic sauce.

The meatballs are bound with egg and rice, and a tomato-basil sauce makes them moist and juicy. Diana Rattrap For a less formal gathering than a sit-down dinner, dips, chips, and crudités are always a great idea.

Refried Bean Dip with taco seasoning, Monterrey cheese, onions, and Tabasco is filling and creamy. It's a sweet and savory dish that uses brown sugar, soy, and apple cider vinegar to create crunchy bites of tender tofu.

Add any other pizza topping your family loves, like mushrooms or sausage. Corned beef, sauerkraut, cream cheese, and Havarti make a creamy dip in 4 hours.

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Hamburger Dip is flavored with cumin, jalapeño, tomato sauce, and cream cheese. It cooks in 2 hours and goes ideally with sturdy chips or even served in mini buns as a sloppy Joe.

Mini hot dogs are always one the most sought after appetizers at large parties because they're flavorful and filling. Easy to serve, they're perfect to accompany a cold beer or a drink.

Little Smokes use brown sugar, allspice, white vinegar, apricot preserve, and ketchup. Sweet and smoky, the little hot dogs are wrapped in bacon and baked until crunchy (approximately 30 minutes), then transferred to a crackpot where they're cooked for 1 hour with spicy mustard, brown sugar, and maple sauce.

If this is the only dish you're offering as a starter, think of 2 to 3 ounces of meat per person because the heavy garlic and spice presence in kielbasa makes them very filling, and you'd want your guests to have room for more. Cook it whole and place it in a baguette, slice it in mini sandwiches, or secure with party skewers.

Kielbasa in Beer and Mustard is full of flavor and all the 8 hours of cooking time are worth the wait. A sweet and savory dish, it makes a filling main when paired with a creamy potato salad.

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They're moist and flavorful, and the sesame seeds and green onions on top make them totally irresistible. BBQ Chicken Wings are cooked to perfection in a honey and barbecue sauce.

Transfer the wings to the slow cooker after 20 minutes under the broiler, add the sauce, and cook for 2 hours. Sticky Slow Cooker Chicken Drumsticks is a wonderful recipe for kids and adults and the perfect dish for game day.

Provide a small plate per guest to avoid spillage, offer plenty of napkins, and keep the wine coming alongside one of these fondue ideas: It needs 2 hours in the slow cooker, enough time to cube your bread and prepare a bowl of red and green grapes, baked mushrooms, sliced apples, and meats.

Diana Rattrap Nuts and party mixes are great for vegetarian and vegan guests, but also favorites for anyone who enjoys the salty, fatty crunch of peanuts, tree nuts, pretzels, and chips. Sugared Pecans are a sweet treat that's an excellent companion to cheese plates and charcuterie spreads.

Our pecans are also a great topping for salads with Gorgonzola or blue cheese. Boiled Peanuts have a beautiful appearance and are a great addition to a game day gathering.

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Put 1 cup of cooked peanuts each in individual brown paper bags for each guest to eat and use as a vessel for the shells. Our savory party mix features a combination of peanuts, cereal, and pretzels with a variety of spices and seasonings.

The slow cooker is great for making meatless meals, we also love vegetarian Cajun 15 bean soup! We make prime rib just a few times a year, and we always buy too much.

It has a rich buttery onion broth that is great with homemade croutons and cheese broiled on top. Make a big batch of these slow cooker mashed potatoes for your dinner or even holiday get-together.

This is a classic flavored recipe that is great alongside turkey or ham. If you have two slow cookers try either my brown sugar ham or my turkey breast recipe in your other slow cooker.

Did you know you can make moist and decadent gingerbread cake right in your slow cooker ? We make this dessert every Christmas and serve topped with ice cream.

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