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Stand For Small Mixer

James Lee
• Sunday, 26 June, 2022
• 12 min read

Whether you have a permanent installation or an outdoor mobile rig, placement is key. If your mixer happens to be a piece of software on your computer, there are a selection of awesome stands designed to securely hold your laptop.

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You can mix your live performance right from your chair with a small, unobtrusive mixer on a stand right next to you. This is super useful if you are making use of your digital mixer's recording interface to capture your live performance.

Our friendly Sales Engineers have all the specs and a ton of hands-on experience with our live sound gear. Our test cooks use them daily to effortlessly mix, whip, and knead, and we've even found some unexpected uses, such as shredding pulled pork and mashing potatoes.

Kitchen, the maker of our two favorites, released its Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Sandpiper, which promised to save counter space but still offer the same power as its full-size siblings. To find out if these claims were true, we tested it and two other mini stand mixers, all with bowl capacities of 3.5 quarts or fewer and priced from about $40 to about $250.

The second design offered what industry experts refer to as “planetary action,” a term used to describe how a single beater that spins on an axis circles the mixing bowl in the opposite direction (much like the way the earth revolves around the sun). This mixer also struggled through our most basic tests; it was unable to thoroughly whip cream, beat egg whites to soft peaks, or produce a glossy half-batch of meringue.

We guessed these features were meant to help the beaters more effectively mix ingredients, but the yogurt remained streaked even after we manually turned and shifted the bowl. Their spinning beaters efficiently circled the bowl, ensuring that there was no unmixed flour in cake batter and that chocolate chips were evenly distributed in cookie dough.

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Two of the mixers, whose bodies were made of plastic and weighed 8.6 and 3.65 pounds, compensated for their weight with suction cups secured to their bases. Our favorite mini stand mixer, which weighed about 16 pounds, was heavy enough that it didn't jump around during testing but still light enough to carry without difficulty.

While we expect a stand mixer to make some noise, testers were startled by how loud the two lighter mixers were. Bridget Snyder, mechanical engineer and associate professor at Northeastern University, explained that as mixer attachments rotate, they vibrate.

The two stand mixers that operated via planetary action easily mixed cookie dough and cake batter; kneaded bread dough; whipped meringue to stiff, glossy peaks; and whipped cream. Snyder explained that the true measurement of a mixer's power comes down to torque, not wattage.

A good stand mixer not only has attachments that rotate quickly, Snyder said, but also puts a lot of force (in the form of torque) behind each revolution. We also consulted Duncan Freak, a senior mechanical engineer with Exam Continuum, a global innovation design firm in Boston, Massachusetts.

Despite the mini mixer being just a couple of inches smaller and width than the other Kitchen models, testers quickly noticed the size and weight difference, finding the 16-pound Artisan Mini much easier to lift and maneuver than its 21.25- and 26.6-pound siblings. If you're a serious baker who frequently relies on your stand mixer to power through tough recipes or big batches and you have the kitchen space, we recommend our two full-size favorites.

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But for those who find storage space and/or mixer weight to be a concern, we recommend the Kitchen Artisan Mini 3.5 Quart Tilt-Head Sandpiper. Granted, this mixer costs more than the Kitchen Classic Plus stand mixer, but our take is that you get what you pay for.

If you're a casual baker and like to have a mixer on hand for occasional projects but don't want to devote serious kitchen space to this appliance or find the larger Kitchen stand mixers too heavy, the Kitchen Artisan Mini is a great choice. We used each to whip egg whites and heavy cream and to make our recipes for meringue, Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Confetti Layer Cake, Large-Batch Vanilla Frosting, and Whole-Wheat Pita Bread.

Performance: Products were awarded top marks if they easily whipped small quantities of ingredients (such as 1 cup of heavy cream), creamed butter and sugar, made an entire batch of cookies, mixed cake batter, handled a large batch of frosting, and kneaded stiff bread and pizza dough. The best mixers had controls that were simple to understand and operate and were easy to lift and maneuver but still powerful enough to tackle most recipes.

Ease of Use: We awarded points to mixers that were intuitive to use and had bowls and attachments that were simple to put in place and remove. Give yourself a rest and stop wasting your precious time on hand mixing the ingredients.

The unique mixing technology ensures as many as 59 touchpoints per rotation around the bowl. Delivering smooth results with any ingredients, it will become an irreplaceable helper in the home kitchen.

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Tilt-back head, Power outlet for optional attachments, Bowl with an ergonomic handle, Splash guard with pour spout and recipe book included This stationary countertop mixer will become a reliable and functional helping hand for all novice cooks with little to no experience in baking.

With an explanatory mixing guide on the unit body and a comprehensive recipe book included in the set, you'll be able to quickly hone your culinary skills and consistently get the desired results. This model comes fitted with an advanced safety interlock system that will disable operation unless the attachments are set correctly or a tilt-back head is fixed.

Tilt-back head, Bowl with an ergonomic handle, Splash guard with pour spout and recipe book included The machine set includes 2 dough hooks for maximum efficient kneading and 2 large beaters for smooth whipping.

With that, all removable parts are easy to maintain and can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher. If your kitchen is on a smaller side and the countertop space is limited but you long to have a stand mixer, this practical and affordable Dash mixer is for you.

And though 3 Qt volume is not the highest bowl capacity out there, it is still enough for an average family of two or three. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors.

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Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and/or their products) are presented, and in some cases may also impact the scoring that is assigned to them. In fact, Company/product listings on this page DO NOT imply endorsement by the site operator.

Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. Multiple Touchpoints When looking for a stand mixer for home use, you probably want to choose a high-quality model that will cope with all kinds of mixing.

If this is so, consider the Kitchen KSM150PS Artisan stand mixer, one of the most popular models in the line of the brand, offering a clever combo of power, excellent design and impressive functionality. The Kitchen KSM150PS Artisan standmixer's fitted with a 325-watt electric motor that delivers high mixing performance to let you achieve equally great results with all sorts of blends, be it whipping egg whites or kneading bread dough.

Meanwhile, a 5-quart bowl is large enough to hold both smaller and larger batches, depending on whether you cook for a family dinner or for some kind of feast. This very technology ensures a thorough mixing without lumps, so you get a smooth blend no matter what ingredients you are incorporating.

In order to prevent splattering, the manufacturer has equipped the mixer with a special pouring shield that will also let you add ingredients to the mass without stopping the mixing process. Yet, it is moderately sized and will easily find its place in any average kitchen.

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What’s more, the model is available in more than 20 vivid body colors to perfectly match any kitchen interior and style. Multifunctional Assistant No need to mention, most people use stand mixers for blending the ingredients for the dough.

At a glance, the Kitchen Artisan stand mixer doesn’t differ much from other similar kitchen appliances, but you just need to look closer to find out how multifunctional it is. A wire whip is aimed at whisking egg whites or cream.

A flat beater is a perfect choice if you need to mashed potatoes or mix a cake batter. Add to this 10 speed settings and you can whip, beat, knead, and aerate with ease.

On top of that, the model provides a wonderful possibility to largely extend its functionality by simply buying a whole variety of additional attachments. You’ll probably be surprised to find out that your Artisan stand mixer can also operate as a mincing machine, juicer, ice-cream maker and vegetable slicer too.

Having this stand mixer in your kitchen, you’ll be able not only to knead dough for different baked goods but greatly broaden your culinary horizons on the whole. To cut a long story short, the Kitchen Artisan stand mixer will become an irreplaceable assistant in any home kitchen, meeting the needs of experienced and beginner cooks alike.

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Additional Info Last updated price$0.00Stock May be out of stock ASINB00005UP2PKitchen Aid Artisan Sandpiper Unboxing & Review The plastic bowl rim allows the addition of dry powers without dust flying everywhere.

A Mighty and Versatile Workhorse While Kitchen stand mixers are confident top-liners in numerous ratings, Cuisinart is a runner-up that literally snaps on the leader’s heels. The machine is solidly built, with a bowl and attachments made of strong high-grade stainless steel and the body made of durable and damage-proof food-grade plastic, and will outlast many of you other kitchen appliances, which is proved by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Under the hood, there is an impressively powerful 500-watt motor that will generate enough force to beat and knead through all sorts of ingredients. Whether you are going to knead thicker and denser bread dough or whip up a meringue, the final results will be excellent each time and achieved really fast.

To ensure consistently high mixing performance with coarse and delicate ingredients alike, this model pairs the above-mentioned power with top-quality mixing attachments that rotate in a planetary action to blend all the ingredients in a maximum efficient manner, leaving no clumps or unbeaten chunks. With that, as many as 12 speed settings will let you customize the rotation intensity with close precision to get perfect results with different choices of ingredients.

Other than that, along with a standard attachment kit including a dough hook, whisk, and a flat beater that are meant to cover baking needs, Cuisinart also provides a range of optional attachments that will convert your stand mixer into an all-in-one food processor. That said, you’ll be able to use it for rolling, extruding and cutting homemade pasta, grinding meat for burgers and sausages, and spiralizing veg.

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Add to this a generously sized 5.5 Qt bowl and you’ll get a perfect model for larger batches. A handy splash guard contained in the package will keep all spills and splashes inside, leaving the countertop around the mixer clean and tidy, while a pour spout will let you blend in some additional ingredients to follow some more complicated recipes and get the desired mixing smoothness and consistency.

As such, the Cuisinart SM-50QT is a great choice for bigger families with kids and hearty hosts who often welcome guests. It will also perfectly cover the needs of experienced home bakers who sell their delicacies online as well as for small coffee shops or family cafés.

Though stand mixers are pretty straightforward and easy-to-use appliances, the hardest part for a novice cook is how to properly adjust the appliance operation to achieve the desired results and how to mix ingredients. And while for most beginners, it’s a matter of trial and error, this Hamilton Beach mixer will take every guesswork out of the whole process.

Next to it, a handy recipe book included in the package contains a whole deal of simple and more sophisticated recipes with detailed instructions to help you bake anything from yummy pizzas and humble cookies with chocolate chips to exquisite birthday cakes and homemade bread. As for the rest, the Hamilton Beach 63391 doesn’t differ much from professional-grade stand mixers.

It has three standard attachments in the kit to knead the dough and thick batters, whip creams, and whisk fluffy mixtures. Mixing is a pretty messy process, especially when blending liquid ingredients at high speeds, splashes and spills are inevitable.

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To keep that pesky mess at bay, the model comes complete with a splash guard. However, the splash guard here will stably lock in place and won’t dribble or slide off during operation.

And an oversized pour spout allows mixing in any additional ingredients you need. A stand mixer most often rests on the countertop, however, if you want to stow it away to the cabinet or closet, carrying it with a handle will be much more convenient.

In a brief, distinguished by a thought-out designed and built with user convenience in mind, the Hamilton Beach 63391 is a worthy purchase for any domestic kitchen and a real kind for novice bakers who seek to hone their skills. A Reliable Helping Hand for Avid Bakers Though homemade pastries and sweets might be not always as aesthetically pleasing as those bought in the store, they are often much more delicious and definitely healthier since you know exactly what you made those delicacies from.

So, if you have hand in baking and seek to optimize the preparation process, a functional and reliable stand mixer, like this from Hamilton Beach is the right choice. All sorts of dough, batters, cream, and mousses are about smooth texture and homogeneity.

So, thorough mixing and proper technique are the keys to achieving perfect cooking results afterward. Just like most units of this type, the Hamilton Beach 63227 uses planetary action to deliver even and uniform mixing and to provide maximum bowl coverage, thus, leaving no ingredients stuck on the bowl walls and breaking down the tiniest clumps the thick and dense types of dough are often prone to.

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Thus, by using a convenient switch on the top of the mixer, you can go from slow stirring through mid-speed beating and kneading to fast whipping that will work great for anything from sticky Easter cake dough to muffin batters to airy creams and delicate fluffy whipped egg whites. Fitted With Thought-out Safety Features Functionality aside, the Hamilton Beach 63227 is distinguished by a well-thought design.

Accommodating an ample 4.5Qt bowl suitable for full-size batches, the model boasts a slimmer profile and is more compact than many similar rivals. Despite a smaller size, the whole construction is very sturdy and stable and the bowl locks in place for added stability during operation.

It means the motor won’t start in case the mixing attachments are installed incorrectly or a tilt-back head is not fixed in a proper position. Created with smaller kitchens in the focus, this model is fairly compact, mainly due to a bit of different design with a smaller footprint and slimmer body, which is only 12.5 inches tall.

As far as the Dash mixer performance goes, it won’t compete with pro-grade premium models, yet, it is mighty enough to cover your home kitchen needs. There are 2 dough hooks for kneading and 2 beaters for whisking, whipping, and creaming.

Meanwhile, 6 variable speeds will let you precisely adjust the mixing action to the task at hand. And though this model uses central action, by changing the bowl position to blend along the bowl sides, you will easily achieve smooth and efficient mixing results with minimum effort on your side.

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Mix in Style When it comes to the mixer design, the Dash DCSM250BK is a really quality appliance. The tilt-head will let you easily install and change the attachments and all removable parts including a steel bowl are dishwasher safe for quick maintenance.

Other than that, since a stand mixer normally stays on the countertop, the unit appearance is also not the last thing to consider, especially if you have a studio. Vice versa, packed into a sleek design in classy black color with elegant steel accents, it will add a dash of style to any modern interior.

More than that, the model is available in a few more color patterns for you to choose the one that will seamlessly blend with your decor. To sum up, the Dash stand mixer will make a functional addition to any smaller kitchen to cook homemade delicacies almost in a flash.

In fact, it is often one of the first appliances people usually buy when they start to build their kit of essential tools. A stand mixer is designed to mix and whip up the ingredients, allowing it to cater to many cooking needs, starting from processing dough to making purées, smoothies and other delicious dishes.

The advantage of a stand mixer over a handheld device is in the higher motor power, letting you achieve ideally even mixture, which is especially important when making batter. As it is easy to guess, the higher the power is, the easier it will be to process the ingredients, especially dough and batter.

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So, if that's one of the reasons why you're being a stand mixer, it is important to look towards high-performance devices, delivering enough power to let you cope with all those tasks. Planetary rotation is considered the most effective; naturally, only expensive models use it.

The main difference between these two mixing methods is how the nozzles move inside the bowl. If you choose a plastic one, make sure it is of high quality and has no harmful chemicals in its contents.

Usually, stand mixers come supplied with such accessories as beaters (for whipping) and dough hooks (for kneading). Depending on the brand and price, stand mixers can be quite rich on extra features.

A slow-start, for example, will let you be in control of the mixing process, preventing the food from the splattering on the countertop. In some models, it is possible to detach a bowl and attachments and change the unit into a handheld mixer, which can help with certain tasks.

Such features as a separate outlet for attachments and a pouring shield can also be added in some stand mixers, contributing to their functionality and practicality.

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