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What Is Acrylic Glassware

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 8 min read

They boast great sturdiness and can be easily mistaken for real glasses. Sleek crystal-clear acrylic doesn't have any smell, so it won't break or spoil the flavor of your drink.

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A massive bottom ensures stability even if only a small amount of liquid is left in it. The 9-oz tumblers are universal for most drinks (from non-alcoholic soda and juice to your favorite spirits).

The unique form of the sides and the bottom prevents the drink heating from the warmth of your hands. If you drink a lot during hot seasons and you're tired of running back and forth to the fridge to fill the glass, make your choice in favor of this set.

8 glasses with 26 oz volume each will allow filling it with ice and cool drinks. The advanced form of the rim prevents spilling the drink when pouring it from one cup to another.

It is a great option if you make cocktails without using shakers and other special utensils. These practical glasses are suitable for regular home use, for picnics or camping.

The textured outer surface of the glasses prevents them from slipping out of wet hands. If you are throwing a massive party, this set is a must-have: the volume of 20 oz makes them a good decision for various drinks and long-drink cocktails.

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Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. Sustainable and Hard to Break If you are looking for simple drink ware for everyday use, take a closer look at this Classic 9-ounce Plastic Tumbler.

This set of 6 clear acrylic drinking glasses will become a great addition to any kitchen thanks to its classic design and impressive robustness. They are perfectly suitable for all kinds of drinks (from non-alcoholic soda and juice to your favorite spirits).

The BPA-free plastic doesn't have any smell, so it won't break or spoil the flavor of a drink. A massive bottom ensures stability even if the small amount of liquid is left in it.

However, regardless of whether you wash them by hand or in a dishwasher, you will still be able to see spots on the body pretty clearly, so we advise you to dry them with a towel to avoid that. The Classic 9-ounce Plastic Tumbler is a US-made set of acrylic glasses that will serve you for a long time.

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Additional Info Last updated price$16.99Stock In stock ASINB01MTK0HNR US Acrylic Classic 9-ounce The set includes 4 bright glasses in red, yellow, blue and green.

You can stack the glasses together for more compact storage, and they won’t stick thanks to the dappled interior. The max capacity is 8 oz, which is enough if you decide to have a small amount of milk, juice or water.

However, we have to warn you that with this volume you may not be able to fit a lot of liquid if you want to add some ice to your drink on a hot day. Even though these tumblers look and feel like they are made of real glass, they won’t shatter or chip if you accidentally drop them.

Capacious Glasses Do you enjoy chilling during warm evenings in your patio with your favorite or having loud parties in your backyard with cocktails? First, these plastic cups have a large capacity of 26 ounces, so they are equally suitable for serving juice as well as different complicated cocktails.

Thanks to the unique form of the sides and the bottom, your drink won’t heat from the warmth of your hands. Nevertheless, you can still safely wash them in a sink since these cups won’t break even if they accidentally slip out of your hand.

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With this set of 8 clear acrylic cups, you won’t have to run back and forth to the fridge to fill your glass over and over again. You can just sit in your garden, yard or poolside and enjoy your cold drink.

Additional Info Last updated price$0.00Stock May be out of stock ASINB00I4BN09K US Acrylic Optic 26-ounce The US Acrylic Bistro is a set of clear plastic tumblers with a quite basic design.

With a volume of 15 ounces, they are suitable for your morning coffee or your child’s evening milk. The set contains 6 items, so if you have a large family and love to have your friends over, these glasses will become really handy.

What is more, this practical set will serve you well not only at home but also if you want to have a picnic or go camping or and need something to drink. The glasses are made of robust BPA-free plastic and won’t shatter in your backpack.

It is a great option if you love to treat yourself with some cocktails and don’t use shakers and other special utensils. The Acrylic Bistro glasses have a clear body, that’s why we suggest being a bit more gentle with them.

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This is a set of 16 coastal colored 20-ounce glasses designed in a café and restaurant style. These acrylic drinking glasses will be irreplaceable if you want to gather with your friend at your house or near the pool.

They look way more presentable, yet you can be sure that you won't find shattered glass on your floor or in the yard. The textured outer surface of the glasses prevents them from slipping out of wet hands.

They will love these bright cups and even if they accidentally drop them, the plastic they are made of won't break or chip. A lot of users point out that the edges of the glasses are a bit rough.

Additional Info Last updated price$19.99Stock In stock ASINB0756KCKFN US Acrylic Café 20-ounce Sometimes when doing the dishes or cooking, things might fall or slip out of your hands, literally.

An acrylic drinking glass is an affordable and robust option for those who seek a replacement for real glassware. Such a glass is made of acrylic plastic, which is extremely hard to break.

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You can find not only tumblers but also wine goblets, champagne flutes and other models of drink ware. Here you can find reviews on five different sets of acrylic drinking glasses of various capacity for day-to-day use.

These are simple water tumblers, yet they can be of great help during parties and friendly gatherings. It is often used in the aircraft and automobile industry due to its awesome qualities such as light weight, high flexibility and shatter resistance.

Moreover, its higher translucency makes it a perfect carrier for photo prints. Made of transparent plastic, acrylic glass unites both fine and robust qualities and thus offers the perfect basis for long-lasting photo prints.

Since being introduced on to the market, acrylic glass has enjoyed increasing popularity, but not only in connection with photo prints. Break-resistance : Thanks to its material composition, acrylic glass is considerably more resistant against impact and vibration.

This means that your acrylic photo print is also suitable for outdoor areas or in damp rooms such as the bathroom. By the way : Due to the qualities mentioned above, acrylic glass is not only the perfect basis for a photo print but can also be found in shower doors or space dividers, contact lenses and glasses lenses, in the construction of medical prostheses and in the household in the form of salad bowls or drinking glasses.

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For smaller formats of up to a meter in length or breadth, the 3 mm variant is usually sufficient. You should also note that the file should be saved were possible with the printing color spectrum CMYK.

Hanging : Whereas smaller acrylic glass photos are so light that you can use an invisible hanging system to mount them on the wall, larger acrylic prints on 8 mm glass, for example, can quickly become very heavy. The acrylic glass can be processed very easily in this way and the holes for the hanging system can be drilled simply and safely.

Directly above the hob in the kitchen is just about the only place in the house unsuitable for an acrylic photo print. You can even use acrylic glass in outdoor areas such as for an elegant doorbell panel or nameplate, or as a decorative element in the garden.

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