"Always start out with a larger pot than
what you think you need."
— Julia Child

Zebra Cooking Utensils

Bob Roberts
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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Enter the email address associate with your SIB Cookware Center account. Thai sauces constitute some of the most interesting and flavorful condiments found anywhere; browse our vast selection of recipes.

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Delightful and flavorful vegetarian options, from Thai-style noodles with peanut and basil sauce, to spicy Thai corn cakes. Prepare a distinctive meal using ingredients you never thought of pairing with your fish, like pineapple curry, tamarind, green mango and roasted Chile paste.

Choose this soft palette on days when you're looking for extra comfort. Featuring a bold zebra print that'll add personality to your lingerie.

Since you’d be never caught dead with melamine in your cabinets (literally; and on style grounds alone, a capital crime), you don’t really need to be told not to use it. You also really don’t need another article telling you to buy organic zucchini (it’s a wonder how we women manage to survive at all).

A lot of health and sustainability recommendations boil down to safety (which can feel like plain old scaremongering) and call it a day. Rest assured, we spent hundreds of hours (we really did) poring over documents from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as research papers in Dubbed while consulting experts along the way.

According to a draft toxicity report by the EPA, people can be potentially exposed to Gene via drinking water, inhaling air, and consuming food wrapped in Pas containing products. Emerging data from animal studies point to health effects in the kidney, blood, immune system, developing fetus, and especially in the liver following oral exposure.

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Whether you're frying an egg or making crêpes, sometimes you want a surface that doesn't need heaps of fat to release your food. Simply put, Caraway makes clean cookware that is not only easy on the eyes, but designed for healthy cooking and staying organized.

Made without Pas (including Gen X), there’s no need to worry that your cookware choice is detrimental to our environment or your health. Since Caraway understands clean-up and storage is a pain, they make their cookware extra easy to clean and store after use.

With magnetic pan racks that house each pot for sideways access, and canvas lid holders for kitchen cabinet doors to better organize your shelves, is form and function in perfect harmony. If you enjoy frying eggs, pancakes and delicate fish, this ought to be your designated low to medium heat pan.

A good sauté pan is a must for bigger batches of pasta sauces, curry, and gravies and much more. A good sauce pan is ideal tool for recipes that require you to boil or steam your veggies, eggs, and grains.

Perfect for blistering greens and searing your favorite grass-fed piece of meat to add that extra caramelization of flavor and texture. You’ll also want their 5-ply food-grade stainless steel pieces as a kitchen staple workhorse and safe non-toxic option that most home chefs should have in their pantry.

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Not only stainless steel safe & extremely durable, but the company also recycles their unused metal: anything that can't be used are up-cycled into tailpipes for cars. A workhorse in professional kitchen’s like Aline and Le Bernard in, we recommend building around this starter set depending on your cooking style.

Used in professional kitchens in Europe and perfect for blistering greens and searing your favorite grass-fed meats to get that caramelization of flavor and texture. Light enough to pack with you for a camping trip or to grill on your back patio, Made In's Carbon Steel pans are ideal for outdoor cooking.

Sometimes it affects the taste of your food as it tends to leach heavy metals, with coating flaking into your meal, making it detrimental to your health. The collection’s ergonomic stainless steel handles are contoured for a comfortable grip while the tempered glass lids give you a clear view of what’s cooking.

The exterior sports a finish that prevents stains and discoloration common to stainless steel, making it super easy to clean. Made of pure ceramic to lock in total heat, Extreme allows you to cook on lower and slower settings.

It’s really the only pure ceramic cookware on the market that can go on the stove top and in the oven and is perfect for one-pot recipes, as well as braising, boiling, and baking. Extreme is FDA-approved and meets California Prop 65 standards, meaning its free of more than 800 compounds that may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.

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If you are health conscious and deal with chemical sensitivities, or just hyper-vigilant about what you eat and what you cook with, pure ceramic belongs in your kitchen. Perfect for slow cooking and long braising recipes (you can even use it on the grill), the Versa skillets are one-pot-wonders that are easily moved from stove top and oven directly to your tabletop for serving.

Perfect for slow cooking or braising, one-pot-pasta recipes, soups and stews, casseroles, risottos, no-knead bread, and more! If you like to cook in large batches for the week ahead, and can appreciate cookware that doubles as tableware (fewer dishes to clean).

Consider socially conscious companies that follow high safety standards and adopt environmentally friendly production methods. Also look for companies that comply with California Prop 65 Guidelines to ensure that your pans are lead and cadmium free.

In our research regarding non-stick cookware, as it pertains to human health and environmental contamination, the main area of concern lies with Pas, a synthetic chemical used during the production process of PTFE coatings (aka Teflon). When heated to high temperatures, PTFE can start to break down and release toxic gas fumes that cause flu-like symptoms.

The manufacturing process for today’s PTFE based nonstick cookware involves another type of Pas chemical called Gene, which has an unproven safety profile. If you’re a supremely experienced home chef and love to cook for friends and family on the weekends and squeeze in a few sessions during the week, our recommendation, start with a foundational set of cookware like Made In’s Stainless Steel, or a Caraway set and fill in from there.

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Then, if you like to use high heat cooking techniques to add extra texture and flavor, we recommend one, two, or even a set of Made In’s Blue Carbon Steel. If you’re quicker in and out of the kitchen with minimal prep, cook, and clean time we definitely recommend Caraway.

As for Over Green Earth (also a low price point), we liked that it touted much of the same specifications of our top brands. Meanwhile, the Cuisinart Green Gourmet set is priced closer to our top picks (if not slightly cheaper).

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