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Ziva Glassware

James Smith
• Sunday, 26 June, 2022
• 11 min read

All I ever wanted boyfriend let me pick my engagement ring because he knows that I can be really picky. Even with all of my emails and calls, they were not annoyed and always provided wonderful service.

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Definitely not a scam, very nice to work with was *very* skeptical about buying a diamond ring online. I've been ripped off my people on eBay in the past and that was only for $100 purchases.

If I got ripped off for this, it would be a huge loss, so I wanted to be super careful. I must admit, that when I called them up to get some more info, I had a little of attitude.

They said they completely understood the way I felt and helped set me at ease. They gave me links to their listing with the better business bureau and explained how they are able to keep their prices so low.

They explained their return policy just in case I didn’t like what I ordered. They told me about their promotions and gave me some advice on how to verify the diamond reports on their site.

It was beautiful, just like they promised, and they even emailed me to make sure I was satisfied. Lucky for us, Diva understood what we wanted and helped us design two unique rings.

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There was no judgement, no weird questions, they just treated us like any other couple and it really meant a lot, plus the rings are seriously baller. He told me he had been saving for three years because he wanted to give me something special.

Hottest, Shiniest, Prettiest! I can't believe I'm about to be a married woman. My boyfriend of 6 years finally popped the question last week.

My sincere thanks to Diva Jewels for helping my husband choose the perfect ring and making the strenuous process so easy. I'm looking at my hand right now and I can't wipe the HUGE smile off my face.

Great deal buy mostly everything online, but I was still nervous about getting an engagement ring. I showed it to some of her family to get their advice, and they said to get her a slightly different style.

Patient, friendly and personalized I started looking for an engagement ring I was so confused. I didn't understand diamond terms and every jewelry store I went into only intimidated me and made me feel pressured to buy something that I wasn't even sure I wanted.

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Their prices were really reasonable, so I wanted to find out what the catch was. It took me a few visits to their website and a few phone calls before I finally made up my mind, but they were patient with me and I really appreciated that.

Diva really goes the extra mile and makes sure that you get exactly what you're looking for. Diva Jewels is affordable, good quality and when your wife says that you never appreciate her, just remind her about the jewelry you got her.

The people at Diva helped me picked out a great pair of earrings. They even rushed the order for me because I needed them in time for my wife's birthday, Needless to say, I was very impressed with the service.

The Most Gorgeous Engagement Rings Every’m not proud to admit this, but I’ve been looking for the right engagement ring long before I even had someone worth marrying. I would look at it once a week on their site just to make sure that it really was as beautiful as I had imagined.

Well, somehow he figured it out (probably noticed the history or something) and when he proposed, he chose THAT ring. It was the most incredible feeling and the most beautiful ring all wrapped up with the best moment in my life.

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I ordered the matching band to my engagement ring and it is absolutely gorgeous! Diva makes dreams come true boyfriend proposed to me several months ago with the most beautiful 1.5 carat pear shaped diamond solitaire ring.

I fell in love with it but it was meant to hold a round diamond. As they were building the ring, they sent me 3D photos showing me what it would look like when it was complete for approval.

It makes me feel really special knowing that my ring is truly one-of-a-kind and I want to thank Diva for working their magic and making my dream ring a reality Very helpful just wanted to say thank you to the people at Diva for making the process of shopping for an anniversary ring so easy.

Experienced Service went to Diva Jewels to buy an engagement ring for my wife with no idea what I was doing. I was then explained all the different types of rings and price ranges by experienced sales associates.

The customer service line was no help and when I would go back to the store, they would give me the run around. Plus, I was able to call them up several times and asked lots of questions.

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When I would chat with them on their site, it was the same people I would talk to on the phone, so that was nice. Well, actually they did ask if it was due to be disappointed with the product, to which I honestly replied no.

His great quality and amazing price makes the experience very enjoyable. Perfection. My fiancé recently bought me a beautiful diamond ring for our engagement from Diva Jewels.

He told me that he got a great deal from Ziva, and they really helped him choose the perfect present. At the time, I couldn't afford it but I loved it so much that I kept a mental note of what it looked like.

The Best online deal really wanted to do something special for me and my wife's 30th anniversary. Before I went, I shopped around at different jewelry stores to get an idea of how much a nice bracelet would cost.

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