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Zsolnay Dinnerware

James Lee
• Thursday, 02 December, 2021
• 11 min read

Vintage Solvay Iridescent Rosin Openwork... Solvay iridescent rosin bowl Height: 2-3/8 inch Width: 5-1/8 inch Condition: excellent, no chips, cracks or repair Ca. There is crazing to the glaze, which is perfectly normal due to its age.

zsolnay iridescent prometheus eosin tile
(Source: zsolnay.com)


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal payments via secure online ordering. The history of the factory compound is intertwined not only with those of a city rich in historical and cultural tradition and of an exceptionally talented family, but also of the whole of Hungary.

The name of the Solvay Family and the depiction of the five towers after which the city was named in the Middle Ages have become known and recognized all across Europe and around the world during the periods when industry and commerce were not restrained by borders, and social and economic development were inspired by a desire for progress, and the uninhibited blossoming of culture and the arts. We have high hopes for an imminent economic boom in Hungary, and one that would also benefit the Factory that has played an important role in promoting Hungary within Europe throughout its history.

It was Miles Solvay, a merchant, who set up the factory. His first request for permission was submitted to the Council of Pecs Free Royal City on 2 June 1852.

As his son, INAC, was committed to the idea of developing Hungarian industry, Miles Solvay transferred the small manufacture to him. At the time, the company produced terracotta architectural ornaments and household stoneware.

Basic site functions ensuring secure, safe transactions secure account login remembering account, browser, and regional preferences remembering privacy and security settings analyzing site traffic and usage personalized search, content, and recommendations helping sellers understand their audience showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy Ask any Solvay Ceramics collector to describe this European line of art pottery in just one word, and you’ll surely hear “iridescent”.

zsolnay porcelain antique extensive dinner 1930 circa eight service larger
(Source: www.1stdibs.com)

Initially, this Hungarian family set out to create stoneware that was functional and utilitarian. Rosin porcelain became the dominant material and as the company grew, so did the Solvay family.

The pottery, as mentioned, was mostly iridescent and many of their creations can still be seen in various landmarks and buildings throughout Hungary. The iridescence is due to a process called “rosin” and it’s a hallmark for many artistic efforts during this time period (at the turn of the century).

The rosin works as a glaze and gives it a certain metallic look, but the magic is found in the different colors that are anything but static. The Solvay Hungarian art pottery centerpiece, shown above, has the rosin glaze and depicts a woman trying to capture fish.

While it may never revert to the true European art pottery company, what we’re left with is an impressive body of work that’s highly sought after and deeply respected around the world. Vintage Solvay pecs green rosin glaze bulbous.

Techniques: cast in mold/slip-cast; red iridescent “sang DE Beau. Beautiful rare porcelain vase with iridescent rosin glaze with peacock pattern in art deco style from Solvay parcel...

zsolnay eosin deco figurine horse iridescent
(Source: zsolnay.com)

Rare, modern red rosin porcelain vase from Solvay porcelain manufacture (pecs, Hungary) in good condition. Vintage Solvay porcelain candlesticks and matching vase from Hungary.

Solvay vase for sale are used and will have scratching from normal usage/storage. Vintage Solvay Hungary Pecs Hand-Painted Small here is a diminutive vase with a giant glaze, made in Hungary and.

Hungarian hand-painted porcelain vase made in techniques: cast in mold/slip-cast; red iridescent “sang DE Beau. Beautifu, l rare porcelain vase with iridescent multicolor rosin glaze in art deco style from Solvay porcelain manual...

Details: vase, porcelain, Solvay, objects, ceramics, glass, Hungarian, made, pecs, perfect Nice marked, red rosin cracked glass jug-vase from Solvay porcelain manufacture (pecs, Hungary) in excellent condition.

Gorgeous iridescent glaze and marked on the bottom as shown. Beautiful rare porcelain vase in art Noumea style from Solvay porcelain manufacture (pecs, Hungary).

zsolnay eosin vase openwork
(Source: zsolnay.com)

Details: vase, Janos, took, Solvay, porcelain, striped, musical, figures, objects, ceramics Beautiful, l rare porcelain vase with iridescent marbled multicolor rosin glaze in art deco style from Solvay porcelain manufacture (pecs, Hungary).

This is Solvay vase for sale not perfect by any means however I still consider i... Vintage, art deco ceramic vase, made in Hungary.

Please see pics for style details and any wear. Elegant Solvay Green Gold Iridescent Rosin main colors: bronze and purple.

Solvay vase Hungary green 4” tall gorgeous. No time to waste, check out this exclusive lovely Solvay vase with multi qualities.

Here is a diminutive vase with a giant glaze, made in Hungary and. My pictures struggle to capture the iridescence in this piece.

cup zsolnay porcelain hungarian antique
(Source: zsolnay.com)

Details: beautiful, Solvay, pottery, cosine, Noumea, vase, lady, depicting, seated, draped Judgenstill vase Solvay pecs iridescent cosine.

The stamp on the bottom says Solvay pecs made in Hungary”. Occasionally this will be alternate couriers to the listed r...

Antique Solvay Hungary pecs art Noumea hand-painted green rosin porcelain vase. Solvay Hungary pecs pompadour iii pattern dessert.

Beautiful Solano pecs Hungary ceramic bud vase with a floral pattern and gold trim--5 1/4” tall. Learning resources all ready for preschool.

Solvay pecs Hungarian traditional flute player. A stunning antique simple, yet beautiful ceramic vase with 2 applied ears.

eosin zsolnay iridescent cachepot unique
(Source: zsolnay.com)

Handcrafted and professionally embroidered in a smoke-free home thank you for looking Schedules 153 PC deluxe collection box set for.

1 vintage Solvay Hungary 1868 pecs hand painted. I have been selling antiques and collectables online since online was invented, I dispatch quickly and box securely with all new.

Hand painted in Hungary by Solvay pecs, one of the world's foremost leaders in European porcelain manufacturers. Standing 2.5” tall, fully marked and in good condition, this is a superb Solvay pecs Hungarian vase.

Rare to find complete with its original box. FINE ANTIQUE 19TH C. this is lovely hand painted porcelain candlestick by Solvay pecs.

Solvay pecs pottery boomerang plate 9 5/8” by. Vintage Solvay pecs Hungary demitasse cup & saucer this listing is for a vintage Solvay pecs Hungary demitasse cup & saucer.

zsolnay jug figurine antique
(Source: zsolnay.com)

Large Early Solvay Pecs Hand HAVE BEEN TESTED AND WORK. Have a close look on the photos to have right idea of condition.

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