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Type Of Cookware Can You Put In The Oven

Christina Perez
• Saturday, 23 October, 2021
• 6 min read

After a couple of burnt cakes and pans, one becomes the master of the appliance. Oven safe cookware refers to cookware that can withstand oven heat (usually up to 500) for extended periods without melting or getting damaged.

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Most oven safe cookware can also be used on the stove making them ideal for costs cutting. Plastic is known to melt under high heat and it releases toxic fumes which could get into your food.

It may also be a fire hazard since the oven works on extremely high temperatures. Not all metals are oven safe since some chemically react under high temperatures and others do not conduct heat well.

The best metals for the oven are stainless steel and cast iron which do not alter the flavor of the food. Interestingly some can come in shapes of animals and different sizes making your baking process more exciting.

No kitchen enthusiast would want to see any of their polished wooden cookware bent! Despite there being plastics that are oven safe it may be very tricky identifying them since they are very scarce in the market.

Due to the nature of the cookware ’s purpose, pot handles should be long-lasting, comfortable and safe. Also, avoid preheating the pot with stoneware handles since it may also cause breakage even before your food is ready.

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For e.g. skillet handles can only withstand heat up to 350F so wouldn’t be as much help for cooking that requires more than 350F but not to worry. According to Cook’s Illustrated, toucan make your skillet handles ovenproof by wrapping them in a double layer of wet paper towels then cover them with a double layer of aluminum foil.

So as long as the paper towels are wet, the temperatures of the handle wouldn’t exceed 212. Another way would be to use temporary silicone hand covers that are safer.

Silicone takes time to heat and if used in the oven, may withstand high temperatures of only up to 450. The silicone hand covers would work better on pots with a bare metal handle in transferring the pot/pan in the oven, removing the cover and then using it to transfer the hot food out of the oven especially if the food is being put under high temperatures.

For wooden handles, the wrapping method wouldn’t work because at some point the heat will still get to the wood and scorch it drying it out. The best way would be to replace the handles with metal that is oven safe.

Due to the high temperatures in the oven, it is very important to understand what cookware to use in the oven and what not to, to avoid damaging your cookware, and the chemical and fire hazards that could occur. For starters, the type of handle (and then the lid) will determine whether a pot, pan, or skillet can be used in the oven for roasting or baking, i.e., at high oven temperatures, or only at low degrees of heat.

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If the handles are wooden, steel, silicone wrapped or labelled plastic, phenolic, or Bakelite, then read on… There are fairly standard symbols to show that products are oven -safe.

For example, Greenspan’s latest ceramic nonstick cookware designs use advanced technology, making nonstick pots and pans safe for a very hot oven. In terms of PTFE (Teflon) or standard nonstick cookware, in generally, these are not suitable for high heat.

Safety tip: Always use pot holders when taking items from the oven. I have one of these, and yes youcanput it in the oven but only at low heat, i.e., warming temperatures.

I admit my wooden handle has a slight scorch mark from the effects of heat. So if you are wanting to dry off your cast iron pan to avoid it rusting or intend putting it in the oven for re-seasoning, you are limited to warming temperatures.

The thing with wooden handles is that the timber and the lacquer can emit gases when heated to certain levels. This, of course, will vary with the timber and lacquer used, but to be safe, 200ºF is the temperature limit recommended by Tomlinson Industries, according to Hunker.

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Canopus a steel or ceramic frying pan in the oven ? If they are 100 percent ceramic cookware or pure cast iron pans you have no worries at all.

Yes, to any oven temperature, according to the care instructions for this enameled cast iron pot (see the link in the reference section below). Whether toucan use a steel pan in the oven or not will depend on the type of handle (see to my comparison table below).

You might also wonder, is my slow cooker pot oven safe? I used my slow cooker’s 5.5 qt ceramic pot in the oven recently when I found I had no other bakeware in the size for the dish I was preparing.

Apart from restrictions such as a nonstick coating, the oven -safe temperatures for cookware depend a lot on the material used in the handles and features. It matches the oven -safe temperatures against the various materials of typical cookware.

Otherwise, check if there is a mark stamped on the underside indicating whether it is an ovenproof pan. If you ’re looking to buy new or replacement pans, but not sure which option to choose, stainless or nonstick, check out this article.

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Sometimes a recipe consists of you cooking your food over a stove then putting it in the oven. I bet the idea of putting your pot in the oven has crossed your mind one too many times.

If you are wondering what type of pot toucan use in your oven ; here are some things you should look out for; The first thing you should do is to check at the bottom of the pot to see if there’s a symbol showing that youcanput it in the oven. The metal used to make a pot also shows whether it is oven safe or not.

It can also be used to deep-fry foods as it has been made using sturdy material. Sometimes French pots are referred to as enameled Dutch ovens.

These French oven pots are used for cooking a plethora of dishes for example briskets, beef, roasts and poultry. They are cheaper and lighter than cast iron pots thus great kitchen investments.

If the pot’s manufacturer has clearly stated that you should not use it inside the oven, you should follow the instructions. Also, standard non-stick pots should never be used in the oven because the non-stick coating will deteriorate from high heat.

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If the pots have silicone handles, they should also not go into the oven because once it melts, it is extremely dangerous. Silicone might be able to tolerate high temperatures for up to 500 degrees, but you don’t want it melting and clinging onto your skin.

Since it is a ceramic pot, toucan use it even with very high heat and it’ll not crack or melt. In conclusion, always ensure you check whether the manufacturer has indicated if the pot is oven safe or not.

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