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Xtrema Cookware Reviews

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 14 June, 2021
• 9 min read

Ceramic coating, thin layer that can leach stuff under it when scratched, chipped, etc. Solid ceramic and Pyrex safest option with extreme having the most versatile range of temperatures (cold, heat, stove top, oven, etc).

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It's the best and I don't have to worry about any chemicals attaching to the food I'm making. Due to the non-toxic factors, it simply gives users peace of mind.

High quality, cooks food perfectly, and clean-up is a breeze. It takes awhile to heat up, but once it does, the food cooks quickly and evenly.

Extreme ceramic cookware I received the1-quart Saucepan about 3 weeks ago, not 45 days....... They are easy to clean and safe to cook in.

Good piece of cookware Feels good to cook in a cookware without harmful metals and chemicals. If you are patient and can follow the instructions, this will last you for a long time.

My food budget is expanding enough already with a growing 7-year-old boy and a hefty one-year-old who loves meat. The “something new” gives off fumes that kill birds within second and uses an adhesive that’s strongly linked to cancer and reproductive issues (Teflon).

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It sends scrambled eggs toward the edges where the heat is less intense, and it bugs me. Because of that initial bad taste in my mouth, the pan stayed in the cupboard more often than it came out.

I felt it had failed as a non-stick scrambled eggs pan, and that was my major goal in testing it out. This week I realized I needed to give the ceramic skillet a fair shake again and really see how it held out against cast iron.

I used it to make two dishes that I did exactly the same way in the cast iron and determined which one was (a) easier to cook on and (b) took less time to clean. The photo above was a delicious lunch: sautéed red and green peppers and onions, sweet potato, and crisped Swiss chard with an egg on top.

I had made the same meal with cast iron the week before, and they cooked rather similarly. The Extreme pan took the gold medal by a long shot on “easy to clean” though.

Observe Extreme (and please pardon the photo quality; 7 a.m. is not the best lighting, nor am I entirely lucid at that point): Because you can use soap on ceramic AND whatever scrubbing tool you want, and you don’t have to “season” it with oil afterward, I’m putting it well ahead of cast iron in the scrambled eggs race.

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It does have a 50-year warranty and should hold up under just about any stress, so hopefully, like cast iron, you’ll be able to pass it on to your great-grandchildren. After the ceramic skillet ‘s success in my side-by-side test with cast iron, I started using my Extreme pan regularly for eggs, and I really, really like it.

We often run out of room in our dish rack for pots and pans, and so we just let them dry upside down on the stove. It took me a while to decide if I was going to spring for another one or not, and carry the same risk of it being obliterated (or not) but I did eventually buy another Extreme skillet to replace the broken one.

I’ve made french fries in it so that it’s deep with straight oil. Disclosure: The pan was a free product review from Extreme, but no money changed hands.

Click here to see more product reviews and you’ll also love my resources page, with REAL products that have passed my rigorous testing enough to be “regulars” in the Kimball household, plus some other comprehensive reviews. Extreme is a notable company that designs and makes durable cookware sets.

From plain black pots and pans to green and red, there is something to suit every kitchen. If you are considering investing in a Xtremacookware set, then read below for our extreme ceramic cookware review to make your choice easier than ever before.

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This classic black extreme cookware set comes in 10 unique pieces that offer pots and pans for versatile cooking. Not only is this ceramic cookware stylish but it is also durable and super easy to use.

Additionally, you can store food in the fridge in them without worrying about unsafe toxins. Due to the non-scratch surface, these will withstand scrubbing, hot water, and a good rinse.

Whether you want to steam, boil, fry, cook in the oven or crisp off this set offers a flexible and versatile option. This set is stylish and will fit in with any modern, traditional or contemporary decor.

Each pot comes with a lid, long handles for extra safety when cooking and additional silicon covers. Grab this xtremacookware set and trust out extreme ceramic cookware review to get the best for your home.

If you have a passion for cooking and enjoy the thrill of providing your family with nourishing and healthy food, then you must at some point heard of or come in contact with one of Xtremacookware. The company has since 2004 dedicated all of its resources towards the manufacture of seasoned, non-toxic, safe, and metal free cookware.

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So if you are looking to make a switch from your everyday nonstick metallic cookware to the dependability of ceramics ones, then you probably should consider starting with Extreme products. Based on its physical appearance and texture, it is easy to believe the company’s claim that the entire cooking set is made from 100 percent natural ceramic materials.

Its glossy appearance and feel give a strong indication that you wouldn’t experience any form of leaching while using the cookware during all of your cooking escapades. As expected, they all come with matching lids so you can always keep your food properly covered and tight during and after cooking.

With all of these amazing features that this set of ceramic cookware possessed, we were still unsure about the cooking conditions it can endure. To be fair, after a few trials on stove tops, oven and grilling conditions, these ceramic cookwares came out unscratched.

Cons Ceramic cookware may break if they strike the floor too hard (store carefully) Do not have non-stick coverings It is a bit expensive It comes with a very beautiful silicone pot holder which should make frying food ingredients a lot more fun.

What’s more, the entire body is made from 100% all natural ceramics which will not leach unwanted and toxic metals into your food. In fact, you can cause some cracks on the cookware ’s surface and void its warranty in the process if you are not used to cooking slow and low.

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Asides this not too impressive aspect of the cookware, every other thing seem to add up and you shouldn’t encounter other challenges as long as you use the ceramic frying pan the right way. Extreme ’s 100 percent Ceramic Frying Pan will probably last longer and retain its shiny and beautiful appeal if you use wooden or sometimes plastic cooking utensils.

So just as there are positive sides to using Extreme ’s 100% Ceramic Wok Frying pan, there are also some ‘not-too-positive’ aspects that you’ll have to deal with. Pros Does not leach toxic metal while under use 100% safe and natural alternative to metal non-stick frying pans It has a tight-fitting lid and silicone pot handle for extra safety It is easy to clean up and also dishwasher safe.

Cons It is a little fragile and requires extra care during storage Does not react well sudden temperature change (May crack) Needs frequent oiling since it is not a traditional non-stick frying pan It is 10 inches high and comes with a fitting lid that stops your cooking from splashing all over your kitchen slabs.

Extreme temperatures are a big ‘NO NO’ as you run the risk of cracking the frying pan’s ceramic cooking surface. In fact, to be on the safer side of things, do make sure you put a slightly thick and equally clean towel in between the sets before storing.

While this may sound as though this version of Extreme ’s Ceramic frying pan is fragile, the cookware still possesses some level of versatility. For best results, do not suddenly place cold food items in the already hot Extreme ceramic frying pan.

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