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The Air Fryer Cookbook

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 26 June, 2022
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Amazon.comic you just bought an air fryer, you're going to be hungry for recipes, so this book with a whopping 600 different dishes should keep you busy for quite a while! Amazon.comic you're going to trust anyone with your air frying fate, it should probably be Meredith Laurence, she of Blue Jean Chef and a million other cookbooks' fame.

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“I can't even describe how much I love this book,” one Amazon user wrote. “This cookbook makes vegan eating even more fun than it already was.

Jalapeño poppers, Mongolian tofu, what's not to love?” We're HUGE fans of the site Skinny taste, so of course we love their airfryercookbook.

It can be easy to get carried away when popping things into the air fryer but this cookbook can keep you on track when you're just cooking for you and one other person. It also features a handy how-to guide for air fryer novices.

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Windows Phone The recipes in this book are guaranteed to be “big on flavor and low on calories and cleanup.” Each meal used only one “vessel,” be it your air cooker, Instant Pot, or something else, so that you have fewer dishes to clean.

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Recipes are organized by the type of cooker to be used, helping you plan the perfect simple, healthy meal. Gina Gomulka, author and photographer, manages the Skinny taste website, dedicated to “delicious, healthy, family-friendly recipes made with real food.” Gina has personally tested all the included recipes, even getting approval from her “toughest critics,” her family and friends.

You’ll learn to cook healthy meals in your air fryer all day long, from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to appetizers and desserts. “Only high-quality recipes will reveal the whole aroma and taste of dishes cooked in an air fryer,” states the book’s publication notes.

You’ll find this to be true when the wonderful aromas of the 395 pages of recipes found therein fill your home and delight your senses. Sanders strives to empower you, her readers, “to discover your natural creativity with nutrient-rich fuel as a means to longer, more vibrant living.” Her passions include making everyday foods extraordinary, tracing food origins, and informing of the health benefits of consuming olive oil.

“When you think ‘ air fryer,’ you probably don’t think mixed berry muffins for breakfast, tuna zucchini melts for lunch, or spicy Thai beef stir-fry for dinner.” That’s how author Linda Larsen introduces this “complete” cookbook. It contains over 100 recipes that take your air fryer from simple air frying to steaming, grilling, roasting, and baking.

You’ll also find detailed nutritional information that may convince you of the health benefits of air frying, as well and timing and temperature charts. Linda Larsen holds bachelor degrees in biology, food science, and nutrition.

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She has developed recipes for companies such as Pillsbury and Malt-O-Meal, and her writing has been featured in Woman’s Day, Quick and Simple, and First magazines. Then, dive in to over 100 additional recipes in Air Fry Genius, available as an e-book or a 270-page paperback.

Even if you’re not pursuing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you can learn to make crispy French fries, potato chips, jalapeño poppers, egg rolls, and more. Fields works as a career coach and her writing regularly appears in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The Hairdryer Bible contains instructions for preparing over 200 dishes, from sunrise breakfast quesadillas to after dinner delights. The recipes emphasize simple, easy to find ingredients without the use of prepackaged foods laden with chemical additives.

Authors Susan La Border and Elizabeth Hickman have been described as “two cooks from the deep south where bland food is not an option.” La Border is an internet marketer and web designer, and creator of the Healthy Kitchen Shop, a website that helps consumers shop smarter. Hickman has managed the cafeteria of a pharmaceutical company and cooked for Hurrah’s Casino.

Together, these two cooks, one practical and the other adventurous, have devised a cookbook to help all eat healthy, quickly prepared meals with the aid of an air fryer. After a series of family tragedies, she opened her first catering business, The Bag Lady, simultaneously pulling herself and her two sons from the grip of poverty.

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This led to a successful restaurant, cookbooks, television appearances and series, podcasts, and more. Also included are air frying safety tips and instructions for proper air fryer storage and care.

Todd English is the author of four cookbooks, founded a nationally recognized restaurant brand, and has been named one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People.” He has been cooking professionally since the tender age of 15. Whether a novice or an air frying champ, your guests and family will be thrilled with the results when you have one of the industry’s best air fryer cookbooks in hand.

0 Are you fond of cooking delicious appetizers, snacks and meals in your air fryer which are outrageously tasty yet unbelievably healthy? Well here is a selection of most preferred books either by choice of weight-loss or other health criteria, or the palette that allows you to enjoy the tastiest of meals with lower calorie consumption.

The cookbook featuring 130 fast air -fry recipes with no additional fat, or calories is the third compilation written by the infamous- The Blue Jean Chef, Meredith Laurence a graduate from New England Culinary Institute. Meredith has taught and managed two HomeChef® cooking schools, now known as Viking Culinary Arts Centers.

Meredith helps you to get the max out of your air fryer and satisfies the palette and the health factors giving precious tips to how to enjoy your favorite deep-fried foods without additional oil. Additional recipes include Fish and “Chips,” Parmesan Chicken Fingers, Crab Cakes, Cherry Chipotle, Chicken Wings, Fried Cauliflower with Parmesan Lemon Dressing, Coconut Shrimp, Boston Cream Donut Holes, and homemade potato chips.

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Her Cajun chicken fries, Asian whole roasted chicken, bacon-wrapped onion rings, barbecue pork roast, crab cakes, and baked apples are the most cherished recipes that satisfy the palate profoundly. The book is also a real treat for potato-lovers and has an entire chapter devoted to potato dishes inclusive of Shepherd’s Pie Stuffed Potatoes, Air Fried Mac & Cheese Squares, and Fried Asparagus.

View on Amazon This is the ultimate Hairdryer book which fits all occasions, moods and contains recipes fairly easy to prepare. It does not only cover your daily needs, but also takes care of your Sunday meals, special lunches, and Holiday feasts that will have your guests eating out of your hands. You will appreciate the beef and pork entrées, crispy chicken, and some mouth-watering vegetable and seafood meals! It is a versatile book and is sure to make your family satisfied and happy.

View on Amazon The edition goes beyond the fried foods and contains creative recipes that allow you to use your Hairdryer in all capacities. Enjoy mixed berry muffins or Omelette in Bread Cups for breakfast, or Mexican Pizza or Tuna Zucchini Melts for lunch or Sweet and Hot Chicken Wings, or Seafood Tacos for dinner.

There is a vast array of fish, poultry, meat, and vegetarian meals for you to choose from and enjoy. The book also gives nutritional values and guides through charts on temperature and timing and choosing the best Hairdryer for your needs.

A practical cook book which will help you to use your Hairdryer for the daily meals that you enjoy. View on Amazon Nowise USA AirFryerCookbook contains a great variety of 100 delicious entrées categorized under divisions as breakfast lunch, dinner.

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He has also successfully touched upon the daily dishes that most people enjoy, only without the additional fat. He also hosts a TV cooking show, Food Trip with Todd English on PBS.

It is certain to satisfy your cravings for exotic dishes as Veg Tempura, Smokey BBQ Ribs, Coconut Shrimp, etc. View on Amazon Linda has come with a great book for those who love the good food but watch their heart too.

The book contains nutritious meals and truly follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association. More than a 100 delicious and nutritious recipes are written that are low-fat and low-salt yet flavorful and have vegetarian and vegan options as well.

The book also discusses the Hairdryer in detail, its usage, maintenance and all that you should know to get familiar with the device. It is a highly organized book that states the temperature, ingredients and simple instruction to follow to cook each dish.

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